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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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     Congregational  Church
                 "The Brick Church"      

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       This  Brick  Church,  as  it  was   called,  was built in 1832.  Previously, the Congregationalists of this area had been attending church  in Tamworth, which  was  about  40 miles  away. Some would go on horseback  and others  would walk. Rev. Samuel  Hidden was  the  minister of  the Tamworth church. 

At the time of the organization of the North Sandwich Church the following  were some of it's  members;  Neal McCrillis, Isaiah Fogg, David M. Foss, Joshua B. Smith, David S. Emery, Jonathan G. Webster, Albert L. Emery, Joseph Hoit, Jacob F. Moulton, Stephen Bennett Jr., Isaac Foss, Eliphalet McGaffey, William Weed, and   Josiah McGaffey.  Neal McGrillis and Isaiah Fogg were deacons.

On Dec. 19, 1832 it was voted to ask Rev. Giles Leach to become the pastor of the church.
The bricks that were used in the construction on the new   church came from the McCrillis kiln. The church has long since been dismantled and the bricks have been  sold to various people and places.  The
Sandwich Historical Society in Sandwich has been able to obtain  many of the articles from the church including the pulpit. A wonderful treat to view.

 Source:   Sandwich Historical Society




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