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True (District#6) and Etheridge (District#5)

Until 1811, when  the division  line  was settled, True and Etheridge's districts had the same directors and teachers. Although, the accounts of  the districts were kept separate. 

Following is a list of the teachers they shared, including wages paid,  if known.

In 1839 the names of the districts were changed to numbers, and thus No.5 and No.6 were now the known names of these two school.


 Dates                          Name of Instructor    

1807 Eunice Rogers     4 months both districts $18.67 Pd.
until 1810 John Beede school director     -
1808-09 Sewall Wolcott  &  Hannah Horne     -
1810 Rachel McGaffey & Eunice Rogers
1811 Reuben Moulton
1811-1820  Jacob Beede
1813 Jacob Weed Page
1817 Josiah Marston
1853 Mary E. Gilman
1856 Alvan G. White
1858 Lydia Dearborn         summer school
1858 Jacob Taylor   school closed, lacking pupils






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