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Extractions from New Hampshire Probate Records


ABBOTT, Joseph (1780) Est. Wakefield yeoman decd. (1/445) Renun. 5/7/1781. Of: Hannah Abbott, his widow, of Wakefield, in favor of Joseph Hodgson. Witness: David Copp (2/24) Admin. 5/9/1781. Adm.: Joseph Hodgson, Wakefield yeoman. Sureties: Stephen Evans, Esq. & Daniel Heard, yeoman, both of Dover.  (1/459-460) Inv. Comm.: Simeon Dearborn and David Copp. Appraised: 6/12/1781. Value: L34..3..7. "calculated equal to money in the year 1774." License. 9/12/1781. To: Joseph Hodgson, adm. To sell enough real est. to settle debts.

FERNAL,Joan..Last Will and Testament...Widow, made the 23rd Apr 1660.
Children: Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, John I give all the Surgery books and Instrum belonging to his father, William, Thomas all the carpenters and joyners tools.

Appoint Mr Richard Cutt & Elias Stileman my over seers...

Witness: Anthony Ellins, John Deamant, Elias Stileman,...... Inventory signed by George Walton & Elias Stileman.
Proved in Court at Portmouth
 YORK, Richard Dover...23 Apr 1672
Children: John Yorke, Elizabeth C--tie, unnamed son, Grace unmarried and under 18, Samuel, daughter Ratchell Bergeman

Grandchildren: Richard Yorke, Bengieman Yorke

Witnesse: Nicholous Doe, Francis Thorne

Proved at Portmouth.....Inventory: William Roberts, John Rand, Benjamin Matthews, Thomas Willey.
It is agreed betwixt William Graves on the one part, and John York his son in law, step son, on ye other part, that what the sd William Graves hath recieved of Richard York's Estate deceased, It shall be to ye use of William & Elizabeth lives....this 8th Jun 1681...
CRAWFORD, Susan, daughter of Steephen Crawforde, also deceased..1649.. administration granted to Sarah Crawforde daughter of said Steephen Crawford. [Court records, 6 Oct 1649]

Margarette Willey, mother of said Sarah & Thomas Willey the husband of the said Margarette, to be guardians unto Sarah, her daughter, and that they...court for Dover...

It is ordered by the court and agreed by William Seavie & Thomas Willey & Margarette his wife on behalfe of Sarah Crawforde the daughter of Steephen Crawforded Deceased..

(Bond of Thomas Willey, with William Beard as surety)...

JOHNSON, Edmund ...1650...Hampton..Inventory by Robert Page, Robert Tuck, and Jeffery Mingy...Admin. granted...his widow Mary Johnson, 6 Apr 1651.

By order of court 7 Oct. 1651...Children: Peter (oldest), John, James, Dorcas... (boys are under 21 and girl is under 18)...Thomas Coleman, stepfather to said to bind them over home in Hampton...Norfolk Co.,Mass. court.

WEDGEWOOD, John..of Hampton.. 24 Nov wife Mary.. Children: eldest son John (Will states grandmother of son John living at the time of Will)...children con't. Jonathan, David, Mary, Abigail,

Willi Fifield & Henry Moulton overseers
Witnesses: Seth Fletcher, Willi Fifeild,Henry Moulton,.. proved 10 Apr 1655

SHIPWAY, John- shopkeeper of Portmouth 15th Dec 1690.. Wife Sarah, Children: Mary

I request my honored father Major Charles Frost & Major William Vaughn..overseers
Witnesses: Richard Martyn & Necolas Bennett proved 12 Jan 1690/91
Inventory: George Jaffrey & Samuel Keais
Guardianship of Mary Shipway, aged more than 13 daughter of John Shipway of Portsmouth, merchant, granted to Joshua Fryer, of Newcastle, Mariner, 8 Dec 1701

RACKLEY, William .25 Mar 1699.. of Portmouth..Wife Jean Rackley.. Children: daughter Nellson -and one shilling to everyone of my grandchildren. Witnesses: Job-Alcock, John Dennet & Samuel Keais...endorsed "not proved ye witnesses being Dead- ye Admin was granted to Benj Rackley his son" Admin granted to his son Benjamin Rackley, 4 Mar 1723/4
(Warrant, 4 Mar 1723/4...Capt Thomas Peirce & William Parker, of Portmouth...appraise)

[Jane Libby, formerly widow of William rackley, renounces favor son Benjamin Rackley.]

WAKEHAM/WACOM, Thomas ..27 th Sep 1698 in ye 10th yeare of his maj of Portmouth...Wife Mary kinswoman Jane Haskings who now lives with me...(under 18)..,my kinswoman Eliz Alkings..,my kinswoman Mary Adams...kinswoman Patience Alkings.
Witnesses: Hen Penny & Elisha Briard
[Proved 13 Dec 1709]

to be continued......





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