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1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment

Contributed by Vynette Sage

O'Beirne, Rev. Rossorry Portora 1826
O'Brien, Harry Drumkeeran Ednatecrumin 1832
O'Brien, James Cleenish Drumcully 1834
O'Brien, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
O'Brien, John Cleenish Cavanmore 1834
O'Brien, John Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
O'Brien, Martin Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
O'Brien, Michl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
O'Brien, Michl. Inishmacsaint Muckinagh 1834
O'Brien, Terence Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
O'Brine, Andw. Rossorry Drumlion 1826
O'Bryan, Alexr. Rossorry Drumlion 1826
O'Bryan, Andw. Rossorry Drumaweil 1826
O'Bryan, James Enniskillen Magonrough 1832
O'Dare, John Inishmacsaint Carncik 1834
O'Dare, John Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
O'Donald, Widow Derryvullen Ardlogher 1835
O'Donell, Chas. Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
O'Donell, Hugh Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
O'Donell, James Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
O'Donell, James Galloon Donagh 1834
O'Donell, Jas. Galloon Rockfield 1834
O'Donell, John Drumkeeran Tulnashamer 1832
O'Donell, Roger Drumkeeran Middletown 1832
O'Donnel, James Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
O'Donnell, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, Cath. Galloon Drummusky 1834
O'Donnell, Daniel Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
O'Donnell, Hugh Magheracross Sessagh 1829
O'Donnell, Hugh Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, John Magheraculmoney Nedsherry 1828
O'Donnell, Jos. Drumkeeran Gubbyhip 1832
O'Donnell, O. Magheraculmoney Leehan 1828
Ogle, Geo. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Ogle, Geo. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Ogle, James Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Ogle, James Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Ogle, Wm. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Ogle, Wm. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
O'Hara, Bryan Cleenish Teeban 1834
Oliver, Geo. Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Oliver, Geo. Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, Henry Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, James Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, James, jun. Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, Samuel Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, Wm., jun. Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Oliver, Wm., sen. Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
O'Nail, John Aghalurcher Attiponer 1833
O'Neal, Mr. Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
O'Neal, Bryan Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
O'Neal, Fras. Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
O'Neal, Hugh Drumkeeran Carricoghtra 1832
O'Neil, Arthur Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
O'Neil, Henry Enniskillen Killynure 1832
O'Neil, John Cleenish Drumcully 1834
O'Neil, Patrick Cleenish Derins East 1834
O'Neil, Patrick Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
O'Neill, Frank Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
O'Neill, Fras. Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
O'Neill, Fras. Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
O'Neill, Jas. Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
O'Neill, John Belleek Garvary East 1832
O'Neill, Kev. Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
O'Neill, Patrick Cleenish Derryhamlagh 1834
O'Neill, Patt Killesher Drumcannon 1828
O'Neill, Widow Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
O'Reilly, Joseph, Rev. Cleenish Cloonaharon 1834
O'Reily, Mr. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Ormsby, Dick Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Ormston, Geo. Galloon Bohora 1834
Ormston, Geo. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Ormston, Mungo Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Ormston, Thos., jun. Galloon Bohora 1834
Ormston, Thos., sen. Galloon Bohora 1834
Orr, Henry Aghavea Ervey 1832
Orr, James Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Orr, James Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Orr, Joseph Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Orr, Joseph, sen. Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Orr, Robert Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Orr, Thomas Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Orr, Thos. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Osbourne, George Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Ovenden, Dr. Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Ovenden, William Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Overend, John Cleenish Snowhill 1834
Owen, John Aghalurcher Legatilledea 1833
Owen, Low. Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Owens, A. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Owens, A. Inishmacsaint Drumbokerry 1834
Owens, Miss Inishmacsaint Slishgarrow 1834
Owens, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Owens,......... Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Owens, ......... Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Owens, Amelia Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Owens, Bartle Enniskillen Cullin 1832
Owens, Catherine Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Owens, Charles Enniskillen Cavinaleck 1832
Owens, Edward Aghavea Tullyreagh 1834
Owens, Edward Enniskillen Cooleran 1832
Owens, Edward Enniskillen Pubble 1832
Owens, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Owens, Elenor Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Owens, Elizabeth Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Owens, Francis Aghalurcher Corrofatt 1833
Owens, Francis Enniskillen Doon 1832
Owens, Gerard Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Owens, Gerrard Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Owens, Hugh Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Owens, Hugh Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Owens, James Aghalurcher Legatilledea 1833
Owens, James Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Owens, James Enniskillen Letterbailey 1832
Owens, James Magheraculmoney Augharinny 1828
Owens, Jane Boho Drumgamph 1827
Owens, Jas., Rev. Cleenish Drumagever 1834
Owens, Jas. Magheraculmoney Big Ednaclaw 1828
Owens, John Aghalurcher Crockadreen 1833
Owens, John Aghalurcher Mullinaburttin 1833
Owens, John Cleenish Tullyballina 1834
Owens, John Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Owens, John Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Owens, John Magheraculmoney Gulladough 1828
Owens, John Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Owens, Patrick Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Owens, Patrick Magheraculmoney Aughagafort 1828
Owens, Peter Enniskillen Doon 1832
Owens, Phil Aghalurcher Corrofatt 1833
Owens, Phil Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Owens, Phill Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Owens, Phillip Aghavea Tatnamoner 1834
Owens, Richard Boho Drumma 1827
Owens, Richard Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Owens, Richd. Rossorry Winmilhill 1826
Owens, Terence Boho Farnaconnell 1827
Owens, Terence Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Owens, Terence Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Owens, Thomas Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Owens, Thomas Killesher Wheathill 1828
Owens, Thos. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Owens, Widow Enniskillen Glen 1832
Owens, Widow Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Owens, Wm. Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Ownes, Jorgns. Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Paisley, Andrew Aghalurcher Corrynewy 1833
Paisley, Robert Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Paisley, Thomas Aghalurcher Corryanbe 1833
Palmer, James Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Palmer, James Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Palmer, James Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Palmer, Jas. Aghalurcher Aughnascue 1833
Palmer, John Enniskillen Glen 1832
Palmer, Rebecca Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Palmer, Richard Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Palmer, Thomas Aghalurcher Foglish 1833
Parker, Andy. Derryvullen Milltate 1835
Parker, John Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Parker, Thomas Killesher Clintymullen 1828
Parker, Thos. Cleenish Orahbeg 1834
Parker, William Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Parkinson, Hill. Enniskillen Killynure 1832
Parkinson, James Aghalurcher Edrigole 1833
Parsons, Chas. Rossorry Mullalogan 1826
Parsons, Robert Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Parsons, Robert Rossorry Rossorry 1826
Paterson, Thos. Magheracross Coa 1829
Patten, Arthur Drumkeeran Gortgeeran 1832
Patterson,....... Cleenish Bellisle 1834
Patterson,....... Magheraculmoney Aughama 1828
Patterson, Hugh Galloon Innisfendra 1834
Patterson, John Aghalurcher Crohan 1833
Patterson, John Aghalurcher Forphy 1833
Patterson, John Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Patterson, Lanty Drumkeeran Drummackahun 1832
Patterson, Thos. Cleenish Drumawillen 1834
Patterson, William Belleek Tullyfad 1832
Patton, John Drumkeeran Glassmullagh 1832
Patton, John Galloon Ports 1834
Patty, Michael Derryvullen Monalla 1835
Paul, James Aghalurcher Derinavogy 1833
Paul, Marshal Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Payne, Wm. Inishmacsaint Favagh 1834
Pensley, James Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Pensley, Wm. Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Peper, Wm. Rossorry Killybrede 1826
Percival, Colonel Derryvullen Lougherne/Gaffer 1835
Percival, Colonel Derryvullen Lougherne/Isle Amanfin 1835
Perry, John Aghavea Coolcoughill 1832
Perry, John Derrybrusk Gola and Ardnacarrow 1825
Perry, Mark Aghalurcher Lisnagole 1833
Perry, Susan Aghalurcher Lisnagole 1833
Perry, William Enniskillen Knocknastackin 1832
Perse, Henry Rossorry Mulnecaw 1826
Peters, Alice Galloon Donagh 1834
Peters, Forbis Galloon Drumcullia 1834
Peters, Forbis Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Peterson, James Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Pettigrew, James Cleenish Drummod 1834
Petty, John Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Petty, John Drumkeeran Kilagarry 1832
Petty, Nicholas Derryvullen Doonan/Mullybrack 1835
Petty, William Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Petty, Wm. Drumkeeran Innisklen 1832
Phair, James Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Phair, Jane Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Phair, Sidney Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Phair, Widow Cleenish Cessiagh 1834
Philips, Edwd. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Pjilips, James Magheraculmoney Aughaleague 1828
Phillippen, William Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Phillippen, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Phillippin, Wm. Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Phillips, John Magheracross Bara 1829
Phillips, Walker Rossorry Boara 1826
Phillips, William Cleenish Faughart 1834
Phillips, William Cleenish Mullymesker 1834
Pierce, Henry Aghavea Mulnadoran 1832
Pierse, Edwd. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Pierse, Geo. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Pierse, Henry Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Piper, J. Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Piper, James Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Piper, Joseph Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Piper, Wm. Rossorry Resole 1826
Plunket, Christ. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Plunket, Robt. Jr. Galloon Derryadd 1834
Plunkett, Hugh Killesher Drumgague 1828
Plunkett, John Killesher Drumgague 1828
Plunkett, Peter Cleenish Mullymesker 1834
Plunkett, Thomas Killesher Trustan 1828
Pogue, Andrew Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Polly, James Derryvullen Drumbow 1835
Polly, Pattissen Derryvullen Drumbow 1835
Porter, Greg., Rev. Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Porter, Grey, Rev. Cleenish Bellisle 1834
Porter, Grey, Rev. Cleenish Derryharney 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Bellisle 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Bilberny Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Carrickmacrank Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Creaghanonacwallan Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Creaghnanousk Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Derryholaght 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Derryhoney 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Faughart 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Inniscreagh Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Killygoan Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Staff Island 1834
Porter, J.G., Rev. Cleenish Tonroger Island 1834
Porter, James, Rev. Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Porter, James Magheracross Telerane 1829
Porter, Jane Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porter, Jas., jun. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porter, Jas., sen. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porter, Mathew Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porter, Robert Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Porter, Wm., jun. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porter, Wm., sen. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Porters, John Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Porters, Richard Cleenish Clonatrig 1834
Porteus, David Rossorry Cloughan 1826
Porteus, Patrick Cleenish Mullygarry 1834
Porteus, Robert Cleenish Mullygarry 1834
Porteus, William Cleenish Leamore 1834
Porteus, William Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Portie, Rutherford Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Portie, Rutherford Aghalurcher Tullynorth 1833
Portins, Charles Magheracross Mullaghman 1829
Portle, Rutherford Aghalurcher Lisduff 1833
Portteus, David Rossorry Miltown 1826
Potter, Francis Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Potter, Jno. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Potter, Thos. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Potters, Frank Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Potters, James Trory Tullyavey 1825
Potters, John Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Potters, Robert Enniskillen Doon 1832
Potters, Thomas, jun. Enniskillen Doon 1832
Potters, Thomas, sen. Enniskillen Doon 1832
Potters, Wm. Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Potts, John Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Potts, Robert Derrybrusk Killygraney 1825
Potts, Robert Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Potts, William Aghavea Rathkeeland 1832
Powell, John Killesher Dreean 1828
Powell, Thomas Killesher Drummuck 1828
Power, Mrs. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Pratt, Edward Aghalurcher Moore 1833
Pratt, Edward, sen. Aghalurcher Moore 1833
Prentice, Christopher Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Prentice, Thomas Enniskillen Killee 1832
Prentice, Thomas Enniskillen Shanco 1832
Prentice, William Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Prentice, William Cleenish Derryhoney 1834
Presly, Jas. Drummully Annaghmullin 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Clinaroo 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Clogher 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Edergole 1828
Presly, Jas. Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Presly, Jos. Drummully Clinshanagh 1828
Presly, Jos. Drummully Drumorin 1828
Preston, George Magheraculmoney Ardess 1828
Preston, John Enniskillen Drumgay 1832
Price, Archy. Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Price, James Cleenish Mullymesker 1834
Price, James Derryvullen Lackaboy 1835
Price, James Enniskillen Inniskeen 1832
Price, John Cleenish Killywillen 1834
Price, John Enniskillen Little Ring 1832
Price, John Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Price, Noble Cleenish Carney Hill 1834
Price, Robert Killesher Rosmacawena 1828
Price, Saml. Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Price, Widow Cleenish Toneylummon 1826
Price, William Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Primrose, Edward Enniskillen Furnace 1832
Primrose, Samuel Enniskillen Furnace 1832
Primrose, William Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
Pruntey, Thomas Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Prunty, Chas. Galloon Derabeg East 1834
Prunty, Thomas Aghavea Nulfield 1832
Pursby, Jas. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Pursley, Richard Rossorry Crown Hall 1826
Pursley, Robert Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Pye, John Derryvullen Leamore 1835
Quade, Terry Magheraculmoney Largy 1828
Quigley, William Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Quigly, John Cleenish Drumbargy 1834
Quigly, John Cleenish Killywillen 1834
Quigly, Pat. Cleenish Sessnagh 1834
Qugly, Wm. Cleenish Sessnagh 1834
Quin,.......... Boho Teebunnan 1827
Quin, Condy Belleek Ballinadoughey 1832
Quin, Coney Belleek Graffy 1832
Quin, Daniel Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Quin, Daniel Belleek Graffy 1832
Quin, Daniel Belleek South Commons 1832
Quin, Edward Aghalurcher Killmore 1833
Quin, Edwd. Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Quin, Hugh Belleek Magheracross 1832
Quin, James Belleek Magheracross 1832
Quin, John Belleek Townagorm 1832
Quin, Mich. Belleek Ballymagaghran 1832
Quin, Samuel Derryvullen Clonaghisle 1835
Quin, Thomas Belleek Aughterdrain 1832
Quin, Thomas Belleek Belleek (Tenements) 1832
Quin, Thomas Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Quin, William Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Quinn, Daniel Inishmacsaint Morindouge 1834
Quinn, James Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Quinn, James Rossorry Locard 1826
Quinn, Joseph Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Quinn, Pat Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Quinton,............ Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Quinton, Dennis Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Quinton, Dennis Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Quinton, James Rossorry Ballaghmore 1826
Quinton, John Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Quinton, John Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Quinton, Thos. Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Quinton, William Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Rafferty, Michael Aghalurcher Crocknagrawley 1833
Rafferty, Patt. Aghalurcher Crocknagrawley 1833
Rainbird, James Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Rainbird, John Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Rainbird, Samuel Aghavea Drummarraght 1832
Ralston, James Magheracross Drumconlin? 1829
Ramsay, Aron Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, Aron Derryvullen Clonaghisle 1835
Ramsay, Christr. Derryvullen Cantatrindle 1835
Ramsay, Christr. Derryvullen Dhring 1835
Ramsay, Francis Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, Francis Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Ramsay, George Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Ramsay, George Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Ramsay, Henry Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, James Derryvullen Drumsara 1835
Ramsay, John Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, John Derryvullen Drumbow 1835
Ramsay, John Derryvullen Drumchrin 1835
Ramsay, John Derryvullen Drumsara 1835
Ramsay, Johnston Derryvullen Boyaghan 1835
Ramsay, Johnston Derryvullen Drumsara 1835
Ramsay, Ralph Derryvullen Boyaghan 1835
Ramsay, Robert Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, Thomas Derryvullen Doonan/Mullybrack 1835
Ramsay, Thomas Derryvullen Tullylammy 1835
Ramsay, Widow A. Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsay, William Derryvullen Dorroo 1835
Ramsay, William Enniskillen Drumnamail 1832
Ramsay, William, jun. Derryvullen Ballindoughlough Inner 1835
Ramsey, Andrew Aghalurcher Beagh 1833
Ramsey, Francis Aghalurcher Beagh 1833
Ramsey, Francis Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Ramsey, Francis Aghalurcher Killmore 1833
Ramsey, Samuel Aghalurcher Simpany 1833
Rankin, Geo. Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Rankin, George Cleenish Corryglass 1834
Rankin, George Cleenish Gardrum 1834
Rankin, George Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Rankin, James Rossorry Crown Hall 1826
Rankin, Jas. Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Rankin, John Cleenish Aughanagh 1834
Rankin, John Cleenish Killymananappy 1834
Rankin, John Enniskillen Drumcoo 1832
Rankin, William Rossorry Crown Hall 1826
Rasdall, William Killesher Marlbank 1828
Rassdall, William Cleenish Belcoo 1834
Rawford, Francis Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Ray, George Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Ray, James Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Ray, James Galloon Doohat 1834
Ray, Patt. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Ray, Ralph Enniskillen Moysnaught 1832
Rea, Andrew Magheraculmoney Mullanrody 1828
Rea, Andrew Magheraculmoney See Muldoon 1828
Rea, John Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Read, Alexander Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Read, Edward Killesher Clionagh 1828
Read, George Aghalurcher Derrintoney 1833
Read, George Aghalurcher Derryhullen 1833
Read, Hugh, jun. Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Read, Hugh, sen. Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Read, James Aghalurcher Derrintoney 1833
Read, James Enniskillen Edinbawn 1832
Read, John Killesher Gortaree 1828
Read, Thomas Killesher Curragh 1828
Read, Thomas Killesher Gortaree 1828
Read, Thos. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Read, Widow Boho Aughahooran 1827
Red, Mylse Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Redd, Mylse Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Reed, ............. Drummully Drummully 1828
Reed, Edwd. Magheracross Drumkeen 1829
Reed, John Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Reed, Tomas. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Reeves, ............ Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Regan, James Cleenish Carrentremal 1834
Regan, Laurence Cleenish Drumawillen 1834
Reid, Andrew Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Reid, Arthur Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Reid, James Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Reid, James Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Reid, Nicholas Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Reignbirds, Jas. Cleenish Drummod 1834
Reilley, James Aghalurcher Crockaness 1833
Reilley, James Rossorry Mullalogan 1826
Reilley, Jane Rossorry Carrigan 1826
Reilley, John Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Reilley, Richard Aghalurcher Coolbeg 1833
Reilley, Thomas Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Reilley, Thomas Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Reilly, Rev. Cleenish Faughart 1834
Reilly, Benard Enniskillen Glen 1832
Reilly, Bernard Enniskillen Bigh 1832
Reilly, Chas. Rossorry Scaffoch 1826
Reilly, Edward Aghalurcher Glassdrummon 1833
Reilly, Edwd. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Reilly, Hugh Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Reilly, James Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Reilly, James Galloon Drumgullagh 1834
Reilly, Jas. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Reilly, Jas. Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Reilly, John Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Reilly, John Galloon Killaraw 1834
Reilly, Owen Killesher New Tate 1828
Reilly, Owen Rossorry Scaffoch 1826
Reilly, Patt Galloon Kavenagh 1834
Reilly, Phill Galloon Corlatt 1834
Reilly, Richd. Cleenish Gobrusdina 1834
Reilly, Terence Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Reilly, Thomas Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Reilly, Thos. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Reilly, W. Trory Laragh 1825
Reilly, William Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Reilly, William Aghalurcher Lisduff 1833
Reilly, Wm. Rossorry Scaffoch 1826
Reily, B. Inishmacsaint Carrenmore 1834
Reily, Darby Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Reily, Frank Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Reily, Hugh Inishmacsaint Corrybriskenagh 1834
Reily, Miles Drumkeeran Gortaree 1832
Reily, Phill. Drummully Clingacona 1828
Reily, Phillip Drummully Clincalick 1828
Reily, Widow Inishmacsaint Drumbadrevy 1834
Reily, Widow Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Reily, William Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Renick, Alexr. Drummully Derigosh 1828
Rennick,........... Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Rennick, Sgt. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Rennick, Major Trory Derryargin 1825
Rennick, James Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Rennick, James Galloon Derabeg West 1834
Rennick, Jas. Galloon Tiraffy 1834
Rennick, John Galloon Derracorby 1834
Rennick, Lewis Aghalurcher Forphy 1833
Rexter, Thos. Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Reynolds, Hu. Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Reynolds, James Boho Tullygenavra 1827
Reynolds, John Galloon Derranacrow 1834
Reynolds, William Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Richardson, Major Derryvullen Lougherne/Horse 1835
Richardson, Major Derryvullen Lougherne/Innishcoonra 1835
Richardson, Major Derryvullen Lougherne/Innishdayharn 1835
Richardson, Major Derryvullen Lougherne/Innishdevaragh 1835
Richardson, Alexander Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Richardson, Jno., Rev. Magheraculmoney Clonismeen Island 1828
Richardson, John, Rev. Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Richey, James Magheracross Sydare 1829
Ricky, Wm. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Riddall, Hugh Drummully Clincalick 1828
Riddell, Hugh Drummully Clinisten 1828
Riddle, Hugh Aghavea Ardmoney 1832
Riddle, James Aghavea Ardmoney 1832
Rielly, Hugh, Rev. Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Rielly, Hugh, Rev. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Rielly, William Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Righel, James Aghalurcher Tranish 1833
Righel, Owen Aghalurcher Tranish 1833
Rinne, Charles Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Ritch, James Magheracross Drumbolkin 1829
Ritchey, Samuel Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Roache, Thos. Cleenish Cornagee 1834
Roalston, James Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Roan, Noher Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Roan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Roan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Roan, Thos. Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Roarke, Francis Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Roarke, James Cleenish Slapporagh 1834
Roarke, Owen Cleenish Kiltyfelin 1834
Roberts, John Killesher Killirnaho 1828
Roberts, Saml., Rev. Derryvullen White Hill Glebe 1835
Roberts, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Roberts, Wm. Rossorry Rigg 1826
Robinson,............ Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Robinson, Alex. Galloon Bellahullagh 1834
Robinson, Alexr. Cleenish Tully 1834
Robinson, Alexr. Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Robinson, Alexr. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Alexr. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Robinson, Andrew Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Robinson, Arthur Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Robinson, Char. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Char., sen. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Christ. Magheracross Magharamp 1829
Robinson, Christopher Aghalurcher Lisnagole 1833
Robinson, Christopher Enniskillen Brogher 1832
Robinson, Christr. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Robinson, David Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Robinson, Edwd. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Robinson, Eliza. Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Robinson, Fredrick Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Robinson, George Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Robinson, George Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Robinson, George Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Robinson, James Aghalurcher Attigohan 1833
Robinson, James Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Robinson, James Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Robinson, James Cleenish Derryinch 1834
Robinson, James Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Robinson, James Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Ballyelough 1835
Robinson, James Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Robinson, James Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Robinson, James Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, James Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Robinson, Jas. Aghalurcher Whitepark 1833
Robinson, John Cleenish Artonagh 1834
Robinson, John Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Robinson, John Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Robinson, John Galloon Derrychanan 1834
Robinson, John Galloon Feaugh 1834
Robinson, John Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, John Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, John Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Robinson, John Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Robinson, John Rossorry Big Bodara 1826
Robinson, John Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Robinson, Joseph Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Joseph Magheracross Drumcreen 1829
Robinson, Pat. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Robinson, Robert Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Robinson, Robert Boho Drumboy 1827
Robinson, Robert Derryvullen Drogan/Druminchin Ardagh 1835
Robinson, Robert Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Robinson, Robert Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Robinson, Robert Derryvullen Tullylammy 1835
Robinson, Robt. Drumkeeran Innisklen 1832
Robinson, Robt. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Robinson, Robt. Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Robinson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Robt. Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher Beg 1834
Robinson, Robt. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Stephen Cleenish Toneyhague 1834
Robinson, Thomas Aghalurcher Attigohan 1833
Robinson, Thomas Aghavea Sallinbar 1832
Robinson, Thomas Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Robinson, Thomas Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Robinson, Thomas Derryvullen Tattymacaul 1835
Robinson, Thos. Galloon Feaugh 1834
Robinson, Thos. Magheracross Clenaghan 1829
Robinson, Thos. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Robinson, Tom Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Robinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Widow Derrybrusk Tullyharney 1825
Robinson, William Aghalurcher Attaponer 1833
Robinson, William Aghalurcher Attiponer 1833
Robinson, William Aghalurcher Lurganclaly 1832
Robinson, William Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Robinson, William Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Robinson, William Inishmacsaint Glan 1834
Robinson, William Trory Tullyavey 1825
Robinson, Wm. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Robinson, Wm. Drumkeeran Springtown 1832
Robinson, Wm. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Robinson, Wm. Galloon Feaugh 1834
Robinson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Robinson, Wm. Magheracross Drumsloe 1829
Robinson, Wm. Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Robinson, Wm. Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Rodden, Wm. Galloon Letrim 1834
Roddy, Math. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Roddy, Mathew Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Rodgers, Bryan Derrybrusk Largy 1825
Rodgers, Patrick Boho Leitrim 1827
Rodgers, Patt. Boho Killydrum 1827
Roe, James Rossorry Drummee 1826
Roe, John Rossorry Drummee 1826
Roe, Matthew Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Roe, Thomas Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Roe, Thomas Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Roe, Thomas Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Roe, William Aghalurcher Coshvosh 1833
Roe, William Aghalurcher Killygullen 1833
Roe, Wm. Rossorry Drummee 1826
Roen, Danl. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Roen, Pat. Inishmacsaint Drumcrow 1834
Rogers, Mr. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Rogers, David Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Rogers, Dominick Enniskillen Claragh 1832
Rogers, E. Inishmacsaint Moneywilkin 1834
Rogers, E. Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Rogers, Edward Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Rogers, Edward Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Rogers, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Rogers, Francis Enniskillen Clarnagh 1832
Rogers, Hugh Rossorry Big Bodara 1826
Rogers, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Roger, James Derryvullen Townhill 1835
Rogers, John Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Rogers, Matthew Inishmacsaint Manger Beg 1834
Rogers, Pat. Inishmacsaint Roscor 1834
Rogers, Patrick Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Rogers, Patrick Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Aughamore and Callow 1834
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Rogers, R. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Rogers, Richard Enniskillen Clarnagh 1832
Rogers, Robt. Inishmacsaint Drumlasleen 1834
Rogers, Robt. Inishmacsaint Legg 1834
Rogers, Saml., Rev. Derryvullen Tullycley 1835
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Corcloon 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Maghe 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Minim 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint St.Catherine 1834
Rogers, W. Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Rogers, Wm. Inishmacsaint Moneywilkin 1834
Rogers, Wm. Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Rooney, Bernard Aghavea Ardmoney 1832
Rooney, Bryan Aghavea Trustian 1832
Rooney, Bryan Cleenish Drumcully 1834
Rooney, Daniel Cleenish Drumcully 1834
Rooney, Francis Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Rooney, Hanna Aghavea Adrmoney 1832
Rooney, Jas., Rev. Cleenish Drummaren 1834
Rooney, John Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Rooney, Patrick Cleenish Gobrusdina 1834
Rooney, Patt. Aghalurcher Innishturk 1833
Rooney, Redmond Cleenish Foilliter or Whilleter 1834
Rooney, Robert Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Rooney, William Cleenish Clenticora 1834
Rork, Frans. Drumkeeran Springtown 1832
Rorke, Owen Killesher Drumbroughis 1828
Rorke, Widow Cleenish Dornagagh 1834
Rosborough, John Enniskillen Carran 1832
Rosborough, Thos. Enniskillen Carran 1832
Rosborough, Wm. Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Ross, Andrew Aghalurcher Leboty 1833
Ross, Hugh Enniskillen Magonrough 1832
Ross, John Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Ross, Pat. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Ross, Robert Boho Killytaggart 1827
Ross, Robert Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Ross, William Aghalurcher Killnamullagh 1833
Ross, William Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Rourke, Hugh Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Rowan, William Cleenish Snowhill 1834
Rowe, Tom Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Rowe, William Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Rowe, William Magheraculmoney Tullycaulrick 1828
Rowe, Wm. Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Rowley, Joseph Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Rowley, Samuel Rossorry Corrclinnen 1826
Ruddy, Daniel Belleek Garvary West 1832
Ruddy, Edward Belleek Derrynacranag 1832
Ruddy, Edwd. Belleek Derrynacranag 1832
Ruddy, Jas. Belleek Derantrig 1832
Ruly, Widow Drummully Clinshano 1828
Rush, Francis Enniskillen Carnagillagh 1832
Rush, John Aghavea Ardlish 1832
Rush, John Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Rush, Paul Aghavea Eshahorran 1832
Russel, Robert, Rev. Aghalurcher Lurganbawn 1833
Russell, Edwd. Galloon Cullinbawn 1834
Russell, Edwd. Galloon Cursintian 1834
Russell, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Russle, Geo. Drumkeeran Drummackahun 1832
Rutherford, Allen Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, David Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, Edward Enniskillen Knocknastackin 1832
Rutherford, Gabl. Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, Geo. Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, James Inishmacsaint Drumscanilly 1834
Rutherford, Robert Aghavea Derryvree 1832
Ruthledge, Robert Cleenish Drumholgany 1834
Ruthlidge, Edwd. Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Ruthlidge, George Cleenish Derryhoney 1834
Rutlage, David Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Rutlage, Samuel Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Rutledge, Adam Enniskillen Falls 1832
Rutledge, Andrew Enniskillen Mulnaskea 1832
Rutledge, Edward Aghavea Drumadagarrow 1832
Rutledge, George Enniskillen Shanco 1832
Rutledge, James Ahavea Currin 1832
Rutledge, James Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Rutledge, James Derrybrusk Glassdrummond 1825
Rutledge, James Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Rutledge, James Enniskillen Shanco 1832
Rutledge, John Aghavea Tullyreagh 1834
Rutledge, John Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Rutledge, John Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Rutledge, John Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Rutledge, Joseph Enniskillen Carrokeel 1832
Rutledge, Robert Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Rutledge, Thomas Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Rutledge, William Aghalurcher Drummeer 1833
Rutledge, William Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Rutledge, William Enniskillen Falls 1832
Rutlege, John Aghavea Foydra 1834
Rutludge, George Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Ryan, Mrs. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Ryan, Mrs. Aghalurcher Aughnaclough 1832
Ryan, Mrs. Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Ryan, Richard Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Ryan, Richard Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Ryan, William Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Ryan, William Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Rynd, William Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Sally, James Cleenish Abocurragh 1834
Sandalls, James Aghalurcher Killmore 1833
Sanderson, Geo. Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Sanderson, James Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Sanderson, James, jun. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Sanderson, James, sen. Inishmacsaint Shean 1834
Saninlow, Mr. Drumkeeran Drumbristian 1832
Sary, William Derryvullen Muynaghan 1835
Saunders, William Rossorry Big Bodara 1826
Saunderson, George Cleenish Corryglass 1834
Saunderson, George Cleenish Leamore 1834
Savage, Richard Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Scaldan, Patrick Cleenish Clenticora 1834
Scales, Samuel Cleenish Belcoo 1834
Scales, William Cleenish Cavancarraw 1834
Scales, William Cleenish Gorteen 1834
Scallan, Chas. Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Scallan, Edwd. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Scallan, Hugh Drumkeeran Drumyearny 1832
Scallan, Hugh Galloon Kilmackbrack 1834
Scallan, Hugh Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, James Cleenish Mullylusty 1834
Scallan, James Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Scallan, James Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Scallan, John Cleenish Aughrim 1834
Scallan, John Cleenish Lurganbawn 1834
Scallan, John Cleenish Orahbeg 1834
Scallan, John Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, Joseph Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, Owen Cleenish Killycreen East 1834
Scallan, Patrick Cleenish Orahbeg 1834
Scallan, Thos. Cleenish Orahbeg 1834
Scallan, Widow Magheracross Cavan 1829
Scallan, William Cleenish Drummelly 1834
Scallen, George Trory Clogbolley 1825
Scallen, William Cleenish Garden Hill 1834
Scallin, Hugh Magheraculmoney Ederney 1828
Scallon, Bryan Boho Aghaharris 1827
Scallon, Dolly Enniskillen Rakeelin 1832
Scallon, Edward Aghalurcher Aughamore South 1833
Scallon, Edward Aghalurcher Eshmeen 1833
Scallon, Edwd., jun. Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Scallon, Edwd., sen. Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Scallon, John Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Scallon, John Rossorry Resole 1826
Scallon, Mary Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Scallon, Math. Rossorry Resole 1826
Scallon, Owen Magheracross Cavanalough 1829
Scallon, Thomas Boho Coolarkan 1827
Scallon, Tom Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Scarlet, David Galloon Ringvilla 1834
Scarlet, George Derrybrusk Killygraney 1825
Scarlet, John Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scarlet, Richard Aghavea Drummarraght 1832
Scarlet, Richd. Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Scarlet, Widow Isabla. Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Scarlet, William Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Scarlet, Wm., jun. Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scarlet, Wm., sen. Galloon Lislarris 1834
Scarlot, Thomas Aghalurcher Littlehill 1833
Schoales, Elizabeth Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Scholes, Elizabeth Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Scoals, Mrs. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Scoals, Mrs. Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Scoals, Mrs. Aghavea Lisolvin 1832
Scoals, Mrs. Aghavea Sattindillor 1832
Scoals, George Aghalurcher Tatnlee 1833
Scoals, Thomas Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Scoals, William Aghavea Carntrone 1832
Scoals, William Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Scoles, Mary Magheracross Salry 1829
Scollen, Hugh Drummully Derelvin 1828
Scollen, John Trory Shanmulla 1825
Scollen, Widow Trory Urbil 1825
Scollin, Berd. Galloon Killaraw 1834
Scollin, Con. Galloon Galloon 1834
Scollin, Patt. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Scollin, Patt. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Scollin, Thos. Galloon Greaterif 1834
Scollon, George Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Scollon, Margt. Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Scollon, Robert Derryvullen Ardaghmore 1835
Scott, Mrs. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Scott,........ Inishmacsaint Tunnypull 1834
Scott, Andrew Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Scott, Arthur Galloon Drummarraght 1834
Scott, bapts. Trory Derryargin 1825
Scott, Charlotte Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Scott, Edward Boho Killytaggart 1827
Scott, Edwd. Inishmacsaint Tullynadall 1834
Scott, George Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Scott, James Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Scott, James Cleenish Faughart 1834
Scott, James Derryvullen Cassidy 1835
Scott, James Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Scott, James Galloon Killicarnan 1834
Scott, John Cleenish Faughart 1834
Scott, John Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Scott, John Derryvullen Drumpeen 1835
Scott, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Scott, John Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Scott, John Enniskillen Glencorit 1832
Scott, John Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Scott, John Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Scott, Nichs. Cleenish Drumherriff 1834
Scott, Ralph Galloon Drummarraght 1834
Scott, Ralph Galloon Fargram 1834
Scott, Robert Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Scott, Thomas Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Scott, Thomas Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Scott, Thos. Cleenish Drumherriff 1834
Scott, Walter Boho Tober 1827
Scott, Walter Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Scott, Walter Inishmacsaint Glanwinney 1834
Scott, Widow Killesher Macken 1828
Scott, William Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Scott, William Derryvullen Tullylammy 1835
Scott, William Enniskillen Furnace 1832
Scott, William Enniskillen Glencorit 1832
Scott, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumkeeran 1832
Scott, Wm. Inishmacsaint Seneghan 1834
Scullin, Jas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Seary, Edward Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Seary, Jas. Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Seary, John Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Seary, Mary Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Seary, Patrick Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Seeley, John Belleek Tonanoran 1832
Seeny, James Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Seeny, Wm. Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Seery, Edward Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Seery, James Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Seery, Mathew Trory Canrick 1825
Seirs, James Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Seoals, Thomas Aghalurcher Cornaskea 1833
Serjeant, Mathew Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Shannon, Mr. Drumkeeran Drumskinny 1832
Shannon, Andrew Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Shannon, Andrew Enniskillen Mulnaskea 1832
Shannon, Barney Derrybrusk Foxwood 1825
Shannon, Barney Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Shannon, Bryan Derryvullen Orbabshainney 1835
Shannon, Hugh Derryvullen Orbabshainney 1835
Shannon, Hugh Derryvullen Shallong 1835
Shannon, Patt Aghalurcher Edderadacorragh 1833
Shanon, Christr. Drumkeeran Teevenavarnog 1832
Shanon, Daniel Enniskillen Drummackin 1832
Shanon, Michael Enniskillen Tatinweir 1832
Shanon, Thomas Enniskillen Drummackin 1832
Sharkey, Daniel Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Sharkey, James Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Sharkey, John Aghalurcher Drumbaughlin 1833
Sharky, Charles Derrybrusk Foxwood 1825
Sharp, Mr. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Sharp, Mr. Drumkeeran Colaghty 1832
Sharp, Edward Derryvullen Drumskea 1835
Sharp, Gusty. Drumkeeran Garnagullin 1832
Sharp, John Magheraculmoney Kilsimallon 1828
Sharp, Robt. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Sharp, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Sharpe, Widow Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Shaw, Alexander Enniskillen Killee 1832
Shaw, Alexander Enniskillen Magonrough 1832
Shaw, Alexander Enniskillen Temp Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Shaw, George Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Shaw, James Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Shaw, James Drumkeeran Springtown 1832
Shaw, Jas. Galloon Mullduff 1834
Shaw, John Aghavea Tawnawilla 1832
Shaw, John Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Shaw, Joseph Enniskillen Magonrough 1832
Shaw, Robert Enniskillen Magonrough 1832
Shaw, Robt. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Shaw, Willm. Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Shaw, Wm. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Shea, Danl., jun. Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Shea, Danl., sen. Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Shea, Wm. Belleek Tonanoran 1832
Sheals, Arthur Drumkeeran Conaweel 1832
Sheals, Arthur Drumkeeran Conaweel 1832
Sheals, Hugh Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Sheals, Judy Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Sheals, Patt Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Sheals, Thomas Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Sheanon, Edward Killesher Clintyfearagh 1828
Sheanon, Philip Derryvullen Lisson 1835
Shearin, William Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Shearing, William Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Shearson, Abm. Galloon Sheeney 1834
Shearson, John Galloon Sheeney 1834
Shearson, Samuel Killesher Drumlaghy 1828
Sheehan, James Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Sheels, Charles Trory Derrygore 1825
Sheenan, Edwd. Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Sheenan, Patrick Cleenish Cleenish Island 1834
Sheeran, John Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Sheeran, Michl. Inishmacsaint Drummasreen 1834
Sheil, Rev. Enniskillen Little Drumclay 1832
Sheil, Rev. Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Sheils, Widow Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Sheils, Danl. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Sheils, James Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Sheils, Patt Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Sheils, Thompson Galloon Kilroot 1834
Shenan, Anne Galloon Corlatt 1834
Sheridan, Danl. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Sheridan, John Killesher Gubachrock 1828
Sheridan, Thomas Killesher Dreean 1828
Sherkey, Felix Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Sherkey, John Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Sherkey, Patt Aghavea Bunnisnagapile 1832
Sherkey, Patt Aghavea Carrickahenan 1832
Sherry, Edward Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Sherry, Geo. Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, James Aghavea Aughnaclough 1832
Sherry, James Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Sherry, Jas. Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, John Galloon Ports 1834
Sherry, Thomas Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Sherry, Thos. Inishmacsaint Whial Hill 1834
Sherry, Wm. Galloon Gortgommon 1834
Sherry, Wm. Galloon Ports 1834
Shuits, Mr. Drumkeeran Aughahannagh 1832
Silly, Patk. Cleenish Aughanagh 1834
Simenton, James Aghalurcher Ballymacaffery 1833
Simington, George Enniskillen Cloghoge 1832
Simonton, James Aghalurcher Satnaheglish 1833
Simpson, C. Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Simpson, George Derryvullen Druminchin Large 1835
Simpson, James Enniskillen Drumard 1832
Simpson, John Cleenish Boshanny 1834
Simpson, John Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Simpson, John Magheraculmoney Cloy 1828
Simpson, John Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Simpson, Joseph Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Simpson, Thomas Magheraculmoney Shanmullagh 1828
Simpson, William Aghalurcher Crockadevin 1833
Simpson, William Derryvullen Legnameltogue 1835
Sinclair, Dr. Derryvullen Ir 1835
Sinclair, Jas. Drummully Rabit Island 1828
Sinclair, Wm. Drummully Rabit Island 1828
Sinclair, Wm. Drummully Sheepwalk 1828
Skelton, William Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Skelton, William Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Slack, Joseph Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Slack, Richd. Cleenish Derryharney 1834
Slack, Stephen Cleenish Oakfield 1834
Slate, William May Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Slavin, James Boho Carrickbeg 1827
Slavin, Stephen Inishmacsaint Coolom 1834
Slawn, Patt. Drumkeeran Teevenavarnog 1832
Sleaven, Edwd. Rossorry Killybrede 1826
Sleavin, Christr. Derryvullen Tullylammy 1835
Sleavin, Daniel Enniskillen Ballynamoney 1832
Sleavin, Patk. Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Sleddin, John Derryvullen Drumbulcan 1835
Slevan, Hugh Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Slevin,............ Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Slevin, Edward Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Slevin, Fras. Belleek Drumnanillar 1832
Slevin, Henry Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Slevin, Hugh Belleek Ballaghgee 1832
Slevin, James Belleek Ballaghgee 1832
Slevin, James Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Slevin, Myles Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Slevin, Patrick Belleek Drumanillar 1832
Slevin, Terence Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Sloan, Elenor Drummully Clinrigh 1828
Sloan, James Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Sloane, Chas. Derryvullen White Hill Glebe 1835
Slout, James Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Sludden,........ Magheraculmoney Laverin 1828