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The Association Test was a declaration of independence by the New Hampshire people, and proceeded the national Declaration by several months. It was a bold move to resist the authority of King George. If the cause had not been won, these men quite possibly would have been put to a cruel death as traitors.

This declaration, by the order of the General Congress, was sent on April 12, 1776, to the inhabitants of New Hampshire:


"We the subscribers do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our power, at the risque of our lives and fortunes, with arms, oppose the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and armies against the United American Colonies."

This was signed by 8199 persons in the state; 773 refused to sign. Not all who did not sign were against the cause; some were Quakers and their religion prevented them from doing so; and some were not brave enough.

     Some of the names from Carroll County that answered the call were: Enoch POOR of Exeter, Benjamin TITCOMB of Wolfeborough, Elkanah DANFORTH of Tamworth, David COPP of Wakefield, James OSGOOD of Conway, Joseph BADGER of Wolfeborough, Nathanial AMBROSE of Moultonborough, Stephen MASON of Tamworth, Joseph SENTER of Moultonborough, Isaac WYMAN of Keene, Joseph LEAVITT of Wakefield, John FULLERTON of Wolfeborough, Pearson HUNTRISS of Conway, John GARLIN of Moultonborough, Elisha WINSLOW of Sandwich, Moses PAIGE of Sandwich, Bradstreet TAYLOR of Wakefield, James MASON of Moultonborough, Enoch THOMAS of Wolfeborough, James FLAGG of Sandwich, Joseph AMES of Tamworth, John ROW of Moultonborough, James CLARK of Wakefield, Rueben LIBBEY of Wolfeborough, Carr LEAVITT of Effingham, and Josiah BEAN of Sandwich.


N H Causalities at Louisbourg, 1745
The following is from New Hampshire 'Provincial Papers', Province of New Hampshire from 1738 to 1749; Vol. V, pp. 450-451.

 "Whereas ye following Persons Voluntiers in ye late Expedition against Louisbourg have petitioned ye General Court for some allowances in Consideration of their Losses sickness &c. suffer'd in said Expedition as represented in their respective Petitions on File, Voted, That there be allow'd to said Persons ye sums as carried off to each man's name following Viz-"

Phillip Jonson     Greenland
John Hicks     Dover
Samuel Keniston
Weymouth Ham    Portsmouth
Timothy Cotton    Dover
Jon Alcock
Joseph Ham
Samuel Frost
Leader Nelson
Shadrach    Weymouth
Hugh Montgomery
George Tomson
Ezekiah Pitman
Shubul Dearborn    Hampton
Joseph Redman    Dover
John Sleeper
Joseph Rawlins   Exeter
Tabitha Cass   Kensington
Jonathan Partridge   Portsmouth
Nicholas Dunn's Widow   Dover
Francis Mason   Stratham
Moses Leavit's Widow    Hampton
 Josiah Shaw    Dover
Nathaniel Moulton
Daniel Doe     Durham
Eleazer Bickford     Dover
Samuel Blake    Kensington
Abraham Morgan    Stratham
Lewis Tuckers Widow    New Castle
Henry Triffethens Widow
Christopher Huntress    Newington
Maj. Ezekial     Gilman Exeter
Micheal Whidden     Portsmouth
David Decker     Dover
Israel Hodgsdon     Newington
George Dam
George Huntress     Portsmouth
Henry Sleeper     Dover
Micheal Martyn
Zach Foss
Benjamin Kimming     Exeter
Jerhimiah Marston Widow   Hampton
John Thomas Widow     Kittery
Benjamin Thomas     Hampton
Joseph Lamson Exeter
Theodore Atkinson Esq.
William Prescut     Epping
William Fullerton Brentwood
Capt. Jon Ladd Kingston
Jonathan Ladd
Thomas Card New Castle
Soloman Pinkham Dover 
Spencer Coleby






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