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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire


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Sergent Jewell was born in the state of Maine, 11 Mar 1815. After many years of searching for his parents and siblings, I have come to the following conclusions and feel confident with the deduced lineage.

William 6 JEWELL (Jacob 5, John 4, John 3, Thomas2, Thoms1)was born at Sandwich, New Hampshire
c. 1777/79. Pliny and Rev. Joel Jewell, The Jewell Register, Hartford, CT 1860, assigns William the number 109 and state he died in Lunenburg, MA. This is error on the authors part and it should read Lunenburg, VT.

Although this writer has not found a death record of William, he was living in Lancaster, NH for the 1850 census, but not listed with his wife in the 1860 census of Guildhall, VT. Lunenburg, VT is where his sons Levi and Ambrose lived and this area of NH and VT is where William and family lived from, probably, 1825. He married in Belgrade, Maine, July 1801, Avis, born at Durham, NH 22 Mar 1783, daughter of Starbird 6 (Lemuel 5, Isaac 4, Jonathan 3, John 2, Humphrey 1) and Zerviah (Davis) TURNER. (Rome, ME VR).

Zerviah's name is confusing, the three times she is named in records her name is different. Zerviah is the name given in the book by Everett S. Stackpole, et al, History of the town of Durham, NH. Somersworth, NH, 1973, page 99. Saphira is the way it is spelled in Starbird's Rev. War Pension Papers, and the name given to her in the Rome, ME town records is Olive. To be consistent with my records this writer will use the name Zerviah. Avis Turner's name was brought to light when the death record of Levi Jewell in Lunenburg, VT vital records give the name of his parents: William Jewell and Ava (sic) Turner.

The first recorded information about William is in the Belgrade, Maine town records, first book, page 4. The original records were copied by a typist and an error was made deciphering the name Jewell. "May 23, 1801, Mr. William Snell (sic) and Mrs. Avise Turner were entered for intentions of marriage. The next record is the Rome, Maine town records, first book, page 15. William Jewell and Avise Jewell inhabitants of the town of Rome, June, 1804. Married July 1801 Have issue as follows viz: Nathaniel Jewell born at Belgrade, 22 Feb 1802; Sergent Jewell born at Rome, 4 Mar 1804; Hannah Jewell born at Rome 13 Nov 1806; Levi Jewell born at Rome, 21 Jul 1808.

The 1810 census of Mercer, Somerset county, Maine indicates William a resident of that town and Mercer town records state: William b. 1777, Avis b. 1780. Children; Nathaniel, Sergent, Hannah, Levi, William b. 31 Aug 1810 Mercer, Avis b. 30 Aug 1812 Mercer. Harold Owens Smith, The History of Mercer, Maine 1782-1974, states on page 44 that William Jewell was a hogviewer of that town in 1814.

No record has been found by this writer of William and Avis in the 1820 census.

1830 census of Guildhall, Essex county, Vermont indicate the following: William Jewell--1 male, 5 under 10; 1 male, 10 under 15; 1 male, 15 under 20; 2 males, 20 under 30; 1 male, 40 under 50; 1 female, under 5; 2 females, 15 under 20; 1 female, 40 under 50. This fits very well with the boys of the family, but two females have yet to be identified.

The Grand List of Guldhall, Vermont (located at the Town Clerk"s office) list the following years with Jewell residents:

1843 William Jewell and S. Clark
1844 William Jewell and S. Clark
1845 William Jewell, William D. Jewell, Jr., Levi Jewell, Sergent Jewell
1846 William Jewell, William D. Jewell, Jr., Levi Jewell.
1847 William Jewell, William D. Jewell, Jr., Levi Jewell
1848 No Jewell
1849 No Jewell
1850 No Jewell
1851 Sergent Jewell
1852 Sergent Jewell
1853 Sergent Jewell
1854 Sergent Jewell
1855 Sergent Jewell
1856 Sergent Jewell
1857 No Jewell

1850 Census of Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire
7-8 William Jewel, age 70, b. NH
Avis Jewell age 69, b. NH
8-9 John G. Jewell, age 25, b. VT
Mary R. S. Jewell age 23, b. NH
Sergent Jewell, age 35, b. ME
John W. Jewell, age 9, b. NY
James H. Jewell, age 8, b. NY

1860 Census Guildhall, Essex county, Vermont
George W. Smith, age 40, NY
Lydia A. Smith, age 41, ME
John Smith, age 11, VT
?Josul D. Smith, age 9, VT
AVIS JEWELL, Age 80, birthplace unknown

Note: George W. Smith is the brother of Rachel Smith, second wife of Sergent Jewell.

Avis (Turner) Jewell died most likely in this area of New Hampshire and Vermont sometime after the 1860 census. To date no death record has been found for her.


NATHANIEL, born at Belgrade, Maine, 22 Feb 1802 (Rome, Maine, VR). Married at Mercer, Maine 12 Dec 1825, Thankful Bumpus, daughter of Ephriam and Lydia Bumpus. Mercer, Maine VR). Ephriam Bumpus came to Mercer in 1806. (VR). Carl Franklin Bumpus, Bompasse, Bumpas, Bump, Bumpus, and Allied Families: 1985. Identify Ephriam 6 Bumpus (Zephaniah5, John 4-3-2, Edouad1.)

SERGENT, born at Rome, Maine 4 Mar 1804. (Rome Maine VR). This Sergent apparently died young. No record of him has been found other than his birth.

HANNAH, born at Rome, Maine 13 Nov 1806. (Rome, Maine VR). Nothing further known.

LEVI, born at Rome, Maine 21 Jul 1808. (Rome, Maine VR). He died 27 Mar 1891 at Lunenburg, Vermont. (VR). Buried with a gravestone at Riverside Cemetery, Lunenburg, Vermont. He married at Guildhall, Vermont 4 Jul 1831, Abigail Cheney, daughter of Henry and Patience Cheney. (Guildhall, Vermont VR). She was born 1811 and died 7 Mar 1892 and buried beside her husband. They had one known child: William Henry, b. 25 Aug 1840, d. 11 Mar 1919, m. Abbie M. Stowell. Their children: George W., b. 13 Sep 1883; Flora L. b. 7 Jul 1877; William H. Jr., b. 8 May 1885. (Lunenburg, VT VR)

WILLIAM D. JR., was born at Mercer, Maine 21 July 1810. (Mercer, Maine, VR). He married Sarah born 1811, NY. Children: Emily M. b. 1842, NY; Caroline b. 1846, NY. (Information gathered from the 1850 census Parma, Monroe county, NY.)

AVIS, born at Mercer, Maine, 30 Aug 1812 (Mercer, Maine VR). Nothing further known.

SERGENT, born 11 Mar 1815 (line carried on).

AMBROSE, born in the state of Maine c. 1820. (from census records). He lived close to Levi Jewell in the town of Lunenburg, VT. He married Lucy Barrett, and had the following children all born in the state of Vermont according to the 1860 census. Sarah M. b. 1844; Lucy b. 1850; b. 1851; Nancy b. 1853; Eliz b. 1855; and William b. 1858.
JOHN G. born in the state of Vermont about 1825. He was living next door to William and Avis in the Lancaster, NH 1850 census. Brother Sergent and his children were living with him. He was married to Mary R. S. and had a daughter, Lydia.

No proof of the last three children can be found by this writer, other than the close association with William and Avis, and the 1830 census fits the ages of these three children.

SERGENT(7)JEWELL, (William6, Jacob5, John4-3, Thomas 2-1), was born in the state of Maine (as indicated by the census records), 11 Mar 1815, and died 14 Apr 1894. (Gravestone, Oak Hill Cemetery, town of Maine, Outagamie county, Wisconsin.)

He married first, Martha Crouch, before 1840. Their son, James H. Jewell's Civil War Pension papers identify Martha Crouch as his mother. The Galway, Saratoga county, NY 1840 census list William Crouch, Sergent Jewell, Mary Channy, John Crouch and William Crouch, all living next to each other.

As mentioned before, Sergent was in Guildhall, Vermont in the year 1845 as cited by the Grand List of that town. The 1850 census of Lancaster, Coos county, NH show Sergent living with John G. Jewell, probably his brother. According to the 1850 census Sergent had two sons, John age 9 and James age 8, but no wife listed. This writer believes Martha Crouch Jewell died sometime between 1843 and 1845, and Sergent moved back to where his family was living.

Sometime between 1850 and 1852 Sergent married second, Rachel Smith, born in the state of NY, 3 May 1822. She died 22 Jun 1901, Maine, Outagamie county, Wisconsin. (Gravestone and Allen family bible.)

Rachel was the daughter of Christopher and Sally (Sanders)Smith. The marriage of Christopher Smith and Sally Sanders is in the Lunenburg, VT Congregational church records.) The Grand List of Guildhall, Vermont state: Sergent was a resident of that town from 1851 to 1856.

During that period of time Sergent and Rachel had two daughters: Mary, born 1852 and Martha born ,1854. No birth record has been found of either of the daughters. Also, no marriage record has been found for Sergent and Rachel. In the fall of 1856 Sergent and his family moved to Bovina, Wisconsin. (Mary Jewell Cross divorce records filed Dec. 5, 1878, Outagamie county, Wisconsin state: she has been a resident of Wisconsin twenty-two years this fall.)

1860 census of Bovina, Outagamie county, Wisconsin find Sergent and Rachel Jewell with three children: James H., Mary and Martha. John W., son of Sergent and his 1st wife is absent, and nothing further is known of him.

The attraction of Bovina, Wisconsin for this Jewell family can be found in that Jeremy Smith, brother of Rachel, was a resident of that community since August 2, 1852. (General Land Office Records, Wisconsin, Vol 43).

1860 census Bovina, Outagamie county, Wisconsin
Sergent Jewell age 46 bp. ME
Rachel Jewell age 38 bp NY
Mary Jewell age 8 bp VT
Martha Jewell age 6 bp. VT
James H. Jewell age 17 bp NY

Jeremy H. Smith age 34 bp. NY
Caroline Smith age 34 bp NY
Charles H. Smith age 9 bp WI
Mary L. Smith age 5 bp WI
Christopher C. Smith age 63 father bp. VT

1870 census Bovina, Outagamie county, Wisconsin
Sergent Jewell age 55 bp ME
Rachel Jewell age 48 bp NY
Martha Jewell age 16 bp VT
F. L. Cross age 23 bp NH
Mary Cross age 18 bp VT

1889 census Bovina, Outagamie county, Wisconsin
Sergent Jewell age 64 bp ME
Rachel Jewell age 58 bp NY
Everett Cross age 6 (grandson) bp WI



JOHN W., was born, probably at Saratoga, NY, 1840/41. He was living in 1850. Nothing further known.

JAMES H., according to his Civil War Pension records, he was born at Saratoga, NY, 2 Feb 1842/43. He died at Grand Rapids, Wood county, Wisconsin, 30 Oct 1915. He married first, at Bovina, Wisconsin, 28 Aug 1865, Sarah L. Barker who died 20 Jun 1898. James married second at Grand Rapids, Wood county, Wisconsin 29 Sep 1910, Ellen E. (Herrick) Green. Children of James H. and Sarah (Barker) Jewell: William H. b. 22 Jul 1871; George A b. 12 July 1874; Clarence b. 31 Oct 1876; Suzy P. b. 14 Sep 1885; Benjamin F. b. 11 Jun 1889.


MARY, born at Guildhall, Vermont, 19 May 1852, died at Maine, Outagamie county, Wisconsin, 25 May 1901 (gravestone).

Married first, at Bovina, WI 1 Agu 1869, Frank or Francis L. Cross (Wisconsin marriage records.) He was born at Lancaster, NH c. 1845, son of Ephriam and Abigail (Everett) Cross. (Lancaster, NH Historical Society). Frank deserted Mary in the spring of 1877, she filed for divorce in August 1878 and on 16 Nov 1878 the divorce was final. (Wisconsin Outagamie county circuit court record.) Frank Cross died at Kansas City, Kansas 1 Apr 1884. (Kansas City Times, April 1, 1884, page 7).

The Wisconsin marriage records state Mary married second at Maine, Wisconsin 4 Jan 1878, James Bird Carpenter. This could be an error when the record was copied. Mary was not divorced until November 1878, so the year of her second marriage could have been 1879. Children of Mary E. Jewell and Frank L. Cross, Surname Cross: Edward Everett Cross, b. 1874, m. Stella Carpenter. Nellie Augusta Cross, b. 1876, m. William Flynn. Children of Mary Jewell and Jame Bird Carpenter, Surname Carpenter: Mable Violet, b. 1879 m. Sewell Flax; Ida m. ???? McCue; Annie/a, m. ????Hanson; Lois, m. Jim Flynn.

MARTHA M., born 9 apr 1854.

MARTHA M. JEWELL(8),(Sergent7, William6, Jacob5, John4-3, Thomas2-1)was born at Guildhall, Essex county, VT 9 Apr 1854 (Allen family bible in possession of Roxana Allen Smith, Warner, NH). Married at Bovina, Wisconsiin 1 Oct 1871, Charles Henry Allen. (Wisconsin marriage record). He was born at Lancaster, Coos county, NH 10 Jun 1847, son of Charles Bruce and Lucinda (Merrill) Allen. (Allen family bible.) Charles Henry had gone from Lancaster, NH to Wisconsin seeking work. He worked on the Big Lakes, sold tickets on the Milwaukee Railroad among other jobs. After their marriage in 1871 the remained in Wisconsin until 1875 when Charles's father was in failing health. Charles and Martha moved to Lancaster, NH to take care of the the Allen farm. Martha died on 31 Jul 1907, at her home in Lancaster. Charles died 5 Dec 1917 at his daughter Lucy's home in Fairlee, VT. Both Charles and Martha are buried in Lancaster, NH, Summer Street Cemetery in unmarked graves.


SUMNER BRUCE ALLEN, was born 17 Sep 1872, at Bovina, (Allen family bible says Stinson,) Wisconsin. He married 28 Oct 1893 at Lancaster, NH Elva Amorette Young, born 2 May 1874 at North Hatley, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada; the daughter of Albert and Amorette (Woodrow) Young. Elva died 2 Aug 1933 at her home in Claremont, NH. Sumner died 30 Aug 1964 at North Sutton, NH. both are buried at the Mountaiin View Cemetery, Claremont, NH. Children of Sumner Bruce and Elva (Young) Allen. Surname Allen: Charles Albert b. 13 Jul 1895, Lawrence Willma, b. 20 Jun 1900, George Sumner b. 29 Sep 1905.

LUCINDA M. born 6 Feb 1874, died 19 Mar 1874, Bovina Wisconsin. (Allen bible).

LUCY M. was born 21 sep 1876 at Lancaster, NH She married 4 sep 1895, C. Will Brier, who was born 13 Sep 1866. He died 14 Oct 1901. Lucy married second, in Dec 1902, James Cummings who died in April 1944. Lucy died 2 Jul 1946 at Orford, NH. Both she and James are buried there. No markers.

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