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    Rosebrook Family Album

Thank you to Wendy for sending this complete photo file of her family. Some of the surnames included are HOWE, HODGKINS, PERKINS, ROSEBROOK, and RUGGLES.

Wendy would also like to donate these photos in her Grandmother's name, Mrs. Leta Luella Martin Rosebrook. She is gone now, but Wendy is trying to complete what her Grandmother started. If you have any further information about any of these individuals please consider sharing it with Wendy Deakins

Wendy's Lineage: Phineas Rosebrook Sr., son: Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. son: Lee Rosebrook, son: William P. Rosebrook, son: George Emmerson Rosebrook, daughter: Marilyn Rosebrook, daughter: Wendy.

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Lee Rosebrook b.1829 and his wife Mary Lorinda Ruggles b.1832. Lee is the son of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. Mary is the daughter of Sumner Ruggles and Emily E. May. Back of photo stamped "French & Sawyer Photographers, Keene,NH"

Hannah Jeannie Rosebrook and her husband Augustus Hodgkins. Hanna Jane “Jeannie” Rosebrook is the daughter of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. Her husband is Augustus Hodgkins son of Peletiah Hodgkins and Mehitable Adams. Back of photo stamped "French & Sawyer Photographers, Keene,NH"

Franklin Benjamin Rosebrook and his first wife Martha Glines. Franklin is the son of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. Martha is the daughter of Ebenezer Glines and Irena Bickford Glines. Martha is the sister of Nelson Glines. Back stamped "E. Kilburn Photographer, Littleton, NH"


Amasa Rosebrook
son of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle-he fell thru the ice and drowned at the age of 24. The lady is not his wife and I have to find info on her. Back stamped "Photographed by S.C. Dustin, Keene, NH"

Mark Rosebrook and his wife Sallie Howe. Mark is the son of Phineas Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. His wife Sallie Howe is the daughter of Jonas Howe and Thankful Scott. Back stamped "J.P. Haseltine,Artist Photographer, Lancaster, NH"

Harry William Rosebrook and George Emmerson Rosebrook(my grandfather).Harry was b. July 1877 & George b. May 1879. Both born in Littleton, New Hampshire to William P. Rosebrook and his wife Mary Leona Fisk. (William P. is the son of Lee Rosebrook and Mary Lorinda Ruggles) Photo was taken by Amasa J. Rosebrook Studio. 


William Francis Hobbs and his wife Laura A. Rosebrook, daughter of Phineas Rosebrook Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. Francis is the son of William Hobbs and Elizabeth Wilder Phelps. Back stamped "C. Allen, Keene, NH Photographer, Dealer in First Class Sewing Machines, Jan. 9th, 1871"

Lucius Mitchell Rosebrook b. 3/19/1813 d: 6/28/1887  and wife Mary Perkins b. 3/5/1813 d: 9/17/1898. Lucius Mitchell is the son of Phineas Rosebrook, Sr. and his wife Hannah Stillings. Mary Perkins is the daughter of David Perkins and Mary H. “Polly” Hicks.
Thank you Sonia Glines. She is also working on the Glines Family.

These two are not identified and perhaps someone can help identify them. I wonder if they are Phineas Rosebrook Sr. and Hannah Stillings.

Back stamped "Bolton & Grant, Photographers, Lyndon, VT"


Eliza Jane Rosebrook, wife of Nelson Glines and mother of George Glines. She is the daughter of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. I found the newspaper article about   the tumor she had removed. "This is a tin plate."

Mr. Nelson Glines, husband of Eliza Jane Rosebrook and father of George Glines. Nelson's parents are Ebenezer Glines and Irena Bickford. "This is a tin plate." George Glines is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Glines. Back says "Pollard, Olliverian Brook, Haverhill, NH"



William Rosebrook son of Lee Rosebrook and Mary Lorinda Ruggles - father of Harry and George.

William Rosebrook and Mary Leona Fisk (parents of George and Harry) on their 50th wedding anniversary-November 25, 1910. Leonas Father, William Fisk, Jr., died at the anniversary party that was given on November 24, 1910.

Left to Right: Amasa, Sumner, Dana, and Lee with the dog.

John Rosebrook, son of Phineas Rosebrook, Jr. and his wife Sophronia Tuttle. He was hit by a tree he was falling to dislodge another one, and died at the age of 23. His obituary is included. Back says "from Smillie's Littleton, NH"
Clara Gertrude “Gertie” Rosebrook, daughter of Mark P. Rosebrook and Sallie Howe. She never married.  





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