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The Tilton Family of Loudon, NH

Information graciously donated by Magdalena Gorrell Guimaraens
June 1 1998

A letter written by George Henry Tilton in 1924 (he was in his 80's at the time

Re: Timothy Tilton b. 1718 d. 1785 (son of Joseph Tilton b. 1677 d. 1744 who in turn was son of Daniel Tilton and Mehitable Sanborn of Hampton NH)

"When Timothy Tilton came of age, his father gave him a valuable tract of land in East Kingston, where he made his home, marrying Martha Boynton. About 1770 he bought a large tract of land near Loudon and
moved his family there. His home was said to have been very beautiful, was burned down not many years ago be careless children playing with matches in the barn... Timothy was very active during Revolution and the first town meeting held in Loudon was at his house. After his death, Martha married Deacon Thomas Batchelder, who early had married Joanna, Timothy's youngest sister. Deacon Thomas did not live many years and when Martha died she was laid beside Timothy in the little Tilton cemetary on the old farm. It is said of Martha that when over 80 years of age, she rode on horseback from Loudon to Newbury, over 70 miles during one day, called there by sickness, a most wonderful woman. Timothy and Martha had five children, of whom the youngest, David, was one of the early pioneers of Chicago. Nathan Tilton (b. 1755 d. 1804) was a farmer and miller, had a good farm, but died young. Was a soldier in the Revolution. He married Susan Gale of East Kingston, daughter of Daniel Gale (RW) and his wife Patience Eastman of East Kingston." Nathan and Susan had ten children, one son, Stephen (schoolmaster who lived in Loudon until he married Julia Batchelder in 1816 and moved to Northfield) lived long enough to be able to pass family tradition to his nephew, my ggUncle Henry Tilton.

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