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GILMANTON, NH (Deaths 1788-1818)
Smith MeetingHouse -
Part I

This is the log that the Rev. Smith kept.

February Joshua Gilmans dau. died
A child of Major Dudley
Another child of Cap. Rowild
2 children died Upper Parish
March Mr Kellys child died
Old Mrs. Huckins died
May Mr Bangs child died
Old Mr Evins died suddenly with pain
June 4 A child died suddenly by a fall from a horse and 2 more children
died by Acute Fevers
August A child died upper Parish
My child died 10th and my wife 18th
September Samuel Thurston's child died
David Tiltons child died
November Sam Sibley died Nov 1
Nathaniel Taylor was suddenly killed by a tree Nov 10
December Mr Nelson died suddenly Dec. 20
Sam Tiltons child died Dec 25
March 2 children died Upper Parish
One woman lower Parish, Bean's wife
Another woman Edward Gilman's wife
May Mr Taylors child died
June Old Mrs. Eastman  June 16
Sope Jacob's negro died
July Nathaniel Gilman
A child Upper Parish Tostens (?)
August A child Mr Sweatts
September A Woman Mrs Page
A negro child
A man Mr Edwards
October Ben Gilman's child died
Thomas Morrils child died suddenly
December Son of Mr. Clifford died
January Mr Joseph Gilman died
Bartelmy Gilman died
February Eunice Sibley died
2 children died  ?town
April A girl Bridget Gilman died
A woman and 2 children died Upper Parish
May Mr Cotton Upper PArish and Mr Dow died
A child died Hooker
An aged woman Mrs. Elkins died
Mr Sibley's child and Mr Nicholas Gilman's wife
A child and old Mr Swain
Oarsons child and Isaac Bachelder
June Hannah Wees? died June 17
Mr Sibley died June 20
Benjamin Pages child died
July Ezekiel Gilmans child died July 4
August Benj. Richardsons wife
September Elizabeth Dow died and a child burnt
Old Mr Moody, Mrs Young's Mother
Isaac Marstar child and Wid Parsons child
Sam Tiliton child died
October Salley Sibley Oct 5
Ben Gilman's chid died
November Jonathan Taylor's child upper Parish
Nathaniel Gilman died
December Betty Gilman and her child
Jan 1, 1791
 It is now 29 years since the settlement of this town and the list of deaths is two hundred eighty one. 3 deaths not heard of last year one woman and 2 children added to ye whole number makes in all 284.
March Isaac Marstin child and John Swain's wife
Abner Clough child
Joseph Huckins wife and Polly Gilman
a negro child and Roberds child at Avery Town died
John Melcher was suddenly killed by a limb of a tree March 17
Joseph Flanders wife
Joseph Wadley a child Upper Parish
April Abner Clough died
May The daughter of Peter Fulsom
Tibits died of headache
June Pilsburies child died June 19 Upper Parish
3 more children died Upper Parish
One child lower parish
July Wm. Rand died July 8
One woman and one child Cap Moodys
September One other child died Sept.
A woman
October A child
2 more children
2 children died
Novemeber 2 grown people Tilton Weeks, Hutchins Jackson
December A child of Simeon Taylor
  One child not hear of last year
1792 Bill for 1792
January Joshua Gilman 77 age
Hitty Cogswell 16--
February 3 children
March one infant
Another child Bridge
April 2 children Upper Parish
2 women
Abner Cloughs child
Child Upper Parish
Mr Odlin
May Abner Cloughs child
Cloughs wife and son
Benjamin Gilmans child
November A young man Watson
Ruben Osgoods wife
Old Mr Elkins & Jones
Sims Taylores child
Another child
  Bill for the year 1792 -------27
January Old Mr Copps 92
Old Mr Gilman 88
February Old Mrs. Gilman and her grandchild
3 children and man upper parish
Allins child lower Parish Winslow,Pages
April Mrs Moody died April 4
A child Daniel Gil
Negro child
Old Mr Smith 75 (perhaps 95) upper Parish
October A child Rogers
A woman Mrs Folsom
A man old Mr John Bean 80
A child Eastman
A child Elkins
  Bill of Mortality for 1793-------18  The town has been settled 32 years, the whole bill of mortality if 366.  
1794 Bill of Mortality for 1794
Old Mrs. Taylor January 80
Mr. Parson's (illegible perhaps Powers) child
John Gilmans
March ----- 15 years age mother ---20
an aged woman --78
another aged Clough
Clark's wife ages 26
a child upper Parish
May a woman, Mrs. Gilman
Sweatts child
Old Mr. Lougee
John Sweatts child
June John Sweatt killed with a tree June 11
Tub (?) Elkins died fits
A child Hutchins
July William Price wife
A child upper Parish Nat Sibley
Old Mr. Sanborn aged 91
A young man sudden
November Mr. Wastman
Mrs. Smiths child
Ezekiel Gilman's child
Doctor Parish departed Nov 16, aged 30
1795 Bill of Mortality for 1795
January Joseph Flanders
two children upper Parish
two children lower Parish Richardsons
April old Mr. Smith
a woman
May Mr. Isaiah Clough died May 4
old Mrs. Meador Jan or Feb
John Sibley died May 30
3 children died Upper Parish
August Elseworths child died Aug 21
Conner Jeremiah killed with a waggon
October Abner Clough's child died
November A child Peter Fulsome
Price's child an infant
December Old Mr. Lougee
Weymouth's child
For 1795-20.    It is now 34 years since the first settlement of this town. The total bill of Mortality - 411
1796 Bill of Mortality for 1796
January John Thurstons child 5 years old
Stephen Gale's two children
Woodmans upper Parish
February Mr. Parsons aged 80
 Mr. Huckins (?) aged 71
Old Mrs. Judkins upper parish aged
Old Mrs. Marsh died aged 75
John Gilmans child Jacob Gales child
Polly Gilman Jo Marsh child and Old Mrs. Peasley
August Old Mr. Potter June Mr. Moril & a child ----- upper Parish
----- child old Mrs. ---- and Mrs. Rogers
Elisha Sanborns child upper Parish
Bill of Mortality for total 431
January Mrs. Parsons died
February Mr. Flanders
--- Gilman died upper Parish
April 2 children
a man Sweat
2 children killed upper Parish
  an aged woman upper Parish Nancy Evans (?)
a young woman upper Parish Sam Gilmans wife
June ---- died suddenly June 16, old Mrs. Page and B--- Pages child
-------- & a child upper Parish
September Henry Yound and James Gulsom
October Doctor (Smith?) wife
a child upper Parish
3 children Sweats Philbrooks and Wrights
December Mrs. Allen
another childs death
  25 --- total of 431

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