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   Surnames           Researcher Comment
Mackenzie Suella Fogg Postles

Researching this surname-always happy to share.

Mahoney Gina Kennedy Researching Mahoney from Sandwich,NH
Mallard Mary Mallard Barlieb Looking for info. on Wm Mallard d. 1853, buried Bean Cemetery-Moultonboro. Need names of children/wives.
Mansfield Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
Mason          Missy Gibbs Researching Mason family from Moultonboro Tamworth.
   Mason Jamie Looking for Sarah Mason m. Isaac Mooney.
   Mason Diane Nault Researching this surname
   Mason Hilda Campbell Researching Elijah Mason b.~1851 Albany to Eliz. Frost b. ~1862 Albany, NH
McLoy Gaye Looking for family of Richard & Bertha (Craig) McLoy of Conway
McGaffey Judy Brittain Searching the McGaffey surname of Sandwich,NH
Meader Sally Schenck Betsy Meader dau. of Isaac Meader.
Mee Bob Mee Looking for John Mee b?d.1880-91 Wakefield,NH
Merrifield Martin Lewis Trying to track down Rensselear Merrifield d. 22 Apr. 1889 m. to Zelopha Perry b. 11 Jul 1812 in Jackson,NH
Merrill Marg McEuen Looking for info. on Jesse Merrill & Hannah Nason m. 1817 Conway.
    Merrill Kenneth Mosman Alby Merrill b. 3 Oct 1845 Wakefield, parents unknown. He m. Sarah Jane Smyth poss. at Conway. Alby's parents sought.
Miles Joyce Bard Looking for information on John Miles m. Emily__? Lived in Eaton N.H. dau. Cynthia.
Millikin Bill Cole Searching  for information about sp. of Charles Frederick Millikin, Mary F. Pendley of Tamworth. John Pendley possible fa.
Moody Bill Moody Looking for William Moody b.c1820 Eng. d.1857 CA.
Mooney Jaime Isaac Mooney  m. Susan Mason & Mary Vickary. Looking for any information on Mooney's from Sandwich,NH.
Morgan Rebecca Morgan Looking for Joseph Jr. 1823-1896 and his father from Fryeburg or Kezar Falls area of Maine.
Morse Sally Morse Twinem Looking for Thomas Morse b. 1813 m. Aurilla Green
    Morse Richard Morse Descendent of Daniel Morse of Sandwich,NH
Moses Janet Hubbard Looking for Moses Surname in Carroll Co., NH
Moulton Lorraine Mathews Moulton family from around Sandwich,NH.
   Moulton Sally Schenck I need to find  father of Samuel Moulton who was m. to Betsy Meader & from there I can  connect to Jonathan Moulton.
   Moulton Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
   Moulton Harlene Soper Brown Need to confirm Rueben Moulton's sp. "Sally" was Sarah Beede. Sarah's parents were Jonathan Beede/Anna Winslow seeking additional information
    Moulton Bonnie Serany Researching Jacob Moulton b. 1793 and Abigail Bryant b. 1795 son Richard b.1828 Sandwich,NH
Mudgett Ralph Tewksbury Researching Hannah m. John Tewksbury
   Mudgett Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
Newling Lorene McDonald Looking for Charles H. Newling of Wakefield,NH m. to Etta M. Straw b. Barnstead,NH son Earl b. 1894
   Newling Joy Ann Researching John H. Newling b.1834 Ossipee. Looking for parents
Newton Joan Newton Gilman Newton from Sandwich,NH
Norris George Norris Looking for Norris Surname connected with Colby's.
Nudd Al Philbrick Searching for information about Mary Nudd. m. Levy Philbrick early 1800's. Possibly Moses H. Philbrick was their son.
Odell         top.gif (990 bytes) Betty Perkins Searching for information on Joseph Odell m. Sarah Ingalls. Happy to share information.
Ordway           Mariana Bean Ruggles Hannah Ordway and John Ordway m. 11 Mar 1783 Conway, looking for Hannah's parents.
Ouellette Alan Researching Ouellette surname in Carroll Co.
Page MK Jackson Looking for information on Jeremiah Page b.1732 in Salisbury, MA. Seek info on date/place of death.
     Page Mary Podborny Looking for family information on Harry Page m. May Oakley. Had son Russell m. Edna Denman.
Palmer Bill Cook Doing Palmer family research in NH
     Palmer Bob Palmer Searching for any information on John & Esther Palmer both b. circa 1770 in Tamworth, NH -son Aaron
    Palmer Mary Palmer McCoy Researching James Palmer m. Nancy Weed in Moultonboro resided Sandwich,NH
Parkhurst Pat Demers Ruth Parkhurst b.~ 1597 m. Timothy Dalton b. 1619 from Ossipee, NH. Looking for information.
Patch Trent Patch Researching the Patch surname from Eaton, NH
Pattee Harold Pattee Looking for parents of Geo.W Andrew Jackson and Stephen Pattee b. Carroll Co 1825-1832
Patenaude Wendi Shaw Researching Patenaude
Peare/Peary Jean Chapman Interested in   information on  Joseph, Stephen & William Peare/Peary. Pd taxes in Ossipee during early 1800.
Peavey Jim Peva                      

Misplaced file. Jim please contact me                 

Pendergast Stephanie Sampson Researching  this surname.     Website
Pendexter June Rice Looking for Martha Pendexter m. Wm. Stilphen
Pendley Bill Cole Looking for information on Mary F. Pendley of Tamworth m. Charles Frederick Miliken of Somersworth.
Pennell Joy Looking for information on Edwin Mark Pennell
Perham Chris Perham Looking for information about Wm. McKinley Perham b. 1887.
Perkins Donna Trying to find parent info on Timothy Perkins settler of Jackson,NH. m. 1792 Mary Gentleman in Conway.
Perry Martin Lewis Tracking to find Zelopha Perry b. 1812 of Jackson, NH m. to Rensselear Merrifield.
Philbrick Al Philbreck Looking for information regarding Levy Philbrick, lived in Wolfeborough, NH early 1800's. m. Mary Nudd.
Philbrook Betty Perkins Looking for Priscilla Philbrook m. Jonathan Seavey. Always glad to share information.
Pierce Martha Bush Looking for information on Betsy Pierce and Asa Prescott from the Sandwich, NH area.
Pike Wm. Pike Looking for John E. Pike from Union,NH spouse Addie Blanchard son Frank (1877-1832)
Plante Everett V. Plante III Would appreciate any info on Joseph Elijah Plante m. Ellen Mae Morrill. They had son born in Tamworth, NH.
Plummer Delores McLaughlin Left NH 1850's settled in Lanark,Carroll Co.,IL
Pollini BettyJane Stevens Looking for help on the Pollini name from Wolfboro, NH
Pope Dennis Netsch Looking to share information about Pope family from Sandwich.
Praught Richard Rawson Searching for information about Joseph & Patrick Praught.
Prescott Martha Bush Searching for info. on Bradbury Prescott 6th son of John Prescott & Molly Carr. More than happy to share info.
Quimby Janet Hubbard Researching Quimby Surname
     Quimby Russ Quimby

Searching Quimby's of Wakefield, Brookfield and other close areas.

Randall Ken Randall Looking for info. on Nathaniel (b. 1807) & Mehitable (b.1812) Randall of Conway,NH
Randolph Trisha Hamilton Looking for Jennie b. 1885 Conway
Reinhardt Rosemarie McCarthy Researching Benjamin Reinhardt
Richardson Missy Gibbs Judith dau. of Joseph m. Tristram Mason, Tamworth?
Roberts Denise Sarah b. 03 Feb 1821 d. 19 Mar 1905
    Roberts Shirley Jefferson Searching for Timothy Roberts b. 1870 d. after 1832. Was in Rev. War. m. Sarah Furber
Robinson Don Robinson Researching Leslie Jewett Robinson of Tamworth,NH b. 1914 m. Annabelle Cornnell.
Rogers Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
Rosebrook Wendy Looking to share information on Rosebrook family.
Would like info on Geo. Emerson Rosebrook b. 1879 Lancaster,NH. Family history states he was engineer for a railroad. Poss. Lancaster or White Mts. Would like to learn of his railroad days & more.
Salkins Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
Sanborn Denise Joel Sawyer Sanborn b. 20 Aug 1821 d. 24 Feb 1867 m1. Dorothy Young  m2. Sarah Roberts Lowe (widow of Nehemiah Lowe) Trying to find parents.
   Sanborn Bob Hubbard Researching the surname Sanborn in Sandwich,NH
Savard Ian Savard Researching Maurice Ian Savard - Conway,NH and descendents. Would like to share info with others researching Savard surname.
Sawyer Denise Mercy Sawyer Sanborn b.~1802-d. 04 Mar 1891
Scarritt Diane Searching for information on Josiah Atkins Scarritt (1790-1865) m1. Cynthia Dow m2. Phebe Burley.
Seavey Betty Perkins Searching for information on Jonathan Seavey m. Priscilla Philbrook. Happy to share information
Severance Janet Hubbard Searching for Severance Surname
Shackford Joanne Parkes Looking for any info on Shackfords, very happy to share what I have.
Shaw CRDMSR Researching Belinda Shaw m. Sylvester French
   Shaw Rosemarie McCarthy Researching Edgar Franklin Shaw m. Elizabeth Tappan  m. 1866. Also looking for Harriet or Hattie Shaw
Sherburne B.Watkins Researching Henry Sherburne (1737-1832) m. Phebe Dennet. Henry moved to Conway ~1788. Mother's name Catherine.
Shorey DanaRae Looking for Moses Shorey. Have not been able to find anything except a marriage.
Simpson Denise Searching for Sally  Simpson  b. 1787 Wakefield  m. Asaph Bennett
Smith Cheryl Clarkin Samuel Smith b.~1800  & wife Theodatia.
   Smith Beverly (Berry) Hanner Looking for information on Annie C. Smith b.~1856 dau. of John T. Smith & Elizabeth Twitchell.
   Smith Laurie Moore Looking for information on Myron L. Smith in Conway (1890-1895?) m. Ethel M. Boyd also Sumner Smith
   Smith Carroll Smith Researching Herbert Smith b.~1870 Albany, NH. m. Susue Goodno b. Gorham ,NH
   Smith Marilyn Smith Looking for ancestry of Clara Louise Smith b. ~1849 in Sandwich,NH parents were Sarah C. and Aaron Smith m. John Murray Loud.
Stilphen June Rice Researching the name William Stilphen m. Martha Pendexter
Stockbridge Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
   Stockbridge Stephanie Sampson Researching  this surname, especially Isaac Stockbridge from Wolfeboro, NH       Website
Sullivan Granny Swisher Searching for info. on Daniel Sullivan .Had children between 1822-1837. Any clue would be helpful.
Tappan Cynthia Perry Researching Christopher Tappan (1725-1806) m. Sally Eaton. Would love to hear from other descendants.
   Tappan Rosemarie McCarthy Researching Elizabeth Tappan da. of Abraham Tappan b. Sandwich, NH
Taylor Sarah Taylor-Arnold Researching George Oliver Taylor b. 1846 Effingham, NH
     Taylor Kenneth Brown Seeking info on Olive Taylor of Effingham,NH.,m. John Brown of Kennebunk,ME 1824-was she 2nd wife
Terrio/Terry Marie Jennings Researching surname Terrio/Terry from Ossipee,NH
Tewksbury Ralph Tewksbury Researching Tewksbury family line
Thomas Mona Pezzi Ann Thomas b. Bef. 1800 m. John Thompson
    Thomas Rachelle Resendes Researching Thomas in Carroll Co. Would love to obtain/share
Thompson Monia Pezzi John b. Bef. 1800, had one child Louisa b. 06 May 1812 who m. Joel Bean 1837
   Thompson Brenda VanLunen Rachael Thompson m. to Jeremiah Abbott
   Thompson Christina Aubin Researching Elijah Thompson b.~1793 in Gilford, NH  m. Sally Smith b.~1789  in Meridith, NH
   Thompson Carol Paulson Gile Looking for Amos Thompson b. 1859 No. Conway. Was a blacksmith & inventer.
Thrasher Janet Hubbard Thrasher Surname
Thurston Ann Gardner Looking for information on Howard E. Thurston
    Thurston Sabrina Robb Looking for John Thurston b. abt. 1809 Wolfboro and wife Nancy ?
     Thurston Lorene Researching Issac Daniel Thurston & wife Elizabeth Belle or Foss- Madison, NH
Tibbett Tim Tibbett Researching Tibbetts family in area.
    Tibbett William Henry Samuel Tibbett b. 1747 m. Mary Emerson b.~1749 lived Wolfboro,NH- 10 children. Would like to obtain/share information about the children
Towle C.T.Stone Researching Amos (b.1853) & Sarah C. Towle of Freedom, NH Any help would be appreciated.
Twitchell Beverly(Berry) Hanner Researching Elizabeth Twitchell
Twombley/Twombly Tracy Botting John C. Twombley & related lines.
Tyler Angie Wilder Jonathan Tyler m. Mary Jane Allard in Madison,NH 2nd m. to Susan Kent Hammond (1888). Would love to share research.
    Tyler Tracy Botting James Wentworth Tyler and related lines. Would like to share information.
Upham Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
Varney           Tom Varney Researching the surname Varney from Carroll County


Karen Wray Searching for info on Russell Tabor Varney b. 11 Nov 1845 Sandwich,NH m.1 Floretta Bond m.2 Jane Bond  m.3 Emily Frances Day.
Wallace Ward Hamilton Researching the Wallace surname from and around the Sandwich area.
Watson ShirleyWade Campbell Looking for info on Sally Watson 1798-1879 m. Aaron Coffin 1794-1875 of Conway,NH
Webster Paul Robinson Looking for Amos Webster's parents. He was b. 1844, lived in Center Harbor.NH
   Webster Suella Fogg Postles Researching this surname-always happy to share.
   Webster Bud Webster I am researching this surname. Would like to share information.
Weed Birde                                   Researching Bagley Weed from Sandwich,NH
Wells Virginia Wells Robb Searching for this surname
   Wells Charles Page

Looking for info on Edwin Wells b.~1822. Parents were Lyman & Ellen Wells of Hampton twp. NH

Whidden Everett Banfield

Looking for Elizabeth Whidden who m. Tobias Banfield from Wolfboro,NH

Whipple Patricia

John S. Whipple d. 1883 So. Tamworth,NH. Looking for his ancestors

Whitaker EllenMcGrath                   


Whittle Tom Morris

Researching 18th & 19th century Wolfeboro Whittles

White Winifred Mitchell Looking for Elizabeth French b. 1794 m. Timothy White
Whitehouse Cathy Researching David Whitehouse
Whiting Chuck Whiting Whiting Surname
Wiggins Sandy Wiggin Moore

Researching the Wiggins family of Tamworth, NH  Interested in any information books or otherwise on this family.

Wilkins Irene Wilkins Hanson Searching for information about Leslie Otis Wilkins b.1895 in Wolfeboro,NH. Father is Herbert Williams Wilkins from Ireland.
Wilkinson Lloyd Raeg

Researching Rufus Wilkinson b.~1800 m. Catherine Bunker b.1806, lived in Effingham.

Willard Marilyn Searching for information on George Willard Sr. May have been from Loudon area, info very sketchy.
Willey KarenPenman Researching Willey surname in Carroll Co.,NH
Winston Trisha Hamilton

Looking for info. on Lawrence from Conway. Wife was Jennie da. Blanche

Woodward Kay

Trying to locate parents of Kimball Woodward m. Nancy Tewksbury in Sandwich,NH ~1820.

Worthing/Worthen Mike Edwards Searching for info on Moses Worthing & Hepsibeth Dockeum b.1803 m. in Sandwich
Wyman KarenPenman Researching Wyman surname in Carroll Co.,NH
Young B. Jordan

Trying to find the parents of both Jeremiah Young b.1814 d.1892 Effiingham & Jane Alley/Allen Freedom, NH.m. 1845 Eaton,NH Lived on Youngs Hill in Freedom,NH in 1860. Cellar hole known as "Jerry's Place"

   Young J. Mulroy Looking for Melissa Abbey Young b. 1855 Wakefield,NH m. Geo. Franklin Robinson

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