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[Administration on the estate of Orlando Bagley of Kingston, gentlemen, granted to Jacob Gale, gentlemen, Feb. 23 1770.] [Probate records, vol. 26, p. 258]

[Bond of Jacob Gale of Kingston, with William Parker, Jr., of Kingston and Elisha Hill of Portsmouth, blacksmith, as sureties, in the sum of £500, Feb. 22, 1770, for the administration of the estate;witnesses,Jacob Tilton, Thomas Achinsloss.]

[Warrant, Feb. 23, 1770 authorizing Nathaniel Batchelder, gentlemen, Ralph Blaisdell, and Jeremiah Currier, yeomen, all of Kingston, to appraise the estate.]

[Inventory, March 3, 1770; amount, £121. 13. 4; signed by Nathaniel Batchelder, Ralph Blaisdell, and Jeremiah Currier.]

[List of claims against the estate, May, 1771; amount, £271.7.0¼; signed by Nathaniel Folsom and William Parker,Jr.]

[Settlement of claims; amount distributed, £87. 4. 5; allowed Dec.31,1772.




In the name of god amen y° 11th day of sep 1691__
I Anthony Bracket sey being in perfict memory doe make this my Last will & testament,Comiting my soul into the hand of my redemer the Lord Jesus Christ, & my body to the earth_
     Itim I give & bequeath to my  daughter Jane hains fouer acors, in part of marsh being more or Les, which shee formerly made use of & so upward to yº head of yº cove & to young oxsen Affter my desece
     Itim I give & bequeath that three acers of marsh mor or Les being at black poynt to my daughter Ellener Johnson, which marsh I have a deed for, which deed doe assign over to my daughter Ellenor, & shee to take it into hur possestion Affter my deseac
     Item: I give & bequeath unto my grand daughter kasia bracket three cows to be payed at age of Eightenn years or day of marridg
     I give to my grand daughter Roose Johnson on heffer
     I give to my grand son samuel bracket one heffer,all the Rest of my cattle & sheep I doe give equally devided amoung the Rest of my gran Children of what is lefft After my wiffs deseac, I doo here ordain & make my sonn John Bracket Executor of this my last will & testament, and him pay all Just debts & to gather all debts which is Justly dew unto mee, my housall good I Leve with my wiff for hur one use to this I set my hand.

 Witness                                                Anthony Bracket   Nathaniel drack                            X  

 John Lock:                                                  by his   mark
  [Proved July 11, 1602]
   [Deeds, vol. 5. p. 82]




HENRY DOW     1659

  The Last will & testament of Henery Dow Sen of Hampton. Beinge Sick & weeke of Body butt firme of under standing and memory.  Itt I Give and bequeth unto margrett my loving wife my House lott being by Estamation ten Acres more or less & Six acres of fresh meddow att the springs & one sheare of the lower Cowes Comon; Three of my Cowes: & the Dwelling House upon the lott above sd: and att my Househould stuff Excepting whatt shall bee other waies Disposed of. Itt I Give and bequeath unto my sonn Henry Dow all the planting Ground thatt is in my Hands in the east field, and my seaventeen acres of Salt marsh sheare of the Cow common and a sheare of the ox Comon and all my Cattell Excepting the three Cowes abovesd.
   Itt to my Sonn Henery, one feather bed wch Hee useth to ly upon and all the Bed Cloathes thereunto Belonging and the middlemost Iron Pott: and I Due by these presents make and appoint my sonn Henery my sole Exequetor to this will and testamentt. Itt I Doe Give and Bequeath unto my sonn Joseph the some of thirty pounds to bee payd when Hee shall Arive to the age of twenty and one yeers.  Itt I Doe Give and Bequeath unto my sonn Danill and to my Daughters mary and Hannah five pounds apeece to be payd to them when they shall Arive to the ago of twenty and one yeers. Itt I Give unto my sonn Thomas & my sonn Jeremiah five pounds a peece to bee payd to them att the age of one & twenty yeeres.  And after my wives Decease the House & House lott and the six acres of meadow to Returne Into the Hands of my Exequetors;   In Cause thatt Hee please to Resigne up the House and fifty Rods of ground which was sometime posesed by Thomas Sleeper Into the Hands of my sonn Joseph and Pay unto my five yongest Children above sayd five and twenty pounds thatt is to say five pounds a peece: to bee Payd five pounds to the eldest the yeere after my wives Decease and so five pounds a yeere to the next younger untill the some of five pounds bee payd to the....fter and still with this pviso thatt in Cause my sone Henery bee nott willing to leave the place wheare Thomas Sleeper lived & to take the lands above sayd After my wives Deceased upon the Conditions above named then the sd to my sonn Joseph who upon the takeing possesion of them is to undertake for the paying of the twenty five pounds above sdto my five youngest Children according to the times above mentioned: Itt I Give unto my wife two of the best of my swine & so much of the Corne in the House as may maintaine Her & my Children untill Harvest & all the Crop on the House Lott att Harvest & the Corne till Harvest to bee twenty bushels.   To this my last will & testment I sett my Hand & Seale y 16:2 mo 1659.
Wittness:                                                                                                        Henrye dow
Robert Page
His X marke
Sam" Dalton
[Proved Oct. 4, 1659]
[Essex County Mass., Probate Files, amd Norfolk County, Mass., Deeds, vol. 1, p.85]

[Joseph Dow acknowledges the receipt from Henry Dow of £30 left to him in the will of his father; dated Nov. 28, 1666; witnesses, Thomas Nudd and Francis Page.] [Norfolk County Mass., Deeds, vol. 3, p.46]




[Administration on the estate of Joseph Eastman of Kingston granted to Sarah Eastman, widow, March 21, 1770]{Probate Records, vol. 26, p. 256}

[Bond of Sarah Eastman, with Abraham Smith and Josiah Tilton, gentlemen, as sureties, all of Kingston, in the sum of £500, March 21, 1770, for the administration of the estate; witnesses, William Parker Jr., Nathaniel Batchelder.]

[Inventory, March 26, 1770; amount, £951. 15. 10;signed by Josiah Tilton and Nathaniel Batchelder.]

[Account of Jeremiah Bean and Jemima Eastman, administrators; receipts, £146. 6. 7, personal estate; expenditures,£38. 7; mentions "maintaining Joseph one of the Children of the Deceased 2 years to this day....D° Elizabeth to this time 2 years"; allowed Oct. 30, 1776.]




[Administration on the estate of Ann Clough of Brentwood granted to Jacob French of South Hampton, yeoman, Aug.28, 1758.]{Probate records, vol. 21, p.42.}

[Bond of Jacob French with Samuel French of South Hampton, gentlemen, and Reuben Sanborn of Hampton Falls, yeoman, as sureties, in the sum of £500, Aug. 28, 1758, for the administration of the estate of his mother, Ann Clough; witnesses William Parker, Samuel Slade.]

[Agreement, Jan. 2, 1759, of Jacob French, William French of Hampton Falls, Samuel Winslow and wife Jane, formerly Jane French, Nathan Sanborn and wife Jemima, formerly Jemima French, all of Epping, Daniel Roby of Chester and wife Anna, formerly Anna French  Winthrop Clough of Kensington and wife Rachel, formerly Rachel French, Anthony Peavy and wife Mary, formerly Mary French, children  of   Anne Clough, formerly Ann French, widow of Jacob French of Hampton Falls, joiner, as the division of her personal estate; witnesses, Elijah Cran, James Russell.]




In the name of God, Amen, I Edmund Page of Plastow in the Province of New Hampshire in New England Husbandman, being under bodily weakness,*   *  *

   Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Abigail Page the use and improvmernt of one half of my house and barn, and the use and improvment of the one half of my lands in Palstow, so long as she remains my widow.  I likewise give to my wife all my stock, and all my household goods and moveables in the house for her to dispose of in way and manner she shall think proper.

   Item I give to my beloved son David Page twelve shillings lawfull money besides what I have already given him, to be payed in one year after my Decase by my Executors hereafter named--
   Item I give to my beloved Jesse Page the hone half of my dwelling House and the one half of my barn. I likewise give him the one half of all my lands lying in Plastow in quanitity and quality to come into the possession of them at my decease.






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