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The History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire Edited by D.
Hamilton Hurd and Published in 1885.

David J. French was born in Loudon Sept. 2, 1805. He was the great grandson of Timothy French, who came from Salisbury, Massachusetts, about the year 1773, and settled in the Northeast part of Loudon, and was among the first who settled in that locality. At that time there was no road leading from the old Dr. Tenney corner northwesterly to Loudon Ridge, save a sled path used in the winter season. He cleared the land for his farm, which was a wilderness; built a house and drew the boards from Cram's mill, in Pittsfield, to board it, upon wheels as far as the Tenney corner, and then upon a sled in the month of July to his future residence. His father was Joshua French, who lived upon the farm which has always been occupied in the French name. David J. French lived with his father until about 26 years of age, when he married and soon after purchased the farm where he now resides, and commenced for himself and family a farmer's life, about the year 1832, which avocation he has followed to the present time, and at the age of 80 years was found with a scythe in his hand, able to cut and put into his barn one acre of grass a day. He is a man of robust form, and possesses a strong and iron constitution, for which the French family have ever been noted. He has been very successful in acquiring property; commencing with an indebtedness of $500, he is now the owner of several tracks of land, besides several thousand dollars in banks and upon loan, which he has earned by hard labor, and not by speculation or intrigue. Mr. French received only a common school education, but possesses large, native abilities, which, being well cultivated, have enabled him by persistent effort to to hew his way successfully through life. As a politician he is a most thorough Republican, always attending the annual meetings of the town and manifesting a great interest in every matter that the pertains to the highest and best interest of his native town, and acting at all times in his political life as though conscience of his accountability to a power which is infinite and supreme.
He is a man of strong religious feeling, and has for many years led a life of daily and family prayer. Being retiring in his manner and public religious duties and profession, he has never connected himself with any church, but is a constant attendant upon worship in the house of God whenever practicable. Mrs. French died Jan. 22, 1872. Since her death and that of his son Isaac, Mr. French has lived at the old home alone, patiently waiting the summons that shall call him to meet the loved ones who have gone before.
Dr. Isaac S. French was the only child of David J. French, and died in the year 1878. He married Augusta French and had no family. Dr. French inherited from his father characteristics that were strongly marked in boyhood, and being well cultivated, enabled him to become an eminent and useful man, although young. He was well educated by his father at Gilmanton Academy, and studied medicine with the venerable Dr. Nahum Wight; he attended college at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and at the medical college at Hanover, New Hampshire from which he graduated as a physician. He commenced practice in Salisbury, Massachusetts, and remained one year, and then returned to his native town and engaged actively in his profession with success. His business relations were extensive, and he occupied positions of trust. He held the situation of assessor of the internal revenue for the Congressional district in which he recited, under the administration of President Lincoln, besides doing a large local business as a justice of the peace in his own town and surroundings. He acquired, by economy, frugality and labor, in a few years a handsome property, and had well established himself among his townsmen in his calling and profession. He died in the prime of his life and in the midst of his usefulness, having large "honor in his own country."

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