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These Marriages from Aghalurcher Parish
With Children added where known.

ABRAHAM, Joseph      md. Mary Anne WATSON *b
     John ABRAHAM - bn. 11 Oct 1870
     Joseph ABRAHAM - bn. 13 Aug 1872

ABRAHAM, Robert      md. Isabella Anne GRAHAM *b
     Robert Johnston ABRAHAM, bn. 20 Sep 1870

ADAMS, James      md. Jane MCELROY *m
     Mary ADAMS, bn. 19 Nov 1867
     Margaret Jane ADAMS, bn. 5 May 1869
     John ADAMS, bn. 4 Jun 1872
     Catherine ADAMS, bn. 19 Mar 1875

ALEXANDER, William, s/o William
md. Rose Ann SMITH, d/o Thomas, on 18 Sep 1862

ALLEN, James      md. Charlotte MCCONNELL *m
     Charlotte ALLEN, bn. 10 Dec 1868

ALLEN, Thomas      md. Mary Ellen ALLEN *b
     Thomas ALLEN, bn. 28 Oct 1868
     Mary ALLEN, bn. 26 Aug 1870
     Andrew ALLEN, bn. 13 Dec 1873

ALLEN, William      md. Margaret THOMPSON *b
     Alexander ALLEN, bn. 3 Jan 1870
     Thompson ALLEN, bn. 12 Feb 1875

AMOS, John      md. Eliza CAMPBELL *b
     William John AMOS, bn. 19 Jan 1868
     Martha AMOS, bn. 8 Aug 1872

AMOS, John      md. Eliza CANWILL *b(possibly same as above)
     James AMOS, bn. 19 Jan 1875

AMOS, Samuel      md. Eliza Jane BOYD *b
     Samuel AMOS, bn. 3 Aug 1873
     William AMOS, bn. 24 Aug 1871

AMOS, Samuel      md. Eliza Jane HOOEY *b
     Isabella AMOS, bn. 15 Mar 1869

AMOS, Walter      md. Elizabeth SIMPSON *b
     Jane AMOS, bn. 3 Oct 1867

ANDERSON, James      md. Margaret GRAHAM *b
     Mary ANDERSON, bn. 14 Mar 1874
     Sarah ANDERSON, bn. 3 Sep 1871
     James ANDERSON, bn. 15 Oct 1867

ARMSTRONG, Andrew      md. Anne IRVINE *m
     George ARMSTRONG, bn. 9 Jun 1870

ARMSTRONG, Christopher      md. Mary Jane RUTLEDGE *m
     Sarah ARMSTRONG, bn. 2 Dec 1870

ARMSTRONG, Christopher      md. Catherine BARTON *b
     Margaret ARMSTRONG, bn. 8 Dec 1870

ARMSTRONG, James      md. Anne KENNEDY *m
     James ARMSTRONG, bn. 6 Feb 1869
     John ARMSTRONG, bn. 22 Feb 1874

ARMSTRONG, James      md. Elizabeth MCBRINE *m
     Susan ARMSTRONG, bn. 29 Oct 1870

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Eliza(Lizzy) MORRISON *m
     Robert ARMSTRONG, bn. 9 Dec 1867
     George ARMSTRONG, bn. 24 Jan 1870
     James ARMSTRONG, bn. 2 Mar 1874

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Sarah JONES *b
     William Henry ARMSTRONG, bn. 13 Dec 1871
     Francis ARMSTRONG, bn. 14 Jan 1874

ARMSTRONG, William Joseph, s/o William
md. Mary Anne REA, d/o Thomson, on 30 Aug 1860

ARNOLD, William      md. Margeret DOHERTY *b
     John ARNOLD, bn. 23 Apr 1869
     Mary ARNOLD, bn. 28 Nov 1871

ATWELL, James      md. Margaret HEANY *b
     Margaret ATWELL, bn. 5 Jan 1875

BAKER, John      md. Mary SMYTHE *b
     Catherine Margaret BAKER, bn. 22 Sep 1873

BAMFORD, Edward      md. Jane MURPHY *b
     Emily Elizabeth BAMFORD, bn. 27 Jul 1869

BAMFORD, John      md. Jane DIXON *b
     James BAMFORD, bn. 24 May 1867
     John BAMFORD, bn. 21 Sep 1869

BARNES, George      md. Catherine GERAN *b
     Helena BARNES, bn. 3 Nov 1870

BAXTER, Johnston      md. Maria MONTGOMERY *b
     George BAXTER, bn. 4 Nov 1870

BAXTER, Patrick      md. Ellen FLANIGAN *b
     Sarah BAXTER, bn. 20 Jun 1871
     Sarah BAXTER, bn. 15 Sep 1874

BAXTER, Patrick      md. Elizabeth MCBRINE *b
     James BAXTER, bn. 19 Apr 1869

BAXTER, Thomas     md. Margaret HUGHES *b
     John Thomas BAXTER, bn. 4 Jun 1869
     Edward BAXTER, bn. 23 Sep 1871
     Mary BAXTER, bn. 13 Dec 1767

BAYLIE, Thomas Newman      md. Catherine RICE *b
     Caroline Abigail BAYLIE, bn. 23 Dec 1874
     Dudley Rice BAYLIE, bn. 19 Oct 1873
     Percy Daurit BAYLIE, bn. 18 Jun 1867

BEATTY, Christopher      md. Elizabeth MARRON *b
     Margaret Jane BEATTY, bn. 27 Nov 1868
     Mary Anne BEATTY, bn. 11 Nov 1870

BEATTY, David      md. Rose Anne MCAULEY
     Sarah BEATTY, bn. 14 Apr 1867 *m
     Robert BEATTY, bn. 1 May 1869 *b
     William BEATTY, bn. 4 Jun 1871 *b
     John BEATTY, bn. 7 Feb 1874 *m

BEATTY, George      md. Catherine ATWELL *b
     Catherine BEATTY, bn. 16 Sep 1873

BEATTY, John      md. Mary Jane COULTER *b
     Mary Jane BEATTY, bn. 10 Sep 1867

BEATTY, Joseph      md. Margaret MILLIGAN *b
     John Andrew BEATTY, bn. 2 May 1869
     Margaret BEATTY, bn. 15 May 1871
     Marths BEATTY, bn. 12 May 1867

BEATTY, Richard      md. Mary Anne WILSON *b
    John BEATTY, bn. 17 Apr 1871
    Robert BEATTY, bn. 27 Feb 1870
    Sarah Jane BEATTY, bn. 17 Jan 1875

BEATTY, Thomas      md. Anne LITTLE *b
     Hilliard Alexander BEATTY, bn. 11 Dec 1868

BELL, James      md. Jane EVITT *b
     John BELL, bn. 1 Apr 1867
     Catherine BELL, bn. 25 Oct 1868

BELL, James      md. Eliza JOHNSTON *b
     Ellen BELL, bn. 19 Feb 1869
     Margaret BELL, bn. 4 Jul 1871

BERNEY(BIRNEY), William      md. Margaret HOGG *m
     William BERNEY, bn. 28 Oct 1871

BEST, Joseph      md. Margaret SMITH *b
     Isabella Jane BEST, bn. 8 Sep 1873
     Elizabeth BEST, bn. 4 Jan 1875

BLAKELY, John, s/o John
md. Catharine MC CULLOGH, d/o George, on 7 Sep 1855

BLEAKLEY, Adam, s/o James
md. Isabella HALL, d/o Joseph, on 28 Mar 1850

BLEAKELY(BLAKELY), John      md. Jane MURRY *b
     Mary Jane BLEAKELY, bn. 3 Nov 1868
     Henry BLAKELY, bn. 27 Aug 1871
     Robert BLAKELY, bn. 27 Aug 1871

BLAKELY, William      md. Ellen MURPHY *b
     Pinina Anne BLAKELY, bn. 26 Jul 1869
     Eleanor BLAKELY, bn. 22 Mar 1872

BLOOMFIELD, John      md. Elizabeth MCCREERY *b
     Samuel BLOOMFIELD, bn. 17 Mar 1870
     Margaret Jane BLOOMFIELD, bn. 13 Jan 1872

BOUGE(BOAG), Daniel      md. Bridget FORDE(FORD) *b
     Terrence BOUGE, bn. 30 Aug 1867
     Hugh BOAG, bn. 19 Aug 1869

BOAG, Daniel      md. Bridget NAUN *b
     Bridget BOAG, bn. 1 May 1872

BOAGUE(BOGUE), James      md. Elizabeth MCELROY *b
     Eliza Jane BOAGUE, bn. 15 Mar 1868
     Francis BOGUE, bn. 29 Apr 1870
     Rebecca BOGUE, bn. 30 Aug 1872
     Charlotte Margaret BOGUE, bn. 26 Jul 1874

BOGUE, James      md. Mary MAGUIRE *b
     Agnus BOGUE, bn. 4 Dec 1868

BOAG, James      md. Bessy HARKIN *b
     Agnes BOAG, bn. 26 May 1869

     Francis Patrick BOGUE, bn. 10 Mar 1875
     Bridget BOAG, bn. 17 Aug 1870

BOGUE(BOAG), Michael      md. Mary MCLAUGHLIN *b
     Mary Anne BOGUE, bn. 9 Apr 1868
     Ellen BOAG, bn. 16 Feb 1872

BOAG(BOGUE), Owen      md. Isabella KEENAN *b
     James BOAG, bn. 12 Jun 1868
     Philip BOGUE, bn. 11 Jun 1870
     Mary Anne BOGUE, bn. 2 Aug 1872
     Sarah BOGUE, bn. 12 Jan 1875

BOAG, Thomas      md. Sarah BECHAM *b
     Elizabeth BOAG, bn. 5 Feb 1869

BOAG, Thomas      md. Sarah BAKER *b
     Thomas BOAG, bn. 22 Apr 1871

BOGAN, John      md. Mary MCCANNA *m
     Andrew BOGAN, bn. 22 Dec 1867

BOWLS, Henry      md. Margaret IRWINE *m
     George BOWLS, bn. 28 Jul 1867

BOULS(BOWELS), John      md. Ellen MCCAY(MCCOY) *b
     Jane BOULS, bn. 3 Jan 1870
     Ellen BOWELS, bn. 15 Aug 1872

BOULS, William      md. Margaret ELLIOTT *b
     Margaret Jane BOULS, bn. 22 Oct 1873

BOYD, Alexander      md. Mary MOFFITT *b
     Thomas BOYD, bn. 24 Jul 1867
     Alexander BOYD, bn. 15 May 1871
     Mary BOYD, bn. 15 May 1871
     Annie BOYD, bn. 2 Feb 1874

BOYD, Humphrey      md. Jane LITTLE *b
     John Henry BOYD, bn. 29 Dec 1867
     Rebecca BOYD, bn. 2 Jan 1869

BOYD, John Henry      md. Margaret Anne HURST *b
     Susanna Maria BOYD, bn. 23 Jul 1873

BRADY, Phillip      md. Anne MCCADAM *m
     Margaret Anne BRADY, bn. 19 Apr 1872

BREDIN(BREADIN), James      md. Margaret HOUSTON *b
     Robert BREDIN, bn. 26 Jul 1867
     Samuel BREADIN, bn. 1 May 1869

BREADON, John      md. Eliza Jane KERR *b
     Margaret Jane BREADON, bn. 20 Oct 1868
     Rebecca BREADON, bn. 12 Oct 1870

BREEN, Hugh      md. Ellen MCELROY *b
     Hugh BREEN, bn. 11 May 1867
     Margaret Jane BREEN, bn. 29 Oct 1869

BREEN, Hugh      md. Mary FOY *b
     James BREEN, bn. 7 Apr 1867
     Patrick Joseph BREEN, bn. 18 Mar 1869

BREEN, John      md. Fanny(Frances) WILSON *b
     Andrew BREEN, bn. 5 Oct 1867
     Mary Anne BREEN, bn. 3 Aug 1869
     James BREEN, bn. 4 Aug 1871

BRIEN, Pat      md. Anne FLANNAGEN *m
     Mary Anne BRIEN, bn. 20 Jul 1869

BRESLIN, Anthony      md. Margaret LONEY *m
     Margaret BRESLIN, bn. 7 Aug 1867

BRESLIN, James      md. Margaret MCCABE *b
     Margaret BRESLIN, bn. 13 Nov 1870

BRIENS, John      md. Anne HENRY *b
     Robert BRIENS, bn. 5 May 1871

BROOKE, Arthur Basil      md. Alice Georgina NORTON *b
     Arthur Montague BROOKE, bn. 4 Oct 1873

BROOKE, Henry Francis      md. Anna Isabella CHRISTOPHER *b
     Florence Louisa BROOKE, bn. 19 Oct 1868

BROOKE, Peter Alexander      md. Alice Sophia BELLINGHAM *b
     Butler BROOKE, bn. 2 May 1870

BROOKE, Victor Alexander(may be same as above) md. Alice Sophia BELLINGHAM *b
     Ernest BROOKE, bn. 2 Mar 1868

BROWN, John      md. Eliza FARRELL *b
     Edward BROWN, bn. 23 Nov 1867
     Anne BROWN, bn. 17 May 1870
     Margaret Jane BROWN, bn. 15 Sep 1874

BROWN, John      md. Anne FRICKELTON *b
     Anne BROWN, bn. 2 Jun 1870

BROWN, Joseph, s/o Sandy
md. Sarah GILLESPIE, d/o Daniel, on 6 Feb 1851
     Susan Brown, bn. 27 Nov 1867

BROWN(BROWNE), Mathew      md. Anne IRVINE *m
     John BROWNE, bn. 23 Jul 1872
     Rebecca ane BROWN, bn. 13 Jul 1874

BROWN, William, s/o James
md. Anne SHORT, d/o Henry, on 27 Mar 1854

BROWNFIELD, George, s/o James
md. Jane MACORMICK, d/o Joseph, on 3 Apr 1850

BROWNFIELD, Samuel, s/o James
md. Matilda GILLESPIE, d/o Thomas, on 27 Nov 1850

BRYANS, John      md. Anne HENRY *b
     John Thomas BRYANS, bn. 26 Feb 1869

BRYNS(BRYANS), Robert      md. Elizabeth DEERY *m
     Isabella BRYNS, bn. 18 Sep 1867

BRYANS, William      md. Mary FALLIS *b
     Johnston BRYANS, bn. 12 Apr 1872
     Martha BRYANS, bn. 25 Jan 1874

BRYANS, William      md. Anne MAXWELL *b
     Sarah Ellen BRYANS, bn. 3 Apr 1867

BURLEY, John, s/o William
md. Jane WATKINS, d/o Joseph, on 5 May 1854

BURLEY, Thomas      md. Faith NIXON *b
     Robert William BURLEY, bn. 22 Mar 1870
     John Thomas BURLEY, bn. 14 Nov 1871
     Mary Elicia BURLEY, bn. 31 Jan 1874

BURLEY, William      md. Anne TRIMBLE *b
     John Robert BURLEY, bn. 26 Feb 1869
     Johnston BURLEY, bn. 20 Sep 1870

BURNSIDE, James      md. Sarah CARROTHERS *b
     Robert BURNSIDE, bn. 9 Sep 1871

BURNSIDE, James      md. Jane LINN *b
     Thomas BURNSIDE, bn. 13 Sep 1869

BURNSIDE, Robert      md. Anne Jane MONTGOMERY *b
     Martha Jane BURNSIDE, bn. 15 Nov 1868
     William BURNSIDE, bn. 6 Oct 1871

BURNSIDE, Samuel, s/o James
md. Martha WRIGHT, d/o Anthony, on 7 Nov 1853

BUSBY, Thomas      md. Jane THOMPSON *m
     Mary Jane BUSBY, bn. 29 Mar 1872
     Rebecca BUSBY, bn. 25 Jul 1874

BUSHEL(BUSHELL), William      md. Mary REID *b
     Margaret Jane BUSHEL, bn. 20 Jul 1867
     John Thomas BUSHELL, bn. 20 Jan 1870
     James BUSHELL, bn. 9 May 1871

BUSSELL, Francis, s/o Arthur
md. Mary Jane REILLY, d/o Edward, on 23 Dec 1862

CAIN, Patrick      md. Eliza FARRELL *b
     Ellen CAIN, bn. 22 Mar 1868

CAIRNS, Abraham      md. Susan GINLEY *b
     James CAIRNS, bn. 18 Apr 1871

CALDWELL, Hamilton, s/o James
md. Ann STEEN, d/o John, on 31 Aug 1855
     Hamilton CALDWELL, bn. 10 May 1869

CALWELL(CALDWELL), Henry      md. Jane Anne PRIMROSE *b
     Emily Jane CALWELL, bn. 28 Jun 1874

CALDWELL, James      md. Martha PRIMROSE *b
     Martha Jane CALDWELL, bn. 6 Jul 1869
     William James CALDWELL, bn. 19 Sep 1870
     Sarah Ellen CALDWELL, bn. 24 Jul 1872
     Henry CALDWELL, bn. 4 Jan 1874

CALDWELL(CALLWELL), John      md. Jane HENRY *b
     Sarah CALLWELL, bn. 1 Dec 1871
     Henrietta CALDWELL, bn. 19 Feb 1874

CALLAGHAN, James      md. Mary MCCONNELL *b
     Catherine CALLAGHAN, bn. 1 Apr 1870
     Ellen CALLAGHAN, bn. 10 Mar 1872
     Teresa CALLAGHAN, bn. 6 Feb 1874

CALLAGHAN, Peter      md. Elizabeth ELLIOTT *b
     John CALLAGHAN, bn. 3 Feb 1868
     Catherine CALLAGHAN, bn. 23 Apr 1870
     Thomas CALLAGHAN, bn. 4 Jan 1872

CAMBLE(Campbell), James      md. Eliza JOHNSTON *b
     Eliza Jane CAMPBELL, bn. 10 Jan 1868
     James CAMBLE, bn. 7 Jun 1871

CAMPBELL, Thomas      md. Mary LAIRD *b
     Catherine CAMPBELL, bn. 12 Feb 1875

CANNAVAN, John      md. Catherine RAINBIRD *m
     Thomas CANNAVAN, bn. 15 dec 1873

     Elizabeth CARLISLE, bn. 27 Apr 1867 *m
     Edward CARLISLE, bn. 28 Mar 1870 *b

CARLISLE, John      md. Alice EMERSON *b
     William Henry CARLISLE, bn. 1 Oct 1867
     Elizabeth CARLISLE, bn. 28 Jul 1869
     John James CARLISLE, bn. 8 Feb 1874

CARLTON, James      md. Sarah KERNAN *b
     Roseanne CARLTON, bn. 15 Apr 1868

CARRIGAN, James      md. Mary LAIRD *b
     Eliza Anne CARRIGAN, bn. 28 Feb 1875

CARTHERS(CARTER)(CARTERS), John      md. Margaret MAGINN *b
     John CARTERS, bn. 24 Apr 1868
     Rosy CARTHERS, bn. 18 Mar 1871
     Bernard CARTER, bn. 25 Jan 1875

CARROLL, Miles(Myles)     md. Mary JOHNSTON *b
     Miles CARROLL, bn. 10 Jun 1872
     William CARROLL, bn. 25 Nov 1873

CAROTHERS, Alexander      md. Martha BEATTY *b
     John Wesley Robinson CAROTHERS, bn. 25 Feb 1872

CARROTHERS, Christopher      md. Matilda BURNSIDE *b
     Mary Jane CARROTHERS, bn. 22 Feb 1875

CARROTHERS, Henry      md. Ellen BEATTY *b
     William Henry CARROTHERS, bn. 14 Jul 1873

CARROTHERS, James      md. Mary Jane COALTER *b
     William CARROTHERS, bn. 29 Jan 1874

CARROTHERS, John      md. Jane Ellen REA *b
     Edward Alfred CARROTHERS, bn. 16 Mar 1874

CARY(CAREY), James      md. Mary MCELROY *m
     Julia CARY, bn. 9 Sep 1872
     John CAREY, bn. 6 Aug 1874

CARY, Terence      md. Mary KEENAN *m
     Patrick CARY, bn. 20 Aug 1871

CARY, Thomas      md. Mary Anne WILSON *m
     Mary CARY, bn. 14 Sep 1871

CASSIDY, Charles      md. Mary GAULT *b
     William CASSIDY, bn. 3 Jan 1870
     Susan CASSIDY, bn. 25 Mar 1872

CASSIDY, James      md. Elizabeth JOYCE *b
     Margaret CASSIDY, bn. 17 Jul 1869

CASSIDY, James      md. Margaret Jane KENNEDY *m
     David CASSIDY, bn. 24 May 1869

CASSIDY, John      md. Jane MCMANUS
     Thomas CASSIDY, bn. 21 Jul 1867 *b
     Catherine CASSIDY, bn. 21 May 1869 *m
     Francis CASSIDY, bn. 9 Aug 1872 *m
     Mary CASSIDY, bn. 28 Dec 1870 *m

CASSIDY, Michael      md. Anne DUNLOP *m
     Mary Anne CASSIDY, bn. 6 Sep 1874

CASSIDY, Patrick      md. Elizabeth(Bessy) MAGRATH *b
     Margaret CASSIDY, bn. 16 Jan 1868
     Joseph CASSIDY, bn. 17 Oct 1871

CASSIDY, Thomas      md. Anne MACCAFFERY *b
     Thomas CASSIDY, bn. 30 Apr 1867
     Ellen CASSIDY, bn. 17 Jun 1869

CAUFUL(CAWFUL)(CAUFIELD), James      md. Bridget DOGHERTY *m
     Hugh CAUFUL, bn. 8 Jul 1867
     Catherine CAUFUL, bn. 3 Dec 1868
     Mary CAUFUL, bn. 19 Oct 1870
     James CAWFUL, bn. 11 Nov 1871
     Mary Anne CAWFIELD, bn. 12 Jul 1874

CHARTERS, James      md. Margaret MONTGOMERY *m
     John CHARTERS, bn. 14 Apr 1872
     Jane CHARTERS, bn. 23 Jul 1873

CLARKE, James, s/o James
md. Margaret TRIMBLE, d/o John, on 9 Jul 1852

CLARK(E), William      md. Margaret COMESKY(CAMIAESKY)(CUMISCON) *m
     John CLARKE, bn. 18 Jul 1869
     Thomas CLARKE, bn. 5 Oct 1871
     Patrick CLARK, bn. 10 Feb 1875

CLEAREY, Samuel      md. Mary GALLAGHER *b
     Sarah Anne CLEAREY, bn. 31 Aug 1874

CLIFFORD, James      md. Anne COULTER *b
     John CLIFFORD, bn. 1 Dec 1867
     Ellen CLIFFORD, bn. 28 Dec 1869
     Sarah CLIFFORD, bn. 12 Oct 1871

CLIFFORD, James      md. Elizabeth HOGG *b
     Sarah CLIFFORD, bn. 2 Feb 1869
     William CLIFFORD, bn. 8 Apr 1871

CLINGING, Francis      md. Eleanor GRANGER *b
     Catherine CLINGING, bn. 4 Nov 1873

CLINGING(CLINGAN), Robert      md. Rebecca LITTLE *m
     Catherine CLINGAN, bn. 3 Sep 1867
     Richard CLINGAN, bn. 25 Dec 1868
     Rebecca CLINGING, bn. 19 Jun 1874

COULTER, Alexander      md. Mary Jane IRVINE *m
     William John COULTER, bn. 27 Jan 1874

COULTER, Andrew      md. Margaret REILLY *m
     Mary COULTER, bn. 4 Jul 1874

COULTER, Andrew      md. Sarah HILLERD *b
     Margaret Anne COULTER, bn. 13 Aug 1867

COULTER, Andrew      md. Letitia COULTER *b
     Alexander COULTER, bn. 21 Oct 1868

COALTER, Charles      md. Mary Anne HUGHES *b
     Joseph COALTER, bn. 24 Jan 1872

COALTER, James      md. Isabella COALTER *b
     Isabella COALTER, bn. 17 Jun 1873

COULTER, John      md. Grace COULTER *b
     Catherine COULTER, bn. 2 Jun 1867
     Sarah COULTER, bn. 9 Mar 1870
     Jane COULTER, bn. 17 Oct 1871

COALTER(COULTER), Joseph      md. Catherine WILSON *b
     Henry Wilson COULTER, bn. 23 Jan 1868
     Joseph COALTER, bn. 25 Aug 1869
     Crozier COALTER, bn. 14 Mar 1871
     Mary Jane COALTER, bn. 2 Jul 1872

COYLE, James      md. Jane THOMPSON *b
     Matilda COYLE, bn. 21 Feb 1868

COILL(COYLE), Thomas      md. Anne LUNNEY *b
     William COILL, bn. 8 Sep 1867
     Patrick COYLE, bn. 3 Jul 1869
     Mary Anne COYLE, bn. 1 Aug 1871

COLLINS, James      md. Eliza(Bessy) BEATTY *m
     Mary COLLINS, bn. 24 Apr 1868
     Joseph COLLINS, bn. 1 Nov 1873

COLLUM, John      md. Eliza BAXTER *b
     Jane Anne COLLUM, bn. 24 Dec 1867
     William COLLUM, bn. 9 Nov 1870

CONNOLLY, Edward      md. Anne MCCUSKER *b
     John CONNOLLY, bn. 12 Jan 1868
     James CONNOLLY, bn. 12 Jan 1868
     James CONNOLLY, bn. 19 Mar 1869
     Owen CONNOLLY, bn. 18 Mar 1870
     Francis CONNOLLY, bn. 24 Dec 1871

CONNOLLY, John      md. Elizabeth GRAHAM *m
     Charles CONNOLLY, bn. 7 Feb 1874
     John Robert CONNOLLY, bn. 8 Feb 1875
     William CONNOLLY, bn. 8 Feb 1875

CONNELLY(CONLY), Thomas      md. Margaret MCMULLEN *m
     Thomas CONLY, bn. 17 Oct 1867
     John CONNELLY, bn. 6 Apr 1869

COOKE, John, s/o Edward
md. Teresa GIRVIN, d/o William, on 10 Mar 1854

COOKE(COOK), William      md. Jane BANFORD *b
     Robert James COOKE, bn. 8 Oct 1868
     Joseph COOK, bn. 12 Jun 1872

COPELAND(COPLAND), William      md. Mary Anne DAWSON *b
     Mary Anne COPLAND, bn. 18 Nov 1870
     Jane COPELAND, bn. 3 Jan 1872
     Margaret COPELAND, bn. 11 Aug 1873

COSGROVE, James      md. Anne MONAGHAN *m
     Anne COSGROVE, bn. 10 Oct 1870

COSTELOE, Francis Michael      md. Alicia GIVENS *m
     Lewis William COSTELOE, bn. 16 Jul 1874

COULSON(COULSTON), John      md. Elizabeth GRAHAM *m
     James COULSTON, bn. 5 Nov 1870
     Francis COULSON, bn. 3 Oct 1873

COWAN, John      md. Jane NOBLE *b
     Sarah COWAN, bn. 16 May 1867
     Maggie Maria COWAN, bn. 28 Mar 1869
     Matilda COWAN, bn. 26 Jun 1872
     Charlotte COWAN, bn. 23 Sep 1873

COX, John      md. Rose GREY(GRAY) *b
     James COX, bn. 20 Dec 1871
     Rosey COX, bn. 9 Oct 1873

CRAIG, Robert      md. Eliza NIXON *m
     Elizabeth CRAIG, bn. 24 Jan 1872

CRANSTON, James      md. Mary KERNAGHAN *b
     Cathrine CRANSTON, bn. 16 Aug 1870

CRANSTON, Robert      md. Anne ODONNELL
     Elizabeth CRANSTON, bn. 12 Dec 1867 *m
     Rebecca CRANSTON, bn. 7 Mar 1869 *b
     Margaret CRANSTON, bn. 10 Nov 1870 *b
     Martha CRANSTON, bn. 26 Jul 1874 *b

CRAWFORD, Hugh, s/o John
md. Jane BREDIN SMITH, d/o William, on 7 Jun 1853

CRAWFORD, James      md. Rebecca ARMSTRONG *b
     William CRAWFORD, bn. 14 Jan 1868

CREDEN, Thomas      md. Mary COLLINS *b
     Anne Jane CREDEN, bn. 1 Mar 1875

CROARKIN, Francis      md. Ellen NANN *b
     Francis CROARKIN, bn. 27 Jan 1869
     Isabella CROARKIN, bn. 29 May 1871
     John CROARKIN, bn. 19 Aug 1874

     Francis CROACKIN, bn. 20 Dec 1867
     Hugh CROARKEN, bn. 1 Jun 1870

CRUDDEN, James      md. Mary MCGINN(MAGIN)(MAGUIRE) *b
     Patrick CRUDDEN, bn. 27 Mar 1867
     Rose CRUDDEN, bn. 19 Mar 1869
     Margaret CRUDDEN, bn. 1 Jun 1871

CUMBERLAND, Samuel      md. Jane WALLACE *m
     Sarah CUMBERLAND, bn. 1 Mar 1868

DANE, Gerrard      md. Isabella MCCULLOUGH *m
     John Robert DANE, bn. 14 Feb 1875

DAVIS, Thomas      md. Mary Anne WARRELL *b
     Essy DAVIS, bn. 24 Feb 1874

DAWSON, Joshua      md. Mary Anne SOUTH *m
     Margaret Jane DAWSON, bn. 27 Nov 1870

DENNETT(DONNET), Henry      md. Mable(Mabella) JOICE(JOYCE) *b
     Alfred Edwin DENNETT, bn. 28 Sep 1867
     Basil DONNET, bn. 29 Aug 1869
     Victor Alexander DENNETT, bn. 19 Jun 1871

DENNIS, Francis      md. Margaret Jane BRIENS *m
     Francis DENNIS, bn. 30 Oct 1873

DEVERS, John      md. Rebecca BRYNS *m
     Isabella DEVERS, bn. 8 Apr 1869

DEVERS, Robert      md. Eliza LESLIE *m
     Mary Jane DEVERS, bn. 25 Apr 1868

DICKEY, John      md. Margaret THOMPSON *b
     Robert DICKEY, bn. 18 Jul 1873

DIXON, James, s/o Alexander
md. Maria SOMMERVILLE, d/o John, on 26 Sep 1854

DIXON, John      md. Jane BEATTY *b
     John DIXON, bn. 16 Apr 1872
     William James DIXON, bn. 29 Jun 1873
     Robert Beatty DIXON, bn. 5 Feb 1875

DIXON, John      md. Angelina CROSS *m
     John William DIXON, bn. 12 Dec 1871
     Sarah Jane DIXON, bn. 16 Jan 1874

DIXON, William      md. Elizabeth(Bessy) MCMULLEN *b
     James DIXON, bn. 10 Feb 1872
     Alexander DIXON, bn. 7 Mar 1874

DONNELLY, James      md. Mary DONNELLY *b
     John DONNELLY, bn. 21 Feb 1868
     Edward DONNELLY, bn. 9 Sep 1870
     Alice DONNELLY, bn. 31 Dec 1873
     Paul DONNELLY, bn. 31 Dec 1873

DONNELLY, Patrick      md. Susan QUIGLY *b
     Jane Anne DONNELLY, bn. 23 Sep 1867
     Catherine DONNELLY, bn. 13 Sep 1872

DOONAN, James      md. Eliza COWAN *b
     John DOONAN, bn. 10 Dec 1867
     Mary Eleanor DOONAN, bn. 17 Feb 1870
     Letitia Anne DOONAN, bn. 23 Jul 1872

DOONAN, Robert      md. Mary Anne BROOKE *b
     Alexander DOONAN, bn. 9 Mar 1869
     Mary Anne DOONAN, bn. 3 Dec 1870
     Margaret DOONAN, bn. 4 Mar 1875

DOUGHERTY, John      md. Rose CONNOR
     Anne DOUGHERTY, bn. 22 Jan 1868 *b
     Francis DOHERTY, bn. 23 Jun 1873 *m

DOGHERTY, Michael     md. Catherine DOGHERTY *m
     Margaret DOGHERTY, bn. 17 Apr 1868
     Mary DOGHERTY, bn. 29 Apr 1969

DORAN, Bernard      md. Elizabeth LOWREY *b
     Mary Anne DORAN, bn. 3 Apr 1869
     Catherine DORAN, bn. 27 Jul 1871
     Peter DORAN, bn. 26 Feb 1875

DORAN, Peter      md. Margaret MCGUIGAN *m
     Sarah Anne DORAN, bn. 5 May 1870

DOUGLAS, Andrew      md. Anne ROBINSON *m
     James DOUGLAS, bn. 19 Mar 1874

DOUGLAS, Moses      md. Ellen GALLAGHER *m
     Annie Frances DOUGLAS, bn. 4 Nov 1871
     Arabella Florence DOUGLAS, bn. 4 Nov 1873

DOUGLAS, William      md. Anne ROBINSON *m
     Elizabeth DOUGLAS, bn. 4 Jan 1872

DROOGAN, Hugh      md. Ellen MULLEN *b
     John DROOGAN, bn. 30 Apr 1868

DROOGAN, Patrick      md. Sarah JONES *b
     Patrick DROOGAN, bn. 2 Apr 1868
     Henry DROOGAN, bn. 13 Apr 1870

DUFFY, Owen      md. Jane HANLEY *b
     Mary Anne DUFFY, bn. 8 Jul 1873

DUNCAN, James      md. Catherine SMITH *b
     Samuel James DUNCAN, bn. 2 Sep 1867

DUNCAN, Samuel      md. Margaret SMITH *b
     James DUNCAN, bn. 12 Nov 1868
     Samuel DUNCAN, bn. 23 Feb 1870
     Martha Jane DUNCAN, bn. 9 Apr 1872
     Margaret DUNCAN, bn. 26 Jul 1874

DUNCAN, William      md. Margaret ANDERSON *b
     Catherine Jane DUNCAN, bn. 28 Feb 1875

DUNDAS, James      md. Anne MCELROY *b
     James DUNDAS, bn. 29 Aug 1867
     Sarah Anne DUNDAS, bn. 10 Feb 1869
     Patrick DUNDAS, bn. 20 Nov 1870
     Arthur DUNDAS, bn. 20 Jul 1872

DUNLOP, Edward      md. Jane Anne WIGGANS(HIGGINS) *b
     Thomas DUNLOP, bn. 17 Feb 1870
     Mary Ellen DUNLOP, bn. 5 Dec 1871
     Edward DUNLOP, bn. 3 Sep 1873

DUNLAP, John      md. Mary COLLINS *m
     Anne DUNLAP, bn. 9 Aug 1869

DUNLOP, Thomas      md. Jane CORNIAN *b
     Sarah Anne DUNLOP, bn. 26 Aug 1867

DUNNE, John      md. Alice WILSON *b
     Wilson DUNNE, bn. 3 Jul 1874

EAKINS, John, s/o Robert
md. Mary Anne WATT, d/o Archibald, on 10 Apr 1854

EBBITT, Peter      md. Isabella RUTHERFORD *b
     William EBBITT, bn. 24 Jun 1870

ELLIOTT, John, s/o James
md. Catherine WATKINS, d/o William, on 31 Aug 1854

ELLIOTT, John      md. Martha REID *b
     Mary Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 30 Sep 1868
     Hubert ELLIOTT, bn. 8 Mar 1872
     William James ELLIOTT, bn. 21 Feb 1870
     John ELLIOTT, bn. 1 Feb 1874

ELLIOTT, Robert      md. Jane BEATTY *b
     James Edward ELLIOTT, bn. 18 Apr 1869
     John ELLIOTT, bn. 17 Nov 1870

ELLIOTT, Robert      md. Catherine MCKEANY *b
     Robert ELLIOTT, bn. 3 Nov 1867
     Thomas ELLIOTT, bn. 25 Mar 1870

ELLIOTT, Thomas Edwin      md. Ellen CONNOLLY *m
     Sarah Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 19 Jul 1873

ELLIOTT, William      md. Elizabeth BREADIN *b
     Thomas James ELLIOTT, bn. 17 Apr 1871

EMERSON, Henry      md. Margaret Jane NIXON *b
     Alicia Jane EMERSON, bn. 20 May 1871
     Margaret Maria EMERSON, bn. 29 Jan 1875

EMERSON, James      md. Jane LITTLE *b
     Edward EMERSON, bn. 10 May 1868
     Eliza Anne EMERSON, bn. 24 Aug 1871

EVE, James      md. Annie WHITE *b
     Elizabeth EVE, bn. 24 Aug 1870

FALLIS, William      md. Mary DICK *b
     Louisa Anna Elizabeth FALLIS, bn. 13 Oct 1871

FARREL, Arthur, s/o Torrens
md. Rebbeca FOX, d/o Robert, on 29 Nov 1862

FARRY, Thomas      md. Catherine MCCOURT *m
     Susan FARRY, bn. 21 Aug 1867
     Bridget FARRY, bn. 15 Jun 1870

FAYE, Thomas      md. Catherine CASEY *b
     Thomas FAYE, bn. 19 Mar 1874

FEE, James      md. Rose CAUFIELD(CAUGHILL)
     Catherine FEE, bn. 15 Jan 1872
     James FEE, bn. 26 Jan 1874
     John FEE, bn. 9 Mar 1875

FEGAN, John      md. Mary KELLY *b
     Anne FEGAN, bn. 5 Apr 1868
     Elizabeth FEGAN, bn. 11 Jul 1871

FERGUSON, Patrick      md. Mary Anne IRVINE *m
     Thomas FERGUSON, bn. 27 Aug 1869
     James FERGUSON, bn. 22 Jan 1872
     Margaret Jane FERGUSON, bn. 18 Nov 1873

FERNEY, Richard, s/o James
md. Rebecca COULTER, d/o William, on 4 May 1852

FERRIS, James, s/o Anthony
md. Mary SHAW, d/o Martin, on 18 Dec 1860

FIFE, John      md. Mary Anne MCNESKEY *m
     Catherine FIFE, bn. 8 Sep 1873

FINLAY, John      md. Eliza ARMSTRONG *m
     Ellen FINLAY, bn. 28 Jan 1874

FITZMAYER, Charles Edward      md. Annie Maria NEWPORT *m
     Edward Howard FITZMAYER, bn. 21 Apr 1872

FITZPATRICK, John      md. Anne MCPHILIPS *b
     James FITZPATRICK, bn. 12 Jul 1867
     John FITZPATRICK, bn. 31 May 1870

FLANAGAN, Edward      md. Catherine GAVIN *m
     John Robert FLANAGAN, bn. 8 Jun 1870
     Rose FLANAGAN, bn. 23 Jul 1871

FLANAGAN, Edward      md. Catherine GARDINER *m
     Edward FLANAGAN, bn. 16 Jul 1874

FLANELLY, James      md. Margaret BEATTY *m
     Anne Jane FLANELLY, bn. 20 Mar 1874

FLEMING, Henry      md. Isabella BROWN *m
     Isabella FLEMING, bn. 19 Apr 1867
     Henry FLEMING, bn. 12 Dec 1868
     Anne FLEMING, bn. 21 Aug 1871
     Margaret FLEMING, bn. 1 Dec 1873

FLEMING, William      md. Margaret ARMSTRONG *b
     Margaret FLEMING, bn. 30 May 1867
     James FLEMING, bn. 31 Jan 1869
     Louisa FLEMING, bn. 27 Feb 1872

FLYNN, John      md. Anne LEONARD(LEANORD) *b
     Catherine FLYNN, bn. 4 Dec 1870
     Anne FLYNN, bn. 8 Aug 1872

FOLEY, John      md. Sarah BOAG *b
     John FOLEY, bn. 22 Aug 1873

FORSTER, Arthur, s/o Martin
md. Mary WOODS, d/o John, on 12 Dec 1855

FORSTER, Robert      md. Margaret WILSON *b
     William John FORSTER, bn. 26 Jan 1869
     James FORSTER, bn. 15 Jan 1972

FORSYTHE, John      md. Jane KERR *b
     Sarah FORSYTHE, bn. 9 Sep 1870
     Rebecca FORSYTHE, bn. 18 Aug 1872

FOSTER, Robert      md. Margaret WILSON *b
     Robert FOSTER, bn. 18 Jul 1867

FOWLER, Robert      md. Jane THOMPSON *m
     Margaret FOWLER, bn. 28 Dec 1871

FRANCIS, James      md. Mary EMERSON *b
     John FRANCIS, bn. 14 Oct 1867
     Eliza FRANCIS, bn. 10 Nov 1871

FUNSTON, George      md. Mary Anne CLARKE *b
     John FUNSTON, bn. 9 Jun 1867

FRICKELTON, John      md. Jane MCCOLLUM *b
     Mary Jane FRICKELTON, bn. 1 Mar 1870

GALLAGHER, John      md. Bridget MULHERN *m
     John GALLAGHER, bn. 31 Dec 1871

GALLAGHER, John      md. Ellen CONNELLY *b
     Patrick Joseph GALLAGHER, bn. 16 Mar 1869

GANLY, James      md. Hannah HOEY *b
     James GANLY, bn. 17 Mar 1870

GARDINER, James      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *m
     Anne GARDINER, bn. 28 Apr 1867
     Robert GARDINER, bn. 17 Aug 1869

GARDNER, James      md. Jane KIRK *b
     Robert James GARDNER, bn. 4 Nov 1867
     William George GARDNER, bn. 19 Apr 1870
     Thomas Edward GARDNER, bn. 11 Mar 1872

GARDNER, Noble      md. Elizabeth HOGG *b
     Margaret Jane GARDNER, bn. 1 Jun 1868

GARDINER, William, s/o Archibald
md. Eliza WOODS, d/o James, on 27 Apr 1852

GARDINER, William      md. Catherine WOODS *m
     Fanny Amelia GARDINER, bn. 19 Jan 1872

GAVIN, Terrence      md. Alice MAGUIRE *b
     Alice GAVIN, bn. 15 Jun 1870

GAWLEY, John      md. Mary WEST *b
     Mary GAWLEY, bn. 4 Jul 1872

GEALE, Robert      md. Louisa Maria PUXLEY *b
     Kate GEALE, bn. 20 Mar 1872
     Susan GEALE, bn. 29 Aug 1873

GILDAY, James      md. Catherine MCCAFFREY *b
     Phillip GILDAY, bn. 15 May 1870

GILLESPIE, David      md. Anne Eliza MCNAMARA *b
     Martha GILLESPIE, bn. 5 Aug 1867
     Anna GILLESPIE, bn. 30 Dec 1871

GILLESPIE, James, s/o John
md. Margret HARPER, d/o John, on 11 Feb 1852

GILLESPIE, John, s/o Thomas
md. Martha GILLESPIE, d/o Daniel, on 18 Dec 1855

GILLESPIE, Thomas, s/o John
md. Margaret HUEY, d/o John, on 20 Jun 1851

GILLILAND, James      md. Martha Jane KERR *b
     David GILLILAND, bn. 5 Dec 1868
     William Henderson GILLILAND, bn. 20 Oct 1870
     Robert GILLILAND, bn. 6 Jun 1872

GILROY, James      md. Margaret SCULLY *b
     John GILROY, bn. 23 Jun 1872

GLASS, James      md. Eleanor GILLIS *b
     James Robert GLASS, bn. 3 Aug 1869
     Sarah GLASS, bn. 9 May 1871

GLOVER, William      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *b
     Charles GLOVER, bn. 29 Mar 1869
     James GLOVER, bn. 29 Mar 1869
     Catherine Anne GLOVER, bn. 2 May 1871
     John Joseph GLOVER, bn. 25 Jul 1873

GRAHAM, Andrew, s/o William
md. Eliza TAYLOR, d/o George, on 10 May 1851

GRAHAM, Francis      md. Ellen DUNDAS *m
     William Henry GRAHAM, bn. 14 Oct 1868

GRAHAM, Francis      md. Susana MARTIN *m
     Francis GRAHAM, bn. 6 Mar 1870

GRAHAM, James      md. Jane EMERSON *b
     Sarah GRAHAM, bn. 1 Mar 1868

GRAHAM, Richard      md. Sarah CRAGUE *b
     Mary GRAHAM, bn. 23 May 1869

GRAHAM, Robert      md. Jane RUTLEDGE *m
     Thompson GRAHAM, bn. 14 Dec 1870

GRAHAM, Robert      md. Jane HOEY *b
     Richard GRAHAM, bn. 19 Jan 1869
     Robert Henry GRAHAM, bn. 7 Apr 1871

GRAHAM, Samuel      md. Elizabeth DUNLOP *b
     Samuel GRAHAM, bn. 27 Dec 1869
     Thomas GRAHAM, bn. 28 Jan 1872

GRAHAM, William      md. Ellen LONGAN *m
     Bessy GRAHAM, bn. 14 Feb 1872

GRAHAM, William      md. Margaret MOORE *b
     Catherine GRAHAM, bn. 15 Sep 1867

GRANERY, Andrew      md. Anne MAGINN(MAGUIRE) *b
     Anne GRANERY, bn. 14 Nov 1868
     Andrew GRANERY, bn. 27 May 1871

GRANERY, Patrick      md. Mary Anne TRIMBLE *b
     Mary GRANERY, bn. 9 Feb 1869

GRAY, Terence      md. Mary TIERNEY *b
     Mary GRAY, bn. 20 May 1870
     Michael GRAY, bn. 12 May 1872

GREEN, James      md. Ellen MCBRINE *m
     Ellen GREEN, bn. 26 Dec 1868

GREEN, Patrick      md. Mary Anne TRIMBLE *b
     John GREEN, bn. 19 Apr 1867
     Margaret GREEN, bn. 19 Apr 1867

GREEN, Patrick      md. Mary CADDIN *b
     James GREEN, bn. 12 Mar 1869
     Mary GREEN, bn. 4 Jun 1870
     Margaret GREEN, bn. 6 Feb 1872

GREG, Alexander      md. Jane MANN *b
     Barbara Jane GREG, bn. 9 Apr 1871

GREY, James, s/o John
md. Catherine GOOD, d/o William, on 17 Apr 1851

GUNN, James      md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG *m
     Sarah GUNN, bn. 9 Mar 1869

GUNNE, Robert, s/o Michael
md. Margaret TRIMBLE, d/o Thomas, on 31 Mar 1851

HACKET, James      md. Anne SLONE *b
     William HACKET, bn. 27 Oct 1868

HAIRE, William      md. Eliza ANNON *b
     Mary Anne HAIRE, bn. 27 Dec 1869

HALL, Charles      md. Anne RUSK *b
     Charlotte Elizabeth HALL, bn. 31 Aug 1872

HALL, John      md. Elizabeth HEANEY *b
     Margaret Anne HALL, bn. 5 Dec 1868

HALL, Matthew      md. Margaret Anne NIXON *m
     Matthew HALL, bn. 19 Jan 1875

HALL, Samuel      md. Eliza GRAHAM *b
     Mary HALL, bn. 2 Mar 1869
     William HALL, bn. 25 Nov 1870

HALL, Thomas      md. Ellen(Eleanor) BEATTY *m
     John William HALL, bn. 12 Feb 1872
     Margaret Letitia HALL, bn. 10 Nov 1873

HALL, William      md. Martha Anne MULLIGAN *b
     James HALL, bn. 20 Jan 1868
     Mary Eliza HALL, bn. 11 May 1870
     Margaret Jane HALL, bn. 22 Mar 1872
     Robert HALL, bn. 24 Jan 1874

HALLIDAY, Thomas      md. Anne QUINN *b
     Margaret HALLIDAY, bn. 5 Oct 1870

HALPIN, James      md. Susanna DROOGAN *b
     James HALPIN, bn. 8 Mar 1868
     John HALPIN, bn. 14 Jun 1869
     Mary HALPIN, bn. 14 Aug 1872
     Luke HALPIN, bn. 15 Jan 1875

HAMILTON, Charles      md. Eliza Jane COOK *b
     Henry Robert HAMILTON, bn. 20 Sep 1874

HAMILTON, Francis      md. Margaret WIGGENS *b
     John Robert HAMILTON, bn. 2 Mar 1868

HAMILTON, James      md. Eliza RUTLEDGE *b
     William HAMILTON, bn. 6 May 1867
     John Thomas HAMILTON, bn. 11 Jul 1869
     Margaret Anne HAMILTON, bn. 20 Apr 1871

HANIGAN, John      md. Rebecca THOMPSON *b
     James HANIGAN, bn. 9 Jul 1869

HANNAGH, Peter      md. Mary MCULLEN *b
     John HANNAGH, bn. 27 Jul 1869

HARPUR, Adam, s/o John
md. Rebecca LINN, d/o William, on 14 Mar 1853

HAWILL, James      md. Catherine COSGROVE *b
     John HAWELL, bn. 31 Oct 1867
     Owen HAWILL, bn. 11 Mar 1872

HAWILL, Owen      md. Mary MCGRATH *m
     Rose Anne HAWILL, bn. 28 Jul 1874

HAZLETT, Robert      md. Isabella BLACKBURN *m
     Mary Jane HAZLETT, bn. 8 Sep 1873

HENDERSON, Thomas      md. Elizabeth SHORT *b
     Margaret HENDERSON, bn. 15 Jul 1873

HENRY, Francis      md. Mary Anne MOOREHEAD *m
     Joseph HENRY, bn. 12 Feb 1869
     Francis HENRY, bn. 15 Jul 1873

HENRY, John W., s/o John
md. Lucinda ALEXANDER, d/o William, on 29 Oct 1850

HIGGINS, Michael      md. Anne MAGUIRE *b
     James HIGGINS, bn. 7 Aug 1873

HILLOCK, Alexander      md. Mary GORMLEY *b
     Alexander HILLOCK, bn. 17 Oct 1867

HILLOCK, Edward      md. Sarah WARD *b
     Eliza HILLOCK, bn. 10 Sep 1871

HOEY, John      md. Margaret REID *b
     Margaret HOEY, bn. 13 Aug 1867

HOEY, Joseph      md. Elizabeth JOHNSTON *m
     Margret HOEY, bn. 5 Jul 1867

HOEY, William      md. Mary REID *b
     James HOEY, bn. 29 Jan 1870
     John HOEY, bn. 5 Sep 1871
     William HOEY, bn. 20 Oct 1873

HOGAN, Edward      md. Jane MCCORMACK *b
     Mary HOGAN, bn. 14 Jan 1870
     Rose Anne HOGAN, bn. 10 Nov 1871
     Bridget HOGAN, bn. 20 Aug 1874

HOGG, Andrew      md. Margaret Jane BUSHELL *b
     Thomas HOGG, bn. 30 Jan 1868
     Thomas HOGG, bn. 30 May 1872

HOGG, Matthew      md. Margaret Anne NIXON(MOON?) *m
     William Thomas HOGG, bn. 1 Feb 1869
     Margret HOGG, bn. 1 Oct 1870

HOLTEN, Thomas      md. Eliza BURNSIDE *b
     Thomas HOLTEN, bn. 25 Jan 1872

HOW(E), Francis      md. Elizabeth SIMINGTON *b
     Margaret HOW, bn. 28 Jun 1867
     John HOWE, bn. 26 Nov 1868
     Robert HOWE, bn. 16 May 1870
     William HOW, bn. 5 Jun 1872

HOWE, James      md. Margaret PARKINSON *m
     Sarah HOWE, bn. 19 Dec 1868
     Finly HOWE, bn. 18 Sep 1871
     Edward HOWE, bn. 10 Nov 1873

HOWE, John, s/o John
md. Margaret SHAW, d/o Henry, on 13 Nov 1860

HOWE, John      md. Jane BENSON *b
     William John HOWE, bn. 20 May 1869
     Anna Maggie HOWE, bn. 13 Apr 1872
     Robert Irvine HOWE, bn. 28 Jul 1874

HOWE, William      md. Mary HARPER *b
     Anne Jane HOWE, bn. 18 Nov 1870
     John William HOWE, bn. 3 Jan 1872

HOWEL, James      md. Catherine COSGROVE *m
     James HOWEL, bn. 12 Apr 1869

HOWEL, Owen      md. Mary MCGRATH *m
     Hugh HOWEL, bn. 24 Feb 1872

HUGGINS, Samuel      md. Elizabeth TOULSON *m
     Edwin Charles HUGGINS, bn. 10 Jan 1868

HUGHES, James      md. Catherine TIERNEY *b
     James HUGHES, bn. 15 Jul 1871

HUGHES, Terrence      md. Rose FLANIGAN *b
     Patrick HUGHES, bn. 29 Jan 1868
     Bridget HUGHES, bn. 27 Dec 1869
     Hannah HUGHES, bn. 27 Dec 1869
     Bridget HUGHES, bn. 1 Dec 1870
     Terrence HUGHES, bn. 17 Jun 1872
     Mary HUGHES, bn. 18 Jul 1874

HUNTER, Hamilton      md. Catherine CARUTHERS *m
     Hamilton HUNTER, bn. 21 Oct 1873

INSLAY, William      md. Mary MCDOWEL *m
     Edward Christopher INSLAY, bn. 25 Dec 1870

IRVINE, Andrew, s/o George
md. Margaret ARMSTRONG, d/o David, on 14 Sep 1852

IRVINE, Hamilton      md. Mary Anne HOWE
     Thomas Thompson IRVINE, bn. 30 Dec 1868 *b
     James IRVINE, bn. 5 May 1871 *b
     Noble IRVINE, bn. 22 Jun 1874 *m

IRVINE, James      md. Eliza Anne BELL *b
     Robert IRVINE, bn. 29 Jul 1867
     Elizabeth Emily IRVINE, bn. 20 May 1869

IRVINE, James      md. Margaret LEE *b
     Jane IRVINE, bn. 19 Oct 1873

IRVINE, John      md. Margaret ELLIOTT *b
     William IRVINE, bn. 18 Oct 1867
     Mary Jane IRVINE, bn. 5 May 1869
     Elizabeth IRVINE, bn. 24 Dec 1871
     Sarah Ellen IRVINE, bn. 24 Sep 1874

IRVINE, Noble      md. Eliza LITTLE *b
     Eliza IRVINE, bn. 16 Jun 1871

IRWINE, Andrew      md. Ellen BERESFORD *m
     Thomas John IRWINE, bn. 3 Jun 1871
     Ellinor Jane IRWINE, bn. 21 Jun 1872
     Elizabeth Sarah IRWINE, bn. 24 Jun 1870

IRWIN(E), James      md. Mary POTTS *m
     Robert IRWINE, bn. 15 Aug 1870
     Thomas IRWIN, bn. 19 Oct 1873

IRWIN, James      md. Elizabeth MCSORLEY *b
     Elizabeth IRWIN, bn. 24 Sep 1870

IRWIN, Robert, s/o George
md. Issabella THOMSON, d/o Robert, on 10 Dec 1850

IRWINE, William      md. Margaret JOHNSTON *m
     Mary IRWINE, bn. 26 Jan 1870

ISAAC, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Margaret BLAKELY, d/o James, on 8 Mar 1851

JACKSON, William      md. Mary Anne MCCOY *b
     Margaret Jane JACKSON, bn. 5 Feb 1870
     Edward JACKSON, bn. 3 Nov 1871
     Rebecca JACKSON, bn. 8 Jan 1874

JOHNSTON, Garret      md. Anne ANDERSON *b
     Margaret JOHNSTON, bn. 30 Mar 1868
     Eliza Jane JOHNSTON, bn. 18 Jul 1870

JOHNSTON, James      md. Margaret Jane MCMURDIE *b
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 23 Apr 1869

JOHNSTON, James      md. Fanny Jane MCWILLIAMS *b
     Margaret JOHNSTON, bn. 23 May 1869
     Robert JOHNSTON, bn. 23 May 1869
     William James JOHNSTON, bn. 24 Apr 1872

JOHNSTON, John      md. Anne SANDLES *b
     Galbrith Hamilton JOHNSTON, bn. 13 Sep 1867

JOHNSTON, John      md. Sarah BEATTY *b
     Eliza JOHNSTON, bn. 1 May 1868
     Magdillen JOHNSTON, bn. 17 Jul 1870
     Cathrine JOHNSTON, bn. 2 Feb 1875

JOHNSTON, Joseph      md. Eliza IRVINE *b
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 12 Sep 1867

JOHNSTON, Joseph      md. Anne RUSK *b
     Mary JOHNSTON, bn. 22 Dec 1867
     Robert JOHNSTON, bn. 15 ug 1869

JOHNSTON, Joseph      md. Sarah HOW *b
     Harriett JOHNSTON, bn. 11 Jun 1868

JOHNSTON, Robert Graham      md. Mary SEIKELL *m
     Marianne Elizabeth JOHNSTON, bn. 19 Oct 1873

JOHNSTON, Thomas      md. Susan BEATTY *b
     Anne Jane JOHNSTON, bn. 2 Mar 1868

JOHNSTON, William      md. Anne LANG *b
     Emily Jane JOHNSTON, bn. 9 May 1868
     Joseph JOHNSTON, bn. 1 Jun 1870

JOHNSTON, William      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *b
     Robert JOHNSTON, bn. 2 May 1870

JOHNSTON, William      md. Mary Jane CLINGHAN *m
     Thomas JOHNSTON, bn. 19 Nov 1873

JONES, Charles John      md. Mary Anne MORRISON *b
     Catherine JONES, bn. 25 Jun 1869
     Elizabeth JONES, bn. 27 Dec 1871

JONES, Patrick      md. Anne ONEIL *b
     James JONES, bn. 2 Mar 1869
     Catherine JONES, bn. 15 Jul 1871
     Catherine Agnes JONES, bn. 19 Jan 1875

JORDAN, Robert      md. Martha HURST *b
     Harriet JORDAN, bn. 27 Aug 1870

JORDAN, Thomas      md. Mary REED *b
     Thomas JORDAN, bn. 25 Nov 1867

KENNEDY, Ringland, s/o John
md. Bessy BROMSIDE, d/o John, on 29 Oct 1852

KENNY, John      md. Annie STANTON(STAUNTON) *m
     Michael James KENNY, bn. 17 Jan 1870
     Mary Elizabeth KENNY, bn. 15 Aug 1871
     Silvester KENNY, bn. 13 Aug 1874

KENWELL, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth TRIMBLE, d/o John, on 20 Mar 1862

KILPATRICK, Hugh, s/o Robert
md. Anne HACKET, d/o John, on 6 Jan 1862

KIRKPATRICK, John      md. Mary DOUGLAS *m
     Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, bn. 9 Sep 1870

LAIRD, Henry      md. Elizabeth RUTLEDGE *m
     George LAIRD, bn. 24 May 1868
     Thomas LAIRD, bn. 27 Sep 1870

LEE, James      md. Susan ANALECK(ANILECK) *m
     James LEE, bn. 25 Oct 1867
     Susan LEE, bn. 3 Mar 1869
     Mary LEE, bn. 28 Apr 1871

LENDRUM, John, s/o Samuel
md. Hannah Anne SOMERVILLE, d/o Samuel, on 21 May 1850

LINDRUM, George, s/o Robert
md. Anne WATKINS, d/o Joseph, on 21 Apr 1862

LINDSAY, James      md. Elizabeth MCKNIGHT *m
     Isabella LINDSAY, bn. 21 Jul 1874

LIVINGSTON, William Alexander      md. Margaret Jane GRAHAM *m
     John LIVINGSTON, bn. 27 Aug 1870
     John LIVINGSTON, bn. 8 Feb 1872
     Mary Eleanor LIVISTON, bn. 4 Feb 1875

LOGAN, Thomas      md. Anne MCALOON *m
     Ellen LOGAN, bn. 18 Oct 1867
     Margret LOGAN, bn. 11 Jan 1869
     Thomas LOGAN, bn. 11 Jan 1869
     Alice LOGAN, bn. 23 Mar 1872

LOWERY(LOWRY), Robert      md. Elizabeth(Lizzy) FAIR(PHARE) *m
     John Thomas LOWRY, bn. 4 Nov 1867
     Alexander LOWERY, bn. 2 Feb 1875

MACAWLEY, John      md. Mary MOFFITT *b
     Thomas MACAWLEY, bn. 28 Jan 1874

MACKLE, William      md. Jane MCGEE *b
     Mary Jane MACKLE, bn. 9 Apr 1871

MACLEGUN, John      md. Anne MCCUSKER *b
     James Joseph MACLEGUN, bn. 28 Jul 1869

MAGINN, James      md. Catherine MALARKEY *b
     Elizabeth MAGINN, bn. 28 Jul 1873

MAGINN, James      md. Ellen MELVIN *b
     James MAGINN, bn. 2 Apr 1867

MAGINN, James      md. Elizabeth ELLIOTT *b
     Catherine MAGINN, bn. 12 Jan 1870

MAGINN, James      md. Eleanor COSGROVE *b
     Catherine MAGINN, bn. 29 Dec 1871

MAGIN, John      md. Catherine CON *b
     James MAGIN, bn. 14 Jul 1873

MAGIRR, James      md. Mary Anne FLEMING *b
     Teresa MAGIRR, bn. 3 Feb 1874

MAGIRR, John      md. Catherine COR *b
     Christopher MAGIRR, bn. 1 Jan 1869

MAGIRR, John      md. Jane MCCULLIN *b
     Francis Patrick MAGIRR, bn. 30 Sep 1871

MAGRATH, James      md. Bridget MCELROY *b
     James MAGRATH, bn. 11 Mar 1868

MAGRORY, William      md. Mary LUNNY *m
     Elizabeth MAGRORY, bn. 27 Mar 1869

MAGUIGAN, James      md. Jane OWENS *b
     Francis MAGUIGAN, bn. 4 Aug 1873

MAGUIRE, Bernard      md. Catherine GOODWIN *b
     Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Aug 1867
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 20 May 1869
     Bernard Tobias MAGUIRE, bn. 28 Jul 1872

MAGUIRE, Bernard      md. Rosanne MCMANUS *b
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 29 Aug 1870
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 15 Sep 1872
     Rose Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Feb 1874

MAGUIRE, Daniel      md. Margret MCKENNA *m
     Daniel MAGUIRE, bn. 8 Mar 1868

MAGUIRE, Daniel      md. Jane HANLY *b
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 11 Feb 1868

MAGUIRE, Francis      md. Eliza GRAHAM *b
     Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 12 Mar 1868
     Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 14 May 1870

MAGUIRE, Hugh      md. Bridget MCALOON *m
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 28 May 1867
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 6 Feb 1869
     Hugh MAGUIRE, bn. 12 Oct 1870

MAGUIRE, Hugh      md. Anne CURRAN *b
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 24 Mar 1872
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 22 Feb 1874

MAGUIRE, James      md. Rose MCMANUS *b
     Rose Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 4 May 1869

MAGUIRE, James      md. Margaret MCALOON *b
     Francis MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Feb 1872

MAGUIRE, John      md. Susan MAGUIRE *m
     Margret MAGUIRE, bn. 11 Aug 1867
     Sarah MAGUIRE, bn. 22 Apr 1872

MAGUIRE, John      md. Rose MONAGHAN *b
     Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 24 Mar 1872
     Susan MAGUIRE, bn. 14 Aug 1873

MAGUIRE, Michael      md. Isabella MCCRORKIN *b
     Margaret MAGUIRE, bn. 1 Jun 1867

MAGUIRE, Thomas      md. Anne IRVINE *b
     Andrew MAGUIRE, bn. 16 Aug 1867
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 14 Mar 1869

MAGUIRE, Thomas      md. Anne MCMANUS *b
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Feb 1869

MALLON(MALLEN), John      md. Mary MORROW *b
     Patrick Joseph MALLEN, bn. 17 Nov 1868
     Peter James MALLON, bn. 11 Oct 1871

MALONE, David      md. Bridget CALWELL *b
     Ellen MALONE, bn. 14 Dec 1869
     Jane MALONE, bn. 20 Jan 1872

MARTIN, Charles      md. Anne BRESLIN *m
     Ellen MARTIN, bn. 8 Feb 1874

MARTIN, James      md. Mary CALLAGHAN *b
     Hugh MARTIN, bn. 30 Jun 1867
     James MARTIN, bn. 20 Jun 1872
     John MARTIN, bn. 20 Jun 1872
     Cathrine MARTIN, bn. 24 Feb 1875

MARTIN, John      md. Anne MCCANNA *m
     Charles MARTIN, bn. 11 Apr 1870
     Edward MARTIN, bn. 6 Sep 1871
     Thomas MARTIN, bn. 15 Jan 1874

MARTIN, John      md. Mary Anne MARTIN *m
     Sarah MARTIN, bn. 5 Apr 1870
     John Joseph MARTIN, bn. 19 Aug 1872

MARTIN, Patrick      md. Rosanne MARTIN *m
     Charles MARTIN, bn. 4 May 1871
     Catherine MARTIN, bn. 5 Jan 1874

MARTIN, Robert      md. Sarah Jane JOHNSTON *b
     Andrew John MARTIN, bn. 9 Mar 1870
     Isabella Jane MARTIN, bn. 10 May 1872

MARTIN, Samuel      md. Margret WEST *m
     William John MARTIN, bn. 3 Mar 1868
     Sarah Jane MARTIN, bn. 27 May 1871

MASON, Michael      md. Fanny MASON *m
     John Francis MASON, bn. 8 Sep 1873

MAYNE, Andrew, s/o John
md. Martha BLAKELY, d/o Matthew, on 22 Jan 1852

MAZE, James      md. Catherine FAIR *b
     John William MAZE, bn. 2 Jun 1869
     Eliza Jane MAZE, bn. 17 Oct 1870
     James MAZE, bn. 11 Oct 1871

MCALARNY, Phillip      md. Mary KEENAN *m
     Ellen MCALARNY, bn. 14 Aug 1872

MCANESKY, Hugh      md. Margaret GALLAGHER *m
     Catherine MCANESKY, bn. 2 Nov 1873
     Mary Anne MCANESKEY, bn. 22 Feb 1875

MCCABE, John      md. Sarah MCANULTY *b
     Catherine MCCABE, bn. 24 Sep 1870

MCCAFFREY, James      md. Anne MCCAFFREY *b
     Bernard MCCAFFREY, bn. 10 Oct 1871
     Susan MCCAFFREY, bn. 20 Aug 1874

MCCAFFREY, Philip      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *b
     Hugh MCCAFFREY, bn. 14 Jun 1872

MCCAFREY, Thomas      md. Mary MELARKEY *b
     Thomas MCCAFREY, bn. 6 Oct 1871

MCCAGHERY, Charles      md. Susan MCELROY *b
     Margaret MCCAGHERY, bn. 3 Sep 1871

MCCANN, Bernard      md. Bridget MITCHEL *b
     Peter MCCANN, bn. 21 Nov 1870

MCCARNEY, George      md. Ellen MCAVINEA *b
     Sarah Jane MCCARNEY, bn. 18 Aug 1871
     Joseph MCCARNEY, bn. 31 Jul 1874

MCCARTHY, Callaghan      md. Mary TIERNAN *m
     Jerimiah MCCARTHY, bn. 13 Dec 1874

MCCAUSLAND, Samuel      md. Elizabeth GRAHAM *b
     William Alexander MCCAUSLAND, bn. 29 Oct 1867

MCCLINTOCK, James      md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG *m
     Sarah Anne MCCLINTOCK, bn. 3 Sep 1872

MCCLINTOCK, William      md. Margret LAW *m
     William MCCLINTOCK, bn. 30 Jul 1871

MCCOLLUM, John      md. Eliza BAXTER *b
     James MCCOLLUM, bn. 24 Aug 1872

MCCUSKER, Bernard      md. Anne CARABIN *b
     Catherine MCCUSKER, bn. 12 Jun 1872

MCCUSKER, James      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *b
     John MCCUSKER, bn. 12 Dec 1870

MCCUSKER, James      md. Anne CONNELLY *b
     Francis MCCUSKER, bn. 24 Dec 1871

MCCUSKEY, John, s/o Samuel
md. Anne VANCE, d/o Meroyn, on 22 Feb 1860

MCDONOUGH, Michael      md. Bridget BRESLIN *m
     Ellen MCDONOUGH, bn. 26 Sep 1871

MCDONAGH, Thomas      md. Margaret MCMANUS *m
     Bridget MCDONAGH, bn. 25 Nov 1870

MCDOWELL, John      md. Margaret MELDRUM *b
     Samuel MCDOWELL, bn. 19 Nov 1870

MCELROY, Bernard      md. Catherine MCALOON *b
     Teresa MCELROY, bn. 17 Jul 1871

MCELROY, Charles      md. Mary BREEN *b
     Catherine MCELROY, bn. 14 Aug 1872

MCELROY, Dennis      md. Mary DONALDSON *m
     Anne MCELROY, bn. 4 Nov 1870

MCELROY, Francis      md. Mary MCBRINE *b
     Mary MCELROY, bn. 31 Aug 1872

MCELROY, Henry      md. Hannah MCALOON *b
     James Henry MCELROY, bn. 28 Dec 1867

MCELROY, James      md. Mary BLAKELY *b
     William MCELROY, bn. 29 Aug 1872

MCELROY, John      md. Ellen CORR *b
     Mary MCELROY, bn. 15 Jul 1872

MCELROY, Samuel      md. Elizabeth MCCOY *b
     Samuel MCELROY, bn. 5 Aug 1872
     Matilda MCELROY, bn. 10 Jan 1875

MCGEE, Edward      md. Jane MCGOVERN *b
     Sarah MCGEE, bn. 12 ov 1870

MCGEE, William      md. Rachel WARNER *b
     Mary Louisa MCGEE, bn. 22 Oct 1870

MCHUGH, James      md. Bridget MCCAFFREY *m
     Edward MCHUGH, bn. 29 Dec 1871

MCILROY, Patrick      md. Rose KENNY *m
     James MCILROY, bn. 22 Jul 1871

MCINTEGART, Owen      md. Mary MCHUGH *m
     Sarah MCINTEGART, bn. 1 Jan 1875

MCKEON, John      md. Margaret MCCAFFREY *b
     William MCKEON, bn. 1 Sep 1871

MCKINLY, James      md. Margaret SIMONTON *b
     James MCKINLY, bn. 11 Mar 1875

MCMAHON, Peter      md. Anne MAGUIRE *b
     Mary MCMAHON, bn. 10 Feb 1869

MCMAHON, Philip      md. Margaret MCMAHON *b
     Margaret MCMAHON, bn. 10 Jan 1869

MCMAHON, Redmond      md. Mary BEGAN(BAGIN) *b
     Arthur MCMAHON, bn. 9 Apr 1868
     John MCMAHON, bn. 10 Mar 1870
     Michael MCMAHON, bn. 28 May 1872

MCMANUS, Archibald      MD. bRIDGET breslin *B
     mARY aNNE mcmanus, BN. 29 jUN 1873

MCMANUS, Hugh      md. Mary MCCARNEY *b
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 22 Mar 1868
     Hugh MCMANUS, bn. 4 Dec 1873

MCMANUS, James      md. Mary MCBRINE *m
     Lawrence MCMANUS, bn. 28 Dec 1867

MCMANUS, James      md. Margaret MCELROY *b
     Hugh MCMANUS, bn. 27 Apr 1867
     Matilda MCMANUS, bn. 12 Jul 1871

MCMANUS, John      md. Elizabeth MONTGOMERY *m
     Mary Anne MCMANUS, bn. 14 Feb 1868
     Catherine MCMANUS, bn. 25 Jul 1871
     Archibald MCMANUS, bn. 24 Aug 1874

MCMANUS, Lawrence      md. Mary KEENAN *m
     Lawrence MCMANUS, bn. 12 Jul 1867

MCMANUS, Patrick      md. Catherine TEERNEY(TURNY) *m
     John MCMANUS, bn. 14 Jun 1867
     Thomas MCMANUS, bn. 22 Aug 1869
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 9 Apr 1872

MCMANUS, Patrick      md. Biddy(Bridget) MCMULLEN *m
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 11 Dec 1868
     Margaret MCMANUS, bn. 26 Jul 1873

MCMANUS, Terence      md. Mary MCMANUS *m
     Anne MCMANUS, bn. 11 Mar 1869

MCMENAMIN, Daniel      md. Catherine TIMONEY *b
     Agnes Jane MCMENAMIN, bn. 2 Nov 1870

MCMULLEN, James      md. Margret DOUGLAS
     Elizabeth MCMULLEN, bn. 4 Jul 1867 *m
     Margaret Jane MCMULLEN, bn. 10 Jul 1869 *m
     Mary Anne MCMULLEN, bn. 18 Aug 1871 *b
     William John MCMULLEN, bn. 16 Sep 1874 *b

MCMULLEN, James      md. Mary WILSON *b
     William James MCMULLEN, bn. 22 Apr 1867

MCMULLEN,Matthew      md. Catherine NOBLE *b
     Catherine MCMULLEN, bn. 10 Apr 1869
     Eliza Jane MCMULLEN, bn. 17 Oct 1871
     Anne MCMULLIN, bn. 20 Feb 1874

MCMULLEN, Owen      md. Margaret MAGUIRE *b
     Margaret MCMULLEN, bn. 26 Jun 1872
     Ellen MCMULLEN, bn. 11 Sep 1873

MCMULLEN, Robert      md. Mary Eliza CARROTHERS *b
     Robert James MCMULLEN, bn. 24 Feb 1868
     Henry MCMULLEN, bn. 25 Oct 1870
     Frances MCMULLEN, bn. 9 Jul 1873

MCNAMARA, Patrick      md. Rose Anne BAKER *b
     Catherine MCNAMARA, bn. 26 Sep 1867

MCQUAID, John      md. Elizabeth BACOM *m
     John MCQUAID, bn. 10 Dec 1871

MCSORLEY, William      md. Mary FORSTER *m
     John MCSORLEY, bn. 27 Dec 1871

MEEHAN, Charles      md. Ellen MEGGAN *b
     Catherine MEEHAN, bn. 17 Jun 1867
     Edward MEEHAN, bn. 15 Nov 1870

MELANAFY, James      md. Mary LINA(LINEN) *b
     John MELANAFY, bn. 16 Jan 1868
     Catherine MELANAFY, bn. 29 Apr 1871

MENAUL, James      md. Margery FOSTER(FORSTER) *b
     Samuel Edward MENAUL, bn. 19 Apr 1870
     Emma Jane MENAUL, bn. 3 Aug 1872

MILLEN, William John      md. Margaret Jane ARMSTRONG *m
     Elizabeth MILLEN, bn. 29 Aug 1874

MITCHELL, Thomas      md. Mary ROULSTON *b
     Annie Stuart MITCHELL, bn. 3 Apr 1870
     Mary Maud MITCHELL, bn. 16 Jul 1871

MOAN, Bernard      md. Catherine GUNN(MCEGUNN) *b
     John MOAN, bn. 22 Apr 1867
     James MOAN, bn. 1 Jan 1870
     Mary Ellen MOAN, bn. 5 Apr 1872
     Rose Anne MOAN, bn. 1 Jan 1875

MOAN, Hugh      md. Mary NAUN *b
     Hugh MOAN, bn. 26 Mar 1869
     Anthony MOAN, bn. 15 Oct 1871

MOAN, James      md. Anne MAGUIRE*b
     Elizabeth MOAN, bn. 19 May 1869

MOAN, Patrick      md. Norilla MCELROY *b
     Francis Joseph MOAN, bn. 19 Sep 1871

MOAN, Philip      md. Susan MCKENNA *b
     Catherine MOAN, bn. 21 Sep 1867
     Mary Anne MOAN, bn. 21 Apr 1869
     Teressa MOAN, bn. 10 Aug 1870

MOAN, Thomas      md. Mary MCELROY *b
     Michael MOAN, bn. 26 May 1868

MOAN, Thomas      md. Anne HOINS *b
     Teresa MOAN, bn. 2 Nov 1868

MOHN, Thomas      md. Anne OWENS *(may be same as above)
     Richard John MOHN, bn. 3 Jul 1871

MOAN(MOHN, Thomas      md. Ellen REILLY *b
     Elizabeth MOHN, bn. 25 May 1870
     Mary MOAN, bn. 4 Feb 1872

MONAGHAN, John      md. Mary NOWLAN *m
     Rodger MONAGHAN, bn. 22 Apr 1867

MONTGOMERY, Andrew      md. Mary Jane SMYTH *b
     Andrew MONTGOMERY, bn. 18 Jan 1868
     Robert John MONTGOMERY, bn. 5 Jul 1870
     Joseph James MONTGOMERY, bn. 6 Aug 1872

MONTGOMERY, George, s/o James
md. Jane Ann COGHRANE, d/o Archibald, on 26 Nov 1862

MONTGOMERY, James      md. Margaret BELL *m
     Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, bn. 23 Aug 1872
     Sarah Jane MONTGOMERY, bn. 10 Jul 1874

MONTGOMERY, John      md. Jane ANON *b
     John MONTGOMERY, bn. 16 Jun 1868
     Robert MONTGOMERY, bn. 5 Feb 1874

MONTGOMERY, Robert      md. Jane LITTLE *b
     John MONTGOMERY, bn. 17 Apr 1869

MONTGOMERY, Thomas      md. Barbara DUNCAN *m
     John MONTGOMERY, bn. 7 Feb 1869
     Henry MONTGOMERY, bn. 16 May 1871

MONTGOMERY, William      md. Margaret MONTGOMERY *b
     George MONTGOMERY, bn. 12 Oct 1868

MONTGOMERY, William      md. Anne EMERSON *b
     Margaret Jane MONTGOMERY, bn. 6 Apr 1870

MOORE, Alexander      md. Margaret SHAW *b
     Elizabeth MOORE, bn. 29 Nov 1867
     Catherine MOORE, bn. 24 Jun 1870

MOORE, William, s/o James
md. Mary Anne GALLESPIE, d/o Daniel, on 13 Sep 1853

MORRISON, Francis      md. Elizabeth CLINGAN *m
     James MORRISON, bn. 5 Apr 1869

MORRISON, James      md. Mary ARMSTRONG *m
     Josephine MORRISON, bn. 4 Aug 1867

MORRISON, John      md. Catherine COWAN *b
     John MORRISON, bn. 8 Apr 1868

MORRISON, Joseph      md. Elizabeth GREGG *m
     Elizabeth MORRISON, bn. 1 Mar 1874

MORROW, James, s/o Edward
md. Mary Jane ROSS, d/o William, on 11 Mar 1862
     Mary Jane MORROW, bn. 31 Mar 1867

MORROW, Robert      md. Sarah MCCAGHERY *b
     Mary Anne MORROW, bn. 6 Oct 1871
     James Henry MORROW, bn. 26 Sep 1873

MULANAPHY, James      md. Mary LINA *b
     James MULANAPHY, bn. 3 Sep 1869

MULLAN, James      md. Margaret MAGUIRE *b
     James MULLAN, bn. 5 Aug 1870

MULLEN(MULLIN), John      md. Margaret MAGUIRE *b
     Peter MULLIN, bn. 24 Apr 1872
     James MULLEN, bn. 24 Oct 1873

MULLIGAN, John      md. Anne CASSIDY *b
     Sarah MULLIGAN, bn. 4 May 1867

MULLIGAN, John      md. Mary CARY *m
     Mary Jane MULLIGAN, bn. 12 Oct 1868
     Catherine Elizabeth MULLIGAN, bn. 4 Oct 1873

MULLIGAN, Michael      md. Isabella BRENNAN *b
     Anne MULLIGAN, bn. 13 Apr 1868
     James MULLIGAN, bn. 30 Jan 1870
     Patrick MULLIGAN, bn. 8 Oct 1871
     Cathrine MULLIGAN, bn. 4 Jan 1874

MULLIGAN, Patrick      md. Catherine MCGOVERN *m
     James MULLIGAN, bn. 13 Dec 1867
     Phillip MULLIGAN, bn. 17 Dec 1871
     Honora MULLIGAN, bn. 26 Feb 1875

MURPHY, Christopher, s/o James
md. Alice THOMPSON, d/o John, on 3 Oct 1853

MURPHY, Hugh      md. Susan MCALOON *b
     Philip MURPHY, bn. 25 Mar 1867
     Hugh MURPHY, bn. 28 May 1869

MURPHY, James      md. Sarah MCMENIMAN *b
     Francis James MURPHY, bn. 24 Apr 1869
     Mary Ellen MURPHY, bn. 27 Feb 1871
     Celia Rose MURPHY, bn. 24 Dec 1874

MURPHY, John      md. Elizabeth MCMANUS
     Lizzie MURPHY, bn. 16 May 1869 *m
     Sarah Jane MURPHY, bn. 25 Nov 1871 *b

MURPHY, Michael      md. Mary Anne DUNLAP *b
     James MURPHY, bn. 13 Oct 1870
     Patrick MURPHY, bn. 4 Mar 1875

MURPHY, Patt      md. Ellen SHERRY *m
     Hugh MURPHY, bn. 3 Nov 1868
     James MURPHY, bn. 12 Jun 1871

MURPHY, Patrick      md. Anne MCAGHERY *b
     James MURPHY, bn. 11 Jul 1869
     Patrick MURPHY, bn. 19 Oct 1870
     Henry MURPHY, bn. 2 Jun 1872
     Margaret Anne MURPHY, bn. 29 Aug 1874

MURPHY, Samuel      md. Emmeline BURNS *b
     Alice MURPHY, bn. 17 Feb 1868

NAIN, William      md. Eliza MARSHALL *m
     George NAIN, bn. 15 Mar 1869

NAWN(NANN), Owen      md. Mary MOAN *b
     Anne NAWN, bn. 23 Mar 1868
     Patrick NAWN, bn. 27 Apr 1869
     Mary Jane NANN, bn. 6 Mar 1875

NAUN, Patrick      md. Mary MCKENNA *b
     Bernard NAUN, bn. 8 May 1868

NEESON, Phillip      md. Rosanna BRESLIN *m
     Mary Anne NEESON, bn. 24 May 1869

NELSON, James      md. Alice THOMPSON *m
     William NELSON, bn. 31 Mar 1871

NEVILL, Joseph      md. Anne NEVILL *m
     Robert John NEVILL, bn. 16 Jan 1875

NEVIN, Anthony      md. Jane BEATTY *b
     Mary Jane NEVIN, bn. 25 Jan 1872
     Samuel Galbraith NEVIN, bn. 26 Jun 1873
     Thomas Anthony NEVIN, bn. 16 Feb 1875

NIXON, William      md. Susan BUCHANAN *m
     Annie Elizabeth NIXON, bn. 10 Dec 1873

NIXON, William      md. Elizabeth SHERY *b
     Margaret NIXON, bn. 10 Aug 1872

NOBLE, Archibald      md. Lizzie DE BUS *m
     James William NOBLE, bn. 1 Jul 1869

NOBLE, Thomas      md. Martha CLINGAN
     William NOBLE, bn. 11 Mar 1869 *m
     Richard NOBLE, bn. 19 Feb 1872 *b

NOLAN, Hugh      md. Mary WOODS *b
     Patrick NOLAN, bn. 1 Jan 1869

NOLAN, James      md. Mary MURPHY *m
     John NOLAN, bn. 18 Apr 1870
     Catherine NOLAN, bn. 17 Sep 1871
     James NOLAN, bn. 3 Jul 1874

NOLAN, Philip      md. Bridget CALLAGHAN *b
     Michael NOLAN, bn. 12 May 1868
     Francis NOLAN, bn. 25 May 1869
     James NOLAN, bn. 10 Feb 1872
     Bridget NOLAN, bn. 22 Feb 1874

NOON, Francis      md. Mary Anne CAREY *m
     John NOON, bn. 27 Nov 1874

OLIVER, James      md. Eliza Anne PASLEY *b
     Robert Andrew OLIVER, bn. 15 Feb 1875

ORR, John      md. Anne SHORT *b
     Alexander ORR, bn. 23 Feb 1869
     Henry ORR, bn. 25 Oct 1871
     Thomas Joseph ORR, bn. 22 Nov 1873

ORR, John William      md. Rachel ORR *b
     Frances ORR, bn. 4 Jun 1869

OWENS, Felix      md. Bridget MOAN *b
     Mary OWENS, bn. 28 Jan 1868
     Francis OWENS, bn. 1 Jan 1870
     John OWENS, bn. 26 Oct 1871

OWENS, John      md. Ellen MCCONNELL *b
     Catherine OWENS, bn. 25 Dec 1871
     Alice OWENS, bn. 16 Mar 1874

PALMER, William      md. Ellen LITTLE *b
     William PALMER, bn. 16 Nov 1868

PARKENSON, Finley      md. Sarah BACOM *m
     James PARKENSON, bn. 26 Oct 1867
     William David PARKENSON, bn. 10 Apr 1871
     Edward PARKINSON, bn. 24 Jul 1873
     Robert PARKINSON, bn. 15 Jul 1874

PARKENSON, Thomas      md. Margret BEATTY *m
     Richard PARKENSON, bn. 19 Oct 1870

PATTERSON, John, s/o John
md. Mary Jane FORSTER, d/o Martin, on 17 Oct 1855

PATTERSON, Joseph, s/o John
md. Jane HIGGINS, d/o George, on 24 May 1851

PATTERSON, Thomas      md. Matilda BRIENS *m
     Hariette PATTERSON, bn. 2 Jun 1872
     Lizzie PATTERSON, bn. 5 Feb 1875

PHAIR, James, s/o Thomas
md. Jane WEST, d/o John, on 3 Aug 1853

PHILLIPS, James      md. Mary HANLY *m
     James PHILLIPS, bn. 4 Mar 1868
     Mary PHILLIPS, bn. 1 Jun 1870
     Sarah PHILLIPS, bn. 27 Feb 1875

PORTER, James      md. Matilda FORSTER *b
     John James PORTER, bn. 13 Jun 1872

PORTER, John      md. Mary Anne CROZIER *b
     Robert PORTER, bn. 7 Jun 1869
     Anne PORTER, bn. 24 Jun 1871
     John PORTER, bn. 24 Jun 1871

PRENTICE, Thomas      md. Jane BROWNE *m
     William PRENTICE, bn. 3 Mar 1868

PRENTICE, William      md. Margaret MORRISON *m
     Thomas PRENTICE, bn. 27 Jul 1873

PRIMROSE, William      md. Jane MCCOY *b
     William PRIMROSE, bn. 6 Mar 1868

PURSER, John      md. Elizabeth LAW *b
     William Alexander PURSER, bn. 22 May 1867
     Margaret PURSER, bn. 11 Mar 1869
     Mary Elizabeth PURSER, bn. 17 Aug 1871

QUINN, William      md. Catherine HOINS *m
     John QUINN, bn. 20 Oct 1870
     Mary Jane QUINN, bn. 28 Nov 1871

QUIN, William      md. Catherine MCARAW *m
     William QUIN, bn. 20 Mar 1875

RAFFERTY, Michael      md. Catherine MCCARRON *b
     Catherine RAFFERTY, bn. 1 May 1868

RAINBIRD, John      md. Margret BOLES *m
     John Robert RAINBIRD, bn. 7 Jun 1870
     William John RAINBIRD, bn. 12 Aug 1871

RAINBIRD, William      md. Selina FORSTER *m
     John RAINBIRD, bn. 4 Jun 1869
     George RAINBIRD, bn. 9 Jul 1871

REA, Alexander      md. Ellen BEATTY *b
     Frances REA, bn. 1 May 1868
     Margaret REA, bn. 1 May 1868
     Alexander REA, bn. 14 May 1870

REA, Henry      md. Eliza ANDERSON *b
     Stephen REA, bn. 25 Nov 1868

REA, Thompson      md. Mary Anne MCMAHON *b
     James Alexander REA, bn. 13 Mar 1872
     John Beatty REA, bn. 21 Oct 1873

REA, William      md. Catherine Jane COOKE *b
     George Irvine REA, bn. 4 Jan 1870

REA, William      md. Anne MCANULTY *b
     John REA, bn. 29 Jul 1874

REID, George      md. Mary Jane BEATTY *b
     Olivia Maud Mary REID, bn. 31 Aug 1871

READ, James      md. Rebecca ARMSTRONG *b
     Sarah READ, bn. 24 Jan 1875

REED, James      md. Hannah GIRVIN *b
     William John REED, bn. 12 May 1867
     Thomas REED, bn. 8 Feb 1870

REID, John      md. Anne LAIRD *b
     Robert REID, bn. 1 Jan 1872
     Fanny REID, bn. 22 Jan 1874

REID, Joseph      md. Maria MARRON *b
     Eliza REID, bn. 1 Jan 1869
     William James REID, bn. 2 Nov 1871
     Eliza Anne REID, bn. 14 Aug 1873

REILLY, James, s/o Charles
md. Jane REILLY, d/o Robert, on 4 Nov 1854

REILLY, John      md. Sarah WILSON *m
     Margret REILLY, bn. 16 Apr 1869
     Francis REILLY, bn. 11 Jun 1871
     Anne RILEY, bn. 17 Jan 1875

RENNICK, George, s/o James
md. Isabella PATTERSON, d/o Edward, on 5 Apr 1853

RIDDELL, Robert      md. Mary Anne COULTER *b
     James Hugh RIDDELL, bn. 19 Dec 1867

ROBERTSON, Alexander      md. Annie NEIL *b
     Alexander ROBERTSON, bn. 17 Nov 1870

ROBINSON, Andrew, s/o James
md. Margaret LAW, d/o Hiram, on 11 Feb 1852
     Margret ROBINSON, bn. 9 Sep 1871 *m

ROBINSON, Anthony      md. Eliza COULTER *b
     Thomas William ROBINSON, bn. 29 Jun 1869
     Martha Jane ROBINSON, bn. 28 Dec 1871
     Anthony ROBINSON, bn. 12 Feb 1874

ROBINSON, Anthony      md. Rebecca MULLIGAN *b
     Anabella ROBINSON, bn. 22 Oct 1870

ROBINSON, James      md. Margaret MONTGOMERY *m
     James ROBINSON, bn. 9 Aug 1871

ROBINSON, William, s/o John
md. Sarah DUNLOP, d/o John, on 1 Jul 1852

ROBINSON, William, s/o Samuel
md. Matilda BEATTIE, d/o James, on 1 Feb 1853

ROBINSON, William      md. Mary SHIRDIN *b
     Mary Anne ROBINSON, bn. 1 Jan 1869
     John ROBINSON, bn. 1 Aug 1871
     Patrick ROBINSON, bn. 20 Aug 1873

ROBINSON, William      md. Catherine ELLIOTT *b
     Elliott ROBINSON, bn. 20 Jun 1872
     Thomas ROBINSON, bn. 20 Jun 1872

ROLSTON(ROULSTON), William      md. Jane MCCABE *b
     George ROLSTON, bn. 17 Apr 1871
     David ROULSTON, bn. 20 Apr 1868

ROOKE, Francis      md. Mary SHAW *b
     Alfred Arthur ROOKE, bn. 23 Nov 1873

ROONEY, Patrick      md. Margaret MOHN *b
     Mary Anne ROONEY, bn. 21 Aug 1874

ROONEY, Terence      md. Anne MCDONALD(MCDONELL) *b
     Francis ROONEY, bn. 16 Apr 1868
     Michael Joseph ROONEY, bn. 19 Apr 1870

RORKE(ROURKE), Hugh      md. Catherine HOINS *m
     James RORKE, bn. 10 Jan 1869
     Francis RORKE, bn. 23 Jun 1871
     John ROURKE, bn. 1 Jul 1873

RUSK, John      md. Sarah Anne HALL *b
     Thomas RUSK, bn. 25 Apr 1868
     Sarah RUSK, bn. 20 Apr 1870
     Richard RUSK, bn. 20 Feb 1874

RUSK, Robert      md. Madgalen HALL *b
     Charlotte Elizabeth RUSK, bn. 4 Apr 1868
     Frederick William RUSK, bn. 1 Feb 1872

RUSK, William      md. Mary JORDAN *b
     Elizabeth RUSK, bn. 30 Apr 1867
     William Arthur RUSK, bn. 25 May 1871
     John James RUSK, bn. 21 Oct 1873

RUSSELL, Francis, s/o John
md. Margaret WOODS, d/o James, on 20 Jan 1862

RUTHERDALE, Gilbert, s/o Robert
md. Sarah ELLIOTT, d/o James, on 24 Jan 1851

RUTHERFORD, Bernard      md. Anne MCLAUGHLIN *b
     Patrick RUTHERFORD, bn. 2 Aug 1871

RUTHERFORD, Christopher      md. Sarah LITTLE *b
     Eliza Anne RUTHERFORD, bn. 8 Apr 1868
     Sophia RUTHERFORD, bn. 20 Aug 1871

RUTHERFORD, Edward      md. Elizabeth ELLIOTT *b
     Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, bn. 9 Jun 1868

RUTHERFORD, James      md. Elizabeth SCOTT *b
     James RUTHERFORD, bn. 21 May 1867
     Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, bn. 29 Jun 1869
     James RUTHERFORD, bn. 16 Jul 1872

RUTLEDGE, William      md. Elizabeth JACKSON *b
     John RUTLEDGE, bn. 6 Jan 1872

SANKEY, Matthew Henry      md. Mehetabel ROE *b
     Ethel Eleanor SANKEY, bn. 14 Jun 1867
     Alice Maude Mahetabel SANKEY, bn. 30 Aug 1869

SCALLIN, Joseph      md. Ellen MAGUIRE *b
     Joseph SCALLIN, bn. 24 Jan 1870
     Thomas Edward SCALLIN, bn. 23 Jul 1872

SCALLIN, Terence      md. Mary MCCANN *b
     Mary SCALLIN, bn. 19 Jan 1869
     Catherine SCALLIN, bn. 30 Jun 1871

SCALLIN, Terence      md. Mary PETTY *b
     Roseann SCALLIN, bn. 11 Dec 1873

SCARLET(T), Ralph      md. Frances(Fanny SCARLET *b
     Elizabeth SCARLET, bn. 7 May 1867
     John SCARLET, bn. 14 Jul 1869
     Anne Jane SCARLETT, bn. 2 Sep 1873

SCOLLON(SCOLLEN), John      md. Margaret BEATTY *m
     Margret Anne SCOLLON, bn. 22 Mar 1869
     Robert SCOLLEN, bn. 23 Aug 1873

SEERY, William      md. Mary HUMPHRYS *m
     Joseph SEERY, bn. 13 Jul 1873

SHAW, James      md. Mary JONES *b
     John SHAW, bn. 14 Feb 1868
     William James SHAW, bn. 31 Dec 1869
     Mary Emily SHAW, bn. 1 Jan 1872
     Margaret SHAW, bn. 22 Feb 1874

SHAW, Robert      md. Anne BEST *b
     Eliza Jane SHAW, bn. 7 Aug 1867
     Robert SHAW, bn. 31 Jan 1869
     Margaret SHAW, bn. 15 May 1871
     Lindsay SHAW, bn. 24 Jun 1873

SHAW, Robert      md. Mary Anne REID *b
     Catherine SHAW, bn. 3 Mar 1870
     Sarah SHAW, bn. 3 Mar 1870
     James SHAW, bn. 27 May 1871
     Eliza Anne SHAW, bn. 27 Feb 1874

SHAW, Robert      md. Amelia FAWCET *m
     Mary Eliza SHAW, bn. 31 Dec 1873

SHEENAN, Edward      md. Rose CAMPBELL *b
     John SHEENAN, bn. 11 Apr 1869

SHEENAN, Edward      md. Rosey HAGNEY *b
     Vincent SHEENAN, bn. 17 Sep 1873

SHEKELTON, William Hunter      md. Anne Catherine PARR *b
     Anne Catherine SHEKELTON, bn. 7 Aug 1870

SHERRY, Peter      md. Sarah CARROLL *m
     Bridget SHERRY, bn. 12 Nov 1870

SCHOLES, John, s/o Alexander
md. Ann REILLY, d/o William, on 13 Apr 1860

SIDDELL, Hugh, s/o John
md. Ellen GRAHAM, d/o John, on 16 Jan 1852

SIMINGTON, George      md. Rebecca COULTER *b
     George SIMINGTON, bn. 26 Jun 1869

SLAVIN, Patrick      md. Mary MAGUIRE(MAGINN) *b
     Sarah SLAVIN, bn. 15 Apr 1868
     Andrew SLAVIN, bn. 10 Aug 1870
     Patrick SLAVIN, bn. 7 Sep 1872

SMITH, Patrick      md. Anne NOLAN *b
     John SMITH, bn. 27 Jan 1870
     Anne SMITH, bn. 30 Apr 1871

SMITH, Patrick      md. Jane MCAFFREY *m
     Catherine SMITH, bn. 19 Oct 1873

SMITH, Philip      md. Ellen GORMAN *b
     William SMITH, bn. 19 Apr 1868
     Hugh SMITH, bn. 27 Mar 1870

STEEL, James      md. Margaret Jane KEYS *b
     William STEEL, bn. 19 Dec 1867
     John STEEL, bn. 24 May 1870
     Rebecca Anne STEEL, bn. 30 Jun 1873

STEEN, James      md. Margaret HOEY *b
     John STEEN, bn. 29 Dec 1867
     Burnside STEEN, bn. 6 Mar 1870

STEEN, James      md. Rebecca JOHNSTON *b
     Thomas STEEN, bn. 22 Dec 1874

STEWART, Andrew, s/o James
md. Anne ELLIOTT, d/o John, on 15 May 1855

STEWART, William      md. Mary DUFFY *b
     Anne STEWART, bn. 20 Aug 1873

SOMERVILLE, John      md. Eliza ARMSTRONG *m
     William SOMERVILLE, bn. 15 Dec 1873

SUMERVILE, Samuel      md. Elizabeth FRICKELTON *b
     Elizabeth SUMERVILE, bn. 20 May 1871

SUMERVILE, William      md. Mary IRVINE *b
     Matilda SUMERVILE, bn. 24 Jan 1870

SWEANEY, Hugh      md. Anne LYNCH *b
     Patrick Joseph SWEANEY, bn. 9 Mar 1872
     Michael Edward SWEANEY, bn. 16 Dec 1873

SWINDLE, Joseph      md. Ellen RUTHERFORD *m
     James Irvine SWINDLE, bn. 25 Aug 1869
     Margaret Jane SWINDLE, bn. 18 Nov 1871
     Joseph SWINDLE, bn. 27 Mar 1874

TAGGERT, Robert      md. Margaret Anne ABRAHAM *b
     John Thomas TAGGERT, bn. 1 Mar 1867
     Anne Jane TAGGERT, bn. 1 Aug 1871
     Margaret TAGERT, bn. 28 Dec 1874

TAGUE(TEAGUE), Patrick      md. Bridget OWENS *b
     Mary Ellen TEAGUE, bn. 5 Sep 1871
     Anne TAGUE, bn. 13 Jul 1873

TAYLOR, John      md. Alice KIRWIN(IRWIN)(IRVIN) *m
     Thomas TAYLOR, bn. 31 Aug 1871
     Sarah TAYLOR, bn. 11 Aug 1874

TAYLOR, Joseph, s/o Matthew
md. Eliza WILEY, d/o William, on 30 Dec 1851

THOMPSON, James      md. Anne GUNN *b
     Catherine THOMPSON, bn. 17 Mar 1868
     John Thomas THOMPSON, bn. 19 Jun 1871

THOMPSON, James      md. Eliza LYNN *b
     Thomas Edward THOMPSON, bn. 21 Nov 1870
     Margaret Arabella THOMPSON, bn. 2 Apr 1872

THOMPSON, James      md. Isabella COWAN *b
     Anna Bella THOMPSON, bn. 28 Sep 1871
     William James THOMPSON, bn. 7 Jul 1873

THOMPSON, James      md. Margret HENDERSON *m
     Christopher THOMPSON, bn. 21 May 1869

THOMPSON, James      md. Sarah LAIRD *m
     Elizabeth THOMPSON, bn. 12 May 1872

THOMPSON, John, s/o Samuel
md. Elizabeth BENNET, d/o James, on 22 Jun 1855

THOMPSON, Matthew, s/o Samuel
md. Anne BURNSIDE, d/o Christopher, on 13 Mar 1851

THOMPSON, Richard      md. Adamina BROWN *b
     Florence THOMPSON, bn. 29 May 1870

THOMPSON, Robert      md. Mary BEATTY *b
     Rachel THOMPSON, bn. 2 Aug 1867

THOMPSON, Samuel      md. Sarah THOMPSON *b
     Margaret THOMPSON, bn. 23 Jul 1874

THOMPSON, Samuel Hustam      md. Martha Jane MCILWAINE *m
     William MCilwaine THOMPSON, bn. 28 Nov 1868

THOMPSON, Thomas      md. Matilda BEATTY *b
     John Booth THOMPSON, bn. 20 Jun 1870

THOMPSON, Thomas      md. Jane KERR *b
     William Richard THOMPSON, bn. 16 Aug 1873

THOMPSON, William      md. Anne SHAW *b
     Anne THOMPSON, bn. 28 Mar 1867

THOMPSON, William      md. Grace HURST *m
     William THOMPSON, bn. 8 Jun 1869

TEERNY, John      md. Sarah SHAMLEY *m
     Ellen TEERNY, bn. 30 Mar 1867
     James TEERNY, bn. 7 Nov 1870
     Ellen TEERNY, bn. 24 Jul 1872

TIERNEY, Matthew      md. Anne RAFFERTY *b
     Patrick TIERNEY, bn. 13 Jul 1871

TIERNEY, Owen      md. Anne BURNS *b
     Thomas TIERNEY, bn. 19 May 1869
     Patrick TIERNEY, bn. 28 May 1871
     Eleanor TIERNEY, bn. 15 Mar 1875

TIERNEY, Patrick      md. Elizabeth BEATTY *b
     Sarah TIERNEY, bn. 25 Apr 1871

TIERNEY(TEERNEY), William      md. Elizabeth FORSTER
     Thomas TEERNEY, bn. 1 Jul 1867 *m
     Margaret TIERNEY, bn. 12 May 1872 *b
     Eliza Anne TIERNEY, bn. 27 Feb 1875

TODD, Robert      md. Lizzie BOWERS *m
     Robert David TODD, bn. 14 Jun 1869
     James TODD, bn. 22 Jan 1872

TOLAN, James      md. Catherine MCKEANEY *b
     John TOLAN, bn. 2 Sep 1870

TONER, John      md. Anne MCCAFFREY *m
     Anne TONER, bn. 10 Jul 1869

TRAVIS(TRAVERS), John      md. Ellen MCKNIGHT *b
     Rose TRAVERS, bn. 20 Mar 1867
     Joseph TRAVIS, bn. 16 Jul 1870

TREANOR, Francis      md. Catherine MCELROY *b
     Patrick TREANOR, bn. 22 Aug 1867

TREANOR, John      md. Catherine MCCAUL *b
     Francis TREANOR, bn. 4 Apr 1871

TRIMBLE, George      md. Elizabeth GILLILAND *b
     Mary Jane TRIMBLE, bn. 14 Dec 1871

TRIMBLE, John, s/o William
md. Ellen MONTGOMERY, d/o Robert, on 13 Jan 1854

TRIMBLE, John      md. Sarah Jane BEACOM(BAKEM) *b
     Henry Irvine TRIMBLE, bn. 22 Aug 1867
     Anson Arthur TRIMBLE, bn. 2 Feb 1870
     Jane Ellen TRIMBLE, bn. 3 Feb 1872
     Christopher TRIMBLE, bn. 27 Feb 1874

TRIMBLE, Richard      md. Eliza Jane ELLIOTT *m
     Richard TRIMBLE, bn. 18 May 1867

TRIMBLE, William, s/o Andrew
md. Elizabeth EMMERSON, d/o John, on 16 Apr 1851

TROTTER, Alexander      md. Rose Anne BRADY *m
     Bridget TROTTER, bn. 5 May 1872
     Alexander TROTTER, bn. 15 Mar 1874

TROTTER, Thomas      md. Mary MCMULLEN *m
     James TROTTER, bn. 17 Jun 1871

VANCE, Arthur, s/o James
md. Catharine MORRISON, d/o John, on 20 Aug 1860

VARNET, Christopher      md. Mary DUFFY *b
     Rebeca VARNET, bn. 5 Jan 1868

VARNETT, Samuel, s/o Samuel
md. Anne BRIDE, d/o John, on 1 Nov 1852

WALKER, James      md. Isabella CAMPBELL *b
     Margaret Jane WALKER, bn. 29 Jun 1871
     William WALKER, bn. 13 Jul 1874

WALKER, Robert      md. Harriett MCCLURE *m
     Anne WALKER, bn. 6 Jul 1873

WALLACE, John      md. Margaret GRAHAM *b
     Arthur WALLACE, bn. 22 Nov 1868
     Walter WALLACE, bn. 15 May 1871
     Richard WALLACE, bn. 9 Nov 1873

WALSH, Robert Pakenham, s/o Thomas
md. Elizabeth Wilson TAYLOR, d/o John, on 20 Dec 1850

WARD, James      md. Jane HANLY *m
     Eliza Jane WARD, bn. 12 Dec 1870

WARNOCK, John      md. Anne MAGUIRE *b
     Mary Anne WARNOCK, bn. 15 Jan 1868
     Hugh Alexander WARNOCK, bn. 19 Jul 1872
     William John WARNOCK, bn. 3 Jul 1874

WARRINGTON, Thomas      md. Eliza Jane GILLESPIE *b
     Thomas John WARRINGTON, bn. 6 Jun 1872
     Sarah Jane WARRINGTON, bn. 1 Aug 1874

WEST, John, s/o Thomas
md. Letitia MCCONNELL, d/o John, on 6 Jul 1852

WEST, Thomas      md. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG *m
     Margret Jane WEST, bn. 28 Feb 1868
     Elizabeth WEST, bn. 6 Sep 1872
     Mary Anne WEST, bn. 16 Mar 1874

WHITESIDE, Joseph      md. Frances STEWART *b
     Mary Ane WHITESIDE, bn. 30 Mar 1871
     William WHITESIDE, bn. 28 Aug 1872

WHITTERS, James      md. Anne ARMSTRONG *b
     Anne WHITTERS, bn. 21 Mar 1867

WIGGANS, Thomas      md. Mary ELLIOTT *b
     Mary Anne WIGGANS, bn. 3 Aug 1869
     John WIGGANS, bn. 9 Apr 1871

WILEY, Francis, s/o John
md. Jane FORSTER, d/o John, on 3 Apr 1851

WILEY, James      md. Margaret PARKENSON *m
     Margret Anne WILEY, bn. 9 Jul 1869

WILEY, William      md. Mary RUTLEDGE *b
     James Adam WILEY, bn. 31 Mar 1871

WILEY, William      md. Eliza Jane IRVINE *m
     Charlodine Rachel WILEY, bn. 28 Apr 1871

WILSON, Crozier      md. Grace HURST *b
     Elizabeth WILSON, bn. 3 Apr 1868
     Crozier WILSON, bn. 4 Jan 1870
     Martha WILSON, bn. 5 Dec 1871

WILSON, Cyrus      md. Jane MONTGOMERY *b
     Elizabeth WILSON, bn. 30 Dec 1867

WILSON, Hamilton, s/o Robert
md. Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o George, on 22 Nov 1853

WILSON, James, s/o William
md. Mary Anne LITTLE, d/o George, on 23 May 1854

WILSON, John      md. Martha BELL *m
     Thomas WILSON, bn. 27 Sep 1874

WILSON, John      md. Elizabeth HOUSTON *b
     Roseanne Helen WILSON, bn. 17 Jan 1869
     Joseph Henry WILSON, bn. 25 May 1870
     James WILSON, bn. 19 Nov 1871

WILSON, John      md. Isabella MOSES *b
     William WILSON, bn. 7 Jun 1871
     Andrew WILSON, bn. 25 Nov 1873

WILSON, John      md. Elizabeth HURST *b
     Crozier WILSON, bn. 18 Aug 1870
     Ellen WILSON, bn. 16 Mar 1874

WILSON, William, s/o William
md. Bell(Anne) Jane SHAW, d/o Lindsay, on 29 Aug 1860
     Elizabeth Ruth WILSON, bn. 27 Mar 1869

WILSON, William      md. Margaret WRIGHT *b
     Robert WILSON, bn. 18 Dec 1871

WITTERS, Thomas, s/o James
md. Jane MONTGOMERY, d/o Joseph, on 25 Nov 1851

WOODWARD, John      md. Margaret GALLAGHER *b
     Frederick George WOODWARD, bn. 23 Nov 1867
     Grace Eldo Eleanor WOODWARD, bn. 29 Jun 1871

WORTHINGTON, Henry, s/o John
md. Ellen PATTERSON, d/o James, on 1 Jun 1853

YAW, Henry      md. Maria CREIGHTON *m
     Maria YAW, bn. 13 Oct 1871

YOUNG, George      md. Margaret HAMILTON *b
     Margaret Jane YOUNG, bn. 14 Oct 1870
     Isabella YOUNG, bn. 8 Dec 1871
     William James YOUNG, bn. 20 Jun 1873

*b = Children born(registered) at Brookboro, marriage may not have taken place there.
*m = Children born(registered) at Maguires Bridge, marriage may not have taken place there.