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Newspaper Articles

Newspapers are not always as revealing about state and local matters as we might like them to be but they do indicate the editors' and correspondents' concerns, in particular their political concerns. Like all  other sources, newspapers are best interpreted in relation to each other and to other records. Consider not only the paper's coverage of news and opinion but its cultural pages, advertisements, and public announcements.

For towns without local papers try to determine what papers might have been available. Keep in mind that Massachusetts and even Connecticut papers may have had wider distribution in some parts of New Hampshire that papers published within the state. The Essex Journal and New Hampshire Packet, for example, was published in Massachusetts for distribution both there and in communities along the Merrimack. Listed below are some of the newspapers printed or circulated in New Hampshire in the period:

American Herald (Boston), 1787-1788.
Columbia Informer (Keene), 1793-1794.
Concord Herald, 1790-1794.
Courier of NH (Concord), 1794-1805.
Essex Journal and NH Packet (Newburyport), 1784-1794.
Exeter Chronicle, 1794
Farmer's Journal
[also Museum] (Walpole), 1794-1804.
Freeman's Oracle (Exeter), 1793-1794.
Mirrour (Concord), 1792-1799.

Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth), 1789-1793.
Political & Sentimental Repository (Dover), 1790-1792.

NH Gazette (Portsmouth), 1756-1795.
NH Gazeteer (Exeter), 1789-1793.
NH Journal (Walpole), 1793-1794.
NH Mercury (Portsmouth), 1784-1788.
NH Recorder (Keene), 1787-1791.
NH Spy (Portsmouth), 1786-1788.

"The National Eagle." This paper was established in Claremont, in October, 1834, under the direction of a committee chosen at a Whig convention, the year previous. The first number was issued by John H. Warland editor, and Samuel L. Chase printer.

 In 1836 the establishment was purchased and managed by Messrs. Warland and Joseph Weber.

In 1842 Mr. Weber became sole proprietor, and conducted the paper until October, 1846, when Messrs. Charles Young and John S. Walker purchased the entire establishment, Mr. Walker taking charge of the editorial department.

In 1849 Mr. Walker sold his interest to Mr. J. H. Brewster, who managed the paper in
connection with Mr. Young, until April, 1854, when the establishment passed into the hands of Mr. Otis F. R. Waite, its present proprietor. It is devoted to the interests of the Whig party.

"The New Hampshire Argus and Spectator," Newport. This paper is now in the 31st volume of its publication. Its predecessors were "The Newport Spectator" and "The New Hampshire Argus," both of which journals were merged into one under this title above given.

"The Spectator" was originally established in Claremont, in January, 1823 by Cyrus Barton, but was soon after located in Newport.

A short time after the removal to Newport, Mr. Dunbar Aldrich became a partner with Mr. Barton. Afterwards the partnership consisted of Messrs. Barton, Benjamin French, and Cyrus Metcalf. Subsequently, the paper was conducted by Messrs. French and Metcalf during the space of a year or more, when Mr. Metcalf retired, and was succeeded by Simon Brown.

"The Argus" was established in Claremont in 1833, removed to Newport in 1834, and was edited by Edmund Burke. The papers were united in July, 1835, and managed by Mr. Burke until January, 1838, when he was succeeded by H. E. Baldwin and William English. Mr. English, soon leaving, was succeeded by Samuel C. Baldwin, and the establishment thus continued until 1840, when it was transferred to Messrs. Carlton and Harvey, its present editors and proprietors, who have conducted the paper for nearly sixteen years. It is democratic in politics.

"The Northern Advocate," Claremont, established in 1848. Joseph Weber editor and proprietor. Politics, republican.

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