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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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 The Beginning of Education in Sandwich, NH

From the early beginning of the foundation of Sandwich the people realized how important it was to educate their children.  Soon after the area was settled the first schoolhouse was built.  By the early 1800's there were many small schoolhouses in the rural areas of Sandwich. Some were only a few miles apart.  These school houses were usually one or two roomed and were meant to be used to instruct the children through the sixth, or sometimes the eighth grade.  As time went on, the larger schools offered classes to children up through the twelfth grade.


Names of Sandwich,NH Schools

Quimby School - Center Sandwich
Beede Academy
Sandwich Academy
Bearcamp (Severance) School
Birch Intervale School
Chick's Corner (True) School
Durgin (Folsom) School
Elthridge School
Fellows District
Fellows Ridge
Great Rock (Red Hill) School
Harrison School
Lower Corner (John Quincy Adams)
Mt Delight
North Sandwich (Quimby)


Little's Pond  School
Sandwich Notch Road
Stevenson Hill School
Union School
Vittum (East, Northeast)
Vittum-Hill Schoolhouse
Weed (Washington)
Whiteface School


One of the 1st Schoolhouses
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  True No.6

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District No.12

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This was  one of the  early 1800 schools in Sandwich. One of the schoolhouses were built in 1808 near Potash Pond.

Sandwich maintained a large number of public schools to serve a widely scattered   population.  

By 1847 there were twenty- five school, all  single classroom buildings, each
served by one teacher.


Very little is known of this district.  It was laid out in 1806 and seemed to have been named for one of the the proprietors.  Rueben Moulton was the school director in 1811/12.  

Only two teachers are listed: they are Charles Gilman in 1815 & Jacob Weed Page in 1816.  Town reports of 1853,'56 &'58 show 24-29 pupils were attending.


This school was built in 1825 at a cost of $130.  The sz of which was 18'x24".  

The school committee was: Benjamin Way, Sam SmithEzra  Meader. The Director was Jeremiah Smith

Old record books were kept from 1824-1877.







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