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           A warm welcome to all of the family researchers that trace their New England roots to Gilmanton New Hampshire.  My name is Anne Taylor-Czaplewski and I'm the  host of the Gilmanton Town Page.  I'm from the Midwest originally, but had the pleasant experience of living in Gilmanton, NH several years ago. My hope for this web site is that it will be a resource place for family historians and genealogists to meet, whether we're "seasoned researchers" or just "the new kid on the block".  Oh, yes..the ship...I know, Gilmanton is inland, but I couldn't pass on the lighthouses and the ships..or the Somewhere In Time Theme!  Please email me with your comments and I've started a NEW page with recent updates and also, a page to place links to your favorite sites & web pages created by YOU.
And, be sure to try out our new search engine.  It searches for exactly what you type in, so be sure to try various spellings.  You wouldn't want to overlook great-grandpa because he used an "e" instead of an "i"! 
NOTE: Because the Smith Meetinghouse Records are not stored  on this website, the search engine will not search those records....

NEW!!! I'd like to start pages for obituaries, family reunions, old photos, old postcards,  etc.  IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING GILMANTON NH GENEALOGY RELATED, won't you consider copying or scanning it and sending it in?  You send it, I'll make a page for it!!!  If it can be emailed, great...if you need a snail mail address to send copies regular mail, email me and I'll send it to you.


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