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These are a few Marriages from Cleenish Parish

ACHESON, George      md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG *l
     Robert ATCHESON, bn. 15 Jan 1869
    John ACHESON, bn. 13 Apr 1874

ADAMS, James      md. Alice SHANNON *l
     Anne ADAMS, bn. 9 May 1869
     Patrick ADAMS, bn. 12 Jun 1871
     Francis ADAMS, bn. 9 Apr 1873

ALLEN, James      md. Mary BEACOM *l
     John ALLEN, bn. 10 Apr 1872

ARMSTRONG, Hugh, s/o James
md. Mary JOHNSTON, d/o John, on 17 May 1861

ARMSTRONG, Hugh      md. Anne DAWSON *l
     Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, bn. 7 Jul 1870
     William ARMSTRONG, bn. 3 Feb 1874

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o John
md. Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o William, on 17 Sep 1847

ARMSTRONG, John      md. Mary MCREERY *l
     Margret ARMSTRONG, bn. 18 Apr 1869

ARMSTRONG, John      Mary MOORE *l
     William John ARMSTRONG, bn. 12 Oct 1867
     Robert ARMSTRONG, bn. 24 Apr 1869
     Maria ARMSTRONG, bn. 1 May 1873

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Catherine WEIR *l
     Rebecca ARMSTRONG, bn. 1 Mar 1868

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Eliza PEEPLES *l
     James ARMSTRONG, bn. 15 Feb 1868
     Jane ARMSTRONG, bn. 23 Apr 1870

ARTHUR, Thomas      md.Jane CONNELLY *l
     Mary ARTHUR, bn. 13 Jan 1870

BALFOUR, Alexander, s/o James
md. Mary Jane ROBINSON, d/o John, on 14 Feb 1853

BALFOUR(D), John      md. Isabella LOWRY *l
     Margaret BALFOURD, bn. 19 Jul 1872
     James BALFOURD, bn. 14 Jan 1874

BANNON, James      md. Bridget MCCUSKER *l
     Bridget BANNON, bn. 15 May 1869
     Margaret BANNON, bn. 10 Apr 1872

BANNON, William      md. Mary MCCART *l
     John BANNON, bn. 28 Nov 1868
     William BANNON, bn. 9 Dec 1870

BARBER, Thomas      md. Eliza Jane ELLIOTT *l
     Sarah Jane BARBER, bn. 19 Jan 1874

BARNES, Thomas      md. Ellen CUNNINGHAM(KENNIGAN) *l
     Mary Jane BARNES, bn. 28 May 1867
     Elizabeth BARNES, bn. 20 Jul 1869

BEACON, John      md. Mary RUTLEDGE *l
     Christopher BEACON, bn. 10 Jun 1872

BEATTY, Charles      md. Euphemia WILEY *l
     Margaret Henrietta BEATTY, bn. 20 May 1869

BEATY, Henry, s/o William
md. Jane PORTEUS, d/o Joseph ROONEY, on 29 Oct 1851

BEATTY, John      md. Elizabeth CRAWFORD *l
     Mary BEATTY, bn. 25 Feb 1869

BEATTY, John Roland      md. Sarah MCFARLAND *l
     Lucinda BEATTY, bn. 21 May 1870

BEATTY, William      md. Jane WITTAKER *l
     Robert Wittaker BEATTY, bn. 3 Nov 1868
     Jane BEATTY, bn. 8 Apr 1872

BLAIR, George, s/o William
md. Anne LUNNIN, d/o Hugh, on 17 Mar 1852

BOSS, Andrew      md. Ellen FLEMING *l
     Andrew BOSS, bn. 17 Nov 1867

BRACKIN, John, s/o Edward
md. Margaret HOWE, d/o William, on 3 Apr 1861

BRADY, John, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Anne MAGUIRE, d/o John, on 20 Dec 1853

BRADY, William      md. Susan KENNEDY *l
     George BRADY, bn. 10 Sep 1869
     Margaret BRADY, bn. 26 Jan 1871

BREEN, John, s/o William
md. Jane BURGESS, d/o George HURST, on 9 Sep 1851

BRESLIN, Hugh      md. Margaret PRUNTY *l
     Hugh BRESLIN, bn. 10 May 1873

BRIEN, Henry, s/o William
md. Mary Anne WILSON, d/o John, on 24 Oct 1854

BRITTON, Joseph, s/o James
md. Jane JOHNSTON, d/o James ARTHURS, on 8 May 1861

BROWN, James      md. Dorothea RUTLEDGE *l
     Eliza BROWN, bn. 14 Feb 1870

BROWNLEE, Isaac, s/o Robert
md. Elizabeth BENSON, d/o James, on 19 Nov 1847

BROWNLEE, James, s/o Robert
md. Margaret RANKIN, d/o George, on 14 Sep 1860

BROWNLEE, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Barbara BROWNLEE, d/o James, on 2 Apr 1851

BUCHANON, George      md. Anne Jane BLACK *l
     William BUCHANON, bn. 3 Feb 1870

BURLEY, James, s/o William
md. Rachel JOHNSTON, d/o Alexander, on 21 Jun 1850

CALLAGHAN, Anthony      md. Jane MCDONALD *l
     Catherine CALLAGHAN, bn. 21 Jan 1869

CALWELL(CALDWELL), William      md. Alice CARSON *l
     Joseph CALWELL, bn. 2 Jun 1867
     John CALDWELL, bn. 9 Jul 1870

CAMBRIDGE, William      md. Margaret MCFARLAND *l
     James CAMBRIDGE, bn. 1 Dec 1869

CARRUTHERS, John      md. Jane REA *l
     Ada Jane CARRUTHERS, bn. 19 Nov 1871

CARRUTHERS, Thomas      md. Lucinda BAMFORD *l
     James CARRUTHERS, bn. 22 Apr 1869

CARSON, Thomas, s/o James
md. Mary Anne MCMULLEN, d/o James, on 27 Mar 1860

CASSIDY, Francis      md. Margaret HUGHES *l
     Mary CASSIDY, bn. 18 Jan 1871

CATHCART, George, s/o Hugh
md. Anne MAGUIRE, d/o Patt, on 22 Nov 1852

CATHCART, George, s/o Hugh
md. Rebecca POGAN, d/o John WALLACE, on 16 Aug 1853

CATHCART, Thomas      md. Elizabeth STEENE *l
     Thomas CATHCART, bn. 18 Feb 1869

CHAPMAN, George      md. Jemima BEACOM *l
     Margaret Jane CHAPMAN, bn. 2 Aug 1870
     Thomas Irvine CHAPMAN, bn. 1 Dec 1871
     Elizabeth Henrietta CHAPMAN, bn. 31 Jul 1874

CLARK, Robert      md. Ann ELLIOTT *l
     Margaret CLARK, bn. 20 May 1873

CLARKE, Thomas, s/o Richard
md. Miriam GRAYDON, d/o Alexander, on 24 Aug 1847

CLEGG, Francis      md. Ellen GRAHAM *l
     Francis CLEGG, bn. 2 May 1867
     Elizabeth CLEGG, bn. 30 Oct 1869

CLINGEN, Alexander      md. Margaret CAREY *l
     Arthur CLINGEN, bn. 15 Jun 1867

COCKS(COX), Patrick      md. Margaret MONAGHAN *l
     Ellen COCKS, bn. 29 Mar 1869

COLE, John, s/o Robert
md. Jane BOWLES, d/o Thomas, on 9 Dec 1850

CONNOLLY, John      md. Mary MONAGHAN *l
     William CONNOLLY, bn. 4 Nov 1868
     John CONNOLLY, bn. 8 May 1870
     Robert CONNOLLY, bn. 27 Apr 1872
     Michael CONNOLLY, bn. 28 Mar 1874

COPELAND, John, s/o James
md. Elizabeth Potter DAY, d/o Alexander, on 11 Dec 1861
     Frederick William COPELAND, bn. 4 Oct 1867

CORMICK, William      md. Jane MCCREERY *l
     William John CORMICK, bn. 4 Apr 1867

CORRIGAN, Patrick      md. Catherine CRORKIN *l
     John CORRIGAN, bn. 13 Nov 1867

CROZIER, James      md. Mary NIXON *l
     Margaret CROZIER, bn. 28 Mar 1868
     William Henry CROZIER, bn. 7 Feb 1874

CUNNINGHAM, Michael      md. Mary GRIFFITH *l
     Michael CUNNINGHAM, bn. 7 Apr 1874

CUNINGHAM, William, s/o Henry
md. Margaret BROWNLEE, d/o Charles, on 24 Aug 1855

DALY, William      md. Jane BLACK *l
     Anne DALY, bn. 9 Oct 1868

DANE, Matthew, s/o James
md. Jane CUTLER, d/o George, on 5 Nov 1860

DAVIDSON, Robert, s/o John
md. Julia HOWARD, d/o Thomas MC KELVEY, on 5 Oct 1855

DAVIS, Robert      md. Sarah Jane PORTUS(PORTEUS) *l
     John DAVIS, bn. 4 Jun 1868

DAVIS, William      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *l
     William James DAVIS, bn. 6 Jun 1868

DOHERTY(DOGHERTY), Dennis      md. Margaret MARTIN *l
     James DOHERTY, bn. 19 May 1869
     Dennis DOHERTY, bn. 17 Dec 1870

DONALDSON, John      md. Jane GADDIS(GEDDES) *l
     Adam DONALDSON, bn. 5 Dec 1868
     Jane DONALDSON, bn. 9 Jan 1874

DOOGAN, James      md. Anne SMITH *l
     Robert DOOGAN, bn. 13 Feb 1869

DRUM, Francis      md. Ellen MCCAFREY *l
     Mary DRUM, bn. 10 Apr 1871
     Elizabeth DRUM, bn. 13 Jun 1874

DRUM, James      md. Alice MCAROW *l
     Margaret DRUM, bn. 4 Jun 1868
     Alice DRUM, bn. 10 Jun 1871
     Charles DRUM, bn. 21 Apr 1873

DUNLOP(DUNLAP), John      md. Elizabeth JACKSON *l
     John DUNLAP, bn. 20 Jan 1869
     James DUNLAP, bn. 26 Sep 1870
     George DUNLOP, bn. 12 May 1872
     Fanny DUNLAP, bn. 11 May 1874

EADIE, John      md. Margaret INGLIS *l
     William George EADIE, bn. 6 Dec 1870

EAMES, Robert, s/o William
md. Margaret LUNNY, d/o John, on 22 Dec 1854

EARLY, John      md. Jane HUGHES *l
     Edward EARLY, bn. 1 Feb 1868
     John EARLY, bn. 31 Oct 1869
     Bernard EARLIE, bn. 8 Oct 1871
     Anne Jane EARLY, bn. 26 Apr 1873

ELLIOTT, Foster      md. Ellen GRAHAM *l
     Rebecca ELLIOTT, bn. 25 Mar 1872

ELLIOTT, James, s/o Robert
md. Ellen OVENS, d/o John, on 17 Jun 1847

ELLIOTT, John, s/o William
md. Ellen GOTT, d/o John, on 27 Feb 1860

ELLIOTT, John      md. Sarah LOWERY *l
     Sarah ELLIOTT, bn. 3 Jan 1869
     Richard ELLIOTT, bn. 13 Sep 1870

ELLIOTT, William, s/o William
md. Margaret BROWN, d/o William, on 17 Dec 1852

ELLIOTT, William      md. Mary BAMFORD *l
     Mary Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 29 Dec 1868

ELLIOTT, William A      md. Margaret BEATTY *l
     Eleanor Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 30 Jul 1875

EVANS, Andrew      md. Hannah WILSON *l
     William Atwile EVANS, bn. 21 May 1870

EVITT, William      md. Easter ADAMS *l
     Henry EVITT, bn. 14 Oct 1868

FAIR, Robert      md. Anne MORRISSON *l
     Robert FAIR, bn. 10 Aug 1869

FEE, John, s/o Thomas
md. Catherine HOWDEN, d/o George, on 19 Jan 1855

FLANAGAN, Edward      md. Rose MAGUIRE *l
     James FLANAGAN, bn. 14 Nov 1869
     Mary FLANAGAN, bn. 4 Mar 1871

FLOOD, Alexander, s/o Samuel
md. Rebecca FAUCETT, d/o Robert, on 28 Oct 1847

FORD(E), William      md. Jane WOODS *l
     Eliza FORDE, bn. 14 Aug 1869
     Catherine FORD, bn. 28 Apr 1872

FRITH, Richard, s/o Alexander
md. Anne SURPLICE, d/o John, on 22 Mar 1860

GLENN, Thomas      md. Margret HAZLETT *l
     Jemima GLENN, bn. 2 May 1869

GOOD, Robert      md. Mary Jane RICE *l
     Robert GOOD, bn. 19 Jun 1869

GRAHAM, Noble      md. Dinah CARTER *l
     Thomas Alfred GRAHAM, bn. 17 Dec 1871

GRAHAM, Robert, s/o Henry
md. Jane RUTLIDGE, d/o James, on 8 Nov 1850

HAMILTON, Thomas, s/o Christopher
md. Cathrine SCOTT, d/o Thomas, on 12 Feb 1860

HARKIN, Patrick      md. Rose DRUM *l
     Mary HARKIN, bn. 5 Sep 1870
     Michael HARKIN, bn. 1 Oct 1871
     Thomas HARKIN, bn. 10 Jun 1873

HARON(HERON), Thomas      md. Anne STEWARD(STEWART) *l
     Frances Anne HAREN, bn. 28 May 1870
     Mary HERON, bn. 31 May 1873

HAYES, William      md. Jane LUNNY *l
     Elizabeth HAYES, bn. 5 Aug 1875

HENDERSON, William      md. Eliza Jane CROZIER *l
     John Robert HENDERSON, bn. 30 Mar 1867

HOLESWORTH, Thomas      md. Mary FORBES *l
     Robert HOLESWORTH, bn. 10 Jun 1868
     James HOLESWORTH, bn. 2 Nov 1869
     Catherine HOLESWORTH, bn. 17 Mar 1873

HOWDEN, William, s/o Richard
md. Catherine BRINES, d/o George, on 13 Jul 1852

HOWE, Hamilton      md. Anne HUTCHESON *l
     Mary Eleanor HOWE, bn. 24 Jun 1869

HOWE, William      md. Margaret MONTGOMERY *l
     Mervyn HOWE, bn. 14 Oct 1864
     Latecia HOWE, bn. 5 Dec 1867
     Margaret HOWE, bn. 12 Sep 1869

HUESTON, Robert, s/o William
md. Jane FRIZZELL, d/o James, on 29 Apr 1850

HUNTER, Francis      md. Jane ELLIOTT *l
     Harriett HUNTER, bn. 17 Mar 1870
     William Robert HUNTER, bn. 17 Mar 1870
     George HUNTER, bn. 1 Jun 1873

HUTCHESON, Samuel      md. Jane CREIG *l
     Samuel HUTCHESON, bn. 1 Jun 1867

IRWIN, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Frances PEARE, d/o James, on 24 Oct 1861

JOHNSTON, Francis, s/o William
md. Mary NOBLE, d/o James, on 23 Mar 1850

JOHNSTON, George      md. Jane WOODS *l
     Richard JOHNSTON, bn. 13 Mar 1867

JOHNSTON, John, s/o John
md. Ann ARTHURS, d/o Andrew, on 28 Jun 1851

JOHNSTON, John      md. Margaret RINCHEY *l
     Adelaide JOHNSTON, bn. 8 May 1867
     Lucinda JOHNSTON, bn. 8 May 1867
     Margaret JOHNSTON, bn. 22 Mar 1870

JOHNSTON, Philip      md. Mary Anne COIL *l
     William JOHNSTON, bn. 7 Sep 1872

JOHNSTON, Richard      md. Jane WOODS *l
     Richard John JOHNSTON, bn. 3 Feb 1869

JOHNSTON, Robert      md. Anne HOEY *l
     Noble JOHNSTON, bn. 20 Nov 1871

JOHNSTON, Thomas      md. Sarah Jane HOLLYWELL *l
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 11 May 1868
     Sarah Anne JOHNSTON, bn. 26 Jun 1870
     Margaret JOHNSTON, bn. 12 Jun 1872

JOHNSTON, William, s/o Robert
md. Mary CARSON, d/o Alexander, on 28 Mar 1850

KEENAN, John      md. Mary MCMANUS *l
     Alice KEENAN, bn. 16 Mar 1870

KELLS, Robert      md. Mary Anne WOODS *l
     Edward KELLS, bn. 3 Nov 1871

KELLY, Thomas      md. Mary MULLEN *l
     Thomas KELLY, bn. 3 Aug 1869
     Patrick KELLY, bn. 2 Nov 1871
     Margaret KELLY, bn. 26 Feb 1874

KERNAGHAN, William      md. Mary Anne IRWIN *l
     George KERNAGHAN, bn. 1 Jan 1869
     Robert KERNAGHAN, bn. 10 Aug 1870
     Emily Mary KERNAGHAN, bn. 29 May 1873

KINCHEY, William      md. Margaret EVITT *l
     John KINCHEY, bn. 5 Apr 1868

LAIRD, Robert      md. Mary Anne LATTIMER *l
     Henry LAIRD, bn. 2 Oct 1867

LAIRD, Robert      md. Elizabeth FORD *l
     Rachel LAIRD, bn. 19 May 1872

LAUGHNANE, James      md. Mary BURKE *l
     John Henry LAUGHNANE, bn. 3 Oct 1869

LAW, William      md. Susan TRIMBLE *l
     Jane LAW, bn. 27 Mar 1869

LAW, William      md. Mary Anne MCVITY *l
     Sarah LAW, bn. 21 Apr 1874

LAWDER, Arthur, s/o John
md. Maria CLARKE, d/o Andrew, on 18 Oct 1855

LEINSTER, William      md. Margaret CAHOON *l
     Thomas LEINSTER, bn. 6 Jan 1874

LITTLE, James      md. Isabella MONTGOMERY *l
     James LITTLE, bn. 28 Oct 1868
     Isabella LITTLE, bn. 4 Jul 1875

LITTLE, John      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *l
     Isabella LITTLE, bn. 29 Dec 1868

LITTLE, Thomas      md. Elizabeth CRAWFORD *l
     Mary LITTLE, bn. 8 Jul 1868
     Elizabeth LITTLE, bn. 28 May 1873

LOWRY, John      md. Jessie RAMSAY *l
     James LOWRY, bn. 19 Aug 1868
     William Robert LOWRY, bn. 24 Aug 1870

LUCY, Anthony, s/o Anthony
md. Jane BUCHANAN, d/o William, on 17 Dec 1847

LUNNEY, Edward, s/o Robert
md. Sarah KEYS, d/o James, on 7 Mar 1854

LUNNY, Edward      md. Mary MCCONNELL *l
     Terance LUNNY, bn. 24 Mar 1869

LUNNY, John, s/o Hugh
md. Mary STEWART, d/o Ralph, on 6 Jan 1860

MAGAHY, Peter      md. Ellen MCCUSKER *l
     Paul James MAGAHY, bn. 2 Apr 1874

MAGOVERN, James      md. Margaret ROONEY *l
     Bridget MAGOVERN, bn. 31 Mar 1872

MAGURN, William      md. Margaret WILSON *l
     Elizabeth MAGURN, bn. 24 Feb 1867

MARTIN, Charles      md. Harriett STINSON *l
     Charles MARTIN, bn. 4 May 1872

MAVITTY, James, s/o Robert
md. Jane ROBINSON, d/o Andrew, on 5 Aug 1862

MAXWELL, Michael      md. Catherine MCMANUS *l
     Jane MAXWELL, bn. 8 Sep 1869
     William MAXWELL, bn. 23 Apr 1872
     Anne MAXWELL, bn. 24 Apr 1874

MCCAFFRY, James      md. Mary MCCAFFRY *l
     Philip MCCAFFRY, bn. 18 Jan 1871

MCCAFFRY, Patrick      md. Anne CONNOLLY *l
     Patrick MCCAFFRY, bn. 28 Jun 1870
     Anne Jane MCCAFFRY, bn. 1 Jun 1872
     William MCCAFFRY, bn. 4 Jun 1874

MCCLINTOCK, William      md. Mary MCBRIDE *l
     James Robert MCCLINTOCK, bn. 18 Apr 1874

MCCOURT, Bernard      md. Anne MCMANUS *l
     Elizabeth MCCOURT, bn. 12 Apr 1872

MCCREERY, Samuel, s/o Thomas
md. Jane MCCREERY, d/o Joseph, on 15 Feb 1853

MCDERMOTT, Richard Barker, s/o Robert
md. Jane Henrietta BROWNE, d/o Thomas, on 15 Aug 1861

MCGEE, John      md. Mary BEATTY *l
     Mary MCGEE, bn. 13 Sep 1873

MCGOLERICK, Thomas, s/o John
md. Isabella SHIEL, d/o James, on 28 Jan 1852

MCKENNA, Peter      md. Jane MCCOLLEN *l
     Laticia MCKENNA, bn. 9 Oct 1869

MCMANUS, Francis      md. Sarah KERRIGAN *l
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 3 Nov 1871

MCMANUS, John      md. Catherine CURRAN *l
     William MCMANUS, bn. 5 May 1869
     William MCMANUS, bn. 7 Apr 1873

MCMANUS, Michael      md. Ellen MCDONNELL *l
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 12 Jul 1869
     James MCMANUS, bn. 2 Sep 1872

MCMANUS, Philip      md. Mary MCCOURT *l
     James MCMANUS, bn. 14 Jun 1869
     John MCMANUS, bn. 8 Apr 1874

MCMARKIN, Thomas      md. Anne MCAVINY *l
     Bernard MCMARKIN, bn. 26 Apr 1867

MCPHILIPS, John      md. Elizabeth MCFARLAND *l
     Thomas MCPHILIPS, bn. 24 Sep 1873

MEGAHY, John      md. Bridget MCCROARKEN *l
     Thomas MEGAHY, bn. 4 Sep 1870

MILLER, Robert      md. Sarah NICHOL *l
     Elizabeth MILLER, bn. 25 Aug 1872

MONTGOMERY, James      md. Jane BOYD *l
     William James MONTGOMERY, bn. 12 Jan 1870
     Edward MONTGOMERY, bn. 3 Jun 1871

MONTGOMERY, John, s/o William
md. Mary KEYS, d/o James, on 11 Feb 1847

MONTGOMERY, Robert      md. Catherine FITZPATRICK *l
     Margaret MONTGOMERY, bn. 30 Oct 1867

MONTGOMERY, William      md. Margaret GRAHAM *l
     Andrew MONTGOMERY, bn. 11 Mar 1868

MOORE, John, s/o William
md. Rachel PARKS, d/o John, on 13 May 1847

MOORE, Joseph      md. Elizabeth FORREST *l
     Anne MOORE, bn. 5 Jun 1869
     William MOORE, bn. 6 Jun 1871
     Elizabeth Forrest MOORE, bn. 19 Apr 1874

MORRISON, James      md. Margaret HAZLETT *l
     Fanny MORRISON, bn. 10 Jul 1874

MULHERN, Michael      md. Mary BANNON *l
     Joseph MULHERN, bn. 19 Mar 1869

MULLIGAN, Patrick      md. Anne LILLY *l
     Anne MULLIGAN, bn. 25 Apr 1868
     Joseph MULLIGAN, bn. 6 Aug 1870

MURPHY, James      md. Anne CHAMBERS *l
     Terence MURPHY, bn. 7 Mar 1871

MURPHY, Robert      md. Jane PRICE *l
     William MURPHY, bn. 2 Mar 1870
     Jane MURPHY, bn. 24 Dec 1871
     Sarah MURPHY, bn. 24 Dec 1871

NAUN, George      md. Margaret WHITE *l
     George NAUN, bn. 28 Aug 1868
     James NAAN, bn. 18 Oct 1873

NOBLE, Andrew      md. Jane LUNNY *l
     Andrew NOBLE, bn. 30 Oct 1864
     John NOBLE, bn. 1 May 1867

NOBLE, Jarat(Gerard)      md. Martha CAREY *l
     Fanny NOBLE, bn. 27 Sep 1867
     Mary NOBLE, bn. 24 Oct 1868

NOBLE, John      md. Margaret LINDSAY *l
     Elizabeth NOBLE, bn. 29 Mar 1869
     James NOBLE, bn. 20 Jun 1872

NOBLE, Montgomery, s/o James
md. Catherine DOWLER, d/o Richard, on 7 Mar 1860

NOBLE, Thomas      md. Mary Anne FARRELL *l
     Montgomery NOBLE, bn. 31 Oct 1870
     Thomas NOBLE, bn. 18 May 1873

NOBLE, Thomas      md. Martha CLINGAN *l
     Thomas NOBLE, bn. 30 Apr 1873

OHARA, Robert, s/o Patrick
md. Ann STAFFORD, d/o James, on 26 May 1852

OVENS, Stewart, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret MCFADDIN, d/o John, on 16 Jul 1852

PARKE, William, s/o William
md. Henrietta HOLMES, d/o Henry, on 18 Dec 1855

PARKER, Andrew      md. Margaret KEYS *l
     Margaret PARKER, bn. 19 Jun 1867

PARKER, Robert, s/o Thomas
md. Ellen ARTHURS, d/o George, on 14 May 1851

PATTERSON, William, s/o William
md. Eliza CAFFREY, d/o James, on 15 Nov 1855

PHILIPS, Hugh      md. Sarah MCCART *l
     Hugh PHILIPS, bn. 8 Mar 1869
     Elizabeth PHILIPS, bn. 29 Jul 1870

PHILIPS, John      md. Elizabeth MCFARLAND *l
     Catherine PHILIPS, bn. 3 Aug 1870

PLUNKETT, Christopher, s/o Andrew
md. Jane MONTGOMERY, d/o Edward, on 5 Jun 1850

PORTEUS, James, s/o John
md. Mary Anne MT GOMERY, d/o James, on 18 Mar 1853

PORTICE, John, s/o William
md. Jane HASSARD, d/o John, on 24 Apr 1860

PRENTICE, James      md. Eliza LENNAFY *l
     Margaret PRENTICE, bn. 25 Aug 1868

PRENTICE, James      md. Elizabeth PRENTICE (may be same as above)
     Mary Jane PRENTICE, bn. 13 Jun 1871

PRENTICE, Thomas      md. Jane BROWN *l
     Jane PRENTICE, bn. 30 Jan 1870
     Margaret PRENTICE, bn. 16 Apr 1872

PRENTICE, William      md. Margaret MORRISON *l
     Samuel PRENTICE, bn. 20 Nov 1869

PRESTON, George H.      md. Mary Eloise CHAMBERS *l
     Ethel Maude Mary PRESTON, bn. 15 Jul 1874

QUINN, James      md. Margaret MCMANUS *l
     James QUINN, bn. 5 Jun 1868
     John QUINN, bn. 31 Dec 1870
     Charles QUINN, bn. 7 Jun 1873

REID, Joseph      md. Elizabeth VEITCH *l
     Joseph REID, bn. 2 Jun 1868

REILLY, Francis      md. Margret HURST *l
     Patrick REILLY, bn. 20 Apr 1867
     John REILLY, bn. 27 Jun 1869
     Francis REILLY, bn. 27 Mar 1871
     Mary REILLY, bn. 16 Mar 1873
     Robert REILLY, bn. 3 Sep 1875

REXTER, John, s/o John
md. Catherine ROBINSON, d/o John, on 13 Apr 1854

RINCHEY, John      md. Jane CAMPBELL *l
     Margret RINCHEY, bn. 14 Mar 1870
     William George RINCHEY, bn. 8 May 1872

RINCHEY, William      md. Margaret EVITT
     George RINCHEY, bn. 8 May 1871

ROONEY, Redmond      md. Margaret MAGURN *l
     Denis ROONEY, bn. 6 Dec 1871
     John ROONEY, bn. 28 Feb 1874

ROONEY, Thomas      md. Ellen FEE *l
     Mary Jane ROONEY, bn. 12 Apr 1868
     Redmond ROONEY, bn. 24 Dec 1873

ROONEY, William      md. Bridget CASSIDY *l
     James ROONEY, bn. 16 May 1868

ROONEY, William      md. Margaret MARTIN *l
     Margaret ROONEY, bn. 7 Mar 1869

ROSS, Andrew, s/o William
md. Ellen FLEMMING, d/o James, on 16 Dec 1862

ROSS, James      md. Mary BEATTY *l
     Easter ROSS, bn. 1 Aug 1868

ROURKE, John, s/o John
md. Anne Jane ARMSTRONG on 17 Dec 1847

RUTLEDGE, James, s/o John
md. Eliza Anne GILLIGAN, d/o James, on 14 Nov 1860

RUTLEDGE, John      md. Jane BOWLES *l
     Sarah RUTLEDGE, bn. 20 Jul 1869

RUTLEDGE, John      md. Rebecca SCOLES *l
     John Francis RUTLEDGE, bn. 24 Dec 1873

RUTLEDGE, William      md. Mary MURPHY *l
     John RUTLEDGE, bn. 16 Apr 1872

SAVAGE, James, s/o Hugh
md. Jane LUNNY, d/o John, on 5 Sep 1861

SCALES, William, s/o William
md. Jane MAGEE, d/o Thomas, on 24 Jun 1853

SCOLES, Robert      md. Mary Anne GRAHAM *l
     George SCOLES, bn. 21 Dec 1867

SCOLES, William      md. Eliza BEATTY *l
     Samuel SCOLES, bn. 21 Nov 1868

SCOTT, Robert, s/o William
md. Anne Jane LOWRY, d/o Richard, on 21 Jun 1860
     Julia Eliza SCOTT, bn. 27 Sep 1867
     Jessie Maud SCOTT, bn. 27 Oct 1869
     Thomas William SCOTT, bn. 22 Mar 1871

SHANON, Patrick      md. Rose SHANON *l
     Mary SHANON, bn. 13 Mar 1872
     Ann SHANON, bn. 12 Jun 1874

SMITH, Patrick      md. Jane MCCAFFREY *l
     John SMITH, bn. 13 Jun 1868
     Anne SMITH, bn. 8 Jul 1870

SOMERVILLE, John      md. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG *l
     Jane SOMERVILLE, bn. 17 Jul 1868
     Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, bn. 26 Nov 1870
     John SOMERVILLE, bn. 17 Apr 1873

SOMERVILLE, William      md. Margaret SAVAGE *l
     Richard SOMERVILLE, bn. 17 Mar 1869

SPROUL, James, s/o Andrew
md. Catherine MACARTNEY, d/o James, on 7 Jan 1862

STAFFORD, John, s/o John
md. Elizabeth RUTLEDGE, d/o Robert, on 12 Mar 1852

STAFFORD, Thomas, s/o James
md. Cathrine WATTERSON, d/o Gabriel, on 26 Jun 1850

STUTT, Archibald      md. Mary IRWIN *l
     Ralph STUTT, bn. 3 Jul 1869

TAYLOR, William, s/o Thomas
md. Anne COLVIN, d/o John, on 30 Aug 1852

THOMPSON, James      md. Jane ELLIOTT *l
     George THOMPSON, bn. 18 May 1868

THOMPSON, James      md. Mary Anne BIRD *l
     Maria THOMPSON, bn. 13 Mar 1869
     William James THOMPSON, bn. 17 Dec 1873

THOMPSON, John      md. Mary SHAW *l
     Robert James THOMPSON, bn. 4 Sep 1872

TOLAN(D), William      md. Sarah THOMPSON *l
     William TOLAN, bn. 30 Mar 1869
     John Henry TOLAND, bn. 30 May 1873

VEITCH, Charles, s/o Leslie
md. Eliza HAZLETT, d/o Robert, on 22 Mar 1862

VEITCH, Leslie      md. Eliza BREEN *l
     Margaret VETCH, bn. 5 Dec 1867
     John Thomas VEITCH, bn. 24 Nov 1869
     Alexander VEITCH, bn. 28 May 1872

WADSWORTH, John      md. Fanny PATRICK *l
     Fanny Jane WADSWORTH, bn. 29 Sep 1867

WALKER, Edward      md. Mary Anne REILLY *l
     Willhelmina WALKER, bn. 12 Jul 1868
     Prudence WALKER, bn. 18 Sep 1870
     John Nhenry WALKER, bn. 12 May 1873

WALKER, John, s/o John
md. Jane FAWCITT, d/o William, on 31 Jan 1862

WALLACE, James, s/o John
md. Jane STEWART, d/o Charles, on 16 Mar 1852

WARRELL, George      md. Elizabeth THOMPSON *l
     Fanny Jane WARRELL, bn. 19 May 1868
     James WARRELL, bn. 16 Jul 1870
     John WARELL, bn. 4 Sep 1872

WARRELL, James      md. Catherine WAMSLEY *l
     Isabella WARRELL, bn. 19 Mar 1869

WEIR, James      md. Mary STEWARD *l
     Fanny WEIR, bn. 28 Sep 1868
     George WEIR, bn. 23 Nov 1870

WEST, Henry      md. Jane RUTLEDGE *l
     Edward WEST, bn. 27 Apr 1867

WEST, James      md. Sidney THOMPSON *l
     Mary Anne WEST, bn. 4 Mar 1869

WHITE, John      md. Mary Anne LAW *l
     Thomas WHITE, bn. 3 Dec 1868
     Robert Law WHITE, bn. 17 Jun 1870
     John WHITE, bn. 18 Apr 1872
     Martha Rebecca WHITE, bn. 5 Sep 1874

WHITLEY, George      md. Anne MONTGOMERY *l
     Margaret WHITLEY, bn. 4 Feb 1869

WHITSITT, Joseph      md. Frances STEWARD *l
     Joseph WHITSITT, bn. 9 Aug 1874

WIGGINS, James      md. Rebecca RUTLEDGE *l
     Elizabeth WIGGINS, bn. 20 Feb 1870
     William WIGGANS, bn. 13 Apr 1872

WILSON, Andrew      md. Rebecca NOBLE *l
     Ann Jane WILSON, bn. 17 Aug 1875

WILSON, Jason, s/o Jason
md. Mary Anne HOWE, d/o John, on 12 Jan 1855

WALKER, John, s/o John
md. Jane FAWCITT, d/o William, on 31 Jan 1862

WILSON, John, s/o Christy
md. Anne BROWNLEE, d/o Robert, on 7 Jan 1852

WILSON, William, s/o Jason
md. Elizabeth Jane CROOK, d/o George, on 23 Dec 1861

WOODS, James      md. Mary Jane SCOLLEN *l
     Robert WOODS, bn. 4 May 1867
     Elizabeth WOODS, bn. 7 Mar 1869
     Margaret WOODS, bn. 21 May 1873

WOODS, Johnston      md. Catherine LEVISTAN *l
     Thomas WOODS, bn. 9 May 1869

WOODS, William      md. Sarah WILEY *l
     William Henry WOODS, bn. 11 Dec 1871

WORTHINGTON, John      md. Eliza GRIFFITH *l
     David WORTHINGTON, bn. 16 Nov 1864

*l = Birth was registered at Lisbellaw, marriage may not have taken place here.