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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire


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           Josiah Bean Descendent Chart



 1 Josiah Bean b: December 30, 1739 in Poplin, New Hampshire  d: March 25, 1799 in Sandwich, New Hampshire

  *2nd Wife of Josiah Bean:

..  +Hannah Page Weed Blossom b: 1757 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire m:

November 01, 1790 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire d: November 04, 1850 in Scarboro, Maine

 2   Jacob W. Bean b: June 08, 1795 in Sandwich, New Hampshire  d: September 04, 1875 in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota

..  + Jane Danforth b: July 29, 1796 in New Hampshire  d: June 12, 1872 in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota

 3   [2] Elisabeth Jane Bean b: 1830 in Maine  d: March 12, 1914 in San Jose, California

..  +[3] Samuel S. Morton b: Abt. 1824 in Maine m: September 17, 1848 in Orono, Penobscot County, Maine d: June 18, 1889 in San Jose, CA

 4   [4] George Samuel Morton b: January 21, 1856 in Orono, Maine

..  +[5] Martha Jane Fox b: September 11, 1863 in Watertown, Wisconsin m: November 01, 1880 in Rushmore, Minnesota d: April 16, 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

 5   [6] Charles Samuel Morton b: September 03, 1881 in Rushmore, Nobles County, Minnesota  d: October 07, 1934 in Griffin, Saskatchwan

..  +[7] Anna Elizabeth Ackerman b: May 26, 1884 in Hancock County, Iowa m: December 28, 1906 in Pipestone County, Minnesota d: March 02, 1960 in Griffin, Saskachewan

 6   [8] George Peter Morton b: August 18, 1914 in Innes, Saskatchewan

..  +[9] Catherine "Kay" Broughton b: June 05, 1917 in North Kisbey (Farm), Saskatchewan m: September 03, 1938 in Creelman, Saskatchewan

 7   [10] Charles Edward Morton b: May 03, 1939 in Griffin, Saskatchewan

..  +[11] Ada Mae Henderson b: April 02, 1940 in Griffin, Saskatchewan m: December 03, 1960 in Regina, Saskatchewan

 8   [12] Peter Henderson Morton b: January 16, 1963 in Ottawa, Ontario





Served in the Revolutionary War under General Stark at Portsmouth and Battle of Bennington, and the taking of General Burgoyne at Battle of Saratoga.


Hannah was married to Capt. Josiah Bean 11-1-1790. She was his second wife and it was her second marriage also. She was the widow of Jacob Weed and the dau of Ebenezer Page. She had 3 sons w/Josiah, (Rev) Josiah, Jacob and Ebenezer. When Josiah died she marr. Sylvanus Blossom. She died 11-4-1850 at Scarboro, ME. She was b. 1757 at Gilmanton, NH. Source is "Clan Mac Bean of N. America Vol #1 6th Ed. Revised 1992".


Taken from 57th Annual Ex.

#34 p-19

Josiah Bean-I know not who this Bean can be unless he is the one who married the widow of Jacob Weed. Weed died Jan. 1789. Bean may have had a prior wife. But by this wife he had Deacon Josiah Bean of Gilmanton one of whose daughters married a brother of Judge Ira A. Eastman of Gilmanton.  He had a son who moved to Maine and perhaps other children.  The Josiah Bean who married the widow Weed and died in Sandwich, in the north part about five miles from Rev. Mr. Hiddens Church.


Josiah Bean was possibly the first settler on  the property now owned by Aliston H. Grant.  The records of Rev. Jeremiah Shaw of Moultonborough, married Molly MCGAFFEY on November 12, 1788 and Betsy SINCLAIR on February 5, 1792 both of Sandwich, NH Perhaps this was the same man with a second wife.  Andrew was born in Sandwich on June 24, 1763.  He was a soldier in the 1812-15 war and died while in the service at Burlington, VT. in November 1813.  Josiah was a selectman in Sandwich in 1778.


David Bean-he settled upon the place where Ezekiel FRENCH so long lived and where he died, between John Prescott's and Jeremiah Page.  This Ezekiel French does not appear to have been at Sandwich in 1776. Bean traded farms with French for one near Guinea Mountain and received and overcoat in exchange.  It is said he was afterwards a miller at center Sandwich and lived in the house above Cyrus Beede.  He is said to have been a Quaker. Bean was an early Gilmanton name. David Bean came to Sandwich in the fall of 1767 with four other families and they all built log cabins.  In 1802, he and several other families moved to Sutton,VT.




Town records of Raymond, NH show that he was living there in 1765-66, on the Old Chester Homestead. In 1766 and 67 he was living in Brentwood.  It was either 1768 or 1769 that he moved to Sandwich with the rest of his family.

Captain Josiah served in the Revolutionary War under General Stark, serving at Portsmouth and in teh Battle of Bennington and at the taking of General Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga.


By his first wife Josiah had 9 ch and by his 2nd 3, the first son at

Raymond, NH and the next two at Brentwood; the rest at Sandwich NH


Descendants of Josiah Bean


1  [14] Josiah Bean b: 30 December 1739 in Poplin, Rockingham, NH d: 25 May 1799 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.. +Jane McGaffey b: Abt. 1743 in Brentwood, Carroll, NH d: Bef. 1790 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH m: Bef. 1763 in Brentwood, Carroll, NH

.... 2  [1] Andrew Bean b: 24 June 1763 in Poplin/Brentwood Rockingham, NH d: November 1813 in W Charleston, Orleans, VT

........ +Molly McGaffey b: 20 September 1771 in of Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: in Sandwich, Carroll, NH m: 12 November 1788 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... *2nd Wife of [1] Andrew Bean:

........ +Betsey Sinclair b: 25 July 1762 in Exeter, Rockingham, NH d: 01 May 1859 in Tuftonboro, Carroll, NH m: 05 February 1792 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.......... 3  Josiah Bean b: 01 February 1793 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: 04 December 1814 in Burlington, VT

.......... 3  Andrew Bean b: 16 March 1794 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: Bet.1835 - 1850 in Charleston, Orleans, VT


.......... 3  Mary Bean b: 18 January 1796 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.............. +Husband Bennet

.......... 3  James Bean b: 15 August 1797 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.......... 3  Betsey Bean b: 26 June 1799 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.............. +Husband Buyer

.......... 3  Hannah Bean b: 03 August 1801 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.............. +Husband Buyer

.......... 3  Jane Bean b: 24 July 1803 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.......... 3  Zepthah Bean b: 06 July 1805 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.......... 3  [10] Silas F. Bean b: 03 Oct 1807 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: o6 Mar 1890  in Tuftonboro, Carroll, NH

.......... 3  Dolly F. Bean b: 23 October 1809 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d:in ?1798 maybe typo in census as it states she is 52

.............. +Wiggins b: Abt. 1800

.......... 3  Lydia F. Bean b: 18 September 1811 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.............. +Husband Bickford

.......... 3  Josiah Bean b: 25 February 1814 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: 18 July 1815 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... 2  James Bean b: Abt. 1765 in Brentwood, Rockingham, NH

.... 2  Jonathan Bean b: Abt. 1766 in Poplin, Rockingham, NH

........ +Sally H. Unknown

.... 2  David Bean b: 10 May 1767 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: 11 February 1843 in Tamworth, Carroll, NH

........ +Annie Prescott b: 13 April 1775 in Poplin, Rockingham, NH m: 16 November 1794

.......... 3  Ruth Carr Bean b: 21 December 1795 in Tamworth, Carroll, NH

.............. +Samuel N. Burley m: 16 September 1819 in Meredith, Carroll,NH

.......... 3  [11] Daniel Quimby Bean b: 17 October 1797 in Tamworth,

                   Carroll, NH d: 20 November 1880

.............. +Hannah Burley b: 22 July 1796 d: 29 March 1829 m: 23

September 1819

.......... *2nd Wife of [11] Daniel Quimby Bean:

.............. +Annie M. Tricky d: 15 August 1833 in Jackson, NH, USA m: 24 February 1831 in Jackson, NH, USA

.......... *3rd Wife of [11] Daniel Quimby Bean:

.............. +Grace Quimby b: 21 October 1806 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH, USA d: 26 October 1886 m: 09 March 1834

.......... 3  Jane Bean b: 25 September 1799

.......... 3  Annie Bean b: 23 June 1801

.......... 3  Josiah Bean b: 23 March 1804 in Tamworth, Carroll, NH d: in  Needham, MA

.............. +Olive Staple

.......... 3  Sarah Bean b: 23 July 1807

.......... 3  Dolly Quimby Bean b: 04 March 1810

.......... 3  Driscilla Bean b: 12 November 1812

.... 2  Sally Bean b: Abt. 1769 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

........ +Alexander Rowe m: August 1805 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... 2  [12] John Bean b: Abt. 1769 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: in Sandwich,

             Carroll, NH

........ +Betsey Weed m: 1789 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... *2nd Wife of [12] John Bean:

........ +Rebecca McGrille b: 1789 d: 22 May 1845 m: Aft. 1789

.... 2  Ruth Bean b: Abt. 1771 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

........ +Peter Bryer b: 14 November 1783 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... 2  Mary Bean b: Abt. 1773 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... 2  [13] Jane Bean b: Abt. 1777 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH d: 27 March  1852 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

........ +Samuel Pope

.... *2nd Husband of [13] Jane Bean:

........ +Daniel Rowe

*2nd Wife of [14] Josiah Bean:

.. +Hannah Page b: 1757 in Gilmanton, Belknap, NH d: 04 November 1850 in Scarboro, York, ME m: 01 November 1790 in Sandwich, Carroll, NH

.... 2  Josiah Bean b: 11 April 1793

.... 2  Jacob Bean b: Abt. 1794

.... 2  Ebenezer Bean b: 1795 d: 1880 in Charleston, Orleans, VT




Database: Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)

Combined Matches:

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 48

page 390

Mrs. Jeanette S. Danforth Chalker.

DAR ID Number: 47819

Born in Geneva, Ill.


Descendant of Johnathan Danforth of New Hampshire.


Daughter of Gregory Danforth and Elizabeth Ann Danforth, his wife.

[p.390] Granddaughter of Ebenezer Danforth and Hepzibeth Dufur, his wife.Gr-granddaughter of Johnathan Danforth and Jane -, his wife.


Johnathan Danforth (1751-1811) served as a private in Capt. Chase Taylor's company, Col. Charles Stickney's regiment, General Stark's brigade 1777 from Sanbornton, N. H. He was born in Canterbury, N. H.; died in Meredith. 





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