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Union Regimental Histories         
New Hampshire 

1st Regiment Cavalry 2nd Regiment Cavalry

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

1st Company Heavy Artillery

2nd Company Heavy Artillery

1st Battery Light Artillery

1st Company Sharpshooters

2nd Company Sharpshooters

3rd Company Sharpshooters

1st Regiment Infantry

2nd Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Infantry

4th Regiment Infantry

5th Regiment Infantry

6th Regiment Infantry

7th Regiment Infantry

8th Regiment Infantry

9th RegimenInfantry

10th Regiment Infantry

11th Regiment Infantry

12th Regiment Infantry 13th Regiment Infantry
14th Regiment Infantry 15th Regiment Infantry
16th Regiment Infantry  
18th Regiment Infantry  
Littlefield's (Litchfield's) Company Militia Infantry  
Houghton's Company Militia Infantry  
Tarbell's Company Militia Infantry  
Chandler's Company Militia Infantry  

** Please Note I have copied this page for you from from the Civil War Archives.  For some reason that URL does not work most of the time. I want to give complete credit to them for the work.





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