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Home Towns Of Ulster Families, 1691-1718


**from appendix VI of Scots Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America

by Charles Knowles Bolton(1910)


Since the ministers of dissenting congregations had little or no legal standing during the earliest years of the emigration to New England their records of births, marriages and death do not appear to have been preserved, except in isolated cases. But the records of presbytery and synod were kept with great care, and the latter have been printed to the year 1820. They give the name of the ruling elder in each congregation for the year of the general synod, and often the names of commissioners sent to the synod to represent local interests. Names of witnesses in cases which came before the synod also help to establish the home towns of Presbyterian families. Names of Ulster towns are usually given here as they are spelled in the records.

R. E. means Ruling Elder

C, stands for Commissioner

W. stands for Witness

P. means petitioner


The names in this list from County Antrim are as follows.


Samuel ACHINVOLE, R. E. 1716 Ballycarry, Antrim

Alexander ADAIR, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

William ADAIR, R. E. 1698 Ballymena, Antrim

Andrew AGNEW, R. E. 1717 Belfast, Antrim

James AGNEW, R. E. 1707 Ballymoney, Antrim

John AGNEW, R. E. 1708, 15, 18 Finvoy, Antrim

James AITKEN, R. E. 1707, 11, 15 Ballinderry, Antrim

James ALLEN, R. E. 1697 Randalstown, Antrim

John ALLEN, R. E. 1694, 1704, 11, 12, 15 Cairncastle, Antrim

John ALLEN, R. E. 1718 Randalstown, Antrim

Patrick ALLEN, C. 1691, 1701 Dunagor (Donegore), Antrim

James ANDERSON, R. E. 1710, 15 Dunean, Antrim

Samuel ANDERSON, R. E. 1710 Ballymena, Antrim

Robert ANDREWS, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Robert ANDREWS, R. E. 1712 Belfast, Antrim

James ARBUCKLE, R. E. 1703, 13, 16; C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John ARMSTRONG, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

William ARMSTRONG, R. E. 1711 Conner, Antrim

William ARMSTRONG, R. E. 1717 Braid, Antrim

Robert BARNET, R. E. 1697 Carnmoney, Antrim

Thomas (BEATIE) BETY, C. 1712, 15 Ballinderry, Antrim

Thomas BETY, R. E. 1694 Upper Killead, Antrim

James BEGGS, R. E. 1706, 9, 11, 14 Ballycarry, Antrim

James BELL, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John BELL, R. E. 1698 Ahoghill, Antrim

John BELL, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

William BELL, R. E. 1694, 1705 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Joseph BIGGAR, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John BLACK, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Robert BLACKWOOD, R. E. 1716 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Bryce BLAIR, R. E. 1705, 8, 9, 15; C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

James BLAIR, R. E. 1703 Donegore, Antrim

John BONES, R. E. 1712 Donegore, Antrim

Archibald BOYD, R. E. 1698 Dervock, Antrim

David BOYD, C. 1692 Ballymoney, Antrim

Hugh BOYD, R. E. 1708, 11 Dervock, Antrim

Hugh BOYD, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

James BOYD, R. E. 1704 Dervock, Antrim

James BOYD, R. E. 1716 Larne, Antrim

Robert BOYD, R. E. 1703 Ballymena, Antrim

Thomas BOYLE, R. E. 1713 Islandmagee, Antrim

William BRADY, R. E. 1711 Ballyrashane, Antrim

Thomas BRENAN, R. E. 1711, 15 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Charles BROWN, R. E. 1713 Braid, Antrim

Francis BROWN, R. E. 1715 Glenarm, Antrim

George BROWN, R. E. 1692 Drumall, Antrim

James BROWN, R. E. 1703, 4, 15 Braid, Antrim

James BROWN, R. E. 1694, 1710 Connor, Antrim

John BROWN, C. 1692 Carrickfergus, Antrim

William BROWN, R. E. 1711 Islandmagee, Antrim

Edward BRYCE, C. 1708, 18 Belfast, Antrim

James BRYSON, R. E. 1715 Connor, Antrim

James BRYSON, R. E. 1705 Antrim, Antrim

John BRYSON, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Thomas BRYSON, R. E. 1704 Randalstown, Antrim

Thomas BRYSON, R. E. 1707 Lisburn, Antrim

David BUTTLE, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

George BUTTLE, C. 1718 Belfast, Antrim

James CALDWELL, R. E. 1703 Larne, Antrim

John CALDWELL, R. E. 1692, 98 Cairncastle, Antrim

John CALLY, R. E. 1703, 17 Kilraughts, Antrim

Alexander CAMPBELL, R. E. 1694 Antrim, Antrim

Cornellus CAMPBEL, R. E. 1713 Ballyrashane, Antrim

John CAMPBELL, R. E. 1703, 4, 5 Carnmoney, Antrim

John CAMPBELL, R. E. 1697, 1707 Cairncastle, Antrim

Jos. CAMPBELL, R. E. 1718 Killead, Antrim

Matthew CAMPBELL, R. E. 1697, 1706, 9 Dervock, Antrim

Robert CAMPBELL, R. E. 1715 Ballyrashane, Antrim

John CARSON, R. E. 1705 Cairncastle, Antrim

John CARSON, R. E. 1708 Ballyclare, Antrim

Henry CHADS, R. E. 1692, 98, 1704; C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Henry CHADS Jr., C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John CHALMERS, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John CHARTERS, W. 1704 Lisburn, Antrim

Robert CHARTERS, R. E. 1706 Lisburn, Antrim

James CLARK, R. E. 1718 Randalstown, Antrim

John CLARK, R. E. 1694, 98, 1714, 16 Lisburn, Antrim

William CLARK, R. E. 1714 Glenarm, Antrim

David COLEMAN, R. E. 1707 Donegore, Antrim

David CRAIG, R. E. 1692 Ballyclare, Antrim

John CRAIG, R. E. 1717 Cairncastle, Antrim

John CRAIG, R. E. 1716 Randalstown, Antrim

Archibald CRAWFORD, R. E. 1703, 10 Ballycarry, Antrim

John CRAWFORD, R. E. 1710 Donegore, Antrim

Malcom CRAWFORD, R. E. 1694, 98, 1704, 13, 18 Donegore, Antrim

Robert CRAWFORD, R. E. 1704, 10, 12 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Thomas CRAWFORD, merchant, 1701 Belfast, Antrim

Thomas CRAWFORD, R. E. 1707 Belfast, Antrim

William CRAWFORD, C. 1694, 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John CUMMIN, C. 1715 Kilraughts, Antrim

Hugh CURRY, R. E. 1714 Ballymena, Antrim

Robert DAVIDSON, R. E. 1706 Braid, Antrim

William DAWSON, C. 1692 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Quintin DICK, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

William DICK, R. E. 1706 Randalstown, Antrim

Robert DINGMORE, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

John DONNALDSON, R. E. 1704, 8, 16 Islandmagee, Antrim

James DUCHALL, C. 1718 Antrim, Antrim

Anthony DUNCAN, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Allen DUNLOP, C. 1694 Ballymoney, Antrim

Moses DUNLOP, R. E. 1703, 12, 15 Aghadowey, Antrim

William DUNLOP, R. E. 1692 Upper Killead, Antrim

Joseph DUNN, R. E. 1710, 13 Randalstown, Antrim

Jorias DUNN, R. E. 1717 Randalstown, Antrim

Hugh DYATT, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Hugh ECCLES, R. E. 1703, 16 Killead, Antrim

John ECCLES, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John EDGAR, R. E. 1717 Dunean, Antrim

Thomas EGELSHAM, R. E. 1717 Connor, Antrim

Thomas ELDAR, R. E. 1716 Ballyrashane, Antrim

Josias ENNIS, R. E. 1715 Donegore, Antrim

William FENTON, R. E. 1705 Islandmagee, Antrim

Dr. Victor FERGUSON, C. 1708; R. E. 1710, 17 Belfast, Antrim

Robert FERRY, R. E. 1706 Islandmagee, Antrim

Samuel FERRY, R. E. 1715 Islandmagee, Antrim

James FINLAY, R. E. 1718 Carrickfergus, Antrim

John FLEMING, R. E. 1698 Ballyclare, Antrim

John FOSTER, R. E. 1694, 1704 Ahoghill, Antrim

Edward GALLAND, R. E. 1706, 7, 13, 16 Finvoy, Antrim

John GARVAH, R. E. 1710 Ballyrashane, Antrim

Peter GEMBLE, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

Robert GEMBLE, R. E. 1714 Donegore, Antrim

Robert GILLIS, R. E. 1718 Islandmagee, Antrim

John GIVAN, C. 1715 Kilraughts, Antrim

Robert GIVAN, C. 1716 Kilraughts, Antrim

James GLASGOW, R. E. 1698, 1703 Randalstown, Antrim

James GLASGOW, R. E. 1705 Dunean, Antrim

Alexander GORDON, R. E. 1708, 18 Ballycarry, Antrim

John GORDON, R. E. 1706 Larne, Antrim

John GORDON, R. E. 1711 Braid, Antrim

Rodger GORDON, R. E. 1698 Braid, Antrim

John GRAHAM, R. E. 1703 Clough, Antrim

Gawin GRANGER, R. E. 1716 Cushendall, Antrim

Archibald GRAY, R. E. 1697 Ahoghill, Antrim

John GRAY, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John GREG, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

William HALYDAY, R. E. 1697, 98 Glenarm, Antrim

Gilbert HALL, R. E. 1704, 7 Ballycarry, Antrim

Robert HALL, C. 1715 Ballinderry, Antrim

Neil HAMILL, R. E. 1704; C. 1715 Kilraughts, Antrim

Archibald HAMILTON, C. 1699 Killmakevet, Antrim (north of Glenavy)

Hugh HAMILTON, W. 1704 Lisburn, Antrim

Robert HARPER, R. E. 1713, 17 Ahoghill, Antrim

George HASLETON, R. E. 1706, 15 Ballymena, Antrim

John HASTIE, R. E. 1715 Ballycarry, Antrim

James HENRY, R. E. 1706, 17 Ballymoney, Antrim

James HENRY, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

Samuel HERRON, W. 1704; R. E. 1708 Lisburn, Antrim

John HILL, R. E. 1706 Dunean, Antrim

John HILL, R. E. 1705 Braid, Antrim

Joseph HILL, R. E. 1718 Dunean, Antrim

James HOLMES, R. E. 1711 Clough, Antrim

Robert HOLMES, R. E. 1707, 12, 17 Islandmagee, Antrim

David HOOD or HUD, R. E. 1697, 8, 1707, 8 Carrickfergus, Antrim

John HORSHRUGH, R. E. 1712 Ballyvarry, Antrim

Thomas HOUSTON, R. E. 1714 Ballyeaston, Antrim

William HOUSTON, R. E. 1697 Clough, Antrim

James HUDSON, R. E. 1694 Ballyclare, Antrim

John HUME, R. E. 1706 Ballyeaston, Antrim

John HUNTER, R. E. 1706, 8 Ballinderry, Antrim

Thomas HUNTER, R. E. 1703, 5 Ballinderry, Antrim

Thomas HUNTER, R. E. 1717 Killead, Antrim

James HUTCHESON, R. E. 1718 Carnmoney, Antrim

Josias INNIS, R. E. 1706 Donegore, Antrim

William IRWIN, C. 1701 Ballynadrento, Antrim (near Glenavy)

James JACKSON, R. E. 1717 Larne, Antrim

Peter JACKSON, C. 1699 Antrim, Antrim

Thomas JACKSON, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John JAMESON, R. E. 1697 Donegore, Antrim

Marmaduke JAMESON, R. E. 1692 Braid, Antrim

John JOHNSTON, W. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Thomas JOHNSTON, C. 1715 Ballinderry, Antrim

William JOHNSTON, R. E. 1692 Broadisland, Antrim

Cap't William JOHNSTON, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John KELSO, R. E. 1717 Templepatrick, Antrim

David KENNEDY, R. E. 1712 Cushendall, Antrim

William KENNEDY, R. E. 1705 Belfast, Antrim

William KENNEDY, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Robert KER, R. E. 1708, 10, 16 Larne, Antrim

John KINEAR, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Robert KING, R. E. 1698 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Robert KING, R. E. 1705 Randalstown, Antrim

Daniel KINLY, W. 1704; R. E. 1710 Lisburn, Antrim

Jon. KYLE, 1714 Belfast, Antrim

John LAMOND, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

John LAPSLEY, R. E. 1709 Glenarm, Antrim

Randal LEATHS, R. E. 1710 Islandmagee, Antrim

Robert LENNOX, C. 1708, 9, 18 Belfast, Antrim

Alexander LIGAT, R. E. 1711 Glenarm, Antrim

John LINDSEY, R. E. 1714 Carnmoney, Antrim

John LINDSEY, R. E. 1714 Cushendall, Antrim

Hugh LOGAN, R. E. 1716 Braid, Antrim

John LOGAN, R. E. 1697 Braid, Antrim

John LOGH, R. E. 1704 Belfast, Antrim

John LOGH, R. E. 1709 Templepatrick, Antrim

Andrew LORIMER, R. E. 1712, 15 Randalstown, Antrim

James LORIMER, R. E. 1704, 16 Ballyclare, Antrim

John LOVE, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

Robert LOVE, C. 1692 Ballymoney, Antrim

Hugh LOWSE, R. E. 1714 Templepatrick, Antrim

James LYLE, R. E. 1712, 15 Larne, Antrim

Thomas LYLE, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John MCCALA, R. E. 1703 Finvoy, Antrim

Robert MCCANE, R. E. 1716 Dervock, Antrim

George MCCARTNEY, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Isaac MCCARTNEY, C. 1708, 18; R. E. 1709, 16 Belfast, Antrim

James MCCLURE, R. E. 1710 Ballinderry, Antrim

James MCCLURE, C. 1712 Glenavy, Antrim

Edward MCCOMPHY, R. E. 1692 Lisburn, Antrim

William MCCONCHY, R. E. 1705 Ballyeaston, Antrim

William MCCONCHY, R. E. 1708 Ballymena, Antrim

William MCCONCHY, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Andrew MCCORMICK, R. E. 1708 Carnmoney, Antrim

John MCCORMICK, R. E. 1703, 7 Ballyclare, Antrim

David MCCULLOGH, R. E. 1714 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Henry MCCULLOGH, 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John MCCULLOGH, R. E. 1692 Broadisland, Antrim

John MCCULLOGH, R. E. 1705 Ballycarry, Antrim

John MCCULLOGH, R. E. 1718 Larne, Antrim

Thomas MCCULLY, R. E. 1692 Ballyeaston, Antrim

John MCELWAYNE, R. E. 1710, 12, 18 Braid, Antrim

Gilbert MCFEDRICK, R. E. 1710 Ballymoney, Antrim

Gib. MCFRUDEN, R. E. 1697 Ballymoney, Antrim

John MCGILL, R. E. 1710 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Cornet Alexander MCGOWN, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

John MCKA, R. E. 1717, 18 Glenarm, Antrim

William MCKENRY, R. E. 1703 Carrickfergus, Antrim

John MACKEY, R. E. 1703 Ramoan, Antrim

Patrick MCKINLY, R. E. 1705 Ballyclare, Antrim

John MCKITRICK, R. E. 1710 Cushendall, Antrim

John MCKNAIGHT, W. 1704 Lisburn, Antrim

George MCMASTER, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John MCMASTER, R. E. 1692; C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John MCMASTER, R. E. 1705 Donegore, Antrim

Robert MAGLAGHLIN, R. E. 1704 Clough, Antrim

David MAIRS, C. 1715 Ballinderry, Antrim

John MAN, R. E. 1714 Islandmagee, Antrim

James MARTIN, R.E. 1711, 12, 13 Carnmoney, Antrim

John MARTIN, R.E. 1705 Lisburn, Antrim

William MARTIN, R.E. 1706 Belfast, Antrim

William MATHY, R.E. 1694 Glenarm, Antrim

Andrew MAXWELL, C. 1708; R.E. 1711 Belfast, Antrim

Arthur MAXWELL, C. 1712 Ballinderry, Antrim

John MERCER, R.E. 1697 Killead, Antrim

John MILLAR, R.E. 1712, 14 Ballyclare, Antrim

John MILLAR, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Robert MILLIKEN C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

John MITCHELL, R.E. 1692, 1710, 13;C. 1705 Glenarm, Antrim

William MITCHELL, R.E. 1718 Belfast, Antrim

John MONTGOMERY, R.E. 1717 Donegore, Antrim

Adam MOORE, R.E. 1717 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Alexander MOORE, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

David MOORE, R.E. 1708 Cairncastle, Antrim

John MOORE, R.E. 1713 Ballycarry, Antrim

William MOORE, R.E. 1710, 12; C. 1715 Clough, Antrim

William MUNDALE, R.E. 1698 Dunean, Antrim

James MURDOGH, R.E. 1704 Ballymena, Antrim

William MURRAY, R.E. 1711 Larne, Antrim

Robert NEIL, R.E. 1717 Cushendall, Antrim

Alexander NEILSON, R.E. 1707 Dunean, Antrim

Robert NEILSON, R.E. 1694, 1707 Larne, Antrim

Robert NEILSON, R.E. 1697, 8 Antrim, Antrim

William NEILSON, R.E. 1704 Antrim, Antrim

Andrew NEVIN, R.E. 1697, 1706 Ballyclare, Antrim

John O'NEILL, P. 1717 Shane's Castle, Antrim

Patrick ORR, C. 1715 Clough, Antrim

Hugh OWENS, R.E. 1709, 14, 16, 18 Connor, Antrim

John PARK, R.E. 1713, 15 Ballyclare, Antrim

John PARKER, R.E. 1716 Dunean, Antrim

Samuel PARKER, R.E. 1712 Connor, Antrim

John PATERSON, R.E. 1707 Carrickfergus, Antrim

Peter PATERSON, R.E. 1706 Kilraughts, Antrim

Robert PATERSON, R.E. 1715 Billy, Antrim

Samuel PATERSON, R.E. 1703 Ballywillan, Antrim

Doctor PEACOCK, C. 1708, 9; R. E. 1710 Belfast, Antrim

Andrew PORTER, R.E. 1711 Ballyclare, Antrim

Thomas POTTS, R.E. 1715 Cushendall, Antrim

James RAINEY, R.E. 1694, 7 Duncan, Antrim

John RAINEY, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Robert RAINEY, R.E. 1706, 9, 11 Antrim, Antrim

Robert RAINEY sr., C. 1708 Antrim, Antrim

Robert RAINEY jr., C. 1708 Antrim, Antrim

William RAINEY, R.E. 1697, 1711 Belfast, Antrim

William RAINEY sr., C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

William RAINEY jr., C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Hugh REID, R.E. 1704 Ballywillan, Antrim

John REID, R.E. 1694, 1714 Braid, Antrim

Thomas REID, R.E. 1715, 18 Ballywillan, Antrim

Thomas REID, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

Daniel RITCHIE, R.E. 1715 Templepatrick, Antrim

James RITCHY, R.E. 1707 Randalstown, Antrim

William ROGERS, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

James ROSS, R.E. 1710 Finvoy, Antrim

John ROSS, R.E. 1716, 17 Ballymena, Antrim

Matthew ROSSEOTHOM, R.E.1697 Lisburn, Antrim

George RUSSEL, R.E. 1706 Carnmoney, Antrim

Hugh SCOT, R.E. 1711 Donegore, Antrim

Nicholas SHARP, C. 1708 Coagh or Ballinderry, Antrim

William SHARPS, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

Cap't John SHAW, R.E. 1708; C. 1717, 18 Antrim, Antrim

John SHAW, C. 1712, 18 Antrim, Antrim

Patrick SHAW, C. 1712 Antrim, Antrim

William SHAW, C. 1691 Donegore, Antrim

William SHAW, C. 1699 Antrim, Antrim

Cap't William SHAW, R. E. 1716 Antrim, Antrim

Col. William SHAW, C. 1717, 18 Antrim, Antrim

William SHAW, R.E. 1707, 12; C. 1712 Antrim, Antrim

Jo. SLOAN, R.E. 1694 Broadisland, Antrim

Samuel SMILY, R.E. 1704 Larne, Antrim

David SMITH, C. 1694 Belfast, Antrim

James SMITH, C. 1691, 1701 Donegore, Antrim

James SMITH, R.E. 1713 Cushendall, Antrim

John SMITH, R.E. 1703, 9 Lisburn, Antrim

John SMITH, R.E. 1710, 12, 15 Carnmoney, Antrim

John SMITH, R.E. 1715 Belfast, Antrim

Robert SMITH, R.E. 1712 Ballymena, Antrim

Samuel SMITH, R.E. 1713 Belfast, Antrim

Samuel SMITH jr., R.E. 1714 Belfast, Antrim

Robert SPEIR, C. 1691, 1709 Ballyclug, Antrim

James STARRAT, R.E. 1706 Ahoghill, Antrim

Gawin STEEL, C. 1715; R.E. 1718 Clough, Antrim

James STEUART, R.E. 1708 Dunean, Antrim

Robert STEUART, C. 1700 Lisburn, Antrim

James STEVENSON, C. 1709 Ballyclug, Antrim

James STEWART, R.E. 1703 Dunean, Antrim

Archibald STIRLING, R.E. 1704, 9, 12 Finvoy, Antrim

John STIRLING, R.E. 1692, 4 Templepatrick, Antrim

Adam STREAN, R.E. 1692 Ahoghill, Antrim

Archibald STUART, C. 1715 Kilraughts, Antrim

Hugh STUART, R.E. 1692 Ballyclug, Antrim

John STUART, R.E. 1718 Kilraughts, Antrim

William STUART, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Francis TAGGART, R.E. 1717 Ballyclare, Antrim

Alexander TAYLOR, R.E. 1718 Lisburn, Antrim

John TAYLOR, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

David TAYT, R.E. 1711 Cushendall, Antrim

Adam TEMPLETON Ballywillan, Antrim

Alan TEMPLETON, C. 1715 Ballymoney, Antrim

Matthew TEMPLETON, R.E. 1707, 9 Braid, Antrim

Hugh THOMB, R.E. 1708 Braid, Antrim

George THOMPSON, R.E. 1709 Ballymena, Antrim

John THOMPSON, R.E. 1713, 18 Ballymena, Antrim

William THOMPSON, R.E. 1708 Randalstown, Antrim

Samuel THOMSON, R.E. 1710 Antrim, Antrim

George TODD, R.E. 1708 Ballycaston, Antrim

John TOULAN, R.E. 1692 Carrickfergus, Antrim

John TURK, C. 1715 Twenty Quarter Lands (near Ballymoney, Antrim)

Evan TYLER, C. 1711; R.E. 1718 Kilraughts, Antrim

Clotworthy UPTON, R.E. 1711, 12, 16 Templepatrick, Antrim

Robert VERNOR, R.E. ??? Connor, Antrim

John WALKER, R.E. 1718 Ballyrashane, Antrim

Hugh WALLACE, R.E. 1707 Ballymena, Antrim

John WALLACE, R.E. 1692 Donegore, Antrim

Robert WEIR, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

John WHITE, R.E. 1717 Billy, Antrim

Arthur WHITESIDE, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

Peter WHITESIDE, R.E. 1705 Killead, Antrim

James WHYTE, R.E. 1715 Larne, Antrim

George WILLIAMS, R.E. 1713 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Andrew WILSON, R.E. 1707 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Edward WILSON, C. 1708 Belfast, Antrim

James WILSON, R.E. 1692 Islandmagee, Antrim

James WILSON, R.E. 1705 Ballymena, Antrim

John WILSON, R.E. 1714, 16 Ballinderry, Antrim

John WILSON, R.E. 1708 Donegore, Antrim

Robert WILSON, C. 1708, 14 Belfast, Antrim

Thomas WILSON, R.E. 1711 Ballyeaston, Antrim

Thomas WILSON, C. 1717 Antrim, Antrim

William WILSON, R.E. 1694 Islandmagee, Antrim

William WILSON, R.E. 1712, 15 Ballyeaston, Antrim

John WINDRON, R.E. 1710 Templepatrick, Antrim

James WOODS, C. 1714 Belfast, Antrim

Robert WOODSIDE, R.E. 1718 Ballyclare, Antrim

John WORKMAN, P. 1706 Macosquin, Antrim

John WRIGHT, R.E. 1718 Ballymoney, Antrim

James WYLY, R.E. 1698 Carnmoney, Antrim

John WYLY, R.E. 1703, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 Ahoghill, Antrim

William WYLY, R.E. 1705 Finvoy, Antrim

William WYLY, R.E. 1707, 10, 13 Dervock, Antrim

John YOUNG, merchant, 1701 Belfast, Antrim



The names in this list from Londonderry are as follows.


William AIKEN, 1709 Ballycogly, Derry?

John ALLEN, R. E. 1704 Ballykelly, Derry

William ALLEN, R. E. 1706 Garvagh, Derry

John ARMOUR, R. E. 1711 Maghera, Derry

Andrew ARMSTRONG, R. E. 1707 Castledawson, Derry

Robert ARMSTRONG, C. 1692 Maghera, Derry

Robert ARMSTRONG, R. E. 1705 Castledawson, Derry

James AUSTIN, C. 1706 Coleraine, Derry

Hugh BANKHEAD, C. 1691, 1706;R. E. 1698 Coleraine, Derry

David BARBER, R. E. 1706, 9 Limavady, Derry

John BELL, C. 1708 Ballyroney or Moneymore, Derry

Thomas BELL, 1709 Tirkvillan, Derry?

John BOYD, P. 1706 Macosquin, Derry

John BROWN, R. E. 1713 Limavady, Derry

William BROWN, R. E. 1706, 10 Moneymore, Derry

James BROWSTER, R. E. 1708 Aghadowey, Derry

John BRYSON, R. E. 1703 Moneymore, Derry

David CARGILL, R. E. 1694, 1707, 17 Aghadowey, Derry

William CASE, R. E. 1717 Boveva, Derry

John COCHRAN, R. E. 1703 Garvagh, Derry

Hugh CRAIG, R. E. 1715 Macosquin, Derry

Cap't Michael CUNNINGHAM, R. E. 1704 Glendermot, Derry

Archibald DRENAN, R. E. 1716 Moneymore, Derry

James DYKE, C. 1709 Moneymore, Derry

James EMPILL, R. E. 1697 Aghadowey, Derry

Andrew FERGUSON, 1709 Drumullan, Derry?

Hugh FLECK, 1709 Achavan, Derry?

Peter FULTON, R. E. 1704 Macosquin, Derry

John GALT, C. 1691, 1709 Coleraine, Derry

John GALT, R. E. 1712 Coleraine, Derry

James GARRAN, C. 1691 Maghera, Derry

John GEMBLE, R. E. 1718 Ballykelly, Derry

John GORDON, R. E. 1705, 15 Maghera, Derry

John GRAHAM, C. 1692 Maghera, Derry

William GUTRY, R. E. 1710 Ballykelly, Derry

John HAMILTON, R. E. 1710 Limavady, Derry

William HAMILTON, 1709 Ballydally (Ballydawley) Derry

John HARPER, C. 1709 Coleraine, Derry

James HEMPHILL, R. E. 1713 Macosquin, Derry

Hugh HENRY, R. E. 1706 Aghadowey, Derry

Dominick HEYLYN, W. 1707, 10 Macosquin, Derry

William HILL, C. 1694 near Aghadowey, Derry

James HOG, 1709 Ballygurch, Derry?

Robert HOPKIN, R. E. 1707, 12 Limavady, Derry

James HOUSTON, R. E. 1707, 10 Maghera, Derry

Andrew HUNTER, C. 1706, 9 Coleraine, Derry

Robert HUY, R. E. 1709 Kilrea, Derry

James JOHNSTON, 1709 Drummullan, Derry?

Richard JONES, R. E. 1713 Glendermot, Derry

Hugh KENNEDY, R. E. 1711 Kilrea, Derry

William KNIVEN, R. E. 1697 Glendermot, Derry

James LAWRENCE, R. E. 1716 Maghera, Derry

John LENNAN, R. E. 1697 Limavady, Derry

Matthew LERNAN, C. 1691 Maghera, Derry

John LESSLY, R. E. 1692 Coleraine, Derry

John LIGAT, C. 1691 Coleraine, Derry

Jo. LIGAT, R. E. 1694 Coleraine, Derry

John LOGHRIDGE, R. E. 1705 Aghadowey, Derry

John LOVE, W. 1704 Coleraine, Derry?

John LYN, R. E. 1708 Ballykelly, Derry

Alexander MCCANE, C. 1709;R. E. 1715 Moneymore, Derry

John MCCLELLAN, R. E. 1706 Maghera, Derry

George MCCONCHY, R. E. 1717 Moneymore, Derry

Thomas MCCORD, 1709 Edruna, Derry?

David MCCREIGH, R. E. 1708 Moneymore, Derry

John MCCREIGH, 1709 Drummady, Derry?

William MCELWAYNE, R. E. 1697 Moneymore, Derry

James MACKEE, R. E. 1709 Ballydally, Derry?

John MACKEE, R. E. 1694 Moneymore, Derry

John MACKEE, R. E. 1694 Maghera, Derry

John MACKEE, 1709 Ballygurch (Ballygurk), Derry

Daniel MCKELLY, C. 1694 near Aghadowey, Derry

Alexander MCKEWN, R. E. 1709 Moneymore, Derry

William MCMULLEN, 1709 Millinaho, Derry?

David MILLAR, R. E. 1704, 16 Aghadowey, Derry

Robert MILLAR, R. E. 1717 Ballykelly, Derry

John MILLS, R. E. 1703 Macosquin, Derry

John MOORE, C. 1694 Aghadowey, Derry

John MOORE, R. E. 1705 Macosquin, Derry

John MOORE, 1706 (brother-in-law of John Whitehead; Barbary captive Coleraine, Derry

Robert MOORE, R. E. 1704, 8 Monreagh, Derry

Samuel MOORE, R. E. 1708 Maghera, Derry

James MORRISON, R. E. 1714 Macosquin, Derry

Robert MORRISON, R. E. 1709 Ballykelly, Derry

James MURDOGH, R. E. 1712 Maghera, Derry

William NEVIN, C. 1691 Glendermot, Derry

Robert NUTT, R. E. 1698, 1709 Glendermot

John O'CAHAN, R. E. 1704, 13 Maghera, Derry

John ORR, R. E. 1708 Boveva, Derry

James OUSTEAN, C. 1691 Coleraine, Derry

John PATON, R. E. 1715 Ballykelly, Derry

John RAMAGE, R. E. 1711 Glendermot, Derry

Richard RANKIN, 1709 Tirkvillan, Derry?

James REA, C. 1692 Moneymore, Derry

Samuel READ, R. E. 1703 Kilrea, Derry

Moses REDMAN, 1709 Edruna, Derry?

Samuel REID, R. E. 1707 Kilrea, Derry

Robert ROBINSON, R. E. 1708 Glendermot, Derry

Hugh ROBINSON, R. E. 1710 Glendermot, Derry

Claud ROLAN, 1709 Ballynahone, Derry?

James ROSS, P. 1712 Derry

John RUSSEL, R. E. 1707 Boveva, Derry

John SHENNAN, R. E. 1708 Limavady, Derry

John SIRRILAW, R. E. 1709 Aghadowey, Derry

John SLOAN, R. E. 1705, 13 Moneymore, Derry

James SMITH, C. 1694 Macosquin, Derry

Robert SMITH, R. E. 1698 Kilrea, Derry

James STEVENSON, R. E. 1709 Boveva, Derry

James SUTLER, R. E. 1704 Garvagh, Derry

David THOMPSON, R. E. 1698, 1704, 7 Moneymore, Derry

John THOMPSON, R. E. 1697, C. 1709 Coleraine, Derry

Robert THOMPSON, R. E. 1706 Ballykelly, Derry

Robert THOMPSON, R. E. 1706 Glendermot, Derry

Alexander THOMSON, R. E. 1711 Maghera, Derry

William VANS, 1709 Achavan, Derry?

Jon VERNOR, C. 1691 Maghera, Derry

John WALKER, R. E. 1698 Limavady, Derry

William WEIR, R. E. 1712, 14 Moneymore, Derry

Alexander WILSON, R. E. 1715 Kilrea, Derry

Hugh WILSON, R. E. 1711 Ballykelly, Derry

William WILSON, R. E. 1707, 13 Ballykelly, Derry

George WOODBURN, R. E. 1710 Kilrea, Derry




The names in this list from County Donegal are as follows.


George ACHESON, R. E. 1711 Donegal, Donegal

Archibald ANDERSON, R. E. 1717 Fannet, Donegal

Thomas ANDREWS, R. E. 1705 Ramelton, Donegal

George ATCHESON, R. E. 1709 Donegal, Donegal

John BATHO of Derry md. 1701, Ann PATTERSON Taughboyne, Donegal

John BIDDELL, R. E. 1703 Monreagh, Donegal

Francis BOY, R. E. 1698 Burt, Donegal

Henry BOYLE, R. E. 1709 Monreagh, Donegal

William BRALTON, R. E. 1697 Burt, Donegal

John BRATTON, C. 1692 Taughboyne, Donegal

James BROWN, R. E. 1709 Ramelton, Donegal

James BROWN, R. E. 1708 Donegal, Donegal

John CALDWELL, R. E. 1692, 8 Ballindreat, Donegal

William CALDWELL, R. E. 1697 Ballindreat, Donegal

David CURRY, R. E. 1708 Letterkenny, Donegal

John DINNISTON, R. E. 1698 Ballindreat, Donegal

William DUNBAR, R. E. 1697 Ramelton, Donegal

Samuel ELDAR, R. E. 1708 Burt, Donegal

Robert FINNIE, R. E. 1711 Ballindreat, Donegal

William FULTON, R. E. 1704, 6, 9 Cardonagh, Donegal

Andrew HAMILTON, R. E. 1708 Ramelton, Donegal

Henry HAMILTON, R. E. 1709 Ray, Donegal

Major HANDCOCK, R. E. 1708, 11 Letterkenny, Donegal

Archibald HENDERSON, R. E. 1715 Convoy, Donegal

Henry KELSO, W. 1706 Raphoe, Donegal

Roger KEYS, R. E. 1713 Ballindreat, Donegal

Joseph LAYON, R. E. 1706 Ramelton, Donegal

John LINDSEY, R. E. 1712, 15 Monreagh, Donegal

William MCCRACKEN, P. 1711 Letterkenny, Donegal

James MCCREA, R. E. 1703 Ray, Donegal

Andrew MCTYRE, R. E. 1707 Cardonagh, Donegal

James MARSHALL, C. 1609 Taughboyne, Donegal

Thomas MOORE, R. E. 1707 Ramelton, Donegal

William MOORE, R. E. 1709 Ray, Donegal

James MORSON, R. E. 1698 Donaghmore, Donegal

Arthur PATERSON, R. E. 1704 Ray, Donegal

Arthur PATERSON, R. E. 1709 Burt, Donegal

David PATERSON, R. E. 1711 Monreagh, Donegal

Walter PATERSON, C. 1691 Taughboyne, Donegal

Walter PATERSON, R. E. 1707 Monreagh, Donegal

James PORTER, R. E. 1703 Burt, Donegal

James PORTER, R. E. 1716 Ballindreat, Donegal

John POTTS, R. E. 1717 Letterkenny, Donegal

William RUSSEL, R. E. 1711 Letterkenny, Donegal

William SCOT, R. E. 1703 Ramelton, Donegal

Andrew STEEL, R. E. 1715 Ballindreat, Donegal

William STEPHENSON, R. E. 1712 Ballindreat, Donegal

William Steward, parrish of Lifford, md. Margaret Wallis of Lifford, 1700 Donegal

James STRAWBRIDGE, R. E. 1706 Burt, Donegal

John WALKER, R. E. 1705 Burt, Donegal

David WALLACE, R. E. 1709 Fannet, Donegal

Thomas WARD, R. E. 1705 Dunfanaghy, Donegal



The names in this list from County Fermanagh are as follows.


Anthony FERN, C. ,1708 Summer-hill, Fermanagh

Samuel FERNS, C., 1710 Summer-hill, Fermanagh

John FERYS, R.E., 1707 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Cap't Robert GALBREATH, c., 1710 Summer-hill, Fermanagh

John GRACEY, R.E., 1711 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Robert GREG, R.E., 1705 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

David McGUSTY, R.E., 1709 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

David McQUISTIN, R.E., 1710 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Alexander MAITHLAND, R.E., 1704,1716 Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Thomas MERCER, R.E., 1697 Enniskillen, Fermanagh


The names in this list from Londonderry are as follows.


Thomas ALLISON, bapt. 1663 Londonderry

Isaac ANDERSON, md. 1727, Margaret Cochran "

John and Janet ARMSTRONG, 1681 "

Joseph ARMSTRONG, bapt. 1711 "

John BARNET, md. 1681, Katherine GILPATRICK "

William BARNET, md. 1665, Catherine VANCE "

Charles BARR, of Raphoe, md. 1684 Janet RAMSEY "

Thomas and Jean BELL, 1683 "

BOLTON, James and Margaret, 1682 "

BOYD, Adam and Katreen, 1678 "

Robert and Joanna BOYD, 1688 "

Thomas and Jean BOYD, 1687 "

William BOYD md. Agnes YOUNG, 1658 "

Hugh and Elizabeth BROWN, 1683 "

David and Jean CALDWELL, 1683 "

Archibald and Janet CAMPBELL, 1683 "

William and Ann CAMPBELL, 1683 "

James CLANDEVIN, buried 1675 "

Thomas and Elizabeth COCHRAN, 1684 "

Alexander CUNNINGHAM, md. Mary RANKIN, 1681 "

Andrew and Mary CUNNINGHAM, 1682 "

John and Grizell CUNNINGHAM, 1705 "

John and Mary CUNNINGHAM, 1684 "

John and Mary DAVIDSON, 1705 "

Theoplihis DAVIS, 1650 "

Thomas DONELSON, md. Martha PARKE, 1725 "

Andrew and Margaret DUNBAR, 1695 "

James and Janet FISHER, 1661 "

Robert GEMBLE, R. E. 1718 "

Alexander GRAY, of Toughboyne, md. Alice JAMISON, 1685 "

John HARVEY, C. 1710 "

William HINES, md. Jane MORRISON, 1649 "

Stephen and Mary HOLLAND, 1703 "

Samuel and Elizabeth HOPKINS, 1696 "

John HORNER, md. Jean MORISON, 1683 "

John and Elizabeth HUNTER, 1683 "

Andrew and Eleanor JACK, 1713 "

Alexander KENNEDY, R. E. 1709 "

Horace KENNEDY, C. 1710 "

John KER, md. Mary MCCALAM, 1683 "

James and Mary KINKEAD, 1705 "

William KYLE, md. Mary GEE, 1684 "

John LENOX, C. 1712 "

Alexander LINDSEY, 1727 "

Alexander and Ann MCALLISTER, 1725 "

Andrew and Katherine MCILWAIN, 1726 "

David MACKEE, md. Margaret PATTERSON, 1665 "

Alderman MACKY, C. 1716 "

Walter MARSHALL, R. E. 1713 "

James and Jane MITCHELL, 1686 "

John and Esther MITCHELL, 1686 "

John and Joanna MONTGOMERY, 1682 "

John and Ann MOORE, 1699 "

John MOORE, md. Elizabeth MORRISON, 1701 "

James and Mary MORRISON, 1701 "

Joseph MORRISON, C. 1712, 16 "

Robert and Ann MORRISON, 1683 "

James NESMITH, md. Jane BENNUMAS, 1659 "

David and Isabel ORR, 1683 "

Andrew and Jane PARK, 1704 "

Robert and Mary PARK, 1697 "

John PATERSON, md. Margaret KING, 1681 "

John and Ann PATERSON, 1695 "

Joseph PATON, md. Mary MCGILLHARAN, 1699 "

John PINKERTON, md. Elizabeth GRAHAM, 1684 "

John and Mary QUIGLEY, 1618 "

James RAMSEY, md. Martha HENDERSON, 1685 "

James RANKIN, md. Constance MCCORMEN, 1699 "

John RANKIN, md. Martha KINKEAD, 1703 "

Tomlin and Eleanor RANKIN, 1683 "

George READ, md. Janet SKEWIN, 1684 "

Robert and Abigail ROGERS, 1703 "

Thomas and Elizabeth SIMPSON, 1680 "

William and Janet SIMPSON, 1684 "

James and Ann SIMSON, 1681 "

Robert and Mary SMITH, 1686 "

Samuel and Katherine SMITH, 1692 "

Francis and Martha STEEL, 1696 "

Alexander and Sara (McLaughlan) STEUART, 1694 "

William and Mary STEUART, 1697 "

Robert STEVENSON, 1707 Molena (Near Londonderry)

Andrew and Katherine STEWART, 1693 Londonderry

George and Charity STEWART, 1683 "

James and Katherine THOMPSON, 1695 "

Robert and Mary TOM, 1684 "

John VANS, md. Elizabeth QUINNE, 1683 "

John WALBUR, md. Janet HOG, 1684 "

William WALLACE, md. Margaret MORRISON, 1663 "

James and Elizabeth WILSON, 1683 "


The names in this list from County Monaghan are as follows.


Hector ALLEN, R. E. 1706, 10, 12 Stonebridge, Monaghan

George ARMSTRONG, C. 1715 Monaghan, Monaghan

Thomas ARMSTRONG, R. E. 1707 Ballybay, Monaghan

Samuel BLACK, C. 1714, 15 Monaghan

Patrick BROWN, R. E. 1705 Drum, Monaghan

Archibald BRYSON, R. E. 1718 Stonebridge, Monaghan

Hugh CADERWOOD, R. E. 1709, 17 Drum, Monaghan

Thomas CAMPBELL, R. E. 1705, 11, 13, 14 Ballybay, Monaghan

Alexander CUMMIN, R. E. 1703 Monaghan

John FEE, C. 1715 Monaghan

William FERNS, R. E. 1716 Glennan, Monaghan

John GILMORE, C. 1714, 15 Monaghan

Richard GRAHAM, R. E. 1698, 1704, 7 Monaghan

Robert HAMILTON, R. E. 1708 Monaghan

Cap't Robert HAMILTON, C. 1718 Drum, Monaghan

James HOW, R. E. 1709 Monaghan

Thomas JOHNSTON, C. 1714 Trewgh, Monaghan

Alexander LAWSON, R. E. 1712, 14, 16 Drum, Monaghan

James MCCONCHY, C. 1716 Monaghan

John MCCREIGH, R. E. 1703 Ballybay, Monaghan

John MCCULLOGH, R. E. 1708, 10 Ballybay, Monaghan

Patrick MCFERRAN, C. 1714, 18 Breaky, Monaghan?

Andrew MCGLAHRY, R. E. 1718 Glennan, Monaghan

William MCMURRAN, C. 1716 Monaghan

Hugh MAHAFFY, R. E. 1709 Ballybay, Monaghan

Adam MENZIES, R. E. 1708 Stonebridge, Monaghan

Robert MOORE, C. 1718 Drum, Monaghan

Nathan NESBIT, C. 1718 Ban Breaky, Monaghan?

Thomas PAXTON, C. 1713 Monaghan

William PORTER, C. 1715 Monaghan

David POTTS, C. 1716 Monaghan

Hugh PRINGLE, R. E. 1710 Drum, Monaghan

John RANDLE, R. E. 1705 Monaghan

Elias RUTHERFORD, R. E. 1716 Ballybay, Monaghan

John SLOAN, R. E. 1712, 18 Ballybay, Monaghan

John STREAN, R. E. 1711 Stonebridge, Monaghan

Archibald VANS, C. 1718 Drum, Monaghan

Alexander WILSON, R. E. 1717 Ballybay, Monaghan




The names in this list from County Tyrone are as follows...


William AGNEW, C, 1714 Minterburn,Tyrone

Robert ARESKIN, R.E.,1709,1717 Strabane,Tyrone

John ARMSTRONG, R.E.,1708,1714 Cavanaleck,Tyrone

Thomas ARMSTRONG, R.E.,1704 Clogher,Tyrone

John BARBER, R.E.,1705 Omagh,Tyrone

William BETY, C.,1692 Derriloran,Tyrone

Francis BELL, C.,1711,1714 Aghaloo,Tyrone

Francis BELL, R.E.,1710,1712,1714 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

Alexander BIRNEY, R.E.,1710 Cavanaleck,Tyrone

John BOYD, R.E.,1704,1707,1710,1711,1713,1714,1715 Brigh, Tyrone

John BOYD, R.E.,1709 Omagh, Tyrone

John BOYD, R.E.,1706 Cookstown, Tyrone

James BRISBIN, R.E.,1703 Cookstown, Tyrone

Mr. BRODLY, R.E.,1712 Strabane, Tyrone

William BROOMFIELD, R.E.,1707 Fintona, Tyrone

John BROWN, C.E.,1704 Cookstown, Tyrone

John BROWN, P.,1716 Dungannon, Tyrone

William BROWN, R.E.,1711 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

James BRYSON, R.E.,1708 Cookstown, Tyrone

John BRYSON, R.E.,1712 Coagh, Tyrone

John BURNSIDE, R.E.,1697 Clogher, Tyrone

William CAIRNS, C.,1691 Clogher, Tyrone

Thomas CAMPBELL, R.E., 1706 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

James CARR, C.E. 1697 Minterburn, Tyrone

Andrew CARSON, R.E., 1704 Ardstraw, Tyrone

Robert CARSON, R.E.,1697 Strabane, Tyrone

David CHALMERS, R.E.,1697,1709,1710 Cookstown, Tyrone

Captain COCHRAN,C. 1714 Kinnaird, Tyrone

Oliver CRAWFORD, R.E.,1716 Donagheady, Tyrone

William CRAWFORD, R.E., 1704 Omagh, Tyrone

William CRAWFORD, R.E., 1709 Brigh, Tyrone

Alexander CUDDIE, R.E., 1707,1709,1710 Dungannon, Tyrone

James CULTON, R.E., 1711 Minterburn, Tyrone

James DARRAGH, R.E., 1707 Ardstraw, Tyrone

John DAVIDSON, R.E., 1710 Benburb, Tyrone

Thomas DAVIDSON, R.E., 1718 Urney, Tyrone

Archibald DAYBURN, R.E., 1706 Strabane, Tyrone

William DUNCAN, R.E., 1710 Fintona, Tyrone

Thomas EDWARDS, R.E., 1717 Castlederg, Tyrone

William ESPY, R.E., 1713 Cookstown, Tyrone

William FERNS, C., 1714 Kinnaird, Tyrone

William FERRON,R.E., 1704 Minterburn, Tyrone

James FISHER, R.E., 1707 Benburb, Tyrone

John FISHER, R.E., 1707,11,16,17,18 Benburb, Tyrone

James GIBSON, R.E., 1705 Clogher, Tyrone

Samuel GORDON, R.E., 1705,8,15 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

Thomas GREG, R.E., 1711 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

Timothy GRIER, C., 1691 Kinnaird, Tyrone

John HANNAH, R.E., 1703,11 Dungannon, Tyrone

James HENRY, R.E.,1712 Castledawson, Tyrone

John HENRY, R.E., 1704 Dungannon, Tyrone

William HERRON, R.E., 1710 Minterburn, Tyrone

James HOG, R.E., 1716,1718 Coagh, Tyrone

James HOG, R. E., 1708 Coagh,Tyrone

John HOG, R. E. 1691 Derriloran, Tyrone

John HORSHBRUGH, R. E. 1712 Omagh, Tyrone

Andrew HUNTER, R. E. 1703 Ardstraw, Tyrone

Thomas HUNTER, R. E. 1703 Minterburn, Tyrone

Duncan JOHNSON, C. 1708 Coagh, Tyrone

John JOHNSTON, R. E. 1710 Strabane, Tyrone

Richard KENKIN, C. 1708 Coagh, Tyrone

James KENNEDY, C. 1691 Clogher, Tyrone

James KENNEDY, R. E. 1709 Clogher, Tyrone

William KENNEDY, R. E. 1709,1710 Castledawson, Tyrone

Hugh KER, R. E. 1705 Clogher, Tyrone

James KER, R. E. 1705 Minterburn, Tyrone

James KER, R. E. 1709 Donagheady, Tyrone

James KILGOUR, R. E. 1707 Donagheady, Tyrone

William KING, R. E. 1718 Fintona, Tyrone

Alexander KNOX, R. E. 1705, 7, 12 Cookstown, Tyrone

Joseph LADLEY, R. E. 1718 Brigh, Tyrone

John LAWRY, R. E. 1708 Donagheady, Tyrone

John LAWSON, R. E. 1713 Coagh, Tyrone

Adam LYND, R. E. 1713 Cookstown, Tyrone

James MCCOME, R. E. 1713 Minterburn, Tyrone

Fergus, MCCULLOCH, R. E. 1709 Minterburn, Tyrone

Robert MCDUG, R. E. 1713 Castledawson, Tyrone

Robert MCENTYR, R. E. 1705 Donagheady, Tyrone

John MCFARLIN, R. E. 1716 Badoney, Tyrone

Richard MCGAU, 1709 Ballynarga, Tyrone

Fergus MCGUFFOCK, C. 1714 Minterburn, Tyrone

Robert MCNEDNY, R. E. 1715 Castledawson, Tyrone

John MCNEIL, C. 1708 Coagh, Tyrone

Alexander MARTIN, R. E. 1710 Omagh, Tyrone

Maurice MATIRE, R. E. 1706 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

William MAXWELL, R. E. 1705 Strabane, Tyrone

Mr. METCH, R. E. 1712 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

Robert MILLAR, R. E. 1709 Fintona, Tyrone

Alexander MITCHELL, 1709 Liscasy, Tyrone

David MITCHELL, C. 1691 Donaghmore, Tyrone

Hugh MOORE, R. E. 1707 Omagh, Tyrone

John MOORE, R. E. 1703 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

John MOORE, C. 1711 Aghaloo, Tyrone

Patrick MOORE, R. E. 1708 Fintona, Tyrone

Thomas MOORE, R. E. 1709 Urney, Tyrone

William MOREHEAD, R. E. 1709 Ardstraw, Tyrone

Horas MURRAY, R. E. 1706 Minterburn, Tyrone

Richard NESBIT, R. E. 1713 Donagheady, Tyrone

John PATERSON, R. E. 1708, 18 Dungannon, Tyrone

Thomas PATON, R. E. 1707 Urney, Tyrone

Robert PATRICK, R. E. 1697 Ardstraw, Tyrone

Andrew PIKAN, R. E. 1704 Donagheady, Tyrone

Hugh PIPER, R. E. 1718 Winterburn, Tyrone

Charles POLLOCK, R. E. 1706 Donagheady, Tyrone

Alexander PRINGLE, C. 1714 Kinnaird, Tyrone

Hugh RAINEY, R. E. 1698, 1704 Castledawson, Tyrone

John RAINEY, R. E. 1714 Castledawson, Tyrone

Robert RAWLSTON, R. E. 1707 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

Hugh REID, R. E. 1705 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

Robert RIDDEL, R. E. 1698 Urney, Tyrone

Thomas ROBINSON, R. E. 1708 Benburb, Tyrone

James RODGER, R. E. 1703 Omagh, Tyrone

Robert SMELY, R. E. 1708 Ardstraw, Tyrone

James STEPHENSON, R. E. 1712 Brigh, Tyrone

James STEVENSON, R. E. 1703, 5 Brigh, Tyrone

John STEVENSON, R. E. 1708 Brigh, Tyrone

John STEWART, R. E. 1698 Dungannon, Tyrone

John STIRLING, R. E. 1715 Benburb, Tyrone

William SWAN, C. 1691 Donaghmore, Tyrone

Thomas TAGGARD, R. E. 1705 Ardstraw, Tyrone

David THOMPSON, R. E. 1714, 16, 17 Coagh, Tyrone

Robert THOMPSON, R. E. 1717 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

Thomas THOMPSON, R. E. 1713 Cavanaleck, Tyrone

John TODD, C. 1714 Kinnaird, Tyrone

John TODD, R. E. 1714 Minterburn, Tyrone

William URY, C. 1691 Clogher, Tyrone

John VERNOR, R. E. 1697 Castledawson, Tyrone

William VERNOR, R. E. 1706, 8 Castledawson, Tyrone

Samuel WACHOP, R. E. 1713 Fintona, Tyrone

Gilbert WATSON, R. E. 1704 Aughnacloy, Tyrone

James WATSON, C. 1711 Aghaloo, Tyrone

Robert WATSON, R. E. 1712 Urney, Tyrone

William WATSON, R. E. 1697 Dungannon, Tyrone

William WIGTON, R. E. 1717 Clogher, Tyrone

James WILSON, R. E. 1711 Fintona, Tyrone

John WILSON, R. E. 1698 Ardstraw, Tyrone

John WILSON, R. E. 1706 Brigh, Tyrone

Robert WILSON, R. E. 1706, 10 Clogher, Tyrone