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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire


      Early Sandwich Residents

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  Elijah Beede
 Sandwich, NH

Judge David Hill
 Sandwich, NH

   Walter Hill
  ( 1875-1914)
 Sandwich, NH

Robert N. Mason
 Caleb Marston
  Sandwich, NH
            spouse        spouse  

Sarah (Fry) Hoag
  (1807-    )

Dorothy Vittum Graves
 Sandwich, NH

 Florence Peck

 Ellen Mason

 Anna Beede Clark
    Sandwich, NH


Wm. Weed
Sandwich, NH

 Henry Weed

 Paul Wentworth
 Sandwich, NH

    Stephen Fellows
   Sandwich, NH

Isaac Adams
Sandwich, NH



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The Carroll County NH  website has many photos. Including many from Sandwich, NH




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