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                                Greetings from Sandwich, New Hampshire

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The Anti-Slavery Movement in Sandwich                                                                                                                                                                                          page 2        

The antislavery or abolitionist, movement in Sandwich flourished throughout the mid- 1830's and culminated in the Anti-Slavery Petition, signed by nearly a third of the residents of the town in 1838. Though without doubt motivated by religious conviction, it was also a social movement that represented the first political participation by women.

It has been stated the as early as 1784 no Friend (Quaker) in America owned a slave, but it was not until the abolition of slavery in the BWI in 1833 that the cause seemed viable as the first national American Antislavery Society was organized in that year.

The Sandwich Historical Society has been able to add to its collection a facsimile reproduction of these petitions that were signed by the Sandwich, NH residents in 1838

Below is the complete list of names along with an information code that was used so that you can get a picture of the political, social and religious climate of the town of Sandwich at that time.

The #1, 2, or 3 indicate the signer was a householder in a particular area. The letter B after a signer's name indicates the signer was a member of the Freewill Baptist Church. C indicates Congregational, M-Methodist and Q-Quaker. The names of those women known to be married at the time whose husbands did not sign, have been starred.

For a more detailed account of this coding system and the petition involved please contact the Sandwich Historical Society or obtain a copy of the 59th Annual Excursion.

December 25, 1838

    "To the Congress of the United States your petitioners are legal voters  of the Town of Sandwich County of Stafford and State of New Hampshire here respectfully represent that we read in the Sacred Volume that God has made of one blood all nations that dwell on the face of the whole earth and we are very far from believing that he has ever instituted or approbates one man's holding his fellow man as property whether white or black whereby he deprives him of his Liberty and Property without due process of law. We therefore request and earnestly entreat your Honourable body to abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia and put forth the same arm to stop the nefarious traffic in Slaves within said District which crushed the African slave trade."


Johnson D. Quinby (1) B
William C. Taylor (4) B
Jonathan Vittum B
Thomas Vittum
Daniel York (1)
Charles Vittum C
Asa Vittum
John Henderson (x) (1)
B.A. Senter
Hugh Beede (1)
Isaac Quinby B
Geo. W. Quinby
Jon Fellows
John Moulton, Jr. (1) M
Peter Gilmore (1) B
John Fellows (1) B
Enoch Colby (1) B
Daniel Quinby
Ezra Quinby M
Benj. Corlis (1) B
Amos Bennett (1)
Oliver Hill (1) Q
George W. Philbrook
Jas. G. Philbrook
George Hoyt Jr. C
John Slater
Joshua Folsom (1) Q
Samuel M. Folsom (1) Q
Paul H. Varney (1) Q
Calvin Hoyt C
John Coffin
Tufton Wallace B
Reuben? Bennett
Solomon Hoit (1) C
D.S. Hidden
Charles Heard (1) B
Joseph Weeks
Ezra Beekman
Daniel Clough (1)
Jon Vittum (1)
Jacob Taylor (1) B
Hugh? Mills
John Gove (2) Q
? Cram
David B. Rowe (1)
Nehemiah Webster (1)
Simon Bennett (1) M
John Bennett (1)
Moses B. Fogg C
Williak Burleigh M
Stephen Bennett,Jr. (1) C
Isaac Foss C
Harvey M. Weed (2)
Stephen N. Fogg
John F. Moulton (2)
John Hill
Joseph Hadley B
Weymouth? Walice?
Daniel B. Hoag Q
John Bean
Jacob Bean
Hiram E. French (1)
Isiah Fogg (1) C
Robie French (1)
Samuel Quimby B
Andrew M. Quimby
Joseph Corlis
Richard Gove
Elias Henderson (1)
Henry Bragg (1)
Wyatt Bragg (1)
Albert Dawson
Daniel Rowe
Jon Bennett (1)
Eliph. McGaffey (1) C
Neal McCrillis (1) C
Andrew McCrillis (1) C
John Smith M
David S. Emery C
Andrew Webster
Dudley Webster (1)
Reuben Moulton
Samuel M. Dolloff (1)
? Weed
Nath Berry
Henry Weed (1) C
Isaac F. Rand
Jonathan A. Lee
James M. Smith
David Hatch
Andrew B. Mason (1) B
Albert Mason

Richard Wiggin (I) Q
Jonathan W. Eaton
Joshua Eaton
Ephraim Vittum
Stephen Hoag
Paul Hoag
David Foss (1) C
Samuel Fogg B
Dudley Pettingill
Samuel W. Webster (1)
Isaac Fogg
James Palmer Jr. (2)
Moses Weed (2) C
F.D.Taylor M
Jonathan Clout
William Mears C
Ezekiel F. French (2) C
Thomas Bradbury (2) C
Joseph W, Thrasher (1)
Andrew Mason Jr
Charles Hatch
Eli Beede Q
Jonathan Beede Q
Daniel Eaton
Jacob Webster (2) B
Ezekiel Bryer (3)
Nathan Mason
Enoch Lewis
John L. Brown B
David Wallace (2) B
 Benjamin Weed (2) C
Nath. Weed (2)
Sargent Cook C
Thomas Wallace C
James Palmer (2)C
John Palmer (2) B
? Fogg
John Hubbard (2) C
Parker Beede C
Elijah Beede Q
Giles Leach (2) C
Asa C. Clark (2)
Benjmain N. Beede Q
John F. Beede M
John B. Vittum (2) C
Orlando Vittum (2) M
Stephen Vittum Jr. (2) C
Stephen Vittum M
Wm Wallace
Jonathan Wingate Q
Jeremiah Furber (2) C
Wm. M. Weed (2) C
Samuel S. Norris (2)
Samuel Mason
Noah Varney (2) Q
Lewis Quimby
Charles Quimby
Jacob F. Webster M
John C. Corlis
Benjamin Corlis
Jospeh L. Quimby
John Severance
Sargent T. Severance M
Eli Cooke
Jeremiah Smith (3)
James M. Smith (3)
Calvin Watson (2)
Johnathan Watson
J. Hoyt
Benjamin Lewis
Jospeh Graves
James French
Ben Blanchard
Andrew McFarland (2) C
Ch Cochran
Elisha Hanson (2)
Samuel Vittum C
Benjamin Jewett
Geo. T. Garland (3)
Wm Varney (2) Q
Stephen W. Varney (2)
Oliver Meader (2) Q
Paul Bunker (2) Q


Alvah Hoag Q
Joshua Hoag (3)
John Hoag
Enoch Hoag (1) Q
Richard Plummer (3)
James Hoag (3) Q
U. J. Hoag (3) Q
Russell Hoag (3) Q
Mark Jenness Q
Samuel Pierce
Augt Blanchard (3) M
Jedediah Watson (3)
Moody Bean (1) B
Timothy Peaselee Q
Ezekiel Hoit B
Benjamin Hoit (3)
Samuel Burley (3)
Jesse Ambrose (3) B
Andrew Hayes
James L. Busell (3) M
John Hoag Jr.
James Bryant Jr.
Elisha Marston (3) Q
Timothy VArney (3) M
Moulton H. Marston (3) M
Ezra Gould (3) Q
Horace Webber
thomas Burleigh (3) B
Stephen Beede Q
John Fellows M
Daniel Hoit (3) M
David M. Hodgdon (3) M
Warren Dearborn (3) M
Phineas Bacon B
J. Dwight Stickeney (3)
John Ambrose
Jedh F. Skinner (1) M
Joseph Frost
Alvin Bryant
Jacob Frost Jr.
John Smith (3)

**Will add the female names later.





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