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The History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire Edited by D.
Hamilton Hurd and Published in 1885.

Nathan Tilton, born February 2, 1755, married Susanna Gail, and had nine children, -- Betty, born June 30, 1781; Timothy, born May 3, 1783; Susanna, born Sept. 4, 1785; Daniel, born Nov. 14, 1787; Nathan, born July 15, 1791; Stephen born Sept. 29, 1793; Newell, born Oct. 20, 1795; David, born July 1, 1798; Joseph, born March 4, 1801.
Joseph Tilton, Sr., married, the second time, Coziah Bagley, Oct. 20, 1783, and had three children, -- Anna, born Oct. 3, 1784; Dolly, born Aug. 6, 1787; Timothy, born Nov. 6, 1791. His first wife died April 20, 1783. She had two children -- Joseph born April 19, 1781, and Martha, born March 6, 1783.
William Tilton's family -- Eliza Tilton, born July 24, 1788; William J., born May 9, 1790; Timothy, born July 22, 1792; Hannah, born Aug. 9, 1794; Hannah, born December 17, 1796; Amos.
William Tilton, Jr., married Abigail Brown, and had a family of two children, named Louisa A and Charles S. Louisa A. Tilton married Jeremiah Blake, Esq., son of Enoch Blake, of Pittsfield, New Hampshire, and had a family for children, named Mary, Ellen, Warren and Alvah. Mr. Blake is a prominent man in the town, and has been extensively engaged in managing and executing the business of the town for many years, and his council and advice is often sought and followed. He has held several offices in the town and commands respect and esteem of its citizens.
Major Daniel Tilton had a family of 8 children, named Sally, Nathan, Harriet, Newell, Joseph, Mary A., John S. R. and Samuel.
Deacon Daniel Tilton had a family of five children, named Nathan F., born April 20, 1797; Shuah, born May 28, 1799; Abigail, born Aug. 19, 1801; Betsy, born May 13, 1804; Daniel, born July 26, 1805.
Daniel Tilton, Jr. married Olive Sargent, and had a family five children, named Charles S., Daniel, John, James S. and Olive E. James S. married Ida B. Sanborn, daughter of Jeremiah C. Sanborn, of Loudon.

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