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1823-1838 INDEX
Tithe Applotment

Contributed by Vynette Sage

Smiley, Samuel Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smiley, Widow Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smith, Arthur Aghalurcher Derryree 1833
Smith, Arthur Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Smith, David, Esq. Drummully Clinoony 1828
Smith, Francis Aghalurcher Eshcarnog 1833
Smith, George Derryvullen Tattymacaul 1835
Smith, Hugh Galloon Aughnahinch 1834
Smith, James Cleenish Mullymesker 1834
Smith, James Derryvullen Brackey 1835
Smith, James Galloon Derracorby 1834
Smith, Jas. Drummully Cara 1828
Smith, John Aghalurcher Attybarron 1833
Smith, John Aghalurcher Derinavogy 1833
Smith, John Aghalurcher Drumwha 1833
Smith, John Aghalurcher Killygullen 1833
Smith, John Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Smith, John Aghavea Dungaghey 1834
Smith, John Cleenish Derryhamlagh 1834
Smith, John Cleenish Derryhurra (Derryhora) 1834
Smith, John Cleenish Mullmesker 1834
Smith, John Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Smith, John Drummully Cara 1828
Smith, John Galloon Cushlea 1834
Smith, John, jun. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Smith, John, sen. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Smith, Matthew Aghalurcher Aughanure 1833
Smith, Michael Drummully Clincalick 1828
Smith, Owen Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Smith, Patt Aghalurcher Killronan 1833
Smith, Peter Cleenish Derryhurra (Derryhora) 1834
Smith, Richd. Galloon Derrastatin 1834
Smith, Rose Aghalurcher Carrickawick 1833
Smith, Thomas Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Mount Drum 1835
Smith, Thos. Drummully Clincloghy 1828
Smith, Thos. Galloon Mullaghlehan 1834
Smyley, John Galloon Drumcaw 1834
Smyth, Charles Derryvullen Feddins 1835
Smyth, Geo. Drumkeeran Springtown 1832
Smyth, Geo. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Smyth, George Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Mount Drum 1835
Smyth, George Enniskillen Doon 1832
Smyth, Hugh Drummully Clingacona 1828
Smyth, Hugh Drummully Derigosh 1828
Smyth, James Enniskillen Lettin 1832
Smyth, James Enniskillen Tyratton 1832
Smyth, James Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Smyth, John Enniskillen Littin 1832
Smyth, John Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Smyth, John Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Smyth, Mathew Enniskillen Stragole 1832
Smyth, Michl. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Smyth, Pat. Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Smyth, Sophia Enniskillen Lettin 1832
Smyth, Thomas Derrybrusk Largy 1825
Smyth, Thomas Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Smyth, Thomas Magheracross Derroraghan 1829
Smyth, Thos. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Smyth, William Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Smyth, Wm. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Snow, James Inishmacsaint Fully `834
Snow, John Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, John Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Snow, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, Thomas Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Snow, Widow Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Sodan, Wm. Cleenish Carrickmacsparrow 1834
Somerville, Andw. Inishmacsaint Drumbadmeene 1834
Somerville, George Magheracross Telerane 1829
Somerville, Gerrard Magheracross Telerane 1829
Sonerville, John Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Somerville, Lowry Inishmacsaint Gartnalee Beg 1834
Somerville, Robert Magheracross Telerane 1829
Somerville, Thos. Inishmacsaint Derrynamew 1834
Somerville, Wm. Galloon Farm 1834
Somerville, Wm. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Sommers, Francis Aghalurcher Killenare 1833
Sommers, John Aghalurcher Cornaskea 1833
Sommers, William Aghavea Ardmore 1832
Sommervil, James Aghalurcher Teereighan 1833
Sommervil, John Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Sommervil, John Aghalurcher Teereighan 1833
Sommervil, Samuel Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
South, William Cleenish Bellisle 1834
Spear, John Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, Robert Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, Tom Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, W. Magheraculmoney Cronion Bunn 1828
Spear, William Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Spear, Henry Aghalurcher Maguiresbridge 1833
Spence, Archey. Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Spence, Gabl. Rossorry Retona 1826
Spence, Gabrl. Rossorry Retona 1826
Spence, James Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Spence, James Rossorry Broughies 1826
Spence, John Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Spratt, James Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Spratt, James Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, John Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Spratt, John Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, Thomas Trory Long Island 1825
Spratt, Widow Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Spratt, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Spratt, William Trory Long Island 1825
Sprot, Christr. Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Sproul, Mr. Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Sproul, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Killalay 1828
Sproul, Andrew Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Sproul, Edward Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
Sproul, George Drumkeeran Creland 1832
Sproul, John Derryvullen Coolaness 1835
Sproul, John Drumkeeran Fidings 1832
Sproul, John Magheraculmoney Ballinant 1828
Sproul, Robert Magheraculmoney Ballinant 1828
Sproul, Thomas Derryvullen Coolaness 1835
Stack, Edwd. Rev. Drumkeeran Cloncaugh 1832
Stack, Edwd. Rev. Drumkeeran Tubrit 1832
Stafard, John Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Stafford, James Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Stafford, John Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Stafford, Thomas Killesher Gorteen 1828
Stafford, Thos. Cleenish Bohavina 1834
Staffort, Thomas Killesher Curragh 1828
Stanford, John Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Standford, Danl. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Stars, Hugh Enniskillen Cloghtogal 1832
Steel, James Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Steel, John Enniskillen Breandrum 1832
Steel, Richard Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Steeles, James Trory Ballycassidy 1825
Steen, Henry Aghalurcher Erdinagh 1833
Steen, James Aghalurcher Erdinagh 1833
Stenson, Abm. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Stenson, Edward Boho Macanagh 1827
Stenson, Henry Cleenish Toneylummon 1834
Stenson, John Boho Macanagh 1827
Stephen, Widow Drumkeeran Legmore 1832
Stephens, Mr. Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Stephens, Thomas Belleek Graffy 1832
Stephenson, Widow Drumkeeran Ednatecrumin 1832
Stern, Capt. Aghavea Gola 1832
Stern, Capt. Aghavea Kilarlry 1832
Stern, Capt. Aghavea Lisolvin 1832
Stewart, Mr. Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Stewart, Charles Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Stewart, Chas. Belleek Tullynaboge 1832
Stewart, Frans. Drumkeeran Corrocroghery 1832
Stewart, Geo. Belleek Tullynaboge 1832
Stewart, Geo. Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Stewart, George Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Stewart, Guy Drumkeeran Drumhullen 1832
Stewart, Hamilton Enniskillen Doon 1832
Stewart, Hamilton Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Stewart, Harry Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Stewart, James Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Stewart, Jno. Belleek Tullynaboge 1832
Stewart, John Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Stewart, John Belleek Ross Harbour 1832
Stewart, John Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Stewart, John Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Stewart, Miss Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Stewart, Ralph Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Stewart, Robert Cleenish Kilkuskey Island 1834
Stewart, Robert, Esq. Cleenish Rosscorky or Corrilea 1834
Stewart, Thomas Derryvullen Brackey 1835
Stewart, Thomas Magheraculmoney Tattykeel St. George 1828
Stewart, Widow Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Stewart, William Belleek Derrahollow 1832
Stewart, Wm. Belleek Tullynaboge 1832
Stewart, Wm. Drumkeeran Tulnaloob 1832
Stinson, Alexr. Cleenish Gortadrate 1834
Stinson, Andrew Magheracross Sydare 1829
Stinson, Archd. Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, Edwd. Boho Killyteggart 1827
Stinson, James Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Stinson, James Drumkeeran Mullenmeen 1832
Stinson, John Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Stinson, John Drumkeeran Mullenmeen 1832
Stinson, John Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, Robert Boho Farnaconnell 1827
Stinson, Robert, jun. Boho Kellyhommon 1827
Stinson, Robert, sen. Boho Kellyhommon 1827
Stinson, Robt. Boho Farnaconnell 1827
Stinson, Robt. Drumkeeran Mullenmeen 1832
Stinson, Saml. Galloon Gortgorwin 1834
Stinson, Walter Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Dramore 1834
Stinson, Walter Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Stinson, Wat. Inishmacsaint Tonagh 1834
Stinson, Wm. Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Storey, Andrew Derrybrusk Cappy 1825
Storey, Anne Aghavea Carntrone 1832
Storey, John Aghalurcher Keenaghy 1833
Storey, John Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Storey, John Aghavea Gola 1832
Storey, John Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Story, Wm. Rossorry Mullaghree 1826
Strain, Robt. Drummully Clinoony 1828
Strong, Abraham Boho Upper Drumherk 1827
Strong, Archy Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Strong, William Boho Upper Drumherk 1827
Strong, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumkeeran 1832
Sturdy, Oswald Derryvullen Forthill/Spratshill 1835
Sturdy, Oswald Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Sturdy, Widow Derryvullen Monakeys 1835
Stussan, And. Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Stut, Archibald Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Sumerville, Robt. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Summerfield, Robert Rossorry Ashwoods 1826
Summerfield, Wm. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Summerville, Benjamin Cleenish Drummod 1834
Summerville, James Cleenish Drummod 1834
Summerville, James Drumkeeran Drumgowny Brook 1832
Summerville, Jas. Cleenish Drummod 1834
Summerville, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Surplice, John Cleenish Rossdoney 1834
Surplice, Robert Cleenish Rosswillan 1834
Sury, William Aghavea Drumlone 1832
Swanstan, Robt. Drumkeeran Glenagaron 1832
Swansten, Geo. Derryvullen Boyaghan 1835
Swansten, George Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Swansten, Robt. Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Swansten, Thos. Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Swantsten, William Derryvullen Tishleaven/Drumhoney 1835
Swanston, Mrs. Drumkeeran Aughawore 1832
Swantston, Edwd. Drumkeeran Aughawore 1832
Swanston, Robt. Drumkeeran Pruckless 1832
Swanston, Wm. Drumkeeran Innisklen 1832
Swanston, Wm., jun. Drumkeeran Aughawore 1832
Swanston, Wm., sen. Drumkeeran Aughawore 1832
Swanston Pettigo, Edwd. Drumkeeran Pruckless 1832
Swanston Pettigo, Edwd. Drumkeeran Pruckless 1832
Sweeney,............ Inishmacsaint Tunnypull 1834
Sweeney, John, Rev. Cleenish Belnaleck 1834
Sweeney, John, Rev. Cleenish Carrentremal 1834
Sweeney, John, Rev. Cleenish Drummod 1834
Sweeney, John, Rev. Cleenish Greaghnaclearagh 1834
Sweeney, John Derryvullen Rosguire Kernan 1835
Sweeney, Pat. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Sweeny, Mr. Drumkeeran Glassmullagh 1832
Sweeny, Edward Derryvullen Invinestown 1835
Sweeny, Frans. Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Sweeny, George, jun. Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Sweeny, George, sen. Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Sweeny, Jno. Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Sweeny, John, Rev. Cleenish Killywillen 1834
Sweeny, John Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Sweeny, Mick. Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Sweeny, Myles Trory Urbil 1825
Sweeny, Patrick Derryvullen Drummarn 1835
Sweeny, Patrick Derryvullen Drumshane 1835
Sweeny, Patrick Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Sweeny, Widow Drumkeeran Glenagaron 1832
Sweeny, William Magheracross Sessagh 1829
Sweenys, Danl. Trory Urbil 1825
Swift, Chas. Galloon Drumainbaun 1834
Swift, Hugh Enniskillen Brogher 1832
Swift, James Enniskillen Brogher 1832
Swift, Jas. Galloon Lettergreen 1834
Swift, John Enniskillen Brogher 1832
Swift, Mathew Derrybrusk Largy 1825
Swift, Peter Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Swift, Thomas Derrybrusk Largy 1825
Swift, Thos. Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Swift, William Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Swindal, Chas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Swindle, David Aghavea Conrafanauge 1832
Swindle, Francis Aghalurcher Coshvosh 1833
Swindle, Francis Aghalurcher Goraharron 1833
Swindle, John Aghalurcher Attybarron 1833
Tagarty, William Cleenish Mullinavargy 1834
Tailor, Mr. Drumkeeran Drumbarin 1832
Tailor, Charly. Drumkeeran Drumbarin 1832
Tailor, John Drumkeeran Monaghrow 1832
Tarlton, Wm. Galloon Climmin 1834
Taylor, George Galloon Drumgoal 1834
Taylor, James Aghalurcher Crann 1833
Taylor, James Aghavea Cornafanauge 1832
Taylor, Richd. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Taylor, Robert Inishmacsaint Drumnasreen 1834
Taylor, William Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Taylor, William Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Teague, Edward Aghalurcher Doras 1833
Teague, Owen Aghalurcher Doras 1833
Teague, Patt Aghalurcher Doras 1833
Teares, Mathw. Rossorry Cloughan 1826
Teares, Mathw. Rossorry Miltown 1826
Tearney, Bernard Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Tearney, James Galloon Ballagh 1834
Tearney, Jas. Galloon Ballagh 1834
Tearney, John Galloon Killydowny 1834
Tearney, Mary Galloon Beltreagh 1834
Tearney, Patt. Galloon Killilahard 1834
Tearney, Thos. Galloon Coolnasilla 1834
Tearny, Owen Galloon Donagh 1834
Tearny, Owen Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tearny, Thos. Galloon Donagh 1834
Teasey, Jas. Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Teevan, A. Inishmacsaint Bonahoan 1834
Teevan, Andrew Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, B. Inishmacsaint Carrenbeg 1834
Teevan, James Aghalurcher Coolain 1833
Teevan, James Inishmacsaint Carrickgolagh 1834
Teevan, James Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, Jas. Inishmacsaint Farren-Cassidy 1834
Teevan, Mick. Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Teevan, Moses Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Teevan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Gartnalee More 1834
Teevan, Pat. Inishmacsaint Meenyclybawn 1834
Teevan, Thomas Aghalurcher Coolain 1833
Teevan, Widow Inishmacsaint Slavin 1834
Tegarty, William Cleenish Innisteague Island 1834
Tegarty, Wm. Cleenish Greaghafurt 1834
Tegarty, Wm. Cleenish Mullinschillinster 1834
Temblin, Richard Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Tenent, Emerson Enniskillen Tempo Demesne 1832
Terence, Shannon Killesher Drumcard 1828
Termoth, John Magheraculmoney Drummuckalara 1828
Ternan, Robt. Inishmacsaint Old Island 1834
Terny, James Drummully Gortnacana 1828
Thomas, Patrick Cleenish Crockaready 1834
Thompson,......... Drummully Drummully 1828
Thompson, Sgt. Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Thompson, Alexander Enniskillen Shanco 1832
Thompson, Andr. Derryvullen Keeran 1835
Thompson, Andrew Aghalurcher Munvil 1833
Thompson, Andrew Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Thompson, Anchy. Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Thompson, Armor Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Thompson, Arthur Enniskillen Big Drumclay 1832
Thompson, Charles Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Thompson, Charles Aghalurcher Tatnlee 1833
Thompson, Charles Aghavea Cliffany 1834
Thompson, Christ. Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Thompson, Christ. Derryvullen Drumsara 1835
Thompson, David Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Thompson, Edward Aghalurcher Cavanleck 1833
Thompson, Edward Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Thompson, Edwd. Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Thompson, Edwd. Killesher Crockenrow 1828
Thompson, Elenor Aghalurcher Mullaghfadd 1833
Thompson, George Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Thompson, Henry Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Thompson, Hugh Aghalurcher Lisaderney 1833
Thompson, Hugh Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Thompson, Isaac Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Thompson, James Aghalurcher Cornarooslan 1833
Thompson, James Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Thompson, James Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Thompson, James Aghavea Sallinbar 1832
Thompson, James Cleenish Sereen 1834
Thompson, James Enniskillen Leamb 1832
Thompson, James Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Thompson, James Inishmacsaint Corbystown 1834
Thompson, Jas. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Thompson, Jason Derrybrusk Drumcrow 1825
Thompson, John Aghalurcher Crohan 1833
Thompson, John Aghalurcher Foglish 1833
Thompson, John Aghalurcher Slushhill 1833
Thompson, John Aghavea Cliffany 1834
Thompson, John Aghavea Coolnakelly 1834
Thompson, John Aghavea Tullyreagh 1834
Thompson, John Cleenish Derryhoney 1834
Thompson, John Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Thompson, John Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Thompson, John Derryvullen Doonan 1835
Thompson, John Derryvullen Drummall 1835
Thompson, John Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Thompson, John Enniskillen Carnagillagh 1832
Thompson, John Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Thompson, John Galloon Gortbranon 1834
Thompson, John Inishmacsaint Blainey 1834
Thompson, John Inishmacsaint Tullynagoan 1834
Thompson, Joseph Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Thompson, Joseph Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Thompson, Leonard Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Thompson, Mark Aghalurcher Killycloghy 1833
Thompson, Martin Enniskillen Knockinnis 1832
Thompson, Nicholas Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Thompson, Richard Aghalurcher Cavanaleck 1833
Thompson, Richard Aghalurcher Crann 1833
Thompson, Richd. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Thompson, Robert Aghalurcher Henrystuchon 1833
Thompson, Robert Enniskillen Cornagrade 1832
Thompson, Robert Killesher Coolacrim 1828
Thompson, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Thompson, Robt. Galloon Drumcrew 1834
Thompson, Robt. Galloon Gortbranon 1834
Thompson, Thomas Aghalurcher Cornakessagh 1833
Thompson, Thomas Enniskillen Ralorin 1832
Thompson, Thomas, sen. Aghalurcher Cornakessagh 1833
Thompson, Thos. Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Thompson, Walter Belleek Lowry Johnston 1832
Thompson, William Aghalurcher Cofannon 1833
Thompson, William Aghavea Lisnabane 1834
Thompson, William Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Thompson, William Cleenish Lisbofin 1834
Thompson, William Enniskillen Falls 1832
Thompson, William Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Thompson, William Inishmacsaint Rooskey 1834
Thompson, William Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Thompson, Wm. Cleenish Sereen 1834
Thompson, Wm. Galloon Cornabrass 1834
Thompson, Wm. Inishmacsaint Glanlevin 1834
Thornly, James Inishmacsaint Corry West 1834
Thornton, Joseph Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Tiernan, Robert Derryvullen Rosguire Kernan 1835
Tiernan, Robert Derryvullen Rosguire Lieth 1835
Tiernan, William Derryvullen Drogan/Druminchin Ardagh 1835
Tiernan, Wm. Derryvullen Rosguire Kernan 1835
Tierney, Bernard Derryvullen Lisson 1835
Tierney, Hu. Rossorry Bog Bodara 1826
Tierney, Jas. Galloon Drumrainbaun 1834
Tierney, Jas. Galloon Keeranbeg 1834
Tierney, John Aghalurcher Tatabuddagh 1833
Tierney, Patt Aghalurcher Crann 1833
Timlin, Mr. Drumkeeran Aughahanagh 1832
Timmins, George Aghalurcher Doras 1833
Timmony,........... Boho Teebunnan 1827
Timney, Bernard Drummully Goladuff 1828
Timney, Hugh Drummully Goladuff 1828
Timony, James Inishmacsaint Glanashawn 1834
Timony, John Inishmacsaint Teirnaugher Beg 1834
Timony, Pat. Inishmacsaint Knockaravan 1834
Todd, George Enniskillen Brockagh 1832
Tolan, And. Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Tolan, John Drumkeeran Banaghbeg 1832
Tolen, Edward Trory Derrygore 1825
Tomson, Tom Drumkeeran Middletown 1832
Toomoth, Edwd. Derryvullen Coolaness 1835
Toomoths, James Derryvullen Drummall 1835
Torence, Andrew Drumkeeran Curraghmore 1832
Torrens, Andw. Derryvullen Tullycley 1835
Tottenham, Chas. Henry, Esq. Cleenish Enniskeen Island 1834
Tower, Anne Cleenish Derryholaght 1834
Tower, John Cleenish Derryholaght 1834
Tracey, James Cleenish Drummelly 1834
Tracey, Patrick Belleek Teeragannon 1832
Trafsy, Andw. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trainer, James Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Trainor, James Aghalurcher Loghermore Glebe 1833
Trainor, Thomas Aghalurcher Loghermore Glebe 1833
Trassy, Andw., sen. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, Anthony Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, Frank Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Trassy, James Inishmacsaint Mugilnagrough 1834
Trassy, John Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, John Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, John, sen. Inishmacsaint Tullincose 1834
Trassy, Pat. Inishmacsaint Argan Island 1834
Trassy, Phil Inishmacsaint Largin 1834
Treacy, Bryan Boho Lietrim 1827
Treaner, Patrick Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Treasy, James Drumkeeran Drumrush 1832
Treasy, Tony Drumkeeran Drumbarin 1832
Tredennick, Capt. Inishmacsaint Corry East 1834
Tredennick, John Inishmacsaint Brallagh 1834
Tremble, John Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Tressy, Gerrard Derryvullen Drummonaghan 1835
Tressy, Jas. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tressy, Patk. Galloon Lisnaknock 1834
Tressy, Phil. Galloon Kallaraw 1834
Trimble, Mr. Aghavea Dungaghey 1834
Timble, Andrew Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Trimble, Anne Derryvullen Leam 1835
Trimble, George Aghavea Killybreaghy 1832
Trimble, James Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Trimble, James Aghalurcher Mullaghmore 1833
Trimble, James Aghavea Sallinbar 1832
Trimble, James Cleenish Corrard 1834
Trimble, John Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Trimble, John Aghalurcher Derryhullen 1833
Trimble, John Aghavea Edinilhorn 1834
Trimble, John Killesher Legnavigh 1828
Trimble, John Killesher Lisbleak 1828
Trimble, Joseph Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Trimble, Joseph Aghalurcher Lisaderney 1833
Trimble, Joseph Aghalurcher Mullaghmore 1833
Trimble, Joseph Derryvullen Leam 1835
Trimble, Margret Aghalurcher Derryhullen 1833
Trimble, Robert Derryvullen Leam 1835
Trimble, Thomas Aghalurcher Edrigole 1833
Trimble, Thomas Enniskillen Drumderg 1832
Trimble, William Aghalurcher Derryhullen 1833
Trimble, William Cleenish Derryharney 1834
Trimble, William Derrybrusk Gola and Ardnacarrow 1825
Trimonon, Patrick Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Trotter, Mrs. Magheraculmoney Mantlin 1828
Trotter, Alexr. Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Trotter, David Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Trotter, David Inishmacsaint St. Catherine 1834
Trotter, George Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Trotter, Richd. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Trotter, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Trotter, William, jun. Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Trotter, William, jun. Derryvullen Townhill 1835
Trotter, Wm. Drummully Clonfad 1828
Trotter, Wm. Magheraculmoney Drumnacrush 1828
Trotter, Wm., sen. Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Trotter, George Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Trotter, John Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Tully, John Boho Legnagaybeg 1827
Tumin, Arthur Enniskillen Drummackin 1832
Tumin, Edward Enniskillen Tatinweir 1832
Tumin, Michel Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Tumin, Michel Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Tumin, Patt. Enniskillen Tatinweir 1832
Tumin, Stephen Enniskillen Killyculla 1832
Tumins, John Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
Tummin, Michl. Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummin, Widow Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummin, William Drummully Goladuff 1828
Tummon, Berd. Galloon Gubnacor 1834
Tummon, Edwd. Galloon Killaraw 1834
Tummon, Hugh Galloon Coragh 1834
Tummon, Patt. Drummully Derakerb 1828
Tummon, Patt. Galloon Derrakenny 1834
Tummon, Terence Aghavea Arduncheon 1832
Tumon, Hugh Galloon Landbrock 1834
Tumouth, Geo. Inishmacsaint Fully 1834
Tun, James Galloon Kilready 1834
Tunn, Jas. Galloon Mullyduff 1834
Tunnulty, Chas. Cleenish Rossdoney 1834
Tunnulty, James Cleenish Rossdoney 1834
Tunrith, John Derryvullen Rossinnen 1835
Turner, Saml. Drumkeeran Cahore 1832
Turnir, Edwd. Drummully Cornachan 1828
Turnir, John Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Turnir, Patt. Drummully Denkerb 1828
Turnir, Wm., jun. Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Turnir, Wm., sen. Drummully Cornacahan 1828
Turnoth, Edwd. Cleenish Derryhamlagh 1834
Tutchburn, John Enniskillen Cavinaleck 1832
Tutchburn, John Enniskillen Drumgarrow 1832
Tye, Michl. Rossorry Clenamullick 1826
Vance, Andy Drumkeeran Rottonmountain 1832
Vance, Daniel Trory Drumgarrow 1825
Vance, James Aghavea Skeagh 1832
Vance, James Enniskillen Drumkeeragh 1832
Vance, James, jun. Drumkeeran Aughels 1832
Vance, James, sen. Drumkeeran Aughels 1832
Vance, Thos. Magheraculmoney Mullaghfarran 1828
Vance, Tom Drumkeeran Aughels 1832
Vance, William Enniskillen Falls 1832
Vance, William Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Vance, Wim. Drumkeeran Aughels 1832
Varnet, John Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Vaughan, Archibald Derrybrusk Killyreagh 1825
Vaughan, Christopher Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Veitch, William Killesher Lisdeverick 1828
Veldon, Thomas Enniskillen Knockinnis 1832
Veldon, Thomas Enniskillen Tullyweil 1832
Virtue, James Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Virtue, Robert Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Virtue, William Magheraculmoney Lack 1828
Wade, William Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Wadsworth, John Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Wadsworth, Thos. Galloon Drumbullog 1834
Wadsworth, Wm. Galloon Kilready 1834
Wadsworth, Wm. Galloon Lurganboy 1834
Waid, Miles Inishmacsaint Corbystwon 1834
Walace, Hu. Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Walace, Thos. Rossorry Reskern 1826
Walcob, Mr. Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Walcob, Tom Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Walker, Charles Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Walker, Charles Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Walker, Chas. Derryvullen Tullnaghgarran 1835
Walker, James Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Walker, James Enniskillen Doonan/Mullybrack 1832
Walker, John Derryvullen Glenaull Glebe 1835
Walker, John Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Walker, Robert Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Walker, William Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
Walks, Joseph Derryvullen Clonkeen 1835
Wallace, Alexander Boho Lesky 1827
Wallace, Elizabeth Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, Elizabeth Killesher Mulnahunshen 1828
Wallace, Geo. Galloon Loughkilagreen 1834
Wallace, George Boho Lesky 1827
Wallace, George Killesher Gortgullenon 1828
Wallace, George Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, James, jun. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Wallace, James, sen. Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Wallce, Jas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Wallace, John Boho Lesky 1827
Wallace, Noble, Rev. Aghalurcher Carricknabrattog 1833
Wallace, Oliver Killesher Gortmaconnel 1828
Wallace, Sarah Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Wallace, William Killesher Mulnahunshen 1828
Wallis, James Galloon Bellawillen 1834
Wallis, John Galloon Drumgoland 1834
Walls, James Killesher Gollough 1828
Walmesley, James Killesher Edenmore 1828
Walmesley, Robert Killesher Edenmore 1828
Walmesly, Edward Magheraculmoney Ardvarney 1828
Walmesly, Edward Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, George Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, Hamilton Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, Hugh Magheraculmoney Drumcaghey 1828
Walmesly, James Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, Robert Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmesly, William Magheraculmoney Tulnaglug 1828
Walmsley, Charles Magheraculmoney Mulnasegart 1828
Walsh, Anthony Cleenish Mullymesker 1834
Walsh, James Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Walsh, James Enniskillen Mulnaskea 1832
Walsh, John Enniskillen Derrycharra 1832
Walsh, John Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Walsh, Joseph Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Walsh, Michl. Inishmacsaint Largylinny 1834
Walsh, Pat. Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Walsh, Peter Inishmacsaint Fassow 1834
Walsh, Thos. Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Walsh, Walter Aghalurcher Drumliff 1833
Walsh, Widow Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Wamsley, Edwd. Drumkeeran Curlave 1832
Wamsley, James Killesher Curriene 1828
Wamsley, Thomas Killesher Drummuckabranaker 1828
Wamsley, William Killesher Curriene 1828
Wamsley, William Killesher Druminiskil 1828
Wamsley, Hugh Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Wamsley, Thomas Inishmacsaint Drumgrew 1834
Ward,........... Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Ward, Denis Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Ward, Elenor Galloon Drumsastry 1834
Ward, James Drumkeeran Greaghmore 1832
Ward, John Aghalurcher Millwood 1833
Ward, John Inishmacsaint Sandhill 1834
Ward, Margt. Cleenish Minerany 1834
Ward, Michael Derryvullen Drumarkey 1835
Ward, Miles Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Ward, Nicholas Inishmacsaint Manger More 1834
Ward, Pat. Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Ward, Patrick Magheraculmoney Rosculben 1828
Ward, Patt. Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Ward, Peter Derryvullen Legnameltogue 1835
Ward, Stephen Galloon Kilturk 1834
Ward, Thomas Derryvullen Clonkeen 1835
Ward, Wm. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Ward, Wm. Inishmacsaint Connagher 1834
Ward, Willm. Derryvullen Rossclare 1835
Ward, Alexander Aghalurcher Bohatten 1833
Warnock, James Enniskillen Leamb 1832
Warnock, Jas. Galloon Kilturk 1834
Warnock, Jas. Galloon Knockboy 1834
Warnock, John Enniskillen Emaroo 1832
Warnock, John Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Warnock, Philip Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Warncok, Thomas Enniskillen Tullyullagh 1832
Warrel, James Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Warrel, Thomas Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Warrel, William Aghavea Stranafally 1832
Warrell, George Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Warrell, John Enniskillen Relagh 1832
Warrell, William Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Waters, Isaac Galloon Augharoosky West 1834
Waters, Thos. Galloon Kilready 1834
Waterson, Gabriel Cleenish Moneyoregan 1834
Wathins, Hry. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Wathins, Thomas Derryvullen Leamb 1835
Wathins, Thos. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Watkin, Francis Aghalurcher Lisnagole 1833
Watkin, Francis Aghavea Eshahorran 1832
Watkin, Francis Derrybrusk Ring 1825
Watkin, Widow Derrybrusk Faughey and Aughey 1825
Watkins, Henry Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Watkins, John Derryvullen Tattygar 1835
Watkins, John Derryvullen Tattymacaul/Weavers Lane 1835
Watkins, William Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Watson,......... Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Watson, Alexr. Rossorry Windmilhill (Tenants) 1826
Watson, Francis Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Watson, Francis Enniskillen Cavinaleck 1832
Watson, James Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Watson, John Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Watson, John Enniskillen Carnbrack 1832
Watson, Joseph Enniskillen Carnbrack 1832
Watson, William Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Watt, James Aghavea Tatnamoney 1834
Watt, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Watt, William Derryvullen Miltate 1835
Watterson, William Cleenish Jonardrum 1834
Webb, Rev. Galloon Parsonsgreen 1834
Webster, Hugh Aghalurcher Coolane 1833
Wedgeworth, John Rossorry Lurgandarragh 1826
Wedgeworth, Richd. Rossorry Lurgandarragh 1826
Wedgeworth, Sarah Rossorry Lurgandarragh 1826
Weer, William Aghavea Boyhill 1832
Weir, Alexr. Cleenish Dernashandra 1834
Weir, George Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Weir, James Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, James Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Weir, James Rossorry Locard 1826
Weir, John Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Weir, John Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Weir, John Enniskillen Drumhirk 1832
Weir, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Weir, Margret Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, Robert Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Weir, Robert Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, Robert Magheraculmoney Stranadarrowe 1828
Weir, Robt. Inishmacsaint Innishmacsaint Island 1834
Weir, Widow Rossorry Drumaweil 1826
Weir, William Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Weir, James Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, James Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Weir, James Rossorry Locard 1826
Weir, John Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Weir, John Cleenish Drumrainey 1834
Weir, John Enniskillen Drumhirk 1832
Weir, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Weir, Margret Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, Robert Cleenish Derryscolce 1834
Weir, Robert Cleenish Sereen 1834
Weir, Robert Magheraculmoney Stanadarrowe 1828
Weir, Robt. Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint Island 1834
Weir, Widow Rossorry Drumaweil 1826
Weir, William Cleenish Drumconlin East 1834
Weir, William Derryvullen Culloghmore and Whitehill 1835
Weldon, Patrick Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Wellis, John Killesher Douhat 1828
Welsh, John Galloon Magheramore 1834
Welsh, Jos. Galloon Drumbrohis 1834
Welsh, Joseph Galloon Corlatt 1834
Wems, Patrick Derryvullen Dernanny 1835
West, Dr. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
West, Dr. Aghavea Gola 1832
West, Dr. Aghavea Sattindillor 1832
West, Edward Enniskillen Tyratton 1832
West, Francis Aghavea Derryvree 1832
West, Francis, sen. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Fras., jun. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Henry Enniskillen Drumkeenragh 1832
West, Henry Enniskillen Tyratton 1832
West, James Galloon Corscreenagh 1834
West, James Galloon Feaugh 1834
West, Jas. Galloon Drumralla 1834
West, John Aghavea Boyhill 1832
West, John Enniskillen Pubble 1832
West, John Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Thomas Derryvullen Tamlaght 1835
West, Thos. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, William Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
West, William Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
West, Wm., sen. Galloon Clonetty 1834
West, Wm., jun. Galloon Clonetty 1834
Wetherington, Gerrard Magheracross Salry 1829
Whelan, William Rossorry Big Bodara 1826
Wherry, James Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Whilaker, Stewart Rossorry Drumlion 1826
Whilton, Jonathan Rossorry Windmilhill 1826
Whitaker, Mrs. Magheracross Drumcullen 1829
Whitaker, George Magheracross Ferny 1829
Whitaker, Thomas Magheraculmoney Glenarn 1828
White, Henry, jun. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
White, Henry, sen. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
White, James Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
White, John Cleenish Currygaboyan 1834
White, John Killesher Carrakeeran 1828
White, Thos. Cleenish Drummaren 1834
White, Victor Drumkeeran Clonaweel 1832
White, William Aghalurcher Aughavoory 1833
White, William Aghalurcher Tatnabuddagh 1833
White, William Cleenish Brockagh 1834
White, William Enniskillen Edinmore 1832
White, William Enniskillen Tempo Gardens in Edenmore 1832
Whitely, George Derryvullen Leam 1835
Whitely, John Derryvullen Liscreavan 1835
Whitely, Mary Derryvullen Leam 1835
Whitely, Robt. Derryvullen Derryclavan 1835
Whiteside, Joseph Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Whitley, George, jun. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Whitley, George, sen. Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Whitley, James Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Whitley, James Aghavea Drumadagarrow 1832
Whitley, John Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Whitley, Joseph Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Whitely, Robert Aghalurcher Coonien 1833
Whitley, Robert Aghavea Littlemount 1832
Whitley, Thomas Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Whitley, Widow Derryvullen Lisreagh 1835
Whittaker, Geo. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Whittaker, Wm. Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Whitten, Thos. Cleenish Moybrone 1834
Whitton, John Magheraculmoney Little Ednaclaw 1828
Whyle, John Rossorry Corrclinnen 1826
Whyte, James Rossorry Kinnarlagh 1826
Whyte, John Rossorry Killybrede 1826
Wier, Davd. Drumkeeran Mielbawn 1832
Wier, Robert Boho Farnaconnell 1827
Wier, Wm. Drumkeeran Mielbawn 1832
Wiggans, Jas. Galloon Drumma 1834
Wiggins, James Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, John Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, Robt. Galloon Whitehill 1834
Wiggins, Saml. Galloon Mullaghgown 1834
Wiggins, Thos. Galloon Whitehill 1834
Wiley, Francis Aghalurcher Tully North 1833
Wiley, James Aghalurcher Drumgoon 1833
Wiley, James Enniskillen Tonnyglaskin 1832
Wiley, John Aghalurcher Killmore 1833
Wiley, John Enniskillen Shillinmore 1832
Wiley, Sarah Enniskillen Killee 1832
Wilkin, John Inishmacsaint Innishway 1834
Wilkin, John Inishmacsaint Magherahare 1834
Wilkins, Thos. Cleenish Beachoe 1834
Williams, Capt. Rossorry Drumlion 1826
Williams, Capt. Rossorry Portora 1826
Williams, James Magheracross Drumconis 1829
Williamson, Chas. Cleenish Drummod 1834
Williamson, Robert Cleenish Snowhill 1834
Willis, Capt. Derryvullen Derryvullen 1835
Willis, Anne Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willism Edward Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willis, Geo. Inishmacsaint Ross Point 1834
Willis, George Aghalurcher Curragh 1833
Willis, George Aghalurcher Killnashanbola 1833
Willis, George Aghalurcher Tully South 1833
Willis, George Boho Carrigan 1827
Willis, George Killesher Moneen 1828
Willis, James Enniskillen Inniskeen 1832
Willis, John Killesher Aughnahoo 1828
Willis, John Killesher Clinarsen 1828
Willis, John Killesher Curragh 1828
Willis, John Killesher Rorkefield 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Colchill 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Curragh 1828
Willis, Robert Killesher Gortgullenon 1828
Willoughby, Mr. Rossorry Coleshill 1826
Wilson, Mrs. Cleenish Mullybrill 1834
Wilson, Mr. Drumkeeran Glenvannon 1832
Wilson, Alexander Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Wilson, Alexander Killesher Gortnakelly 1828
Wilson, Alexander Magheracross Sydare 1829
Wilson, Alexr. Rossorry Drumawell 1826
Wilson, Alexr. Rossorry Drumgallon 1826
Wilson, Andrew Derryvullen Lisson 1835
Wilson, Andrew Derryvullen Shankhill 1835
Wilson, Andrew Enniskillen Waternerry 1832
Wilson, Andrew Killesher Lismooley 1828
Wilson, Andw. Galloon Derracorby 1834
Wilson, Andw. Rossorry Drumaweil 1826
Wilson, Arch. Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Archibald Enniskillen Mulnaskea 1832
Wilson, Atty. Drumkeeran Deroneeve 1832
Wilson, Aukey Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Wilson, Berry Enniskillen Cavinaleck 1832
Wilson, Cathr. Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Wilson, Charles Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832
Wilson, Charles Magheraculmoney Shanahone 1828
Wilson, Chas. Galloon Kilnakirk 1834
Wilson, Chas. Rossorry Mullaghree 1826
Wilson, Christy Enniskillen Killyvilly 1832
Wilson, Christy Enniskillen Waternerry 1832
Wilson, Daniel Enniskillen Ballynamoney 1832
Wilson, David Inishmacsaint Corrakeel 1834
Wilson, Edward Derryvullen Slie 1835
Wilson, Edward Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Wilson, Eliza. Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Wilson, Fanny Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Fleming Aghalurcher Simpany 1833
Wilson, Gabriel Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Wilson, Gabriel Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Wilson, Gabrl. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Wilson, George Cleenish Brockagh 1834
Wilson, Guy Cleenish Gortahurk East 1834
Wilson, Henry Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Wilson, Hugh Killesher Croaghrim 1828
Wilson, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
Wilson, James Cleenish Gortdonaghy 1834
Wilson, James Cleenish Rahallan 1834
Wilson, James Derrybrusk Glassdrummond 1825
Wilson, James Derrybrusk Thomas-Town 1825
Wilson, James Derryvullen Ardlogher 1835
Wilson, James Derryvullen Glenross 1835
Wilson, James Derryvullen Lisson 1835
Wilson, James Derryvullen Meenaghan 1835
Wilson, James Drumkeeran Deroneeve 1832
Wilson, James Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Wilson, James Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Wilson, James Enniskillen Derrykeehan 1832
Wilson, James Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, James Enniskillen Killyvilly 1832
Wilson, James Enniskillen Mullynock 1832
Wilson, James Enniskillen Waternerry 1832
Wilson, James Killesher Wheathill 1828
Wilson, James Magheracross Ballidolagh 1829
Wilson, James Magheracross Crorkins 1829
Wilson, James Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Wilson, James Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Wilson, Jas. Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Wilson, Jason Drumkeeran Formal 1832
Wilson, John Aghalurcher Lislea 1833
Wilson, John Cleenish Derryharney 1834
Wilson, John Cleenish Faughart 1834
Wilson, John Cleenish Letterbreen 1834
Wilson, John Derryvullen Boyaghan 1835
Wilson, John Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Wilson, John Derryvullen Clonkeen 1835
Wilson, John Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Wilson, John Derryvullen Knockrow 1835
Wilson, John Drumkeeran Letterkeen 1832
Wilson, John Drummully Clonkuland 1828
Wilson, John Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, John Enniskillen Waternerry 1832
Wilson, John Galloon Concora 1834
Wilson, John Magheracross Drummory 1829
Wilson, John Magheracross Sydare 1829
Wilson, John Magheraculmoney Cornacray 1828
Wilson, Johnston Drumkeeran Deroneeve 1832
Wilson, Mary Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Wilson, Michl. Rossorry Mullylevin 1826
Wilson, Noble Cleenish Cassan 1834
Wilson, Noble Derryvullen Ennishmore Island Drummee 1835
Wilson, Richard Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Wilson, Richard Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Brownhill 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Burfitshill 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Cavancurragh 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Cultagh 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Dromore 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Drummall 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Killivannon 1835
Wilson, Robert Derryvullen Mulrod 1835
Wilson, Robt. Cleenish Faughart 1834
Wilson, Robt. Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Wilson, Robt. Derryvullen Mulrod 1835
Wilson, Robt., jun. Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Wilson, Robt., sen. Drumkeeran Muckross 1832
Wilson, Saml. Drummully Colmon 1828
Wilson, Sandy Killesher Corghrim? 1828
Wilson, Solomon Enniskillen Knockinnis 1832
Wilson, Thomas Aghalurcher Killerman 1833
Wilson, Thomas Aghalurcher Lislea 1833
Wilson, Thomas Boho Aughinaglack 1827
Wilson, Thomas Boho Shacahan 1827
Wilson, Thomas Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Wilson, Thomas Derryvullen Gortmessin 1835
Wilson, Thomas Enniskillen Ballylucas 1832
Wilson, Thomas Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Thomas Magheracross Telerane 1829
Wilson, Thomas, jun. Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Thos. Cleenish Brockagh 1834
Wilson, Thos. Derryvullen Mulrod 1835
Wilson, Thos. Magheraculmoney Drumgivery 1828
Wilson, Widow Matilda Derryvullen Tetnamallard 1835
Wilson, William Cleenish Lustamore 1834
Wilson, William Derrybrusk Gola and Ardnacarrow 1825
Wilson, William Derryvullen Derryhillogh 1835
Wilson, William Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Wilson, William Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Wilson, William Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, William Enniskillen Killyvilly 1832
Wilson, William Magheracross Drumrainy 1829
Wilson, William Magheracross Mulaghman 1829
Wilson, William Magheracross Salry 1829
Wilson, William, jun. Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, William, sen. Enniskillen Ganery 1832
Wilson, Wm. Cleenish Farnamullan 1834
Wilson, Wm. Derryvullen Mulrod 1835
Wilson, Wm. Drumkeeran Deroneeve 1832
Wilson, Wm. Drumkeeran Formal 1832
Wilson, Wm. Galloon Magheramore 1834
Wilson, Wm. Galloon Magherareagh 1834
Wilson, Wm. Rossorry Glencunny 1826
Wilson, Wm. Rossorry Scaffoch 1826
Wilsons, Mr. Inishmacsaint Blackslee 1834
Winny, Chas. Galloon Corlatt 1834
Winny, Hugh Galloon Killydowny 1834
Winny, John Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Winny, Thos. Galloon Mullaghboy 1834
Winters, Hugh Drummully Clinlura 1828
Winters, John Drummully Clinlura 1828
Winters, John Drummully Clinoony 1828
Winters, Patt. Drummully Clinshano 1828
Winters, Widow Drummully Clinlura 1828
Witters, Thomas Aghavea Munmurray 1832
Wood, Charles Cleenish Tonnymalloc 1834
Wood, David Inishmacsaint Drumreask 1834
Wood, David Inishmacsaint Portnaclyduff 1834
Wood, George Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Wood, George Enniskillen Tonystick 1832
Wood, John Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Woods, A. Inishmacsaint Dremenaghmore 1834
Woods, A. Inishmacsaint Drumenaghbeg 1834
Woods, Andw. Magheracross Drumbad 1829
Woods, Arthur Aghavea Edinilhorn 1834
Woods, Arthur Enniskillen Drumkeenragh 1832
Woods, Arthur Enniskillen Leamb 1832
Woods, Catherine Aghalurcher Tullynevin 1833
Woods, Charles Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Woods, Daniel Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Woods, Edward Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Woods, Edward Aghalurcher Cullentry 1833
Woods, Edwd. Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Woods, Elizabeth Aghalurcher Tullynevin 1833
Woods, Francis Aghalurcher Carrickapollin 1833
Woods, Francis Aghalurcher Grogey 1833
Woods, George Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Woods, Harry Drumkeeran Mielbawn 1832
Woods, Henry Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Woods, Hugh Magheracross Drummory 1829
Woods, James Aghalurcher Tullynevin 1833
Woods, James Cleenish Trellick 1834
Woods, James Derryvullen Tedde 1835
Woods, James Drumkeeran Derrybrick 1832
Woods, James Drumkeeran Knockrow 1832
Woods, John Aghalurcher Tullynevin 1833
Woods, John Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Woods, John Aghavea Sattindillor 1832
Woods, John Derrybrusk Drumcullion 1825
Woods, John Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Woods, John, jun. Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Woods, John, sen. Aghavea Aughalun 1832
Woods, John, sen. Derrybrusk Ballyreagh 1825
Wods, Robert Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Woods, Robt. Cleenish Clonaveil 1834
Woods, Thomas Derrybrusk Drumcullion 1825
Woods, Thomas Enniskillen Breagho 1832
Woods, Thomas Inishmacsaint Beangh 1834
Woods, Tom Drumkeeran Gartnagullin 1832
Woods, William Aghalurcher Artclea 1833
Woods, Wm. Drumkeeran Drumnagrecial 1832
Worthington, John Cleenish Killywillen 1834
Wray, Alexander Aghalurcher Owesnskerry 1833
Wray, George Aghalurcher Owesnskerry 1833
Wray, Henry Inishmacsaint Rahalton 1834
Wray, John Aghalurcher Derrycrum 1833
Wray, John Aghalurcher Erdinagh 1833
Wray, Robert Killesher Marlbank 1828
Wray, Thomas Aghalurcher Coolcrannell 1833
Wray, Thompson Aghalurcher Derryhullen 1833
Wray, Walter Aghalurcher Owesnskerry 1833
Wray, William Aghalurcher Foglish 1833
Wright, James Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Wright, James Aghalurcher Lisseneal 1833
Wright, John Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Wright, Joseph Aghalurcher Mullinavale 1833
Wright, Joseph Derryvullen Coolebuck 1835
Wright, Matthew Aghalurcher Kell 1833
Wright, Thos. Drummully Clinisten 1828
Wynn, Manus Boho Drumbegger 1827
Young, J.R., Rev. Trory Creenahan 1825
Young, James Aghavea Lismalore 1832
Young, James Derryvullen Irvinestown 1835
Young, James Drumkeeran Drumgawny Bartin 1832
Young, James Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Young, John Drumkeeran Killmore 1832
Young, John Drumkeeran Tullyhomon 1832
Young, Robert Trory Trory 1825
Young, Rbt. Trory Long Island 1825
Young, Tom Drumkeeran Rottonmountain 1832
Young, William Magheraculmoney Cronion Bar 1828
Zunderdorf, Mariam I. Cleenish Greaghnaclearagh 1834