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Town of Rindge NH

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Stone Located in the Cemetary at Rindge Meeting House

Capt. Abel Platts, Son of Moses and Grandson of Lieut. Abel , was born in Rowley MA, February 6th 1703-4. He married Mary Varnum in his Native town on April 21, 1725. Then in  1738 moved to Lunenburg.The same year, with Nathan Heywood, the surveyor, he came to this town (Rindge) in the capacity of a chain-man, and assisted in tracing the boundaries of the Massachusetts grant.  With excellent judgement he selected the farm now of Martin L. Goddard, and many adjoining acres. He commenced clearing as early as 1742.  His ax first woke the  echoes of the forests, and the untested soil recieved from his thrifty hand the first seed scattered in anticipation of fruitful harvests. Perhaps by fear of incursions by indians, during the continuance of the war which commenced in 1744, his labors were interupted. In 1751,or the following year, he commenced a permenant residence in this town upon the shore of Poole Pond, having given the other lot to his eldest son.  He died July 23, 1777. His will dated July 3, 1771 was soon after entered in probate.

The "Stearn's History Book of Rindge" have pages 637-643 devoted to Platts. Ensign Joseph Platts,Capt Joseph Platts, John Varnum Platts, are amoung the names found on these pages as well as names of daughters granddaughters Etc.
This book is available in a boxed set and can be purchased through the Rindge Historical Society.

They may be reached by writing to:
Rindge Historical Society
School St, Rindge NH 03461
Or calling (603) 899-2341

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