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Merrimack County

Merrimack County Archives

Merrimack County archived data includes biographies, birth records, cemeteries, census records, church records, death records, deeds, historical articles, marriages, pensions, tax lists, wills and estates, Gazeteer's and books. They are uploaded by individuals they are not complete records. Browse below or view by town.

Some of the information included in the archives and additional links from our contributors


Births 1887 Canterbury, Merrimack County, New Hampshire & Births 1890 Canterbury, Merrimack County, New Hampshire
1887 Birth Records, Franklin, NH/1891 Births from Annual Report Franklin, NH
Birth records 1887 to 1900, Henniker, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire
Births Records of Hill, 1772-1783, partial/Births Records of Hill, 1888 to 1913
Births Records of Hooksett, 1887
Births for Pittsfield, 1887/Births for Pittsfield 1888/Births for Pittsfield 1889/Births for Pittsfield 1890/Births for Pittsfield 1891/Births for Pittsfield 1892/Births for Pittsfield 1893/Births for Pittsfield 1894/Births for Pittsfield 1895/Births for Pittsfield 1896/Births for Pittsfield 1897/Births for Pittsfield 1898,/Births for Pittsfield 1899/Births for Pittsfield 1900
Births from Salisbury Annual Reports 1889 to 1896 - Salisbury Births from 1913
Birth Certificates from NH State, Archives Drawer 78 "A" Names 1600-1900

Birth Records for Penacook, 1923 &1926 - (not part of NH Archives)


Marriages A to M, 1869 & 1870, Franklin, partial/Marriages N to Z, 1869 & 1870, Franklin, partial, /Marriages-1887, Franklin/1941 Marriages Franklin/1891 Marriages Franklin/Henniker Marriages 1887 to 1893/Henniker Marriages 1894 to 1900
Marriages- 1783, Hill, partial/Marriage Records of Hill, 1888 to 1913
Marriage Records of Hooksett, 1887
Marriages for Pittsfield from 1887 - Pittsfield from 1888 - Pittsfield from 1889 - Pitttsfield from 1890 - Pittsfield from 1891 - Pittsfield from 1892 - Pittsfield from 1893 - Pittsfield from 1894 - Pittsfield from 1895 - Pittsfield from 1896 - Pittsfield from 1897 - Pittsfield from 1898 - Pittsfield from 1899 - Pittsfield from 1900
Salisbury Marriages for 1889/Salisbury Marriages for 1890/Salisbury Marriages for 1891/Salisbury Marriages for 1892/Salisbury Marriages for 1893


1941 Burials in Franklin - 1891 Death Franklin Records
1941 Deaths Franklin
Death Records of Hill, 1888 to 1900
Death Records of Hill, 1901 to 1913
Deaths for Pittsfield from 1887/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1888/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1889/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1890/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1891/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1892/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1893/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1894/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1895/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1896/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1897/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1898/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1899/Deaths for Pittsfield from 1900
Deaths from NH Reports 1913, Salisbury/Deaths from Annual Reports 1889-1893, Salisbury


Christian Church Franklin- A history/Congregational Church Membership list, Franklin/Christian Church, Officers & Members, Franklin, 1838-1898
History and Membership of the Congregational Church, 1769-1835 in Henniker
History & Membership of the Congregational Church, Hooksett 1828-1884

First Baptist Church of Penacook, NH for the year 1952, donated by Ruth Speed - (not part of NH Archives)
Baptisms, of Our Lady of Lourdes parish of Pittsfield, NH, donated by Richard Giroux
Marriages, of Our Lady of Lourdes parish of Pittsfield, NH, donated by Richard Giroux
Salisbury Baptist Church Members 1810-1828
Salisbury Union Meeting House Records

Bible Records of the Straw/ Burns Family from New Castle (Hill) NH - Sylvia Rose Burns (not part of NH Archives)


Biographies from Life & Times in Hopkinton, NH in three parts, donated by Glen Campbell, part 1 Adams-Annis/ part 2 Bacon-Balch/ part 3 Barnard-Brockway/part 4 Brown-Buswell/ part 5 Call-Chandler/ part 6 Chase-Choat/ part 7 Clark-Conner/ part 8 Copps-Cutler/ part 9 Danforth-Dwinells/part 10 Eastman-Evans/ part 11, Farrill-Flanders

History of Salisbury, Merrimack County, New Hampshire
Hazen Burbank
Walter Aiken
Warren F. Daniel
Stephen Kenrick
A. W. Sulloway
Mrs. Martha F. Jones
Abbie J. McCutcheon of Loudon from New Hampshire, Women (1895)
Charles Winthrop Eager
Judge Joseph Warren Fellows
George W. Lane
Thomas Dearborn Little
Pettengill Family of Salisbury
Daniel Webster, The poets of Maine

Pittsfield NH Biographies from 'History of Pittsfield, N.H. in the Great Rebellion' by H. L. Robinson, published in 1893 provided by Rick Girtman and Jody Goodson. N. Wilson Adams - Asa W. Bartlett - Bradbury H. Bartlett - Jonathan W. Bartlett - Charles & Jay P. Bassett - Charles T. Batchelder - William T. Batchelder - Albert F. Berry - Calvin Berry - Charles H. Berrry - George W. Berry - William S. Berry - Solon G. Blaisdell - William Henry Blake - Charles H. Brock - John Brock - Orrin Brock - Stephen Brock Jr. - Henry Plummer Brooks - John Brooks - John Ed Brown - Charles Buzzell - William Campbell - Asa O. Carr - Edgar L. Carr - John Cate - John H. Chase - Joseph M. Chesley - Willard K.Cobb - George W. Davis - James R.C. Davis - William H. Davis - Charles E. Dennett - Dixi C. Dennett - Jeremiah W. Dennett - Joseph C. Dennett - John H. Dow - Moses E. Dow - John J. Drake - Justus C. Drake - Israel Drew - John L. Drew - Charles O. Durgin - Charles F. Eaton - John Eaton - John C. Eaton - John S. Eaton - Lewis E. Edgerly - Philester S. Elliott - Albert C. Evans - Joseph S. Evans - Charles F. French - Henry A.L. French - Albert F. Fullerton - Charles H. Fullerton - Daniel W. Foss - William F. George - Henry M. Gordon - Charles H.N. Green - Cotton Warren Green - George Frank Green - Samuel R. Green - Ezra L. Greenleaf - James B. Hill - Joseph A. Jacobs - Jonathan James - Samuel P. James - Everett Jenkins - John Johnston - Calvin A. Jones - James M. Jones - Leonard Jones - Enoch Joy - Edwin A. Kelley - William T. Knight - John F. Langley - John F. Locke - Jesse P. Lane - Henry B. Leavitt - Reuben T. Leavitt Jr. - John C. Morrill - Hezekiah B. Morrill - Peter P. Moody - Martin Mulligan - Jeremiah M. Marston - Edward Harden - John B. Merrill - J.D. Merserve - Charles W. Mooney - Willis Moses - George F. Meserve - Charles W. Mooney - Richard S. Morrill - William Warren Morrill - Henry B. Morrill - Jesse M. Mason - James M. Mason - David B. Mason - John C. Mason - Jeremiah Marston - George E. Nutter - John D. Nutter - Lewis W. Osgood - John W. Page - John H. Prescott - John H. Philbrick - Alfred C. Richards - Albert G.H. Ring - Charles O. Ring - Albee R. Reynolds - Henry L. Robinson - Daniel W. Robinson - George H. Reynolds - James W. Rogers - George H. Sanborn - Ebenezer B. Sargent - James W. Shaw - Edward S. Small - Charles L. Sweatt - George Snell - George S. Smith - Charles Spurlin - Isaiah Swain - Sylvanus Smith - Benjamin Manson Tilton - Daniel P. Tilton - George Tuttle - Henry F. Tuttle - Joseph J.C. Walcott - William W.W. Walker - C.B. Wallace - Charles Watson - Charles W. Watson - William H. Watson - Nathaniel Williams - Ezra C. Willard - John B. Willard - Alfred S. Willey - Hazen W. Willey - Ira Willey - George Winkley - Alvin F. Young - Enoch M. Young - Frank W. Young - John N. Young.

The History of Sutton, New Hampshire consisting of the Historical Collections of Erasmus Wadleigh, Esq., and A.H. Worthen, compiled and arranged by Mrs. Augusta Harvey Worthen, Part II Genealogy, Printed by the Republican Press Association, Concord, NH, ©1890. These Genealogies were all submitted by Cathy Parziale
Ambrose Genealogy of Early Settler
Genealogy of Nathaniel Armstrong
Genealogy of Solomon Austin
Genealogy of Joshua Babb
Genealogy of Bailey's in Sutton
Genealogy of Samuel Bagley
Genealogy of Phinehas Batchelder
Genealogy of the Bean's of Sutton


Rev War Pensions 1818

Franklin, Caleb Brown, 1833 Rev. War
Franklin, Joseph Burley, 1832 Rev. War
Franklin, Winthrop Fifield, 1833 Rev. War
Franklin, Edmund Sawyer, 1832 Rev. War
Northfield, Abner Flanders, 1832 Rev. War
Salisbury, Nathan Ballard, Revolutionary War
Salisbury, Eben Colby, 1818 Revolutionary War
Salisbury, Rhoda Colby, sister of David Colby, 1819 Revolutionary War
Salisbury, Moses Fellows, 1818 Revolutionary, War
Salisbury, Abraham Fifield, 1832 Rev. War
Salisbury, Anna Fifield, Widow of Joseph, 1837
Salisbury, Benjamin Fifield, 1818, Rev. War
Salisbury, Benjamin & Abigail Thompson, 1832, Revolutionary War
Salisbury, Jabez True, 1832 Revolutionary War


Tax List for Hill, 1774

NH-Merrimack-Boscawen-Probate of the Estate of Edward Fitzgerald - Part 2

1874 Directory, Various Officers of the town of Franklin
1874 Directory, Residents listing A to L, Franklin
1874 Directory, Residents listing M to Y, Franklin

Land Transfers By Members of the Fitzgerald Family In the Boscawen NH Area (Documents are on file at the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds) 1776-1822. Part One
Land Transfers By Members of the Fitzgerald Family In the Boscawen NH Area (Documents are on file at the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds) 1776-1822. Part Two