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GILMANTON, NH (Deaths 1788-1818)
Smith MeetingHouse -
Part II

This is the log that the Rev. Smith kept.




Bill of Mortality for 1798

Died in January Nancy Cotton
Died in February Swet a young man
Died in March Leavits child
a young woman Hatch
Mr. Page died April and Fogs child May
a child of John Bond child of Badger
another of Jos. Fulsome and --- Odlin
Avery Samuel and Mrs. Gullican
Bakers wife Rosses daughter & old Mr. Swain
and 2 children Swains Pipers, Jos Marsh 2 children
Noah Marsh 1 and Robinson 1 child, Jo. Garman
Haris (?) and Kimballs children October
Jonathan Gilmans wife suddenly -----ber
Col. Gilmans wife died suddenly December 25

in the upper Parish last year 11, total 39, total 495

Bill of Mortality for 1799

February Jos. Gilman and Sam. Gilmans children
March Mrs. Rand died
May William Rand died 8 years old
old Mr. Greely died June
Capt Morils child and John Gilmans wife September
Mrs. Bean wife of Caleb killed by lightening in August
Garland child died Nov.
in the upper parish ye year past 6
15, total 510

Bill of Mortality for the year 1800

Bodge wife suddenly
a woman Jan 35 or 40 cholick
a child Feb 10 yers worms
a woman 29 childbed fever
a child Samuel Browns burnt to death 7 years
a child Dolly Rowels or James Moses 16 months old
old Mrs. Glanders died June aged 84 years
Old Mrs. Avery died July aged 80 years
old Mrs. Richardson died July aged 74
young man Brown died August aged 20
old man Marsh aged 80
young woman aged 17
woman aged Mrs. Tilton died in a fit 84(?)
Edwards wife upper Parish 30 Barkers child and Jo Barkers child and Joseph Youngs child

14 total 524

Bill of Mortality for the year 1801

Mrs. W--- died January Jacobs 2 children
Mr. Morrill Sr pages child 89
Mrs. Weymouth and Jeremiah Sanborn 80
Mr. John Nelson, April Mr. Simon Clough 57
Col Lad 57 Mrs. Bartlet Upper Parish
Mr. Blasdil upper Parish
Mr. Bill Nelson Mr Watson Mrs. Hook
Peter Gilman, Mr. Hutchins cap Gale Mr. Cash
a child of Mr. Edwards Mrs. Gilman
old Mr. Avery died December a child
Joseph Youngs child harts (?) child

25 total 549

Bill Mortality for 1802

Col. Antipas Gilman and Edward Gilman died suddenly January and February
Mr. Morril ---- child and Mr. Dudley young
Daniel Clough last two children in October
Mr. Morril ---- child and Mr. Dudley Young
Edward Gilman suddenly
Col. Antipas Gilman 71
Mr. Swain upper Parish
Upper Parish died 1802 13

26 total 575

Bill of Mortality for 1803

months January Mrs. Parish died in February
February Moses Ross
Mr. David Sanborns child, William Peasley
Daniel Gilmans child
March Mrs. Evins in childbed suddenly
April 4 General Badger died
Mrs. Richardson died
May Mrs. Sanborn in childbed suddenly and her child
Mr. Thomas Flanders died suddenly June
Mrs. Lad his sister and old Mr. Huckins 89 years old
Old Mrs. Elkins died upper Parish
Matilda Dow daughter of Doctor Kellys wife died of a nervous headache July
Joseph Gilmans child died August
Mrs. Parsns died August 21
Lieut Stephen Gilman died Sept 17
A childl of Jonathan Ross died December 3
Sally Parsons died October

putting in a per 35 total 584

Bill of Mortality for 1804

Mrs. Wadley upper Parish
Mr. (John Page or True Page) wife died
Old Mrs. Ordway died January in the 99th year
Old Mrs. Fulsom died February in the 97th years
Mr. Evenezer Stevens child died March
Zeb Gilmans child died paril
old Mrs. Gale died May
Hulda Bachelder Hannah Tucker died May
Cap. Simeon Taylors son died June
Samuel Gilmans child died July
William White son of Mrs. Moody August
September Mr. Mudgetts son died of a consumption
a young man at Col. Greelys died suddenly
old Mrs. Currier and Benjamin Gilman died
also a young man by the name of Honneyford
Old Mrs. Richardson died October 26 jaundice
Benjamin Page's wife died
Dudley Smith died November at (Pembroke?)
Benjamin French died November
Jonathan Gilman's child died November
Mrs. Sanborn died of a nervous headache

23 putting in the upper parish 584
17 total 624


Bill of Mortality for 1805

Major James daughter with consumption 21
John Parsons son with a fever 16
Levi Leavits daughter with a fever 14
Capt Nathan Morril son died of a consumption Febr
Capt Morril another son died of a fever April
James a Orn an infant child April
Stephen Hutchinson a child died sudden April
Mrs. Batchelder wife of Isaac Bachelder and Mrs. Avery August
Mr. Page died September
Mrs. Sanborn of Stephen (of Theoph.) died in the Winter
In the upper Parish died of the Dynsentery in August and Sept. 30
and Samuel Browns child
and Sam. Fosses (?) wife upper Parish
old Mr. ---- and Samuel Clough and Pages child

in this parish 15
in the upper parish 40
in all 679

Bill of Mortality for 1806

Capt David Fifield Jan Feb March
--- child Averies child and Mrs. Burnham
Mrs. Sanborn Deacon's wife April
Jacob Row and Caleb Bean Edward Gilmans wife
Hutchinsons child and Mr. Pages child
Ruth Parsons died June 29
Jeremiah Cogswel Esqr Parsons Mrs. Perkins Mr. Garmon
Mrs. --- and John Pages child all in August
True Kimbals child and old Mr. Sergeant died August
a child of Kimbals in the upper Parish a man suddenly
old Mr. Young and Mr. Rand Sept and Oct
a child of William Page's December
25 total 704

Bill of Mortality for 1807

old Mrs. M---- died January
January Mr. David Avery and Benjamin Mudgett
March Isaac Marsh died and Mr.s Lanes child Feb
Nathaniel Cogswell died April and Polly Fulsome May
Mr. Dean and Mr. James died May Jones child
David -elleys child diedMay
Jonathan Gilman died July and Mrs. Gideon Bean October
Sam Browns child died November
Doctor Smiths wife died December 5th was buried the 8
a child of Mr. Morgans
16- 721

Bill of Mortality for 1808

Jan a child of Andrew Page junr choked with beans going down the windpipe died in 7 hours Jan 11
Mr. Buswils child March bleeding
Mr. Bean at the Corner and the widow Gilman April
Thomas Gilman a young man belonging to this town shot himself in Boston April
James Marsh (?) died June consumption
old Mrs Prescot died November
December 2 children died one scalded to death
Supposing the same number of death in upper parish for three years the total will
amount to 775

Bill of Mortality for 1809

General Joseph Badger died January 15, Sunday night 9 of clock
March and April died Joseph Osgood and Mrs. Blodgit
May died old Mrs. Greely aged 87 and Mrs. Chesley 38
John Dow drowned himself May 28 by running out of the meeting house and throwing himself into the pond.
Mrs. Clough died June fore part
July 2 died old Mr. Garland after months of sickness
July died Mrs. Gilman-Gilman Kelley-Mrs. Fifield and a child of Youngs
July died Mrs. Potter with of Thomas P.
August died Mrs. Bean wife of Thos Esqu Bean
November died old Mrs. Jackson in her hundredth year born as near as we can learn in 1710 in May if she had lived until next May she would have been 100 the oldest person that has died in this town.
December died old Mr. Prescot died aged 85.

Bill of Mortality for the year 1810

Jan Mrs. Perkins died January
Ear Gilmans child January
My daughter Badger died January 30th 1810 in the 30th year of her age and was buried February 1810
a child of Josiah Parsons died February 6 buried the 8
2 children in the upper Parish
Jos Gilmans child died february and Mr. Boutwell (?)
Cap Hook March 5 and Nat Ladd 8 both dudden
April a man named B----- 18 years of age died of consumption
Mr. Perkins died of a fever April 16, buried 19
Judge Cogswell died Monday Sept 3, and Micajah Morril
Mrs. Hewit died October 17,Polly Parish 27, Ebin 29
Sept Mr. Adams child and David Beans child and a stranger one Quarles Nov.
Old Mrs. Morril died Decembr
for 1809 and 1810 the same number 23
allowing for the upper parish 32 total 848

Bill of Mortality for the year 1811

Mrs. Lougee died January
William Beasley child decd and young Mrs. Lougee
Mr. Mudgett and old Mrs. Watson died February
and Mrs. Bean and a Mrs. Barker and Deacon Dudlely died Mr. Lougee August died
Gilbert --- Mrs. Clough Capt --- a child at
Mr. Horn and David Sanborns child September
Mr. Hunt and old Mr. Richardson December
Isiah Mudget died December and 3 children
22 upper parish 22 total 892

Bill of Mortality for 1812

January Mr. Sawyer and daughter and --- child
Mr. B---- 31 day and yorks wife
---- Mr. Sawyers other daughter
Marshs child and horns child ---- and Frances
Cogswell December 8 in the Army
--- Huckins sister to Esq. Edgerly --- --
added for the upper Parish 9 the town has been settled 51 years died 910

Bill of Mortality for 1813

Mr. Presot, Mr. Prescott child died January
old Mrs. Cram died the 25 day of fitts
Royal Prescotts child died suddenly February
Mrs. Miles died suddenly -- --
Tiltons child died suddenly
Mrs. Flanders Mrs. Page and a child died last in February
---- child 2 and Judah Page 21 and Avery Roy 11 and young Libby 17
2 daughters John Page and 5 deaths at Capt Gilddens
a young woman at Capt Edgerleys and a --- girl and Gliddens Boy April
Mrs. John Hunt Mrs. Greeley Mrs. Evily. Elseworths son, Mrs. Woods child
Capt Thoms son 15 April Samuel Potters daughter and --- child
Esther Garmans daughter and John --- daughter
old Mr. Nutter and Mr. John Parker's child
John Lougees daughter died April Spotted fever
Old Mrs. York died August and Cap Benjamin Thomson (or Thoms son)
Stephen Clough child and Mr. M--- daughter and John Marsh's
Octoebr Nov December
40, upper parish 20, total 970

Bill of Mortality for the year 1814

March Benjamin Beans wife Andrew Gildden
old Mrs. French died aged 90 next august
Lockes child died March Josiah Shepard was burnt to death May
and Foxes (?) wife died June and Bides hung himself June. Mrs. Garland died July
Fanny Powin died consumption November
John Tucker
The spotted fever again made its appearance in this town
December 13 Mr. Jonathan Sanborns child 6igns(?) old died the 15
another of his children 17 years old taken next died the 18, and buried the same day in one grave. Mrs. Theophilus Sanborns taken the 17 died the 19, another taken the 18th died the 20th buried the both in one grave in the summer
Nabby Tucker died December 1, and Blakes daughter 17 and 50 died in Guildford in the years 1813 and 1814 and 10 we add for the
upper part of Gilmanton total 1047

Bill of Mortality for the year 1815

Jan Nat Shannons child died January
old Mrs. --- died January 4
Rundlets child March 11 and his wife February 8
--- child February 12 and 2 men and 1 child upper parish Spotted fever
9 more died in Upper Parish April
April Mr. Charles Currier child and Mrs. Rundlett 17
July 25 Old Mr. Isaac Morril aged 78. July 30
Mrs. Avery aged 87 August 1, old Mr. Peter Fulsome aged 97 August 16
Abraham Smith aged 65
August Col Dudley Prescot upper Parish
Joseph Edgerlys child Mrs. Gorman and Kazer daughter Sept
October Thomas Burns junr David Elseworth Mrs. Lamper and Pickerings child
November Daniel Bean and Doctor Jacobs died 14 day
Mrs. Adams died Nov 18 in 5 days of typhoid fever
Charles Runlet Junior and old Mrs. Marsh Nov
December Dudley Gilman and Morrils wife old Mrs. Perry December
allowance for the Upper Parish 47 total 1088

Bill fo Mortality for 1816

January 1, Bracket Melcher spotted fever John Wilson
Joseph Jones died new years day and night
February Nicholas Jones wife potted fever
William Kelly spotted fever
February Sanborn last day of February buried 1st March
John F------ child Lydian Gilman
Thompsons child March and Bushnells child
Old Mrs. Dudley died March 11 buried 13
Mr. Thomas Potter died March 14 buried March 15 --- child
John Lougees child April with spotted fever
old Mr. Jesse Lougee died with spotted fever 9th and Isaac Lougees child
Sanborn Page died 12 April
April 20, Joseph Gilmans child and Sahnnons child
June a child John Lougee a child Doctor ---
Shannons child died July 11 and Josiah Parkers child
Morrils wife died July
August Jonathan Sanborns child Samuel Otis died the 29 and Sanborn
Gagust(?) John Clough died October and old Mrs. Gifford(?) or Clifford in her
hundredth year. Mrs. Cotton suddenly December
Old Mr. Edgerly and a child December
Joseph Jones died suddenly December 30
John Dudleys son John killed may and Joseph Youngs child
whole number of deaths at the end of the year 1816 amounts to 1128

Bill of mortality for the year 1817

old Mr. Ben Edgerly and Mrs. Rollins
Sanborn Gilmans wife and Ep Kimbals child
Jude Beans daughter old Mr. Bachelder at 70
Cap Josiahs (?) wife and child and Mr. Fellows
Mr. Websters child died in February
Madam Badger relict of General Badger died February 19, 1817 at 3 o'clock in the morning aged 94 years 7 months
old Mr. Moulton died March 4, 1817
John Moultons wife died very suddenly Mar 9
in another handwriting:
Revd Isaac Smith died March 25, 1817 with about three days sickness

Ranchel Swain daughter of Benjamin Swain a member of this church died 1818
William Bishop Norton died 1818
Nathaniel Willson died 1818


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