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Wakefield School
                                                                                              Early Teachers
  Wakefield, NH    

Very early on the town made provisions for at least limited education. It is interesting to note the monies that the "charter of grantees" allotted in 1776 it was 8, only one half to be paid out in the winter, and the other half in the summer. By the year 1782 monies considered sufficient to support a "man school" for six months was 60.


1776 William Blaisdell -(appears he occupied this position for 25 years)

Master Nicolson pd-12 shillings, Master Robinson pd-2 , Colonel J. Wingate pd-3, Master John Blasdell, David Glody, Isaac Fellows, Capt. Andrew Gilman, Walter Neal, Joseph Gage, Abner Allen, Master Evans

Daniel Hall, John Dame, Mr. Newlson
1807 Elizabeth Piper
1808 Richard F. Dow, Sally Copp, Samuel Fellow

Early Schools

1796-1805 The first schools were in private homes, but in the fall of 1796 a schoolhouse was built.

Act of legislature (1805) authorizes town to divide into school districts.

Before this was done by arrangement of the inhabitants or selectmen. In 1827 the former town system gave place to the district system.

1796 Wiggin District
1798 Piper, Lower District, Oak Hill, Wingate (corner), Fellows, Dow, Horn, Clark, Pine River, Wentworth
Twelve school districts


Many of the fathers were college learned, and the first minister and other leading men took great interest in education. In some towns the parish minister was the only educated man. Not so in Wakefield. College graduates this town had right along. Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale are some of the schools familiar to former young Wakefield students

1817 Dow Academy
1827 Wakefield Academy
  Brewster Free Academy







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