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Real Daughters Remembered

      My project will focus on the Real Daughters from New Hampshire. Real Daughters are the early DAR members whose fathers took part in the cause of independence. I know that many chapters have done extensive research on their Real Daughters, which will be important as we work towards compiling a state-wide publication about the Real Daughters and most importantly, making certain that each of the Real Daughters’ graves have been marked or rededicated if the markers are missing. In this way we will be “Honoring and Preserving the Past for Future Generations,” by assuring that our Real Daughters stories will be told and that their final resting places identified and marked. More information about this project will be available at the Fall Meeting.

Each chapter will be asked to submit biographical information on their Real Daughter(s), with information as to whether or not the grave has been marked and if the marker is still present. If the grave has not been marked or the marker is not present, the chapter will be encouraged to apply through the Historian General’s Office, for permission to mark the grave and will proceed with purchasing a plaque to place at the gravesite. (The Historian General’s Office recommends that ground plaques be used.) Proceeds from fundraising from the State Regent’s Project, will be used to help purchase markers for those Real Daughters whom were members of NH Chapters that are now disbanded. NH chapters may also “adopt a Daughter,” to take care of the grave marking for Real Daughters whose chapters disbanded.