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Working draft by Douglas A. Hall as of 12/1/2000


John Colomy was from Durham, N.H. as early as we find him.  New Durham, N.H. was settled by 1750, with many early settlers coming from Durham; but John Colomy was not found among them.


John Collema was in New Durham, N.H. by 1770 and it is guessed that he was born about 1755-1759.


John Colomy in early New Hampshire records comes out as Collome, Colema, Coleme, Collema; Colemey; Colomey, Colmele and perhaps other variations; but this draft will use Colomy which is the most common version with Colomey a close second preference.  John and or his son, John, appear in Farmington, Northumberland, Rochester and Stratford as well as New Durham and Durham.  New Durham Gore near the town of New Durham has since become Alton, N.H.


John served in the American Revolution.  By the end of the war he apparently had attained the rank of Captain, at least in his local militia.  Some early records refer to Captain Colomy.


Captain John Colomy has not apparently been recognized as an American Revolutionary veteran by the usual sources, DAR, etc.


Captain John Colomy had a saw mill (1804-1808) on Hayes Brook in New Durham, N.H.  This brook used to be called Colomy River and although in New Durham; the mill was very near the boundary line for Middleton and not far from Farmington, N.H.


New Hampshire is not noted for its vital records maintenance at the turn of 19th century in remote areas or at least few records survive. 


Town records only give glimpses of local offices held in town or who was the low bidder when the poor were auctioned off at town meetings.  (Edmund Tibbetts was a successful bidder on Nancy C. in providing care for her at the least expense to the town).  Richard Colomey was apparently a Freewill Baptist in 1818 New Durham; but John is not seen in church records.


It is believed that John Colomy married Sarah or Sally Pitman, the daughter of Conner or Connor Pitman of Madbury, N.H.; because she was named in her father's June 14, 1794 estate/will after Mr. Pitman died.  Mr. Pitman appeared to have sons Solomon and Joseph and daughters Abigail and Deborah in addition to Sarah Pitman Collome (as the name is spelled in the probate records), the wife of John.  (William Pitman was an 1632 Oyster River, N.H. early settler).


There is no death record yet to be found for John.  It is believed his wife Sarah/Sally Pitman Colomy lived until January, 1852 in New Durham when she died at age 80 (suggesting a birth year of 1762).


John Colomy had a younger brother, Richard Colomy, who also served in the American Revolution.  Richard was 21 in 1777 (born 1756).  Richard married in Berwick, Maine, on October 3, 1784, to Patience Downs of Berwick while Richard was of New Durham, N.H.  Richard later petitioned for a pension siting that he was wounded twice at the Battle of Stillwater in 1777.  When he petitioned for help in 1791 he referred to an injured knee and a ball that remained in his hip; the sites of his two wounds.


As rare as Colomy is as a name; it is difficult to sort out the children of John and Richard in New Durham, N.H. and vicinity.  Because John appears to have attained the rank of Captain while Richard was wounded at age 21 as a private; one might speculate that John was older.


By looking at marriage records of the next generation, one might speculate that children marrying before 1815 were the children of John while those marrying after 1815 were the children of Richard; but this is pure speculation.


So the Colomy siblings and the Colomy cousins may be mixed in the following and inaccuracies may exist.


Richard Colomy and Patience Downs Colomy were probably the parents of:


Richard, who married October 25, 1817, to Abagail Pierce.   Richard of New Durham apparently married Abial Peirce of Barnstead in New Hampshire with a publishment of October 25, 1817 and a certificate issued November, 10, 1817.  They may have both been from Strafford when they wed.  According to the Peirce Genealogy by Frederick c. Peirce (1880, page 73), Abiah Peirce was born in 1798 and married Richard Colony.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Peirce of Barnstead.  She died March 19, 1860. 


Richard and Abial may have had a son, Richard, who married Mary Colebath/Colbath.  Richard and Mary Colbath Colomy had a son, born September 7, 1842 in Farmington  and a son born June 12, 1844 in Middleton suggesting they moved around.  Mary Ann Colomey had a son born May 12, 1845 in Farmington and one wonders if Richard deceased at that time.


John and Sarah (Pitman) Colomy were probably the parents of:


1.        John Jr., who apparently wed and had John the 3rd.

2.        David, born about 1774, who married Sally or Polly Nason on August 12, 1792 and who left for Limington, Maine, where his family is recorded by Robert L. Taylor in his Early Families of Limington, Maine.  David died in North Limington in December, 1827.  Bob Taylor in his research indicated that David came from the Standish, Maine area in 1813 to Limington; but that both David and his wife were from New Durham, N.H.  (It is believed Ms Nason and her parents/siblings were warned out of town in early New Durham town records).  Taylor reported the following children of David and Sally/Sarah:


a.        Samuel, born December 14, 1796, New Durham, N.H.; died August 16, 1872, in Parsonsfield, Maine.  He married Mary Cobb, both of Limington on March 28, 1824.

b.       David, born about 1798 and left about 1817 for parts unknown.

c.        Ivory, who left New Durham, N.H. for Boston, Massachusetts in about 1823 and apparently was in New Haven, Connecticut, for a time.

d.       Polly, born about 1797 and was living in 1870 at age 75 years on the Limington Town Farm.

e.        George, born about 1805 and was living in 1880 at age 75 years on the Limington Town Farm.  He died May 13, 1884 in Limington, Me.

f.         Eliza Ann, born November 3, 1822, in Limington.


3.        Sarah COLOMY, born about January, 1789, who married on April 8, 1810 to Edmund Tibbetts and moved to the West Ossipee, N.H. area.  Edmund was the son of Edmund and Mary (White) Tibbetts of Farmington, N.H. and New Durham, N.H.  Edmund married a second time to Anne Kenniston Bean of Wolfborough, N.H.  By Sarah, Edmund had:  (TIBBETTS surname)


a.        Samuel, who married Maria Prindle/Prinds?

b.        Daniel, who married Lucinda White

c.        Patience, who married Ezra Gilmore

d.       Mary, who married Moses Colby Young, the son of Rudolpa/Rudolphus and Nancy (Tarr) Young.  Moses and Mary left Ossipee, N.H. for Sherman, Maine in Aroostook County.  (Douglas A. Hall and David Colby Young descend from this line).

e.        Edmund, born March 1, 1818; married Sophronia Blake and died April 24, 1883 at Dover, N.H.

f.         Ephraim, born October 27, 1819, married Amanda Cooley.

g.       Eliza, married Eleazer Fogg.

h.       Moses Plummer, married Clara Buzzell and then Ida Welch.

i.         Sarah Jane, married William B. Conner.

j.         John Pinkham, born October 22, 1851, married Sarah Record.


Sarah died November 23, 1847, age 58 years and ten months and is buried in West Ossipee, N.H., in the same cemetery as her sister, Eliza.


4.        ELIZA COLOMY, born 1793 or 1798, who married in 1813 to Peasley Badger Connor when both were of New Durham, N.H.  (Margaret Jacques and Lois Ames descend).


5.        ABIGAIL COLOMY, who married John Vicks Jr. of Wakefield, N.H. when she was of New Durham on February 2, 1808.


6.        THOMAS D. COLOMY of Farmington, N.H., who married July 28, 1811 to Anna French when both were of Farmington, NH.  Thomas D. Colomy was in Farmington in 1825 and in 1828 in a tax record for that town that suggested that he had fewer animals than his neighbors did.


7.        PATIENCE COLOMY, who married Nathaniel Carter of Tamworth, N.H.


In the 1790 federal census; John Collemy is found in New Durham and appears to have in his household two sons and a daughter besides his wife and himself.


It is probably a toss up as to whether JACOB COLOMY was the son of Richard or John.


Jacob married Sarah Ducoine when both were of New Durham on February 12, 1815.


It is probably a toss up as to whether DANIEL COLOMY was the son of John or Richard.


It is believed that Isaac Colomy who drifted over to Maine was born June 28, 1788, at Durham, Strafford, NH, the son of Daniel and Alice (Runnel) Colomy.  Daniel was born about 1760 in Durham, Strafford, NH and he and Alice Runnel wed December 1, 1780 at New Durham, Strafford, N.H.  Alice was probably Runnells, the daughter of Abraham, grand-daughter of John and great grand-daughter of Job Reynolds.  (LDS records, film 184781, Batch #M521071, submissions AF93-110324 and AF91-103918)  (Also see Old Bristol and Nobleboro, Maine, Volume II, Marriages).


Somersville, Maine, which was Patrickstown as a plantation, in its vital records indicate that Isaac Colomy, born January 2, 1781 lived there and was the father of:


                Isaac Jr., born November 8, 1818.  Isaac Jr. married Susan A., who was born August 9, 1818 and they were the parents of the children listed below.  Isaac Jr. may have married a second time in his later years to Mrs. Pauline Dennis, both of Somersville with intentions on March 14 and a marriage on March 26 in the year 1864.  Isaac Jr. and Susan are believed to be the parents of:


                                Harriet E., born July 18, 1749, married Oliver Greely, both of Somersville on May 3, 1869.

                                Olive A., born June 2, 1854

                                Jerome, born January 26, 1856.

                                Maria A, born October 4, 1843.

                                In addition they adopted Mary Evans, born July 22, 1865.



Perhaps Isaac had a brother, Daniel.


Daniel married Rebecca Pinkham.  New Durham vital records suggest that Daniel Jr. and Rebecca Pinkham, both of New Durham had their intentions published May 29, 1819, a certificate granted June 14, 1819 and wed on July 11, 1919.  Their children may have been:


                1.  Sarah Elizabeth Colomy, born May 16, 1837 in Durham, N.H.  It is believed that she married John Plummber in about 1858 in Durham, N.H.

2. ?  D. and D. Colomy had a daughter on May 6, 1851 which might suggest that Daniel and Rebecca had a son D who married a D and this was a granddaughter of this line, but that is a guess.


There are some Colomy's that appear to be of the third generation:


ABRAHAM COLOMY was in New Durham and married to a Sarah when they had a son November 22, 1851; but Sarah apparently died on that day at age 35 years.  But Abraham went on to have two more sons by another Sarah on November 15, 1857 and April 19, 1858.  He was a New Durham farmer.  (There was a Abraham Colomy in 1840 Glenburn, Penobscot, Maine for the census.  Perhaps he explored the Maine woods prior to settling down on the farm.


Also of the third generation is Mary Ann Colomy (daughter of Richard and Mary?) who was received among the Friends church on June 26, 1867 before she died September 11, 1867 at age 27 years, 8 months and 11 days.


Civil War records have James P. Colomy serving his country at age 18 years in October, 1861 when enlisting and dying of disease by January 15, 1862.


Elbridge Colomy is buried in Evergreen Cemetery across the New Hampshire line in Berwick, Maine, having died at Andersonville Prison on August 24, 1864, at age 37 years and 7 months.  He served in Company C of the 17th Maine.  Apparently his wife was Judith and she died June 4, 1881 at age 56 years and 7 months.  She may have been Judith A. F. Nute prior to her marriage.  (James Nute early New Hampshire settler is originator).


Patience A. Colomy had a daughter January 16, 1864 in Farmington, N.H.  Widows or unwed mothers tended to be listed alone in such records.


Other Colomy names being from New Durham unless otherwise noted:



Abram in Alton.  (There was an Abram and Sarah Colomy who had Sarah R. Colomy born September 28, 1863).

Anna (French)

Charles in Alton


Daniel…Alton, Chatham, Newmarket as well as New Durham

Daniel  Jr.

Ebenezer in Northumberland….perhaps a son of John Jr.?


Ivory in Portsmouth…son of David of Limington?

Jacob of New Durham and Alton

John….theme of this material

John Jr.

John 3rd

Judith of Alton

Lucy F. of Alton

Mary of Alton

Mary Colbath of Middleton


Rebeckah (Pinkham)


Sarah of Farmington

Thomas D. of Farmington and New Durham

Captain…..probably John the elder.

Mr…..of Alton and Farmington as well as New Durham….probably John and others.


The 1830 Census (federal) for N.H. had in New Durham:  DANIEL and JACOB.

Alton had RICHARD and Farmington had THOMAS D.


Poland, Maine, cemetary incriptions include the following with the Colomy name:




                Fred, 1869-1926

                James A., 1861-1931

                Mintone, 1884-1927, who was a Chief Boatswain Mate in the U.S. Navy.


In White Oak Hill Cemetary in Poland, John Colomy, born 2-29-1820 and died 1-20-1886 was married to Mary Susan who died 10-31-1879 at age 44 years, 10 months and 19 days.  Also there is Clara A., the wife of Walter, who was born June 3, 1865 and died May 18, 1890.


In a Dover, N.H. cemetery:


                Augustus A. Colomy was in Co. D. of the N.H.H.A. (should second H be a V?).  No dates.  Probably civil War.


                Dorothy S., Wife of Daniel Colomy died 8-11-1906, age 74.

                Daniel Colomy died l-28-1875 at age 44 years.

                They may have been the parents of Augustus as well as Emma F., 1851-1916.


                Jacob Colomy is also there and had served in Co. I. of the 3rd N.H. Infantry.

                                Tamson J. was his wife who died July 7, 1887 at 54 years, 9 months and 13 days.  Also there and presumed to be their sons:

                                                A.D., Co. G., 6th N.H. Infantry (although this might be a brother to James)

                                                William E., who appears to have married Carrie.  His wife died Decemberr 10, 1881 at age 25 years and 3 months.




Annie Drew Colomy, wife of James D. Colomy (1850-1925) was born 1851 and died 1897.  James may be a son of Daniel.





Birth from the "Log" of Dr. David Parker of Farmington, N.H. show:


                George W. and Harriet Colomy had a son born March 11, 1856 and a daughter December 12, 1857.


                John F. and Alice Colomy had a daughter on April ll, 1863.

                                                                       A son born July 4, 1866

                                                                       A son born April 22, 1867


                Nehemiah and Hannah Colomy had a son born May 10, 1856 and a daughter August 23, 1863.


                Stephen had a daughter born October 20, 1865 and a son born March 2, 1867.


No wife is listed for Stephen.  Although some births are specified as in Farmington, some are not and may have been in surrounding towns or the town was just not listed.

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