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How To Host A Town...

If you are interested in joining the  US
Please read over the following links

                   Welcome to Volunteers 

    US GenWeb Query Manager         
                                      By-laws of the US GenWeb Project

  What can a town host do?
        The focus is like a county host but just on the local level.

  Does a town host have to do queries?
         No, it is not required. In Carroll Co., NH we are using the USGenWeb Query Manager.

         Your readers can post & view the following:

  • Display Out town, Carroll County Queries
  • Enter a Query for Our Town, Carroll County
  • Our Town, Carroll County Published Resources & Look-p Volunteers
  • Our Town, Carroll County Surname Registry Look-Ups
  • Our Town, Volunteer a Resource or register a Surname 

    What does a town host do?

  • Get information on where to write for Vital Records
  • Link to the town office, local churches, schools, colleges etc
  • If the town does not have a web page, find out the snail mail address and tel # and hours open.
  • Get some locate history, public domain stuff
  • If you get more information than you have room, we can archive some of it for you.
  • A town host is a coordinator and many people will offer information. We need a person willing to connect it.





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