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Map of Old Dunstable

Source: Fox, Charles J.    History of the Old Township of Dunstable including Nashua, Nashville, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield and Merrimac, N. H.; Dunstable and Tyngsborough, Mass.  Nashua: Charles T. Gill Publishers.  1846.

Map of Old Dunstable

Nearly all the territory embraced within the bounds of the present Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, originally comprised a portion of the old town of Dunstable, which was granted by Massachusetts October 16, 1673 (O.S.), and embraced the present town of Tyngsborough, the east part of Dunstable, a narrow gore on the east side of Pepperell and a tract in the northeast part of Townsend, Mass., and the towns of Litchfield, Hudson, portions of Londonderry, Pelham and nearly all the present towns of Nashua and Hollis and parts of Amherst, Milford and Brookline, in New Hampshire.

     December 28, 1739, the westerly portion of Dunstable was erected into a separate and distinct precinct by the government of Massachusetts, and went by the name of West Dunstable until April 3, 1746, when, in answer to a petition from the inhabitants, about one-half of it was incorporated with full town privileges by the Governor and Council of the province of New Hampshire, and named Holles.

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