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Main Street, Keene, NH, photo taken late 1920

Cheshire County Towns

Alstead 1763 George N Kidder
Dublin 1771 MaryLynne Ellis
Fitzwilliam 1773 Host Needed
Gilsum 1763 Ginny Day
Harrisville 1870 Host Needed
Hinsdale 1753 Host Needed
Jaffrey 1773 Dick Spiess
Keene 1753 Host Needed
Marlborough 1776 Host Needed
Marlow 1761 Mary Blank
at the Marlow Historical Society
Nelson 1752 Host Needed
Richmond 1752 Host Needed
Rindge 1768 Ida Harman
Roxbury 1812 Host Needed
Stoddard 1774 Host Needed
Sullivan 1787 Host Needed
Surry 1769 Host Needed
Swanzey 1753 Host Needed
Troy 1815 Host Needed
Walpole 1761 Kelli Ann Wilson
Westmoreland 1735 Host Needed
Winchester 1733 Host Needed

Interested in being a Host for a Town in Cheshire Co., contact me at the email address, bottom of this page.

Main Street, Keene, NH, 1999

Historical Society of Cheshire County Web Site


246 Main Street, Keene, NH 03431
P.O. Box 803, Keene, NH 03431
Telephone: 603-352-1895,
Contact: Alan Rumrill

Historical Society of Cheshire County - Email address

New Hampshire Historical Society
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Vital Records Information - New Hampshire
Vital Records

  • Information on how and where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records) at the state, county and town level in New Hampshire.

    Cheshire County Resources

    Book Description Contact
    Biographical Review, Vol XXIII
    Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Cheshire County,
    New Hampshire (1897) - No charge for copies but send a SASE.
    Linda Garrett
    From Journey's End to Hardscrabble
    cemeteries and burying-grounds of Chesterfield, NH.
    Linda Roller
    Mapleside Cemetery in Alstead
    Village of Alstead, NH.
    Linda Roller
    All Cemeteries in Alstead
    Alstead, NH.
    Linda Roller
    Cheshire Co. Gazeteer & Directory dated 1885 Gail Watkins
    History of Chesterfield, NH by Oran E Randall, 1882 Mark Grassman
    History of Fitzwilliam, NH 1752 to 1887 by Rev. Norton, 829pp., one or two surnames & a fee for photocopies and postage Rhett Owings
    History of Keene, NH by the Keene History Committee, 1968 Deborah Cook
    History of Nelson, NH Edited by Parke Hardy Struthers, from 1767-1967 includes Family Section and Cemetery listing) (no index, so be specific as possible) Edith Bartley
    History of Rindge, NH by Ezra Stearns between 1736-1874 also researched Benjamin Davis family of Rindge, NH, Dee Dee Rypka
    History of Stoddard, NH by Isaiah Gould, 1897, photocopy of original book, 139 pp. Robert J. Young
    History of Walpole, NH by Martha McDanolds Frizzell, 1963, second volume has town genealogy Gail Watkins
    New Hampshire Borns a Town Alstead and East Alstead history, pp319 George N. Kidder
    Town of Richmond, NH email Ruth Flanders
    The History of Troy, NH 1764-1897 Sheila Kenney
    Walking Back Through Time 50 Historical Sketches of Winchester, NH 1997 Sheila Kenney
    The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, MA 1897, 1982 Sheila Kenney
    Town Reports of Winchester, NH a collection of many years. 1868 and up Sheila Kenney
    Ashuelot Cemetery Book of Ashuelot, NH 2002 Sheila Kenney
    Cemeteries of Winchester, NH 2004 Sheila Kenney

    Revolutionary War Volunteers from Cheshire County

    First New Hampshire Regiment
    Town Soldier’s Name
    Acworth Samuel Harper, Thomas Harper, John Harper, Simon Powers
    Alstead David Abraham, Ripley Bingham (Sergeant), Moses Farnsworth, William McGee, John McGee, Rufus Walton, Thomas Wilson, Samuel Harper, Thomas Harper, John Harper, Simon Powers
    Nathan Moulton, entered April 1, 1777; (Died in service) June 2, 1778, sickness.
    Charlestown Elisha Adams, Paye Harriman, John Joiner (Sergeant), Timothy Newton, Nathan Powers
    Barabas Hickey, entered Jan. 1, 1777; (Died in Service) April 14, 1778, sickness
    Claremont Samuel Bates, John Clark, Ebenezer Matthews, Thomas Osgood, Joel Royce, Asa Stearns, Joseph Wright
    Daniel Stearns, entered May 1, 1777; (Died in Service) April 30, 1780
    Cornish Peter Spicer, Daniel Putnam
    Curtis Cady, entered Feb. 1777; (Died in Service) April 4, 1778, sickness
    Croydon Paris Richardson, William Sisco
    Dublin Hart Balch, James Chamberlin, Jonathan Morse, John Stone
    Nathaniel Bates, entered Jan. 10, 1777; (Killed in Action) Sept. 19, 1777 near Saratoga, New York, about 12 o'clock noon the First New Hampshire Regiment engaged the British Troops, they fought for about 20 minutes.
    Fitzwilliam Daniel Gould, Stephen Richardson, Stephen White
    Gilsum David Adams
    Hinsdale Isaac Gibbs
    Jaffrey Moses Cutter, John Dole, Benjamin Dole, Daniel Harper, Michael Silk, Samuel Wier
    Keene Silas Porter, Ezra Turner
    Lempster Matthew Grear, William Layton, Isaac Gibbs
    Asael Roundy, entered May 1, 1777; (Died in Service) Jan. 17, 1778, sickness
    New Grantham Stephen Jennens (Corporal), Isaac Gibbs
    Ephraim Jennens, entered May 12, 1777; (Died in Service) Nov. 22, 1777, sickness
    Plainfield Wilder Willard
    Richmond Thomas Hunt, Thomas Powers, Abner Powers (Corporal), Noah Porter, Lemuel Rice, William Taggart, Lewis Wisoo
    Stoddard Samuel Morrison, Richard Richardson
    Nathaniel Richardson, entered April 3, 1777;(Died in service) June 24, 1777
    Surry Joshua Church, Anthony Gilman, Samuel LiscombIsaac Gibbs
    Jacob Bonney, entered May 20, 1777; (Died in service) July 1778
    Swanzey Joel Andrews, John Cross (Corporal), Silas Simons, Levi Simons, Joseph Tucker
    William Frankford, entered Jan. 9, 1778; (Died in service) April 17, 1779
    Washington Asa Jackson, William Munn, Nathan Munn, Abel Merrill, William White
    Walpole John Baldwin, Francis Joiner, Thomas Jackson, John Still
    Daniel Ashley, entered Feb 9, 1781;(Died in service) Aug. 1, 1781
    Jonathan Eastman, entered Feb. 21, 1777; (Died in service) May 11, 1778, sickness
    Benjamin Hudson, entered June 9, 1777; (Died in service) no date given
    Daniel Riter, entered Jan. 1, 1777; (Died in service) Sept. 1, 1777
    Westmoreland Nehemiah Gold, entered April 29, 1777; (Died in service) Aug. 10, 1778
    Winchester John Simons, Abner Wise (Corporal)

    (Died in Service) could be either from disease or wounds.

    Revolutionary War Commissioned Officers, from Cheshire County
  • Major Jason Wait, Alstead, served between 1775 and 1782, promoted to Major, 5 July 1780.
  • Captain Simon Sartwell, Charlestown, between 1777 and 1780, promoted to Captain 21 March 1780.
  • Captain Isaac Farwell, Charlestown, at Bunker Hill, served between 1777 and 1783.
  • Lieutenant James Kidder, Alstead, served in a Massachusetts Regiment between 1775 and 1778, he marched to the Lexington & Concord alarm of 19 April 1775.
  • Lieutenant Samuel Kidder, Alstead, commissioned 1 July 1776, served in a Massachusetts and New Hampshire Regiment, 1776 and 1777.
  • Captain James Lewis , Marlborough, served under William Whipple in Rhode Island
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    Cheshire County Lookup Volunteers

    If you have any reference material on Cheshire County and would like to volunteer to do lookups, please let me know.

    When requesting a lookup, please follow these guidelines:

    1. On the subject line enter Cheshire Co. Lookup
    2. Put name of book or CD you are requesting in the first line of the message as many of these wonderful people have volunteered to look up several things.
    3. Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names on separate lines.
    4. Don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time and effort.

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