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At their Fall Meeting in October 1928, the members of the New Hampshire State Organization voted to purchase the room in Memorial Continental Hall.

The New Hampshire room represents an "attic playroom" with dolls and toys from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Wallace Nutting, a noted antiquarian, artist, author, and cabinetmaker, designed the room for the New Hampshire State Organization and planned it around an overmantel painting of a landscape with two young girls from a house in Piermont, New Hampshire.

Over the years many items have been added or restored. Lighting has also been added to brighten the room. The New Hampshire Children's Attic is the most popular of all the period rooms, according to the museum docents. That is a source of great pride to the New Hampshire Daughters.

Please take a picture tour of the New Hampshire Attic or take a virtual tour of the New Hampshire Attic at the DAR Museum.
Also take a virtual tour of the DAR Building and Museum period rooms.

Source credits: Material was taken from the DAR New Hampshire History published in 1930 and 1937. The New Hampshire Attic Commission oversees the restoration and maintenance of the attic and its contents.

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