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From Walter Clark's write up on the Sargent Family, kindly donated by Robert Sargent

Charles Sargent (5) Timothy (4) Charles (3) William (2) William (1)

Charles was born at Amesbury Mass. Dec. 27-1728 He married Sarah Hoyt of Arnesbury Mass Nov. 8-1749. Sarah Hoyt was born at Amesbury Mass May 10-1730. Their children were as follows:

Thomas (6) born March 31-1750 recorded by town records.
Dorathy Sargent (6) was baptized at the 2nd Congregational Church at Merrimack by the Rev. Paine
Wingate Feb--l752.
Challis Sargent (6) was baptized at the 2nd. Cong. Church at Merrimack by the Rev. Paine Wingate
Sept. 29-1754.
Moses Sargent (6) was baptized at the 2nd. Cong. Church at Merrimack April 11 1756.

The last three names were given on the church records as children of Charles Jr. and Sarah Sargent.

In the vital statistics of Amesbury Mass. published by N.E. Historical Geneological Society at the Robert Henry Memorial rooms, at the charge of the Eddy Town Record Funds, Boston Mass 1923. I find a copy of the Rev. Paine Wingate record of baptisms at the 2nd Congregational Church at Merrimack Mass. These records state as follows:
Challis Sargent s. Challis Jr. & Sarah bp. Sept. 29-1754 P.R.I. Page 211.

In answer to my letter; Richard A. Sargent Clerk of Pilgrim Cong. Church at Merrimack-46 Main St. says 'That he has the diary of Rev. Paine Winqate and that it looks to him as follows; Challis Sargent son of Charles Jr. and Sarah bp. Sept. 29-1754.

Challis Sargent (6) Charles (5) Timothy (4) Charles (3) William (2) William (1)
Challis Sargent was born at Amesbury Mass. and baptized at the 2nd Cong. Church Sept. 29-1754. He married Jennie Buswell of Kingston N.H. They moved to Derry N.H. where they resided and reared their children whose names were as follows:

Mahitable Sargent (7) born about 1762 married John Clyde (3) He died May 18-1825
Charles Sargent (7) married Elenor Clark (3) daughter of Samuel Clark (2)
David Sargent (7) born March 30-1789 married Rebeckah Shute.
Moses Sargent (7) born about 1781 married Betsey Morrow - Moses died Mar.6-1833
Samuel Sargent (7) born March 2-1774 had ten children and lived in Danville N.H.
Thomas Sargent (7) lived in Windham N.H. died about 1830, married Mary Donahue.
Peter Sargent (7) died of Spotted Fever.
Simon Sargent (7) died young.

Samuel Sargent (7) Son of Challis (6) Charles (5) Timothy (4) Charles (3) William (2) William (1)

Samuel (7) was born March 2-1774. When young he was adopted by his Great Uncle (his Grandfather's Brother) who lived at Amesbury Mass. After Samuel (7) married they settled in Hanks N.H. a town now called Dansville N.H. where some of his descendants now live. After Samuel (7) married his first wife they had the following children;

Challis Sargent (8) born July 8-1800
Bettsey (Name of first wife not given)

Samuel (7) married 2nd wife and they had the following children;
Sally married _____Sanborn

Samuel Sargent (5) the Great Uncle that adopted Charles (7) was born at Amesbury Mass. Nov. 6-1735. He was a brother of Charles Sargent (5) who was father of Challis (6) Samuel Sargent (5) married Elizabeth Buswell of Kingston N.H. Samuel Sargent (5) wes a Revolutionary Soldier. He died and was buried at Dansville N.H. His will was Probated at Exeter N.H. in 1798 and it named his wife Elizabeth and Samuel Sargent son of Challis as Legatees. Elizabeth Buswell of Kingston N.H. wife of Samual (5) and Jennie Buswell of Kingston N.H. wife of Challis Sargent (6) were not of the same generation but I believe they were from the same family.

Mahitable Sargent (7) Daughter of Challis Sargent. born about 1762 married John Clyde (3) Hugh Clyde (2) Daniel Clyde (1) John Clyde was born about the year 1762. He lived on the O.A.Simpson farm until about 1818, when he sold it to Jessie Simpson and removed to the farm then occupied by his son Charles Clyde in Derry N.H. where he died. Children of John & Mahitable Clyde were as follows;

Jane Clyde (4) born Aug. 26-1805 married Samuel Hall, resided in Charlestown Mass died Jan.23,l840 no children.
Margaret Clyde (4) born Feb. 25-1808 married April 9-1826 John Clark who was born Dec. 3-1790 residence Dracut Mass. died January 23-1864.

Children of John Clark & Margaret (Clyde) Clark.

Mary Jane Clark born March 10-1827 married Henry Packard and died May 9-1852.
James Otis Clark born Jan. 17-1829 residence Manchester N.H.
John S. Clark born Nov. 10-1834 died 1834.
George M. Clark born April 12-1841 residence Dracut.

Charles Sargent (7) Son of Challis Sargent married Elenor Clark daughter of Samuel Clark (2). They lived in Derry N.H. They had seven children as follows;

Mary Sargent died young
Simon and Hiram Sargent twins - they lived in Derry near the Windham line.
Eliza Sargent
Hannah Sargent
Jane Sargent
Charles Sargent.

Moses Sargent (7) Son of Challis Sargent born about 1781 married Betsey Morrow and died 1833. Betsey was daughter of Alexander Morrow she died April 6-1876. Moses and Betsey Sargent had six children;

Charles Sargent born April 12-1809
Margaret Sargent born Dec. 18-1810
James Sargent April 2-1814
Moses Sargent born April 20-1817
Persis Sargent born April 22 1819
Elizabeth Sargent " Dec. 22-1827

Moses & family lived in Windham bought land of Elenor Clark and built a set of buildings in 1810 where Eligah Watts now lives. On the 28th day of August 1821 his barn filled with hay and grain was hit by lightning and burned. Within a few days neighbors and town people to the number of 60 teams loaded with lumber, shingles and provisions appeared. Within a month the barn was rebuilt and filled aswell with hay and grain as before.

Charles Sargent (8) son of Moses (7) Died in Windham N.H. March 1876
Margaret Sargent (8) daughter of Moses married Samuel Leaveitt of Exeter N.H.
James Sargent (8) son of Moses was on the Boston Police Force many years.
Moses Sargent (8) son of Moses lived on the Abbott farm, the Range; single
Persis Sargent (8) daughter of Moses married Rhomas Q. Burt and died about 1865 in New Bremen Ill.
Elizabeth Sargent (8) single; lived in Nottingham.

Thomas Sargent (7) Son of Challis Sargent (6) lived in Windharn N.H. at "Fletcher" corner near Simpson's mill. He was killed about the year 1830 by being run over by a load of wood. He married Mary Donahue of Bedford. They had five children as follows:

John H. Sargent (8) died in Lowell Mass.
Jeremiah Sargent (8) a merchant died in Lowell Mass.
Alexander Sargent (8) died in Lowell Mass.
Thomas Sargent (8) fate unknown.
Daniel Sargent (8) went to sea; was supposed to be lost.

Mary (Donahue) Sargent died at Bedford.

David Sargent (7) Son of Challis Sargent ( ) Was born March 30-1789 at Derry N.H. David was in direct line with our branch of the Sargent family. David married Nancy Anderson September 16-1809 They had three children as follows;

Sarah M. Sargent born December 9-1809
William Sargent born November 19-1811
Eliza Jane Sargent born January 25-1814.

Nancy Anderson was daughter of Allen Anderson (3) Robert Anderson (2) James Anderson (1)

Robert Anderson (2) married Agnes Craige mother of Nancy. Robert and Nancy had seven children;

James Anderson (3) single
John Anderson (3) married Jane Wallace
William Anderson (3) married Margaret Wilson
Allen Anderson (3) married Sally Moore
Robert Anderson (3) married Mary Darrah
Samuel Anderson (3) married Anna Alexander settled in Acworth.
David Anderson (3) married Sally Barnet of Londonderry N.H.

Eliza Jane Anderson daughter of David & Nancy Sargent died Sept. 19-1821.

William Sargent (8) son of David and Nancy Sargent -- Our family seems to know very little about him.

Sarah Moore Sargent Married Enoch Pillsbury about 1837 They had two boys;

Henry Pillsbury who was a letter carrier in Manchester N.H.
Edward Pillsbury

Eunoch and Sarah (Sargent) Pillsbury lived in Manchester N.H. After Enuoch died, his wife Sarah made her home with her half sister Mrs. Eliza Brown at Roxbury Mass. where she died at the age of

Nancy (Anderson) Sargent 1st. wife of David Sargent died August 13-1818.

David Sargent Married for his second wife Rebeckah Shute daughter of Benjaman Shute (3) Michael Shute (2) Richard Shute (1) They were married May 17-1821

Benjaman Shute (3) was born at Newmarket N.H. April 16- 1759 and he married Rebeckah Bordman
of Newmarket N.H. daughter of William Bordman. Benjarnan and Rebeckah Shute settled in Derry N.H. and had six children;

Rebeckah Shute born February 12-1788
Mary Shute Aug. 11-1789
Samuel Shute May 17-1793
Michael Shute Jan 20-1795
William B. Shute Sept. 9-1796
Daniel Shute July 17-1798

Michael & Olive Shute had a son James A. Born Jan. 4-1819

Rebeckah Bordman Shute died September 5-1802 age 38yr.

Benjaman Shute married for his second wife February 10, 1803 Lucy widow of James Orr and daughter of John and Elizabeth (Warner) Cross of Ipswich Mass. They had four children as follows;

Sarah Shute born November 8-1803
George Shute born August 19-1807
Juliann Shute born September 26-1809
Almira Shute born March 12-1812

George Shute (4) was Deacon of the First Church and Selectman; lived on the homestead in Derry till his wife died and his own; health failed, then in 1882 made his home with his two daughters in Malden Mass; died there- May 1894 age 87 years. His daughters were living in Meirose Highlands in 1899.

Julia Ann (4) born in Derry Sept. 26 1809 married Daniel Goodwin

(The above facts were taken from the Genealogy records of Newmarket N.H. and birth records of Londonderry N.H.)

Benjaman Shute (3) died Dec. 25-1847.

Rebeckah (Bordman) Shute first wife of Benjaman Shute (3) died Sept. 5-1802 age 38.

Lucy (Orr) Shute the second wife died Feb .16-1842 Age 73 years

David Sargent(7) and Rebackah Sargent had five children as follows:

Rebeckah Sargent(8) was born Sept. 25-1822
Eliza Jane Sargent (8) " April 7-1824
Harriet Hopkins Sargent (8) born June 21-1827
George R. Nesmith Sargent (8) born Nov. 21-1829
John Newton Sargent (8) born Jan. 13-1832

About the time David Sargent was first married, he built a set of buildings opposite the George E. Seavey cider mill, located near Windharn Junction on the road to Derry Depot. After living in Windham a few years, he sold this property and purchased one half interest in the Charles Clyde place in Derry, not far from Windham Junction, on the road leading to the old Turnpike, where he resided until he died, very suddenly with heart trouble on March 6-1833. Age about 44 years.

Mahitable Sargent daughter of Challis Sargent and brother of David married John Clyde. They lived on the O.A. Simpson farm until about 1818, when he sold to Jessie Simpson and removed to the farm then occupied by his son Charles Clyde in Derry N.H.

David's first wife Nancy died in 1818 and both families moved to the Clyde place about the same time.

Possibly the sister Mahitable helped David in caring for his motherless children for a few years, as Eliza Jane was only about 3 1/2 year old--William was about a little over six years and Sarah was about 8 1/2 years old, at that time.

After David Sargent died Mar. 6-l833 Rebeckah. was left with her five small children and two belonging to David's first wife.

John the youngest was 1 yr 2 mos old
George was 3 yrs 4 mos old
Harriet was 5 yrs 9 mos old
Eliza Jane was 8 yrs 11 mos old
Rebeckah was 10 yrs 6 mos old
Sarah was 18 yrs 1 mo old
William was 21 yrs 4 mos old

Rebeckah B. Sargent (8) Daughter of David & Rebeckah Sargent was born at Wndham N.H. sept. 25-1822. At the age of 10 1/2 years David Sargent died. Soon after that time she went to live with at Mr. Goddard who owned a large farm in Brookime Mass. A young man named Ivory Wales, from Cornish Maine, also worked for Mr. Goddard. Ivory Wales was born Jan. 7-1819.

Rebeckah Sargent and Ivory Wales were married Nov. 2l-l847 at Brookime Mass. A few years after their marriage, Mr. Goddard sold Ivory Wales a fine farm in the southerly part of Rutland Mass. Their first child was born in Brookline Mass. and their second child was born in Rutland, therefore they must have moved to Rutland about the year 1850. Ivory Wales was a good Stone Mason, a Butcher and a farmer, he laid many rods of stone wall in the town of Rutland. Ivory and Rebeckah Wales lived on this Rutland farm the remainder of their days. The result of Wales buying a farm in Rutland was that all of the Sargent children (all children of David & Rebeckah) came later to live in Rutland Mass.

Ivory and Rebeckah Wales had five children as follows;

Annie Wales born Mar. 4-1849 at Brookline Mass.
Mary L.G. Wales born Aug. 30-1851
Abbie Rebeckah Wales born Mar. 27-1861
Warren George Wales “ May 17-1863
Harriet R. Wales " Aug. 6-1854.

Marriages in this family.

Annie Elizabeth Wales to George T. Baker July 3-1867.
Mary L. Goddard Wales to Charles L. Temple May 25-1870
Abbie Rebeckah Wales to Frederick S Hunt June 1-1882
Warren G. Wales and Alice M. Pratt April 10-1887.

Deaths in this family

Harriet R. Wales died Sept. 10-1859
Mary (Wales) Temple died Feb. 28-1887
Anna Elizabeth (Wales) Baker Nov. 16-1893
Rebeckah (Sargent) Wales 1899

Ivory Wales 1906 & Rebeckah (Sargent) Wales
Ivory Wales

Annie Elizabeth Wales Daughter of Ivory & Rebeckah (Sargent) Wales was born
March 9-1849 at Brookline Mass.

She married George T. Baker of Rutland Mass July 3-1867. Their children were as follows:
Addie R. Baker born Feb.27-1869
Hattie E. Baker " Mar.16-1871
John F. Baker " Sep.18-1872
Lewis H. Baker " Aug.21-1877
Belle A. Baker " Nov.19-1882
Lottie L. Baker " July.8-1884
Ida L. Baker " Apr. 22-1886

Annie E. Baker died November 16-1893

Addie R. Baker the oldest daughter married George F. Handy June 2-1887.

Mary Louise Goddard Wales Daughter of Ivory & Rebeckah Wales born August 30-1851 at Rutland Mass. She marrried Charles L. Temple May 25-1870. They lived in the easterly part of Princeton Mass. on a farm, where they both died

They had six children;
Herbert C. Temple born May 25-1872
Freddie L. Temple " April 1-1875
Emma C. Temple " Dec. 7-187
Mabel A. Temple " Aug.17-187
Warren Temple " Aug.12-1885
Richard B. Temple " Jan. 12-1886

Mary L. Goddard (Wales) Temp1e died Feb. 28-1887 Age 35 years.
Charles L. Temple fell from the high scaffold in his barn and died soon after. He died Dec. 21-1888 Age 41 years.
Herbert C. Temple died Feb. 25-1889 age 16 yr.
Richard B. Temple " March 13-1891
Mable A. Temple " June 5-1931 She was burned at Princeton. Killed by an automobile as per clipping from Boston Herald
Fred L. Temple is in the wholesale meat business in Providence R.I.
Emma C. Temple lives in Boston -- Single*
Warren Temple after his father died lived with Warren Wales for whom he was named.

Abbie Rebeckah Wales (9)Daughter of Ivory & Rebeckah (Sargent) Wales was born March 27-1861 at Rutland Mass. She married Frederick S. Hunt of Rutland June l-1882.

They had eight children as follows;
Freddie S. Hunt born August 20-1884
Edson I. Hunt " December 8-1885
Gertrude R. Hunt Dec. 5 - 1887
Waldo W. Hunt June 27-1889
Bertha C. Hunt Oct. 28-1891
Bernice L. Hunt Jan. 8-1894
Harold G. Hunt Dec. 12-1898
Ernest R. Hunt Dec. 24-1900

On June lst-1932 Frederick S. and Abbie Hunt celebrated their Golden Wedding. All of their children were present also all of the Grandchildren There were 32 of the direct family present (children and Grandchildren.)

Frederick S. Hunt Sr. died Nov. 17-1940
Abbie Rebeckah (Wales) Hunt died July 24-1942.
Both were buried at the Rutland Cemetery.

Warren George Wales (9) Son of Ivory and Rebeckah (Sargent) Wales was born at Rutland Mass. May 17-1863. He inherited his fathers farm in the souther1y part of Rutland Mass. where he lived for about forty years, when he sold the same and moved to Rutland

Warren George Wales (9) married Alice M. Pratt April 10-1887: They had one son-Albert Francis Wales born Sept. 30-1889 and now living in Rutland Mass.

After Charles Temple died the son Warren Temple came to live with Warren and Alice at about the age of four years. Warren G. and Alice M. Wales celebrated their Golden Wedding April 10-1937 There was a large attendance of friends and relatives.

Albert Francis Wales (9) Son of Warrren & Alice Wales was born at Rutland Sept. 30-1889 and he married Belle A. Fay of Rutland Mass. Sept. 19-1912. They had seven children

Francis G. Wales (10)
Belle Elizabeth Wales (10)
Alice Maude Wales (10)
Helen Louise Wales (10)
Barbara M. Wales (10)
Greta E. Wales (10)
Albert F. Wales Jr. (10)

Belle A. (Fay) Wales was born at Rutland Mass. April 1-1892 and she died February 17-1936.

Warren Francis (Temple) Wales (10) born Aug. 12-1885. He came to live with Warren When he was about four years old and was called ever after Warren Wales, He married Alice E. McGann Sept. 26-1910. They had two children as follows;

J.Warren Wales (10) born Jan. 19-1912
Phyllis C. Wales (10) " Mar. 23-1920

Alice (McGann) Wales died

Warren (Temple) Wales married 2nd wife Nellie L. Davis Sept. 29-1928.

Alice M. (Pratt) Wales wife of Warren G. Wales was born at Ashland Mass Dec. 16-1863.Her fathers name was Albert B. Pratt who was born March 23-1831 and died Dec. 8-1905. Her mother was Francis A (Williamson) Pratt who was born Aug. 22-1838 and died Oct. 1-1882.

Eliza Jane Sargent (8) Daughter of David Sargent (7) was born at Derry N.H. April 7-1824. Soon after her father, David died, being some nine years old she went to live with a family named Goddard who owned a farm in Brookime village Mass. Her older sister Rebeckah also lived with the Goddard's. Mrs. Brown a nurse came to work in the Goddard family and she liked Eliza very much, she told her she had a son named Charles to whom she wanted to introduce her. The acquaintance resulted in marriage.

Charles Brown and Eliza Jane Sargent were married November 2-1845 Their children were as follows;

Elizabeth Brown born Dec. 27-1847
Mary Jane Brown Sept. 1-1852
Charles Nicholas Brown Aug. 25-1858
William Felton Brown Aug. 1-1863.


Charles Nicholas Brown died Mar. 3-1860
Elizabeth Brown " Dec. 9-1867
Charles Brown " Dec. 1-1904 age 81 yr.
Eliza Jane Brown " Mar. 5-1909 age 85 "

In 1856 Charles Brown and his brother-in-law John Newton Sargent jointly purchased the Phesington farm in the south-easterly part of Rutland MA. where Brown lived for about three years, when he sold Is interest In the farm to Sargent. In 1859 Charles Brown purchased a home at 33 Glenwood Street in Roxbury Mass. where he and his wife resided the remainder of their days.

Charles Brown was born March 15-1822 at Sudbury Mass. He was a Morocco Dresser by trade. He was a Civil War veteran. He was in D Company 42nd Regiment Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers - Colonal Burrell. They left New York Dec. 3-1862 for Galveston Texas. Soon after they arrived they were in a battle near the water front. On Jan. 1-1863 Charles Brown was taken prisoner at Galveston and confined in Houston Prison. Charles Brown died Dec. 1-1804 age 82 years. Charles fathers name was William Brown born about 1780 and his Grandfather's name was William born about 1740. The last mentioned William was the father of 12 children, namely;

Isarel Brown a blacksmith
Nicholas Brown a hunter
Jessie Brown a baker in Roxbury, MA
William Brown lived in South Sudbury, MA
Samuel H. Brown
Henry Brown a printer
Mary Brown
George Loring Brown -- Painter of Venecian Scenes & sold one picture to the Prince of Wales for $1l,000.00.

Thomas Brown -
Calvin Brown an Engineer - at one time he was in charge of the Navy Yard at San Francisco Cal.
Edmond Brown who was father of Hubbard, Newton, Spencer & Everett Brown who lived on a farm of the original grant of land now a part of Nobscot Hill-Sudbury.

Nicholas Brown mentioned above was a noted hunter, a man of great endurance. He was hired at one time to supply game for a wealthy Mr. Clapp that lived in Leicester village. Uncle Nicholas went to California in "49" Gold Rush by way of Cape Goodhope. He found gold and was attacked by Spaniards who attracted by his success as a "Gold Digger". They got the lay of his tent-but by good luck-he changed his position, and they knifedhimin the legs, instead of his heart. He reached for his pistol, which was knocked on to the ground in the darkness. Grabbing his axe he went for them and drove them away. The next day in following their bloddy trail' they found a belt worn around the body by one of the Spaniards, cut in two, a grim reminder of aclose contact with an axe. He was a remarkable shot, with his old single bbl. shot gun he killed 109 woodcock out of 111 shots. Aunt Sally his wife was claimed to be the best Game Cook for miles around.

Mary Jane Brown Daughter of Charles and Eliza Jane Brown was born Sept. 1-1852. Mary Jane Brown married John M. Hurlin. They had two children.

Howard W. Hurlin July 23-1883 - 1918.
Edner Mary(?) Hurlin born Jan. 4-l885

John Hurlin was a carpenter by trade, but for many years he carried on a Butter and egg store at Roxbury Mass.

Mary Jane (Brown) Hurlin died Oct. 7-1942 age 91 years 1 month 6 days.

John Hurlin died Feb. 10-1943 age 97 years.

They were both buried in the Brown family lot at Forest Hill Cemetery. Olive Path, Lot number 2100 at Jamaca Plain.

William Felton Brown Son of Charles and Eliza Jane (Sargent) Brown, was born at Roxbury Mass August 1-1863. He married Louise F. Clark of Paxton Mass. Sept. 10 1889. For their Honeymoon they went to Paris France where they remained four years, while Mr. Brown studied art. Soon after their return in 1893 Mr. Brown secured a position, as a teacher in the architectual department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he remained until he retired, because of age in the year 1934. Having secured the title of professor. For many years they lived at 33 Glenwood Street Roxbury Mass. having a Summer Home at Paxton Mass. After retirement they moved to West Boylston Mass. after purchasing the Clifford house on Newton St. For more detail about Pof. W. Felton Brown I refer you to Page 89, where I quote from-Who's Who-in New England. A Biographical Dictionary of Living men and Women of States of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Volume 3-1938. Compiled and edited Under the direction of Albert Nelson Marguist.

Harriet Hopkins Sargent (8) Daughter of David and Rebecca (Shute) Sargent, was born at Derry New Hampshire June 21-1827. Her father died when she was 5 years and 9 months old. Her mother Rebeckah being left with seven children found it impossible to support them all, sent Harriet to live with a family by the name of Hopkins residing at Roxbury Mass. This Hopkins family formerly lived as neighbors to the Sargents in New Hampshire, before going to Roxbury, and Harriets middle name was taken or given after them. Mrs. Hopkins made a good home for Harriet, until she was past twenty one years of age. As a girl Harriet was expert with the needle and later learned the Dress makers trade, an occupation she followed several years before her marriage, during which time she made her home with her sister Eliza Jane Brown at 33 Glenwood St. Roxbury Mass. A while before the year 1854, Harriet's brother George owned a farm, located about one mile easterly from Derry Depot New Hampshire, also being near the place owned by Samuel Clark. Frequently Harriet would visit her brother George at his home and while there she became acquainted with Nathaniel Clark, who lived nearby with his father. On April 2nd. 1854 Harriet H. Sargent married Nathaniel Clark at Rutland Mass. They were married at the home of Ivory Wales, that was located in the southerly part of Rutland Mass. Mrs. Rebekah Wales being a sister of Harriet. Harriet had no established home of her own. Nathaniel Clark and his wife for about five years, rented a house, located about one-half mile southerly from the village of Rutland Mass. on Maple street. It was opposit of what is now the Veterns Hospital where their first two children were born. In 1859 Nathaniel Clark purchased the General Store at Paxton Mass. The building had a store on the northerly end with an apartment on the southerly end and rooms over the store. Here the Nathaniel Clark family lived many years.

Nathaniel and Harriet (Sargent) Clark had six children.

Mary Ella Clark (6) born Feb. 11-1855 at Rutland Mass.
Emma Eliza Clark (6) born Nov. 29-1857 at Rutland Mass.
Carrie Georgietta Clark (6) born May 27 1859 at Paxton Mass. she died June 2-1941
Louise Francis Clark (6) born Jan 3-1863 at Paxton Mass.
Hattie Elizabeth Clark (6) born Dec. 11 1864 at Paxton Mass.
Walter E. Clark (6) born at Paxton Mass. July 28-1867.

Harriet H. (Sargent) Clark died July 14-1899 age 71 years 11 months and 8 days. She was buried at the Paxton Cemetery.

Nathaniel Clark (5) died January 6-1908 age 76 years 2 months and 22 days. He was buried at the Paxton Cemetery.

George R. Nesmit Sargent (8) Was born November 21-1829 at Derry N.H. He was 3 years and 4 months old when his father David Sargent (7) died. For some time his mother kept the two boys George and John and cared for them. When George was 9 years of age, he went to live with a Mr. Morse in Chester New Hampshire. George R. Nesmit Sargent married Margaret Hemphill. Margaret (Hemphill) Sargent was born April 21-1827 at Derry New Hampshire. She was sister to Joseph, Elenor and Martha Hemphill, who were descendents of Nathaniel Hemphill was born Oct. 11-1755 and married Jennie Moore. Soon after their marriage they purchased a small farm about one mile easterly from Derry Depot village N.H. In 1872 they sold their place and purchaed a larger farm in the south easterly part of Rutland Mass. known as the Gary Reed place, where they lived the reinainder of their days. The Children of George and Margaret Sargent.

Harriet J. Sargent (9) born March 10-1854 at Derry NH.
Newton I. Sargent (9) born Oct. 7-1856 at Derry New Hampshire
Clara Ann Sarqent (9.) born at Derry N.H. Aug. 25-1867
Charles J. Sargent (9) born Jan. 9-1869 at Derry N.H.


Harriet J. Sargent died at Rutland Dec. 2 1896 single.
Charles Sargent died at.Rutland Sept. 14 1909 single.
George R.N. Sargent died January 18-1891 Age 61 yr. and buried at Rutland Mass.
Margaret (Hemphill) Sargent died Dec. 2 1912 age 85 years. Buried at Rutland Mass

Newton I. Sargent (9) Son of George R.N. and Margaret (Hemphill) Sargent was born Oct. 7-1856, at Derry N.H. Newton attended the Rutland schools and worked with his father on the farm. He inherited his fathers farm and lived there the remainder of his days. Newton I. Sargent married Margaret Isabelle Hammond of Rutland Mass. October 7-1886. Their children were as follows;

Walter Sargent (10) born at Rutland March 16-1891
Martha Sargent (10) born at Rutland May 20-1895.


Newton Irving Sargent (9) Died at Rutland March 29-1928 age 72 y.
Margaret I. Sargent Died at Rutland Mass. ?
Walter Sargent (10) Died May 3-1943. Buried at Canton Mass.

Clara Ann Sargent (9) Daughter of George R.N. and Margaret
(Hemphill) Sargent was born Aug. 25-1867 at Derry N. H.


Clara Ann Sargent married William Henry Hammond April 10-1883.
William Hammond was born at Worcester Mass. Nov- 24 - 1858.

Births 3 sons

George Henry Hammond born April 22-1885 at Bethel Me.
Clarence William Hammond born April 11-1888, lived at Lowell Mass
Arthur Edward Hammond born Oct. 14-1897. lived at Northborough Mass.


Clara Ann (Sargent) Hammond died at the home of her son Arthur in Northborough June 8-1936. Age 76 years.

John N. Sargent (8) Son of David and Rebeckah Sargent. Was born at Derry N.H. January 13-1832. He was 1 year 2 months old when his father David died. Like most boys of his time, John worked eight years on a farm in Derry N.H. and for about two years as a private Coachman for a well to do man in Roxbury Mass. When he was about 24 years old (having saved $500. from his earnings) in company with his brother-in-law Charles Brown, they purchased a large farm in the southerly part of Rutland Mass. about the year 1856. Charles Brown held his interest in the place for about three years, when he sold out to John Sargent. On this farm John N. Sargent lived, married and brought up a large family where he lived the remainder of his days. Rebeckah (Shute) Sargent came to live with her son John on this farm, where she made her home the remainder of her days.

John Newton Sargent (8) married Jane Davis of Rutland Mass. Children of John Newton and Jane Elaine (Davis) Sargent.

Mary Jane Sargent born Dec. 8-1858 at Rutland Mass.
John Henry Sargent born Nov. 28-1867 at Rutland Mass.
Edward Clarence Sargent born Feb. 11-1870 at Rutland Mass.
Arthur Everett Sargent born May 28-1872 at Rutland Mass.
Walter William Sargent died May 1-1875 born June 19-1874 at Rutland Mass.
Robert Eugene Sargent born Aug. 25-1880 at Rutland Mass.
Laura Louise Sargent born May 12-1885. at Rutland Mass.
Hattie Rebeckah Sargent born July 24-1863 at Rutland Mass.
George H. Sargent born in 1876 died in 1939 - 63 years.

John N. Sargent (8) died Dec. 23-1891

Jane Elaine (Davis) Sargent died 1921 she was born in 1840.

Edward C. Sargent (9) Son of John N. and Jane E. (Davis) Sargent. was born February 11-1870 at Rutland Mass. He married Octavia Hatherway who was born June 10-1870. They had the following children

Araline H. Sargent born Nov. 6-1896.
Estha Sargent born April-28-1903.
Edward C. Sargent is a Congregational Minister. He has been settled at several towns in the State of Vermont.

ARTHUR E. SARGENT (9) was born at Rutland Mass. May 28-1872. He married Etta L. Putnam of Rutland June 29-1897.

Etta Sargent was the daughter of Daniel C and Mary Louise (Avory) Putnam and was born March 30-1879. Their children were born as follows; They had three sons;

David Sargent born Oct. 9-1898
Ralph Sargent born Jan. 30-1901
Arthur E. Sargent born Nov. 27-1910.

Arthur E and Etta L. Sargent celebrated their Golden wedding, June 29-1947 This celebration was held at the Congregational Church at Groton Mass. a large number of friends and relaticn attended. For quite a few years past Arthur assisted by his two sons David & Arthur Jr. have carried on a large-retail milk business, delivering milk in the towns of Groton and Ayer Mass. Their home farm is located in Groton where they keep a large number of Cows.

Arthur E. Sargent died Oct. 22-1951.
Etta (his wife) died Jan. 29-1967.

John Henry Sargent (9) Son of John N. and Jane E. (Davis) Sargent was born at Rutland Mass. Dec. 8-1858. John was a Carpenter by trade. For many years he lived in Groton Mass. John married Cora F. Tuttle of Groton Mass. Children of John Henry and Cora F. Sargent

Laura Fletcher Sargent (10) born Sept. 24-1892 died Sept. 15-1896.
Harold Henry Sargent (10) born Dec. 11-1894 died Oct. 29-1935. A World War Veteran.
Stella Cora Sargent (10) born November 7-1904

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