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National Institute on Genealogical Research

Alumni Association

P.O. Box 4225
Alexandria, Virginia 22303


The National Institute on Genealogical Research Alumni Association (NIGRAA) was founded in 1983.  The purposes of the organization are: Membership is open to anyone who has completed any sessions of the National Institute on Genealogical Research, or who has lectured at any session.

The alumni association uses the money received as dues from its members for two purposes:.
  1. Funding the Richard S. Lackey Memorial Scholarship to a student attending the Institute.  The scholarship is awarded to an experienced researcher in either  a paid or a volunteer position, in the service of the genealogical community.

  3. Contributing funds to the National Archives Trust Fund for the microfilming of genealogically-significant NARA records that would probably not otherwise be filmed.  Once filmed, these records will be available to a much wider audience.  Completed projects include:
M1164 Index to Naturalization Petitions of the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, 1865-1957.  (Before filming, this index was available only at the regional branch of the National Archives in New York City, NY).

M1784 Index to Pension Application Files of Remarried Widows Based on Service in the War of 1812, Indian Wars, Mexican War, and the Regular Army Before 1861.  1 roll.

M1785 Index to Pension Application Files of Remarried Widows Based on Service in the Civil War and Later Wars in the Regular Army after the Civil War.  7 rolls.

M1786 Record of Invalid Pension Payments to Veterans of the Revolutionary War and Regular Army and Navy, March 1801-September 1815.  1 roll.

M2073 Statistics of Congregations of Lutheran Synods, 1890.  (RG 29, Entry 107) 1 roll.

Z1041 Papers Relating to New Mexico Land Grants Housed in the United States Bureau of Land Management, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2nd edition.  (RG 49) 66 rolls.  (The alumni association purchased a set of the microfilms for the National Archives.)

A3371 Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Knights Key, Florida, February 1908-January 1912. (RG 85) 3 Rolls.

M2079 Final Revolutionary War Final Pension Payment Vouchers:  Delaware.  1 roll.  Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury (RG 217).

The alumni association hosts a luncheon during the National Genealogical Society’s Conference in the States and a dinner during the week of the institute.  Newsletters are published in the spring and fall and sent to paid members of the alumni association and the current year’s institute class.

Correspondence should be addressed to the National Institute on Genealogical Research Alumni Association, P.O. Box 4225, Alexandria, Virginia 22303

Officers August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2016:

President:  Nicki Birch
      Vienna, Virginia

Vice-Pres: Rosemary Smith
      Burke, Virginia

Treasurer: Lynn McMillion
     Alexandria, Virginia

Secretary: Liz Ross
     Chicago, Illinois

Director:   Paul Finch
     Palm Bay, Florida

Director:  Sarah Fleming
     Bellevue, Washington

Director:   Joy Lett Quinn
     Stone Mountain, Georgia

Webmaster for NIGR and NIGRAA:
Heather Olsen

Dues: $10.00 per year. Membership year: 1 August to 31 July.

2015 NIGRAA Banquet

The 2015 NIGRAA Banquet will be held on Friday, July 17, 2015. Click here for more details or to purchase tickets.

NIGR 2015


In view of the recent death of Patricia Shawker, CG, director of NIGR, 2007–2015, the board of directors has postponed the 2015 institute until July 2016.



Malissa Ruffner, J.D., CGSM


The board is pleased to announce the appointment of Malissa Ruffner, J.D., CGSM,  to succeed as director of NIGR, effective immediately. She will assume responsibility for the institute in July 2016 and future years. The National Archives, through its representative on the board of directors, has expressed strong support for the continuation of NIGR and will work with the new director to assure success in coming years.
Malissa, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, earned a Bachelor of Arts from Goucher College and a law degree and a Master of Library Science degree, both from the University of Maryland. In addition to genealogy, she has worked as a lawyer, and in schools, libraries and archives. Her genealogical pursuits include client work, writing and blogging, lecturing, and participation in conferences and institutes, including NIGR, the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University, the Genealogical Research Institute at Pittsburgh, Forensic Genealogy Institute, ProGen, and “Come Home to New England” at the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Malissa currently serves on the Maryland Genealogical Society Board of Directors and on the Intellectual Property Committee of the Board for Certification of Genealogy.
Additional information about the next institute will be forthcoming.

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