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The History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire

Edited by D.
Hamilton Hurd and Published in 1885.

The Sanborn family -- the ancestor of this family was Capt. John Sanborn, who married Ruth Rand, 1774, and was born in 1747. His wife was born in 1751.
Capt. Sanborn's ancestry is unknown, and the foregoing is from the town record. He was among the distinguished citizens of the town, and took an active part in the organization of the same, and held several offices of importance at several times. He had a family of a children, named in the Elisha, born Nov. 1, 1775; Lydia, born June 3, 1777; Betty, born March 24, 1779; Thomas, born June 8, 1781; Sarah, born July 17, 1783; John, Jr. born August 29, 1785; Edmund born July 211788; and William, born June 5, 1791.
Elisha Sanborn married_______Ladd, Epping, New Hampshire and had a family of seven children, named James, John, Nathaniel, Eliza, Sally, Mary and Ruth. Of this family, James went to Iowa, John to Massachusetts, and Nathaniel settled in Loudon. He married Nancy Lougee, and had one child, Charles E..
John Sanborn married Judith Blake, and had a family of six children, named Stephen, Jane, Judith, Edmund, Almira and and Joseph B.. Steven Sanborn when South and died. Joseph B. resides in Loudon, upon the homestead of his father, and is a citizen of influence in his native town, having held the important offices of the town. He is a thorough and practical farmer, has acquired a good property and succeeded well in his purposes and efforts. He married Sarah Ann Sanborn, the granddaughter of Jesse and daughter of Jonathan Sanborn, and has two children, named Joseph E. and Jennie M.. His son, Joseph E., married Lizzie Adams, of Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Edmund Sanborn married Ruth Griffin, and had a family of 9 children, named William, Sally, Daniel L., Clarisa, James S., Jeremiah C., Eliza J., John and True H.. The sons of Edmund nearly all settled in Loudon.
Daniel L. Sanborn married Ada Moore, and had a family of five children, named Jacob O., Ruth J., Joseph T., Charles E. and Mary E.. Of Capt. Daniel Sanborn's family, Jacob O. is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and has become an eminent schoolteacher; Joseph T. married Fanny Peverly, of Canterbury, New Hampshire, and resides upon his father's farm, having no children. He is an important and respected citizen of the town, having held important offices in the same.
William Sanborn married Susan Haines, and had two sons, named Richard P., who resides in Concord, and William H., a resident of Loudon.
James S. Sanborn married Mary E. Yeaw, of Rhode Island, and has three children, named John B., Hattie B. and Byron. He has represented the town in the Legislature, and is a man of wealth.
Jeremiah C. Sanborn married Betsy French, of Gilmanton, and has one daughter, named Ida B., who married James S. Tilton, son of Daniel children, and has one daughter, named Maud.
John Sanborn married_______Thorndike, of Pittsfield, New Hampshire, and resides in Laconia, New Hampshire.
True H. Sanborn married Adeline Green, and has a family of five children.
The Sanborn family have been among the most numerous of all the families of the town. They have been successful in the acquisition of property, and have principally settled in fair native town; our good citizens, and are largely a religious and devoted people.

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