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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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Proprietors Records
Methodist MeetingHouse
Center Sandwich,NH
March 29, 1848

Names of the Proprietors


M.H. Marston
John Beede
Josiah H. Johnson
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Etheridge
George Page
John Cook
Daniel Hoit
D.M. Hodgdon
Elisha Marston
Samuel Buswell
Joseph Wentworth
John Smith 3rd
Lewis Smith
Henry D. Howe
Josiah Beede
Michael W. Copp
Darias Abbott
Laoni B. Hanson
Thomas B. Weeks
Asa A. Seavey
John M. Smith
Greenleaf Wallace
Warren Dearborn
Issac Mooney


James L. Buswell
Daniel Beede
Timothy Varney
Charles White
Josiah Cook
William Ladd
Joseph G. Smith
Thomas Smith
Henry G. Chick
Larkin D. Brown
William S. Prescott
Benjamin M. Smith
Thomas H. Beede
Elijah Skinner
Samuel Kimball
James M. Bean
James M. Severance
Charles Dow
Daniel H. Folsom
Charles Taylor
William Taylor
Simion S. Felch
John C. Thompson
William F. Dinsmore
Levi Smith

 On May 3d, 1849, the Building Committee  found the  accounts correct and satisfactory.     
 Daniel Hoit and Timothy Varney   -   Auditors  





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