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1840 Census Index
Town of Salisbury, Merrimack County

The following census was taken from the microfilm of the 1840 Merrimack Co. Census

Page 131
John Shaw
Wm. Roberts
Winthrop Sanborn
George Shaw
Sarah Shaw - Widow
Oliver Shaw
Dimond Shaw
Job Wilson
Ebenezer Hazelton
Ira Shaw
Joseph Fifield
Amos Whittemore
Peter Whittemore
Phinehas Eastman
Enoch Rowe
David Heath
Hubbard Stevens
George Stevens
Nath'l Huntoon
Emily Gale - Widow
Martha Huntoon - Widow
Benja. Huntoon
Sam'l Judkins
Abraham Shaw
Benja. Judkins
Judith Page - Widow
James Mann? or Marn?
Amos Fifield
Thorndike Proctor
Nath'l French
Sanborn Shaw

Page 132
Wm. Clay Jr.
Wm. Cross
Benja Thompson
John Calef
Sam'l Pierson
Franklin Searle
Sam'l Guilford
John L. Eaton
Jon'a Avery
Thos. R. Little
Wm. Heath
Hannah West - Widow
Nathan Woodbury
Francis Little
Mary Baker - Widow
B. F. Foster
Mary Bowers - Widow
Israel W. Kelly
Moses Clement
Stephen Greenleaf
Moses Eastman
Francis S.? or L.? Greenleaf
John B. Smith
Francis J.? Elliott
John Townsend
John Smith
Susan Bohannon
Levi Frances
Mary Webster
David Pearson
Eliphalet Little

Page 133
Nathan Smith
Dudley Cram
Andrew Robinson
Joseph Wadleigh
Stephen Webster
Charles Pool
John Bean
Levi Morrill
Joseph Adams
Israel Downs
Owen Correr?
Ira Oliver
Wm. Pearsons
Jonathon How? or Horne?
Reuben Fifield
Sewel Fifield
Thos. W. Wilson
Sam'l Bartlett
Moses Thompson
Charles P. Adams
Moses C. Webster
Jane Sargent - Widow
Daniel Miller
Josiah Green
Thos. H. Pettengill
Jon'a P. Webster
Josiah Green Jr.
Isaac Burley
Calvin Bachelder
Caleb Morse
Anna L. Green - Widow

Page 134
Charles Ayer
Ezra Austin
Joshua Jones
Tho's. Beal
Truman Hurdy
John Fifield
Moulton P. Webster
Abraham S. (or L.?) Sanborn
True? or Trice? George
Moses Fifield
Priscilla Whittemore - Widow
James Merrill
David C. Gookin
John B. Dunlap
Seth R. Colby
John Rogers
John Willis
Benja. Mason
Stephen Pingree
James Dunlap
Wm. Pingree
Kimball Farmer
Tho's Huntoon
John F. Huntoon
George W. Ladd
Benja. Frazier
Amos P. Stevens
Hiram Farnum
Timothy Foster
Joseph Stevens

Page 135
Tho's Currier
Nathan Currier
Peleliah? Gookin
John Sanborn
Abraham Sanborn
Sanborn Shaw
Isaac R. Blaisdell
Daniel Fifield
James Munroe
Aaron Wells
Sanborn Moore
Moses Calef
Gilman Severance?
Gilbert Eastman
Derbon Pettengill
Fristram or Tristram? Greenleaf
David Calef
Sam'l Whittemore
John Emerson
Caleb Bean
David Johnson
Benja. Pettengill
Ebenezer Taylor
Henry Hurdy
Caleb Watson
Noah Watson
Currier Quimby
Moses Watson
Daniel Watson
David Watson
Nathan Tucker

Page 136
Wm. Pillsbury
John Bean
Moses Moody
John Peaslee
Jabez? True?
Sarah H. Stevens - Widow
Sam'l Smith
Jona'n Scribner
Israel Bean
Moses Little
John Elkins
Wm. M. Pirvie
Reuben Greeley
Henry French
Joseph Shaw
Moses Stevens
Jesse Eaton
Moses Greely
Isaac Sawyer
Nath'l Sawyer
John Greely
Nathan Greely
Sam'l Frasier
Sam'l Drummond
Moses Fellows
Joel Eastman
Daniel Fellows
Jeremy Webster
Elkanon? Bean?
Job Heath
Ruth Heath - Widow

Page 137
Abiel Wardwell
Benja Oadans?
Tho's Foot
Reuben Stevens
Isaac N.? Sawyer
Herschel Green
Benja Calef
Stevens C. Lovering
Wm. Chase
Jona Roberts
Jewett Scribner
Daniel Stevens
Ebenezer Johnson
John Scribner
Zachariah Scribner
Benja'n Scribner
Jedediah Kilburn? or Hilburn?
Daniel L. Woodward
Sam'l Scribner
David Stevens
Daniel Scribner
Daniel Flanders
Hannah Mason
Benja. Pettengill
Baley Corless
Benja. Tucker
Tho's Hunt
Jacob Morrill
Sam'l Couch
Levi Lowell
Gilman Moore

Page 138
Joseph B. Elliott
Nath'l Bean
Joseph Bean
John Calef Jr.
Levi Bean
Valentine Little
Jon'a Stevens
Pierce Fellows
Moses Fellows
Stevens Fellows
Moses Call
Sam'l Couch
Sam'l L. Couch
John Pressy
Daniel Pressy
Joseph J. Stone
Zenas Bowman

639 males   690 females

Pensioners for Revolutionary War or Military Service Included in the Foregoing.
Name                Age
Samuel McGuin 104
Benjamin Thompson 79
Abraham Fifield 85
Jabe? True? 82
Nathan Bullard? or Ballard? 76
Enoch Adams 86
Moses Fellows 85

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