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    The Old Man of the Mountain

According to what Daniel Webster thought about the Old Man of the Mountain, he said:

"Men hand out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoe makers hand out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there he makes men.              Daniel Webster

The "Old Man of the Mountain" is gone, but never forgotten. On May 3, 2003 all of New Hampshire suffered a great loss. Some even felt the need to put their thoughts into words.

I have selected a couple of writings that I think show the true meaning of what "The Old Man" meant to all of us. He was a beautiful spotlight for New Hampshire as he was watching over us.


Stone Man                                        

Ageless antiquity wearing me thin
All of the elements pounding again
Upon my weathered and ancient brow
The ravages of time have taken me now

I stared for millennia across grassy fields
I saw when they came, to reap all the yields
First by the handful, then by the score
They carved out their homes, they opened the door.

As simple as I was, they looked up to me
And made me a symbol, of all they would be
They came by the thousands, recorded my face
They made me an icon, a giant with grace.

But no one, not even a stone man like me
Can stand here forever, even I must now sleep
So as they all dreamed of things I can't know
I slipped from this mountain to rest far below.

But I am not gone, I have done what I must
You say "ashes to ashes", but I am the dust
But keep to my memories, bid me "adieux"
And cherish each moment as I have with you.

 Tom Castanos         


                 The Will Of A Rock

Some people think a rock can't talk,
But, as you can see,
I'm not just any old rock,
A lot of good people gave me a spirit,
And I've got things I need to say,
A tribute or two that I need to pay,
And I want everyone to see and hear it.

You see them Crosses out there?
Well, some of them are for
New Hampshire Sons and Daughters!
They believed in a Creed,
"Live Free Or Die,"
And they answered a call,
Now their graffiti of arms, legs and lives
Are scattered all over the wall
Of God's Magnificent Hall,

As for my remains,
I would be pleased
If little parts of me,
Could be placed near or with
Each New Hampshire Star
That surrenders life
In the line of honor and duty
After the date: 5/3/2003.

And when the last little me is gone
I'll be at peace and rest
Knowing that I'm all over this State
And side by side with New Hampshire's
Very best!

Submitted by Paul Mason

Brief description of concept: ...the Old Man in his prime overlooking a large cemetery field of white crosses.........





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