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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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Private Schools of Sandwich

                                  Beede  Normal  Institute

            School building
                  & home
          of Daniel G. Beede     


Few families have played a larger role in the history of Sandwich than the BeedesOne of the well known Beede men that has contributed  so much to Sandwich and it's history was Daniel. Daniel Beede established the Beede Normal Institute in Center Sandwich, and it was known as  one of the best training schools for teachers in the State. The school was established  in 1839.   It did develop a reputation for  preparing   Few families have played a larger role in the history of Sandwich than the Beedes very  qualified teachers. 

All  the  buildings for this Institute  were  built at Mr. Beede's  expense. The school also   had never been  endowed.  Daniel Beede was its  head for more than thirty years and  never received any financial aid   from friends or State. Students attended this Institute in the hundreds.

If  more information  about  this  school  is desired it can  be  found  in  "The  Statistics  & Gazetteer of  New Hampshire" 1874 by Alonzo J. Fogg.



Some of the students:

Celia N. Ambrose
Carrie M. Atwood
Anna E. Beede
Lillie M. Beede
Ella C. Blanchard
Lizzie M. Caverly
Amy M. Clark
Lulu Clark
Mattie B. Calley
Fannie S. Fellows
Carrie L. Hoag
Hattie E. Horne


Annie O. Mack
Mary E. Pierce
Grace Stanton
Annie M. Tappan
Emma L. Wallace
Carrie E. Willey
Laura J. Wallace
Sarah P. Quimby
Frank J. Atwood
Harry A. Atwood
D. Edward Beede
Carl G. Beede
George A. Blanchard
Thomas Burleigh
Melvin A. Fogg
George E. Hanson
Arthur M. Heard
Walter D. Hill
Asa J. Horne
Elmer B. Harte
Warren J. Moulton
Leonard Mudgett
Charles L. Wallace
Eugene Wallace
Frank J. Webster
Frank C. Folsum
Herbert H. Mack
Samuel B. Smith
Incomplete list


  • George Dorr's School In 1875 George Dorr opened a High School in Center Sandwich. This  school did not continue long as Mr. Dorr felt the need to leave and study for the ministry.  While the school was in session it was ten weeks long, the Spring term ending in time for the students to help on the farm.   The tuition cost, subjects offered etc may be seen at the Sandwich Historical Society House.


  • Smith Singing School- James A. Smith was one of the famous singing school teachers.  Mr. Smith had a love for music that he wanted to teach to others. Not only did Mr. Smith sing he was also considered a very talented musician.  The admission to this school was by a card.  The exact way the card was used is not known, but it is assumed that possibly the student had been tested in some way or else a fee could have been charged. This school was held in the upper floor of the Smith Tin Shop, in the Beede School House.        Source: Sandwich Historical Excursion


  • The Sandwich Academy-The chance to get a higher education in the first half of the century were rare. It was  usually provided by small academies sponsored by leading citizens.  Sandwich was lucky enough to have one on Wentworth Hill from 1837-1949. Below is a partial list of the students that attended.



        Students of Sandwich Academy:

Samuel Ambrose
B.F. Beede
James M. Beede
James R. Bradbury
John Butler
David S. Bean
Langdon G. Clark
Daniel L. Choate
Wm. H. Chandler
Asa Clark
Charles H. Dow
H. D. Eastman
Daniel Furber
Josiah Fogg
Edmund Frost
Norman French
Ezekiel French
Elden McGaffey
Oliver Goss
Alfred Goss
Samuel Haley
Josiah M. Haines
H.G. Hanson
Daniel Hoyt
Aaron Hyde
Moses Hyde
Amos  A. Hill
Thomas D. Jewett
Alfred Mason
James Mason
Wm. McCrillis
John B. Norris
James S. Severance
Nathaniel Shannon
Moses Scribner
Nelson Vittum
G.W. Wentworth
Moses V. Wallis
John Wedgwood
Mary Ambrose
Maria Batchelor
Eliza G. French
Maria Hoag
Lydia S. Hayes
Sarah Leach
Irene McGaffey
Ann G. Moulton
Sarah Norris
Mary J. Pratt
Lucy Quimby
Susan Quimby
Augusta M. Quimby
Sarah A. Quimby
Sarah S. Scarlett
Ann E. Shannon
Eliz. W. Stevenson
Incomplete list...     


Teachers of Sandwich Academy:

John R. Varney- held a Professorship in Dartmouth College
Joseph McGaffey- graduate of Dartmouth College and  was an accomplished scholar.
Aaron B. Hoyt- was the last Preceptors of Sandwich Academy. A man of great knowledge, far beyond the average college graduate.

Others are: Samuel French, James Osgood, Edward H. Greely, John Riley,  Wm. A. Kimball, Joseph McGaffey,  and Aaron Beede Hoyt.

Expenses:     The tuition  was  $3.00;  instruction  in  Languages,  $4.00. Board was usually  with good families in the  village at a cost of 8-10 shillings per week. Students could also make arrangments to board themselves with good rooms at a moderate charge.

School Term/Vacation: School had four terms divided into 11 weeks each. The first week starts on the first Wed.   in December; the second on the first Wed. in March; the third on the first Wed. in June; the fourth on the first Wed. in Sept. There was a vacation of two weeks at the end of each term.



Second Sandwich Academy-    There was a second Academy and this one was directed by Rev. Albert Ethridge, in 1829. He was the son of Samuel & Lydia (Cook) Etheridge. The Academy was in a building that later became known as Grand Army Hall.


Students are:    Ann T. Burleigh,   Sarah L. Sherman, Susan Ann Sherman, Mary Abbie Smith and Charles H. White  








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