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                         Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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Association Test of 1776

We, the  Subscribers do  solemnly engage   and   promise that  we will, to the utmost of  our  power, at the  risk of our lives and  fortunes,  with arms, oppose  the hostile proceedings of  the British  fleets and  armies  the United American Colonies.

           All the men over twenty-one years of age in Sandwich, NH

1. Isaac George
2. Nathaniel Knowles
3. Henry Weed
4. Richard Sinkler
5. Jeremiah Page
6. David Bean 
7. Christopher  Tappan
8. Bagley Weed
9. Samuel Brown 
10.Jonathan Page      
11.John Page
12.John Prescott
13.Jacob Smith
14. Israel Gilman 
15. Simeon Smith    
16. Eliphalet Mansfield 
17. Enoch True    
18.Joseph Hoit                                              

19. Thomas Burley
20. Daniel Beede
21. Elias Smith
22. Elias Ladd
23. Nathaniel Ethridge
24. Benjamin Atkinson
25. John Glidden
26. Benjamin Bean
27. Edward Smith
28. John Ladd
29. Jeremiah Hilton
30. Daniel Beede, Jr.
31. Micah Rice
32. Joshua Prescott
33. Benjamin Blanchard
34. Josiah Bean 
35. Edward Wells
36. Elias Ladd, Jr.
37. Nathaniel Scribner


     In persuance of the request of  the Government set up at   Exeter,  we   have asked all  male   inhabitants  of  Sandwich who are above twenty-one years of age to sign the above declaration,and the above signed  the  same,  and  the following are the names who refused to sign.


38. Jacob Jewell
39. Benjamin Scribner
40. Moses Weed
41. Nathaniel Weed
42. Henry Weed, Jr.
43. Mark Jewell
44. Jacob Weed
45. Nathan Beede
46. Aaron Beede

Association Test
June 15, 1776

         Mark Jewell         
Joshua Prescott 
 {Selectmen of Sandwich}






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