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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire


District 12 /aka Penn or Franklin School

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            Teaching Staff                       

1824    Sarah Beede
1827    Mehitable Beede
1829    Laura Kimball
1830    Daniel G. Beede
1830    Thomas Beede Weeks
1840    Naomi Beede
1845    John Beede, Jr.
1853    Lydia A. Dearborn
1853    Lydia Weed
1854    Emily Hoag
1854    Daniel Weeks
1866    Addie Pease
                     (Mrs Sylvester Brown)
1867    Addie Pease
1868    Eliza Jane Smith

1870    Mary C. Davis
1870    Elsie Jane Smith
1870    Edwin M. Marston
1871    Elsie E. Locke
1871    Albion Marston
1871    Georgiella Smith
1872    Orra A. Locke
1873    Ada F. Locke
1873    Mary E. Tanner
1874    Clara P. Moulton
1874    I. Della Folsom
1884    Julia E. Locke
1884    Jennue M. Cartland
1888    Ella F. Weeks
1888    Carl G. Beede




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