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National Institute on Genealogical Research Alumni Association
PO Box 14274, Washington DC 20044-4274

Richard S. Lackey Memorial Scholarship Application

The Richard S. Lackey Scholarship is awarded to an experienced researcher employed in a paid or volunteer position, in the services of the genealogical community. The Scholarship awards $500, which will cover full tuition for the National Institute on Genealogical Research, attendance at the Alumni Association Dinner and will partly defray hotel and/or meal costs. A check for the amount less tuition and dinner will be presented at the Alumni Association Dinner.
The scholarship winner will automatically be accepted for the National Institute on Genealogical Research to be held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. from from Sunday evening July 15, 2007 to Saturday afternoon July 21, 2007. An Institute application must be submitted if you want to attend in 2007 and are not selected for the Scholarship.
City:____________________________________  State:  _____ Zip:______-_____
Phones: Day: (____)____________ Evening: (____)_____________ Fax: (____)____________
I serve the genealogical community in a Paid: ____ and/or Volunteer: ____position.
Organization/Employer Name:_________________________________________________________

Position: __________________________Years of Service ____________________________

If you are awarded this scholarship, will your organization or employer provided additional financial support?(i.e. paid time off, travel expenses, etc.).Yes ______No ______If yes, please describe: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Check all of the following that apply. 

I am an Archivist ____ Historian ____ Librarian ____ Professional Genealogist ____.

I hold the following genealogical credentials: AG ___, CG ___, CGRS ___, CLS___, CGL ___, Other __________________.

I am a graduate of: NGS Online Course ____, NGS Correspondence Course ____,

Other _________________.
I have attended the following conferences: FGS____, GenTech____, NGS ____,
Other _________________.

EXPERIENCE: Years of Personal Genealogical Research _____ Years Assisting Others ______

Describe your genealogical background (maximum 250 words - may be submitted on separate sheet of paper) ___________________________________________________________________________________________



BENEFITS: Explain how attending the Institute would benefit the work you do for the genealogical community (maximum 100 words - may be submitted on separate sheet of paper)




How did you learn of this scholarship?:



References are not requested or required.If provided, a maximum of two references will be accepted.

Signature: ___________________________________Date: _______________________

Your signature signifies that you are available to attend the 2007 Institute if awarded the scholarship. Applications must be received by January 12, 2007. Winner will be notified no later than February 20, 2007. Applications should be mailed to:Richard S. Lackey Scholarship, NIGR Alumni Association, P.O. Box 14274, Washington, DC 20044-4274 or sent as an e-mail attachment to Teresa A. Kelley & Willis White.