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Satellite view

Leave Holderness going north on Route 113, Squam Lake Road. Turn left on Burleigh Farm Road.

When you get to the farm, turn left on Old Hwy N (really old Highway S) and go past the Carr Cemetery.

It is approximately 1200 feet to the Prescott Cemetery. Lat. 43.75 Long .-71.57

Looking back down the road (Old Highway S) after leaving Carr Cemetery on the way to Prescott Cemetery.

Parked in front of Prescott Cemetery.

As you can see, some of the stones are falling down or broken off and placed up against a tree.

Close up view of the Prescott Cemetery.

Wide view of Prescott cemetery from the road in front of the cemetery.

This plot was made by Harry and Laura Heath and is on file in the Holderness Town Hall.

This listing of headstones in Carr Cemetery was made by Harry & Laura Heath and is on file at the Holderness Town Hall.



A Prescott Cemetery Inscriptions document included the following:

  1. Zelma Sarah, dau Parker B. and Naomi E. Prescott, died 30 Oct 1847 ae 2 yrs 23 dys
  2. Heman Lewis, their son, died 13 Oct 1847, ae 6-1-2
  3. Sally, wife William G. Mooney, died 25 Jan 1862 ae 82-6
  4. William G. Mooney, died 8 Mar 1838 ae 56
  5. Joshua Merrill, died 9 Mar 1870 ae 64
  6. Joanna, his wife, died 13 Dec 1855 ae 56
  7. Joseph Merrill, Jr., died 20 Sep 1843 ae 30
  8. Elizabeth, wife John Stone, died 5 Nov 1851 ae 44
  9. Joseph Merrill, died 10 Jan 1842 ae 71
  10. Hannah, his wife, died 24 Apr 1843 ae 67
  11. Prentice Hiam, 10 May 1960 – 10 Aug 1980
  12. Darius Abbott, died 13 May 1875 ae 72
  13. Betsey, his wife, died 22 Dec 1845 ae 41-7-2
  14. Emeline L., wife J.C. Prescott, died 28 Jun 1855 ae 29
  15. Greenlief C. Prescott, died 18 Dec 1877 ae 77
  16. Rhoda, wife Ebenezer Howe and formerly wife Greenlief Prescott, died 15 Jun 1896 ae 80
  17. Capt. Parker Prescott, died 5 Dec 18453 ae 82 (Rev War Flag)



    Parker Prescott Joseph Merrill Joseph Merrill Jr

    Wm Mooney Sally Mooney

    Legible Gravestones in Prescott Cemetery