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Green Mt. Boys

Green Mountain Boys' Rosters        

The Continental Congress passed 5 July 1775 the following Resolution:

Resolved that a regiment be raised out of the officers who served in Canada,on the same terms on which the regiment, to be commanded by Colonel Dubois is to be raised; and that the following
 be appointed officers of the said

Seth Warner, Colonel
Samuel Safford, Lieutenant Colonel
Elisha Painter, Major


Wait Hopkins
John Grant
Gideon Brownson
Abiather Angel
Simeon Smith
Joshua Stanton
Abner Seely
Jacob Vorsboroug
First Lieutenants:

John Allen
John Fasset, Jr.
Ebenezer Walbridge
William Deane
James Gold
Ebenezer Hyde
Gamaliel Painter

Ebenezer Beaumont, Adjutant


Journals of Congress 1776 V. II p. 234
From the Haldimand Manuscript in the British Museum, vol 21,
p. 842; came through B. F. DeCosta of NYC to H. D. Hopkins of St. Albans:

"They belong to the State of Vermont, commonly called Green Mountain Boys and
 have been the most cruel and inveterate people from the beginning of the

Rebellion, for after the affair at Bennington in 1777, the women insulted and
some of our prisoners more than the men."

A List of the Field Officers, Captains and part of the Lieutenants of the Regiment of Green Mountain Boys, consisting of seven companies. July 4, 1775  Colonel Allen's royal list of loyal Officers.

Ethan Allen, Field Officer
Seth Warner, Field Officer

Remember Baker
Robert Cochran
Michael Veal (Vail)
Peleg Sutherling
Gideon Warren
Wait Hopkins
Heman Allen

Levi Allen, Adjutant
Elijah Babcock, Comissary
Jonas Fay, Doctor & Surgeon

Ordered that in consequence of a recommendation from the Continental
Congress a Body of Troops not exceeding five
hundred men, officers included, be
 forthwith raised of
those called Green Mountain Boys, that they elect all their own
officers except Field Officers. That Major
General Schuyler be requested to forward
this order
to them & receive from them a list of such officers as they shall elect
 to be communicated to this Congress and
that General Schuyler be further
 requested, without delay to procure the sense of thos troops concerning the
 who will be most agreeable to them for Field
Officers, and to make other inquiry
 & upon the whole advise this Congress, what persons will be most proper
to be
 appointed as Field Officers to lead to Command
these troops. That the said troops,
 when raised, be
considered as an Independent Body, their Field Officers taking rank
 after the Field Officers of the other Troops
to be raised by this Colony for the
Continental Service.

That their Corps of Officers consist of one Lieutenant Colonel, one Major, seven
Captains and fourteen lieutenants and that the General be furnished with Blank
 Warrants to be filled up by him, agreeable to such election
as above mentioned.
 Die Martis, 9 ho. A.M. 15th Augt.1775.


A letter from General Schuyler of the 31st of July last was read and filed and is in
 the words following:
"Ticonderoga, July 31, 1775


I do myself the honor to enclose you a copy of a letter and paper I have received
 from the people called
Green Mountain Boys, together with a copy of my letter|
in answer. I am apprehensive that the controversy, that has arisen amongst them,
relative to Field Officers, will
cause delay in the levies.

Whilst at New York and even after my arrival here, on convening with Allen and
Warner, I did not conceive there
would have been any contest between them, or
 that a third
person would have been recommended by the People as a Field
Officer; on that supposition and believing the
people unanimous in their favor I
 should not have hesitated to have recommended them."

The several papers referred to in the proceeding letter from General Schuyler were
 respectively read and filed
and are in the words following:

"May it please your Honour. In compliance with the Orders of Congress as well
your recommendation, I enclose the proceedings of our Committee on the New
 Hampshire Grants, upon due notice
to the Towns in General - all which is humbly
to your wisdom, not doubting but the warrants will issue agreeable to our
wishes. We are, etc etc.

Nathan Clark, Chairman
Dorset, July 28th 1775

To the Hon'ble Gen'l Schuyler."
At a Meeting of the Committees of the several Townships on the New Hampshire
Grants. West of the Range of Green
Mountains, convened at the house of Mr.
Cephas Kents
the Township of Dorset, July 27th, 1775 - Voted as follows, to wit:

1st Chose Mr. Nathan Clark, Chairman
2d Chose John Fasset, Clerk
3d The motion being made and seconded

Whether this Convention shall prosecute in choosing Field and other Officers, according to the Provincial Congress and your Honour's directions. Passed in the affirmative: Then proceeded as follows:

4th Chose Mr. Seth Warner Lieutenant Colonel for the Regiment of Green Mountain Boys, by a majority of forty-one to five.

5th Chose Mr. Samuel Spafford Major for said Regiment by a majority of twenty to
Then proceeded and chose seven Captains and fourteen Lieutenants by a great majority, viz:

Weight Hopkins
Oliver Potter
John Grant
William Fitch
Gideon Brownson
Micah Vail
Heman Allen
First Lieutenants
John Fassett
Eben'r Allen
Barnebas Barnam
David Galusha
Jille Bleaksley
Ira Allen
Gideon Warren
Second Lieutenants
Johan Noble
James Claghorn
John Chipman
Philo Hard
Nathan Smith
Jesse Sawyer
Joshua Stanton
Nathan Clark, Chairman
Head Quarters - Ticonderoga July 31, 1775

Sir: Your letter dated July 28th has been delivered me by Captain Fitch, together with all the votes, that were enclosed. The choice of the Captains and Lieutenants being left unconditional to the people, those chosen will receive their Warrants as soon as they come to my hands. And that the levying of the men may not be retarded, you will signify to them that I hereby empower them immediatly to proceed to that business without waiting for the Warrants.

The votes I shall immediately transmit to Congress, that they may approve of the Field Officers or appoint others out of your Body as they may think proper. I am, Sir, etc etc Ph. Schuyler"

To Mr. Nathan Clark

Ordered, that Blank Warrants be sent to General Schuyler for the seven Captains & fourteen Lieutenants of the Troops to be raised by this Colony from among those called Green Mountain Boys, when such a number are raised as (in his opinion) shall make it necessary. Resolved, that when the Green Mountain Boys are raised each of them shall be furnished with a Coat and that Mr. Peter T. Curtenius be requested to purchase coarse green Cloth for that purpose and red Cloth sufficient to face those Coats and to have two hundred and twenty-five coats of a large size made of the said Cloth.

p. 827 March 31, 1776

As the Green Mountain Boys were organized under authority of New York, The Editor has considered it advisable to give the information in regard to them as found in the New York Records on pages 16, 27 and 28 preceding. 

Having since been placed in charge of the Vermont Papers, collected by the late Henry Stevens of London, and purchased by the State of New York, the editor is enabled to give the following returns and names of Vermont soldiers:


March 31, 1776 Before Quebec - John Grant, Captain.
[Archives, XV., Appendix 584]

 Weekly Return of Colonel Seth Warner's Regiment of Foot in the United States of America, Manchester, August 3, 1777

Samuel Safford, Lieut. Colonel

Capt. Hopkins
Capt. Brownson
Capt. Smith
Capt. Sealy
Capt. McCune
Capt. Burroughs
Capt. Wolcott

Pay Book

This is a manuscript volume found among the before mentioned Vermont Papers, but without further indications as to what State or Regiment the six companies belonged to. A comparison of the names contained in it with the names of the U.S. Pension Rolls has convinced the Editor that these troops were the Vermont Militia:



Capt. Jessee Safford
Lieut. Zebulon Lyon
Lieut. Moses Evans
Ensign or Sgt Cleafford Chaffee
Sergt. Barnabas Strong
Sergt. John Woods
Sergt Reuben Spalding
Sergt. Abel Payne
Corpl. Rufus Root
Corpl. Charles Rice
Corpl. Benj. Sessions
Corpl. Experience Triscott
Drummer William Bennet
Fifer Daniel Stearns


Jonathan Benton
Sylvester Bugby
Wm. Bootman
James Cooper
Calvin Dyke
Tim Durkee
Amos Throop
John Gould
Seth Gould
Isaac Stowell
Isaiah Grover
John Haradan
James Hoton
Jerom Hutchinson
Vespasian Hoisington
Dirick Oxford
Asa Horton
David Lombard
Luke Lamphier
Stephen March
Cyprian Morgan
Stephen Powell
Jabex Parkhurst
Asa Persivel
Artemas Robinson
Elmeriah Roundy
Simeon Root
Tim Richardson
Simeon Root
Tim Richardson
Eben'r Squire
Eben'r P. Stearns
Joreham Sawens
Sylvester Smith
Nath'l Akins
Wm. Strong
Nich's Smith
John W. Throop
Sam'l Tredway
John Titus
Aaron Trusdell
Jere'h Virginia
John Wilcox
John Williams
Bennet Williams
Josiah Williams
Sampson Marble
Caleb Hoton
Josiah Goodrich


Capt. Benj. Cox
Lieut. Beriah Green
Sergt. Adam Howard
Sergt. Eben'r Clark
Corpl. Edw. Church
Corpl. Robt Burch
Corpl. John Ellis
Fifer Dan'l Perkins
Jon'n Carpenter
Asa Call
Nathan Dvcke
John Strong
James Howe
Amos Parker
Jacob Salisbury
Reuben Smith
Elkanah Sprague
Lathrop Thompson
Asa Wooster
Benj. Cox, Jr.
Line Hoisington
Jere'h Bishop
Abr'm Taylor
Math. Smith
And. Stevens
Joseph Lull.


Capt. Jos. Tyler
Lieut. Jon'n Parks
Ensign Isaac Wheeler
Sergt. Seth Hudson
Sergt. David Williams
Sergt David Kyes
Sergt. David Heaton
Corpl. Eph. Barnes
Corpl. Thos. Haskell
Corpl. Rufus Shepard
Corpl. Jon'n Pike

page 830

Asher Alvord
Peter Atkins
Jon'n Whitney
Sam'l Parker
Appolos Haild
Moses Church
Sam'l Laughton
Joel Knight
Abel Haven
John Patterson
Aroh'd McCormick
Jon'n Clayton
Joshua Briggs
Elias Rice
Jas. Ball
Sam'l Woodward

Albert Pratt
Nath'l Bartlett
Eph. Bruce
John Miller
David Laughton
Abel Butler
Abr'm Rugg
John Montgomery
Aaron Blanchard
Abner Moore
Arastus Mather
Eleazer Harris


John Green
Dana Hyde
Seth Stowe

Charles Peirce
Philemon Holden
Benoni Patten
Nath. Foster
Henry Balcom
Amaziah Taft
Daniel Sweers


Capt. Wm Dyre
Lieut. Gideon Spencer
Ensign Solomon Safford
Sergt Moses Hurd
Sergt. Simeon Prentice
Sergt Jed. Durfee
Corpl. Moses Ellis
Corpl. Stephen Holmes
Corpl. James Bates

Drummer, Luther Toplift, alias Dan. Howlitt
Fifer, Stephen Fuller.



John Ripley
Levi Buck
Sol. Fuller
Walter Bates
Nathan Sherman
John Weeks
Silas Walbridge
Jos. Norton
Erastus Hathaway
Thomas Buck
Joab Lawrence
Phin's Meiggs
Dan'l Smith
James Burnit
John Bradford
Thomas Starkweather
Sam'l Harvey
Gale Ferman
Sam'l Chapins
John Holmes
Fran Storey
Benj. Lamb
Jonas Safford
Chester Derby
Fran. Matteson
Geo. Briggs
Phin's Ward
Isaac Mathews
John Heeling
David Fay
John Davis


Capt. Sam'l Allen
Lieut. Isaac Martin
Lieut. Lemuel Roberts
Sergt. David Parkhill
Sergt. Asa Jackson
Sergt. Jethro Jackson
Sergt. Sylvanus Brown
Corpl. Eben'r Charley
Corpl. Weight Wright
Corpl. Jonah Ives
Corpl. Reuben Post
Fifer, Jere'h Dewey
Jere'h Briggs
Edm. Bacon
Here report is so badly damaged it isn't legible & many names missing
Nath'l Hamilton
Here report again damaged and isn't legible - many names missing
Charles Roys


Capt. Clarke Parker
Lieut. Tim. Abbott
Lieut. Ez'l Parker
Sergt Jon'n Griswould
Sergt. John Cummins
Sergt. Cyprian Herrick
Corpl. Jos. Potter
Corpl. Nath'l Wood
Corpl. Wm. Popple
Drummer, Eln. Hunt


Benj. Herwood
Levi Morgan
Thos. Card
Henry Matterson
Caleb Matterson
Salmon Wheeler
Wm. Herrington
Stephen Olin
Rich's Herrington
Stephen Olin
Rich'd Herrington



Jos. Willebar
Jac. Barnheart
Coon Reynolds
Paul Gammet
Caleb Clark
Roger Kinsley
Henry Walbridge
Samuel Haynes
Nth'l Graves
Wm. Roberts
Eph. Potter
Sam'l Welch

Levi Wheeler
Abner Nobles
Josiah Bates

Moses Barber
Caleb Morgan
Fred Jewett
Reuben Bennit
Abr. Dunning
Isaac Grover
Wm. Potter
Eben'r Ayre.

Killed in Action
Lee, John, Pvt.
Capt. McKnown
Col. S. Warner, July a5, 1779
Quackenbush, Jacobus, Corpl.
Col. S. Warner, July 15, 1779.
Flethcer, John, Corpl
Col. Seth Warner, Oct. 11, 1780.




[Archives, xv. 550.]

[The two rolls which immediately follow are copied from "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State." These Records were discovered, arranged and classified 1895-1898, by James A. Roberts, Comptroller. The first edition was issued in 1897. The second, enlarged, edition of 1898 which is here followed, contains forty-two additional names of "Green Mountain Boys." The Line - Additional Corps - Green Mountain Boys

[These muster rolls are recorded as "Major Brown's Detachment and that detachment is mentioned as in "General Arnold's Regiment." (The only mention of General Arnold found in our records.)

The fact that the "Green Mountain Boys" were at Quebec in 1776; that this detachment was also at Quebec in 1776; that two of the officers on these rolls - Captain and Commissary Elijah Babcock and Captain Robert Cochran - are identical in name and rank with those on a list handed to the Provincial Congress in New York by Ethan Allen and Seth Warner, on July 4, 1775, as officers for the Green Mountain Boys; and the further fact that none of the men are recorded in any other place, or with any other organization, all confirm the belief that the soldiers on its rolls herewith were a part of that historic band.

Colonel Ethan Allen
Adjutant William Satterlee
Colonel Seth Warner
Quartermaster Jonathan Capron
Major John Brown
Quartermaster Samuel McClund

Here the report is completely damaged and nothing else is available for my transcription of the end of

p. 831.p.832

Enlisted Men
Published by Authority of the Legislature
Compiled and Edited by John E. Goodrich
A Member of the Vermont Historical Society
Rutland, Vermont The Tuttle Company 1904

Enlisted Men
Abbot, William
Alden, Felix
Allen, Abraham
Allen, Amos
Allen, Samuel
Ames, David
Andress, Jeremiah
Andrews, Moses
Averil, Ebenezer
Averill, Robert
Bamur, J.
Barker, Alexander
Barkley, Robert
Barlow, Samuel
Beach, Samuel
Beaman, Jery
Beder, John
Begar, Alexander
Beltheh, Stephen
Bennet, Isaac

Bennet, Nathan
Bheartwick, John
Bishop, Enos
Black, Primas
Blackmon, Epheram
Blanchard, Abner
Blanchard, Azriel
Blodget, Elijah
Boeron, M.

Enlisted Men
Boggess, Thomas
Borow, Matthew
Brown, John
Buck, Isaac
Burk, Jonathan
Burris, Matthew
Burroughs, Matthew
Cannada, John
Capee, George
Capern, Thomas
Capron, Jonathan
Carley, Abraham
Caswell, Eliphalet
Chadock, Jonas
Chamberlin, Joseph
Chambers, Henry
Chesley, James
Chipman, Jessey
Church, John
Clark, Isaac
Clark, Jessey
Clarke, James
Cobb, John
Cochran, Samuel
Collins, William
Colter, Joseph
Comstock, Aaron
Connely, John
Enlisted Men
Corbit, Eldad
Cross, John
Cross, Uriah
Cummins, Benjamin
Curtis, David
Curtis, Timothy
David, Abel
Davis, Abel
Dernim, Asa
Dernim, Reubin
Dickey, Elias
Doud, Jesse
Dressen, Jonathan
Drew, Samuel
Dunlap, Samuel
Dunn, Duncan
Eastman, Nathaniel
Eives, Jonah
Erwine, David
Fellows, William
Fitch, Jonathan
Fletcher, John
Flood, Moses
Flood, Timothy
Fone, Timothy
Foot, Jennor
Force, Timothy
Freeman, Elias
Enlisted Men

Freeman, John
Freeman, Moody
Freeman, Richard
French, John
Fuller, Elijah
Fuller, William
Gamble, James
Garvin, Epheram
Gibson, James
Gilbert, Elisha
Goodcourage, John
Gordon, Alexander
Grant, Benoni
Grapes, Philipo
Gray, John
Griswell, Benjamin
Halet, John
Hand, Ira
Hand, Oliver
Hardy, James
Haselton, John
Hastens, Jonathan
Hawley, Ichabod
Haws, Edward


Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth                                       Green Mt. Boys   Part II    





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