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ABRAHAM, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret CROOKS, d/o William, on 23 Sep 1852

ABRAHAM, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret IRVINE, d/o William, on 20 Mar 1860

ACHESON, Charles, s/o William
md. Catharine BROWN, d/o John, on 9 Dec 1852

ACHESON, George, s/o Malcome
md. Rebecca LITTLE, d/o Christopher, on 10 May 1861

ACHESON, Hugh, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Anne BROWNLEE, d/o John, on 3 Feb 1853

ACHESON, James, s/o Thomas
md. Elizabeth EAGLETON, d/o George, on 4 Mar 1861

ACHESON, Robert      md. Jane BRACKEN
     Bessy ACHESON, bn. 16 Sep 1869

ACHESON, Thomas, s/o Malcolm
md. Elizabeth LITTLE, d/o Robert, on 17 Oct 1862

ADAMS, James, s/o John
md. Alice SHEENAN, d/o Patt, on 9 Jun 1854

ADAMS, Robert Henry      md. Mary CANE
     Elizabeth ADAMS, bn. 16 Aug 1875

ADDISON, William, s/o James
md. Elizabeth BROUGHTON, d/o John, on 5 Oct 1852

AKINS, John, s/o John
md. Susana DUFFY, d/o James, on 10 Aug 1854

ALBERT, William, s/o Christopher
md. Mary Anne GOLD, d/o William, on 27 Aug 1861

ALEXANDER, Joseph      md. Ada Frances HAMILTON
    Ada ALEXANDER, bn. 1 Sep 1871

ALLAN, Alexander      md. Margaret MUNRO
    Catherine Mary ALLAN, bn. 28 May 1869

ALLEN, Henry Augustine      md. Georgine Frances Maria HATTON
    Frances ALLEN, bn. 16 Jun 1871

ALSOP, Charles Heber      md. Mary Annie BOWDICK
     Mary Elizabeth Annie ALSOP, bn. 15 Jun 1867

ANDERSON, Francis      md. Jane ROBINSON
     James John ANDERSON, bn. 7 Jul 1870

ANDERSON, James, s/o James
md. Jane CRANSTON, d/o John, on 9 Nov 1854

ANDERSON, John, s/o Samuel
md. Margaret ANDERSON, d/o Allen, on 30 Sep 1862

ANDERSON, John, s/o Robert
md. Eliza NEILSON, d/o James, on 21 Dec 1853

ANDERSON, Johnston, s/o Edward
md. Mary SHEPHARD, d/o John, on 5 Jul 1851

ANDERSON, Joseph, s/o William
md. Matilda COSGROVE, d/o Thomas, on 21 Jul 1854

ANDERSON, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth HAMILTON, d/o John, on 21 Mar 1850

ANNETT, John, s/o John
md. Martha MORRISON, d/o William, on 19 May 1862

ARCHBALD, William, s/o Hugh
md. Ellen CORBETT, d/o Michael, on 8 Nov 1847

ARMSTRONG, David, s/o David
md. Anne MCCLEAN, d/o John, on 19 Sep 1861

ARMSTRONG, David, s/o Robert
md. Anne FERRIS, d/o Thomas, on 3 Jan 1860

ARMSTRONG, Francis, s/o William
md. Sarah Jane BEATTY, d/o Robert, on 10 Jul 1855

ARMSTRONG, Francis, s/o Francis
md. Elizabeth KERR, d/o Robert, on 8 Mar 1850

ARMSTRONG, George, s/o John
md. Mary ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 13 Feb 1855

ARMSTRONG, George, s/o George
md. Elizabeth BLEAKLEY, d/o Joseph, on 27 May 1847

ARMSTRONG, Irvine, s/o Alexander
md. Ellen HURST, d/o Ralph, on 21 Aug 1861

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o William
md. Eliza BEAN, d/o Alexander, on 21 Sep 1860

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o Christopher
md. Lucinda MORRISON, d/o John 4 Jul 1854

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o James
md. Catharine ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 10 Mar 1855

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o Thomas
md. Matilda THOMPSON, d/o Thomas, on 21 Mar 1854

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o Charles
md. Isabella EARLS, d/o James, on 13 Mar 1851

ARMSTRONG, James      md. Jane HILLIARD
     William ARMSTRONG, bn. 20 Nov 1864

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o John
md. Bell MC MANUS, d/o Bernard, on 7 Sep 1855

ARMSTRONG, John      md. Mary MCCREERY
     John ARMSTRONG, bn. 31 Dec 1873

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o Robert
md. Anne FRAZER, d/o John, on 3 Jan 1854

ARMSTRONG, Robert, s/o Christopher
md. Catherine ARMSTRONG, d/o Mathew, on 18 Apr 1862

ARMSTRONG, Robert, s/o James
md. Catharine THOMPSON, d/o Robert, on 3 Aug 1860

ARMSTRONG, Robert, s/o James
md. Margaret MORRISON, d/o Alexander, on 24 Feb 1853

ARMSTRONG, Robert      md. Isabella ROONEY
     Robert ARMSTRONG, bn. 17 Dec 1869

ARMSTRONG, Thomas      md. Margaret KELLY
     Margaret Jane ARMSTRONG, bn. 21 Jul 1874

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, s/o William
md. Catherine ARMSTRONG, d/o James, on 30 Jan 1860

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, s/o James
md. Elizabeth WILSON, d/o William, on 20 Mar 1851

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o John
md. Elizabeth PEEBLES, d/o John, on 10 Apr 1850

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o Simon
md. Mary BROWNLEE, d/o William, on 21 Oct 1853

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o Thomas
md. Elizabeth MOSGROVE, d/o Samuel, on 18 Jan 1853

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o James
md. Anne ARMSTRONG, d/o James, on 9 Feb 1854

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o John
md. Mary MORRISON, d/o Andrew, on 9 Nov 1855

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o Robert
md. Jane CULGIN, d/o John, on 30 Mar 1855

ARMSTRONG, William Watkins
md. Ellen TURNER
    James Alexander ARMSTRONG, bn. 23 Feb 1874
    Edward ARMSTRONG, bn. 2 Jul 1875

ARNOLD, William, s/o Robert
md. Margaret DOGHERTY, d/o John, on 20 Nov 1860

ATWELL, Richard      md. Margaret HUNTER
     Margaret ATWELL, bn. 22 Jan 1869

ATWILL, William      md. Margaret KENNEDY
     William ATWILL, bn. 6 Jan 1871

AUSTIN, George, s/o George
md. Sidney CLEGG, d/o Robert, on 3 Oct 1853

BALL, Alexander, s/o John
md. Catharine GOURLEY, d/o Alexander, on 2 Jun 1853

BALL, James, s/o James
md. Anne MCMULLEN, d/o Nethaniel, on 16 Aug 1853

BALL, Thomas      md. Anne Jane MAGUIRE
     Mary BALL, bn. 1 Aug 1870
     Margaret BALL, bn. 16 Sep 1872

BALL, William      md. Rebecca COALTER
     Jane BALL, bn. 19 Jul 1871

BANNON, James      md. Mary MCMANUS
     James BANNON, bn. 20 Aug 1871
     Philip BANNON, bn. 28 Jul 1868

BANNON, John      md. Anne Jane OWENS
     Julian BANNON, bn. 11 Dec 1864

BANNON, Martin      md. Teresa Jane DONNELLY
     Daniel Francis BANNON, bn. 25 Jan 1869
     Mary BANNON, bn. 19 Nov 1867
     Rose Anne BANNON, bn. 21 Jul 1870

BARLEY, John, s/o William
md. Eliza SIMPSON, d/o William, on 1 Feb 1860

BARNETT, David, s/o David
md. Sarah Jane FRITH, d/o William, on 16 Aug 1860

BARNETT, William George, s/o Solomon
md. Lavina DIXON, d/o Christopher, on 22 Apr 1852

BARRET, James, s/o Thomas
md. Anne ELLIOTT, d/o John, on 1 Oct 1847

BARRY, William      md. Margaret MULLENS
     William BARRY, bn. 21 Jul 1869

BARTON, Geoffrey, s/o John
md. Anne ELLIOTT, d/o George, on 19 Dec 1861

BARTON, William, s/o Alexander
md. Dolly MANEMLEY, d/o Robert, on 1 Feb 1853

BASKIN, Charles      md. Rebecca LOUGHEED
     Joseph Lougheed BASKIN, bn. 25 Mar 1870

BEACOM, William, s/o William
md. Anne MCMANUS, d/o Philip, on 5 Jun 1861
     Margaret BEACOM, bn. 20 Jun 1864

BEACOM, John      md. Catherine KERR
    John Robert BEACOM, bn. 29 Jan 1868

BEATTY, Alexander, s/o James
md. Ellen MCINTYRE, d/o William, on 19 May 1853
     Alexander BEATTY, bn. 22 Jan 1870
     James Joseph BEATTY, bn. 7 Jul 1871

BEATTY, David, s/o William
md. Isabella CLEMENTS, d/o Joseph, on 4 Jan 1853

BEATTY, Irwin      md. Eliza ARMSTRONG
     Eliza Jane BEATTY, bn. 2 Sep 1874
     James BEATTY, bn. 17 Apr 1870
     Mary Ane BEATTY, bn. 10 Oct 1868

BEATTY, James, s/o John
md. Jane WILSON, d/o William, on 23 Nov 1847

BEATTY, James      md. Catherine TULLY (TUNNY)
     Bridget BEATTY, bn. 25 Sep 1868
     Joseph BEATTY, bn. 7 Oct 1869

BEATTY, John      md. Isabella EAMES
     Jane BEATTY, bn. 10 Dec 1868
     James BEATTY, bn. 19 Mar 1870

BEATTY, John      md. Sarah LUNNY
     John Wilson BEATTY, bn. 11 Feb 1869

BEATTY, John      md. Isabella RICE
     Margaret BEATTY, bn. 9 Sep 1873

BEATTY, John, s/o John
md. Elizabeth CRAWFORD, d/o Robert, on 12 Nov 1861

BEATTY, John, s/o John
md. Alice MURPHY, d/o Patrick, on 22 Jan 1855

BEATTY, Kevin     md. Eliza ARMSTRONG
     George BEATTY, bn. 25 Apr 1872

BEATTY, William, s/o Joseph
md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 25 Nov 1855

BEATTY, William      md. Jane WHITTAKER
     John Alexander BEATTY, bn. 14 Apr 1873

BEGGAN, James     md. Mary Jane FERGUSON
     Hugh BEGGAN, bn. 14 Jan 1869

BELL, James, s/o George
md. Elizabeth MCBARRON, d/o Hugh, on 15 Nov 1861

BELL, James      md. Susan BOYD
     William George BELL, bn. 12 Feb 1868

BELL, John      md. Mary JOHNSTON
     William BELL, bn. 20 Jan 1869

BERRY, Henry
md. Mary Anne OHARA
    Mary BERRY, bn. 7 Jun 1872
    Robert Henry BERRY, bn. 9 Sep 1869
    Christopher BERRY, bn. 31 Jul 1874

BETTS, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Anne WILLIAMS, d/o John, on 30 Mar 1860

BLACK, George, s/o George
md. Harriette RICHARDSON, d/o John, on 27 Jul 1853

BLAIR, Henry, s/o William
md. Eliza BETTY, d/o John, on 21 Feb 1852

BLAIR, Robert      md. Anna Sophia LYONS
     Arthur Alexander Verner BLAIR, bn. 15 May 1868
     Francis Henry BLAIR, bn. 18 Feb 1870

BLAKELEY, Adam, s/o John
md. Mary Anne TORRENS, d/o Andrew, on 21 Aug 1851

BLEAKLEY, Guy, s/o John
md. Elizabeth BOWES, d/o John, on 26 Jun 1861
    Robert BLEAKLEY, bn. 21 Jan 1871

    John BLEAKLEY, bn. 20 Jul 1872
    Jane BLEAKLEY, bn. 12 Jan 1869
    Mary Anne BLEAKLEY, bn. 1 Oct 1870
    George BLEAKLEY, bn. 14 Mar 1874

BLEAKLEY, John, s/o William
md. Jane HENDERSON, d/o John, on 9 Dec 1847

BLEAKLEY, Samuel      md. Maryann CROOK
     Margaret BLEAKLEY, bn. 2 Aug 1874

BLEAKLEY, Thomas      md. Catherine SHANNON
     Patrick BLEAKLEY, bn. 28 Feb 1869

BLEAKLEY, William      md. Jane RANKIN
     William Thomas BLEAKLEY, bn. 3 May 1872

BLONDE, Andrew      md. Mary HANLON
     Edward Andrew BLONDE, bn. 5 Nov 1868

BLOOMFIELD, James, s/o John
md. Mary Anne MAGILL, d/o Edward, on 22 Nov 1855

BOC, Walter      md. Anne Jane PRESTON
     John Henry BOC, bn. 2 Jun 1872

BOLE, David      md. Susan LOUGHEED
     Harman Richard BOLE, bn. 10 Jan 1871

BOOTH, John      md. Mary Anne PRENTICE
     Eliza BOOTH, bn. 2 Oct 1869
     Eliza BOOTH, bn. 15 Aug 1872
     ** It may be assumed that the first Eliza had died young.
     William BOOTH, bn. 1 May 1874

BOOTH, William, s/o William
md. Mary LITTLE, d/o Thomas, on 26 Jun 1847

BOTHWELL, Thomas, s/o George
md. Catharine DANE, d/o Thomas, on 10 Jan 1854

BOWERS, James, s/o Thomas
md. Anne WOODS, d/o Robert GIBSON, on 31 Jan 1860

BOWES, William      md. Margaret (BOWES)
     Harriett Jane BOWES, bn. 15 Feb 1868
     John Charles BOWES, bn. 16 Apr 1870

BOWLES, George, s/o Henry
md. Ellen HAMILTON, d/o Robert, on 16 Apr 1861

BOYD, John, s/o John
md. Margaret MILLER, d/o Robert, on 2 Dec 1853

BOYD, Philip      md. Anne SWEENY
     Anne BOYD, bn. 3 Aug 1868

BOYLAN, Patrick      md. Jane GILLAN
     Maria BOYLAN, bn. 17 Feb 1871
     Patrick BOYLAN, bn. 22 Mar 1874

BOYLE, Edward      md. Jane DUNNE
    Catherine BOYLE, bn. 10 Jun 1870
    Mary Elizabeth BOYLE, bn. 12 May 1868
    Joseph BOYLE, bn. 1 Jun 1872

BOYLE, Francis      md. Eliza CARLETON
     Maryanne BOYLE, bn. 17 Feb 1868
     John BOYLE, bn. 16 Nov 1869
     Emily BOYLE, bn. 16 May 1872

BOYLE, John      md. Jane FLANAGAN
     Mary Anne BOYLE, bn. 26 Aug 1875

BRACKEN, Andrew      md. Elizabeth MILLS
     William BRACKEN, bn. 13 Apr 1872

BRACKEN, John      md. Anne BERRY
     Henry BRACKEN, bn. 23 Sep 1872

BRADBURN(E), Samuel      md. Louisa Ellen TREVOR
     Agatha BRADBURNE, bn. 7 Jan 1869

BRADY, Bernard      md. Elizabeth MCHUGH
     Bernard BRADY, bn. 25 Sep 1867

BRADY, Edward      md. Catherine DUN(N)
     James BRADY, bn. 27 Nov 1864

    William BRADY, bn. 31 Aug 1871
    James BRADY, bn. 16 Mar 1873
    Bridget BRADY, bn. 3 Mar 1868
    Edward BRADY, bn. 10 Jan 1870

BRADY, Hugh     md. Anne IRWIN
    William Arthur BRADY, bn. 7 Jul 1875
    Eleanor Jane BRADY, bn. 1 Nov 1870
    John BRADY, bn. 1 Mar 1869

BRADY, Hugh     md. Maryanne HICKEY
    Joseph Edward BRADY, bn. 22 Feb 1869
    Thomas BRADY, bn. 25 Nov 1870

BRADY, Patrick      md. Bessie MAGINNY
    Peter BRADY, bn. 16 Oct 1873
    Bernard BRADY, bn. 16 Mar 1869

BRADY, Patrick      md. Catherine CAMPBELL
     Elizabeth BRADY, bn. 28 Aug 1875

BRADY, Thomas, s/o Lewis
md. Catharine WATKIN, d/o Alexander, on 17 Apr 1861

BREEN, James      md. Bridget MURPHY
     John BREEN, bn. 16 Feb 1871

BREEN, Lowther, s/o John
md. Alice BRITTON, d/o Richard, on 10 Oct 1850

BREEN, Patrick      md. Mary SHANNON
     Charles BREEN, bn. 9 Feb 1869
     Margaret BREEN, bn. 15 May 1871

BREEN, Thomas      md. Margaret MCCAFFRY
     John BREEN, bn. 17 Mar 1867

BREEN, William, s/o John
md. Dinah GEDDIS, d/o John, on 23 Apr 1862

BRENNAN, Joshua      md. Isabella HENDERSON
     Charlotte Jane BRENNAN, bn. 14 Mar 1871

BRENNAN, Thomas      md. Catherine MCBRIEN
     Mary BRENNAN, bn. 13 Feb 1869

BRENNAN, William      md. Mary White CROWE
     Martha Maude Mary BRENNAN, bn. 7 Apr 1871

BRIDE, Henry, s/o John
md. Bridget HOGAN, d/o Thomas PAN, on 13 Nov 1854

BRIEN, Henry, s/o John
md. Margery FAWSETT, d/o James, on 28 Nov 1850

BRIEN(BREEN), Owen      md. Hanna CARROL
     William BRIEN, bn. 1 May 1872
     Michael BRIEN, bn. 21 May 1874

BRIEN, William, s/o George
md. Faithy NIXON, d/o Joseph, on 18 May 1852

BRIENS, Henry, s/o George
md. Ellen REILEY, d/o Francis MCBRINE, on 23 Apr 1850

BRIENS, Patt, s/o Edward
md. Ellen IRVINE, d/o Charles, on 2 Jan 1854

BRIESLAND, William, s/o James
md. Anne FINLAY, d/o Mathew, on 10 Apr 1855

BRITTON, Joseph      md. Jane ARTHUR
     James BRITTON, bn. 12 Oct 1864
     Joseph BRITTON, bn. 20 Apr 1868

BRITTON, Robert, s/o Alexander
md. Jane SCOTT, d/o Thomas, on 9 May 1862

BROOKE, Richard, s/o James
md. Anne MC CANN, d/o James, on 18 Apr 1855

BROWN, George, s/o Andrew
md. Frances STEWART, d/o Gerrard, on 18 Jun 1860

BROWN, James, s/o Joseph
md. Dorothea RUTLEDGE, d/o Edward, on 1 Mar 1861

BROWN, James      md. Charlotte LUCY
     William BROWN, bn. 7 Jun 1873
     Eliza BROWN, bn. 18 Aug 1874

BROWN, Robert      md. Elizabeth KELLY
    Susan Anne BROWN, bn. 26 Jul 1871
    Elizabeth BROWN, bn. 27 Apr 1873
    Robert BROWN, bn. 11 Feb 1869

BROWN, Robert, s/o William
md. Catharine MCCUSKER, d/o Philip, on 5 Dec 1854

BROWN, William      md. Elizabeth BRADSHAW
     William BROWN, bn. 15 Apr 1871

BROWNAN, Thomas      md. Margaret DRUMM
     James BROWNAN, bn. 17 Feb 1869
     Thomas BROWNAN, bn. 16 Dec 1871

BROWNE, John      md. Margaret FIFE
     John BROWNE, bn. 18 Aug 1869

BROWNLEE, Isaac      md. Elizabeth BENSON
    Mary BROWNLEE, bn. 16 Sep 1871
    Thomas BROWNLEE, bn. 21 May 1867

BROWNLEE, James      md. Margaret RANKIN
    Mary Jane BROWNLEE, bn. 7 Apr 1869

BROWNLEE, Robert      md. Maryanne COLLUM(CALLUM)
    Margaret Jane BROWNLEE, bn. 16 Jan 1871
    Anna Maria BROWNLEE, bn. 12 Apr 1872
    Elizabeth BROWNLEE, bn. 27 Dec 1873

BROWNLEE, William, s/o Robert
md. Jane GRAHAM, d/o William, on 10 Jul 1851

BRUNT, George, s/o James
md. Elizabeth MOFFATT, d/o Lewis, on 22 Jan 1861

BUCHANAN, Arthur      md. Eleanor JOHNSTON
    Robert BUCHANAN, bn. 14 Jul 1869
    James BUCHANAN, bn. 23 Dec 1870
    Emily BUCHANAN, bn. 5 Aug 1872

BUCHANAN, Noble      md. Anna (Hanna) MACARREE (MCARREE)
    Anne BUCHANAN, bn. 12 May 1867
    Rosanne BUCHANAN, bn. 11 Dec 1869
    Mary BUCHANAN, bn. 14 May 1872

BUCHANNON, Arthur, s/o Richard
md. Eliza Catherine PACKER, d/o Andrew, on 7 Mar 1862

BUCHANNON, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth FEARIS, d/o Mathew, on 17 Jul 1855

BULL, William      md. Sarah LEARY
    Robert BULL, bn. 13 May 1869

BURKE, Walter, s/o John
md. Sarah MELVILLE, d/o John, on 17 Aug 1853

BURLEY, Alexander, s/o William
md. Ellen ABERCROMBY, d/o Thomas, on 6 Feb 1861

BURLEY, Christopher, s/o Alexander
md. Catharine MOORE, d/o James PHARE, on 15 Feb 1850

BURNS, John      md. Margaret SMITH
    William BURNS, bn. 8 Jan 1869

BURNS, Stewart      md. Sarah WILSON
    John BURNS, bn. 30 Mar 1874
    Anne Jane BURNS, bn. 22 Jul 1869
    William BURNS, bn. 19 Jul 1870
    James BURNS, bn. 20 Aug 1871

BURNSIDE, John, s/o Matthew
md. Eliza THOMPSON, d/o Thomas, on 25 Oct 1854

BUSSELL, William, s/o Cromlin
md. Eliza JOHNSTON, d/o George, on 21 Sep 1852

BUTLER, Thomas      md. Elizabeth DICKEY
    Thomas BUTLER, bn. 9 Aug 1868

BYNG, William Henry, s/o George
md. Elizabeth MAVITTY, d/o Robert, on 9 Oct 1860

CAHILL, Thomas, s/o Patt
md. Letitia CAMPBELL, d/o Henry, on 4 Jul 1853

CALDWELL, John, s/o Samuel
md. Elizabeth COLLUM, d/o John, on 5 Dec 1861

CALDWELL, John      md. Rebecca MOFFATT
    George CALDWELL, bn. 9 Aug 1871
    Elizabeth CALDWELL, bn. 16 Apr 1873

CALLAGHAN, Anthony      md. Rose MURPHY
    Thomas CALLAGHAN, bn. 1 Aug 1870
    Joseph CALLAGHAN, bn. 4 Jun 1872
    Maryanne CALLAGHAN, bn. 11 Jul 1874

CALLAGHAN, James      md. Mary Anne FOSTER(FORSTER)
    Thomas Edward CALLAGHAN, bn. 22 Feb 1870
    James Joseph CALLAGHAN, bn. 29 Apr 1874

CALWELL, Robert, s/o William
md. Anne HENDERSON, d/o William WEIR, on 11 May 1852

CALWELL, William, s/o John
md. Alice CARSON, d/o John, on 25 Feb 1852

CALLWELL, William      md. Anne CAMPBELL
    Rebecca CALLWELL, bn. 21 Jul 1869

CAMPBELL, William, s/o Michael
md. Rebecca Monaghan CRAIN, d/o William, on 26 Jun 1862

CAMPBLE, James, s/o William
md. Anne JOHNSTON, d/o Francis, on 29 Aug 1861

CAMPBLE, Thomas, s/o Walter
md. Eliza ARMSTRONG, d/o James, on 16 Jul 1861

CAMBRIDGE, James, s/o John
md. Eliza HENDERSON, d/o John BARSONS, on 15 Feb 1847

CAMBRIDGE, William, s/o William
md. Margaret MCFARLAND, d/o John, on 5 Jun 1860

CAMPBELL, Andrew      md. Anne BURLY
    Maryanne CAMPBELL, bn. 27 Aug 1868

CAMPBELL, David      md. Margaret PORTEUS
    Lucinda CAMPBELL, bn. 29 Aug 1868
    Rebecca Margaret CAMPBELL, bn. 8 Mar 1871

CAMPBELL, John      md. Anne PEACOCK
    Anne CAMPBELL, bn. 13 Feb 1868

CAMPBELL, Richard, s/o Solomon
md. Elizabeth ELLIOTT, d/o William, on 22 Apr 1852

CAMPBELL, Thomas      md. Elizabeth BREADY
    Catherine CAMPBELL, bn. 8 Apr 1868

CAMPBELL, William, s/o Thomas
md. Jane WRAY, d/o John, on 4 Oct 1855

CAMPBELL, William      md. Bridget MCCAFFRY
    Bridget CAMPBELL, bn. 2 Apr 1873

CARELTON, Samuel, s/o John
md. Jane BROWN, d/o Robert, on 22 Jun 1854

CARELTON, William, s/o Francis
md. Anne MEARS, d/o John, on 30 Sep 1850

CAREY, Robert, s/o Samuel
md. Anne HUNTER, d/o Mathew, on 11 Apr 1850

CARLIN, John, s/o Arthur
md. Margaret RUTHERFORD, d/o Edward, on 30 Oct 1850

CARLETON, Charles      md. Mary BRESLIN
    Catherine CARLETON, bn. 15 Aug 1868
    James CARLETON, bn. 19 Nov 1870
    William CARLETON, bn. 26 Mar 1873

CARLETON, James      md. Jane SHEERAN
    Francis CARLETON, bn. 16 Jul 1872
    Mary Anne CARLETON, bn. 8 Sep 1875

CARLETON, James      md. Catherine SMITH
    Thomas CARLETON, bn. 20 Mar 1874

CARLETON, Thomas      md. Catherine SHANNON
    Mary Anne CARLETON, bn. 5 Feb 1874

CARNEY, James      md. Catherine ORAM
    Eliza CARNEY, bn. 27 Feb 1868
    Anne Jane CARNEY, bn. 30 Apr 1873

CARROLL, James, s/o Daniel
md. Anne PILCHER, d/o Thomas, on 4 May 1854

CARROL, James      md. Bridget BROWN
    James Joseph CARROLL, bn. 1 Oct 1868
    Elizabeth CARROL, bn. 11 May 1871

CARROTHERS, William, s/o William
md. Martha RUTLEDGE, d/o William, on 16 May 1854

CARSON, George, s/o Christopher
md. Mary Jane MILLER, d/o George, on 27 Apr 1852

CARSON, John, s/o James
md. Anne CARSON, d/o Thomas, on 25 Nov 1852

CARSON, John      md. Ellen RIELLY (REILY)
    Ellen CARSON, bn. 11 Oct 1864
    Elizabeth CARSON, bn. 1 Apr 1867
    Michael CARSON, bn. 19 Jul 1869
    Rose CARSON, bn. 16 Nov 1871
    Phillip CARSON, bn. 1 Mar 1874

CARSON, Joseph, s/o James
md. Jane THOMPSON, d/o Thomas, on 28 Jun 1860

CARSON, Patt, s/o William
md. Jane MAGUIRE, d/o Thomas, on 10 May 1861

CARSON, Samuel      md. Anne LOUGHEED
    William Edward CARSON, bn. 9 Oct 1870

CARSON, William, s/o John
md. Jane REXTER, d/o William, on 15 Nov 1853

CARSON, William      md. Anne Jane MCCOURT
    Thomas CARSON, bn. 8 Jul 1870
    Mary Anne CARSON, bn. 18 Mar 1874

CARTWRIGHT, George, s/o Edward
md. Margaret ROONEY, d/o Thomas, on 15 Jan 1861

CASEY, Thomas, s/o John
md. Jane CLUFF, d/o John, on 14 Aug 1860

CASHEL, Robert, s/o Francis
md. Margaret THOMPSON, d/o Thomas, on 7 Feb 1860

CASHEL, Thomas, s/o Francis
md. Anne BUSBY, d/o Henry, on 29 Aug 1862

    Maurice CASSIDY, bn. 17 May 1867
    Mary CASSIDY, bn. 2 Feb 1869
    John Paul CASSIDY, bn. 25 Jul 1870
    Anthony CASSIDY, bn. 25 May 1873

CASSIDY, Felix     
    Felix CASSIDY, bn. 23 May 1868
    Bernard CASSIDY, bn. 9 Jul 1871
    Ellen CASSIDY, bn. 7 Apr 1870
    Patrick CASSIDY, bn. 20 Mar 1873

CASSIDY, James, s/o Patt
md. Mary TUBMAN, d/o Francis, on 22 Aug 1860

CASSIDY, James      md. Anne HOWE
    Margaret CASSIDY, bn. 19 Mar 1869
    Bryan CASSIDY, bn. 15 Sep 1875

CASSIDY, John      md. Mary Anne ROONEY
    Kate CASSIDY, bn. 29 Jan 1871

CASSIDY, John      md. Ellen MCMANUS
    Patrick CASSIDY, bn. 15 Feb 1869
    Mary CASSIDY, bn. 8 Apr 1871

CATHCART, James, s/o Alexander
md. Margaret JOHNSTON, d/o Gabriel ELLIOTT, on 29 Dec 1847

CATHCART, James      md. Mary Anne ALEXANDER
    Jane CATHCART, bn. 4 Aug 1875

CATHCART, John, s/o John
md. Margaret TROTTER, d/o John, on 24 Sep 1862

CATHCART, John      md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG
    John Robert CATHCART, bn. 17 Aug 1872

CATHCART, Robert      md. Sarah Jane JONES
    John CATHCART, bn. 20 Jul 1872

CATHCART, Thomas      md. Rosanna BARTON
    Catherine CATHCART, bn. 21 Sep 1870

CAWDEN, Edward, s/o Hugh
md. Sarah KIRK, d/o William, on 10 Aug 1850

CAWDEN, John      md. Mary GILLEECE
    Thomas CAWDEN, bn. 15 Apr 1864

CAWDEN, Thomas, s/o William
md. Isabella MORRISON, d/o Daniel, on 2 Jul 1860

CHAMBERS, Henry, s/o John
md. Jane MC DONALD, d/o Robert, on 24 Oct 1862

CHAPMAN, Ralph, s/o George
md. Jane FARIS, d/o Joseph, on 25 Aug 1851

CHAPPELL, Joseph, s/o Thomas
md. Rose Anne FURNESS, d/o John TRACY, on 23 Feb 1852

CHARLTON, Joseph, s/o Andrew
md. Sarah Jane PRESTON, d/o John, on 31 Aug 1850
    John CHARLETON, bn. 30 Jul 1869

CHARLTON, Robert, s/o Andrew
md. Elizabeth SHAW, d/o William, on 10 Aug 1855

CHARTERS, William, s/o George
md. Margaret AUCHINLECK, d/o James, on 3 Dec 1852

CHENEY, John, s/o Christopher
md. Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 24 Jul 1861
    John CHENEY, bn. 31 Jan 1869
    William CHENEY, bn. 7 Oct 1870

CHERRY, John      md. Agatha CONNOR
    Jane CHERRY, bn. 13 Oct 1864

CHRISTIAN, Robert Culbertson      md. Mary Maude GRAHAM
    Stanley Halam CHRISTIAN, bn. 6 Aug 1871

    William CHRISTY, bn. 23 Aug 1869
    Margaret CHRISTIE, bn. 19 Aug 1872

CHURCHILL, Dennis      md. Lucy DOUGLAS
    Francis Douglas CHURCHILL, bn. 11 Sep 1868
    Eliza Jane CHURCHILL, bn. 7 Jun 1870

CLARKE, Owen      md. Anne STORY
    Owen CLARKE, bn. 15 Oct 1867

CLARKE, William      md. Margaret CUMSKY
    Margaret CLARKE, bn. 13 Jan 1868

CLEARY, Charles      md. Mary GREENE
    James CLEARY, bn. 26 Feb 1871
    John CLEARY, bn. 26 Feb 1871

CLEARY, Francis      md. Mary Jane CALLAGHAN
    Catherine CLEARY, bn. 24 Nov 1869

CLEARY, James      md. Mary CURRAN
    Elizabeth CLEARY, bn. 6 Dec 1870
    Margaret Jane CLEARY, bn. 4 Sep 1872

CLEARY, John, s/o James
md. Letty MORRIS, d/o Alexander, on 15 Nov 1854

CLEARY, John      md. Letitia MORROW
    James CLEARY, bn. 1 Jan 1874

CLEARY, Owen      md. Angel MCCAFFRY
    Luke CLEARY, bn. 19 May 1867
    Ellen CLEARY, bn. 14 May 1870
    Patrick CLEARY, bn. 3 May 1873
    Mary CLEARY, bn. 18 Aug 1875

CLEARY, Patrick      md. Catherine MONAGHAN
    Elizabeth CLEARY, bn. 9 Jun 1868

CLEARY, Patrick      md. Eliza BYRNE
    Patrick CLEARY, bn. 13 Mar 1868

CLEARY, Patrick      md. Mary MCMANUS
    Owen CLEARY, bn. 15 Feb 1874

CLEARY, Thomas      md. Margaret MCCAFFRY
    Luke CLEARY, bn. 17 May 1867
    ary CLEARY, bn. 17 May 1867
    Thomas CLEARY, bn. 15 Feb 1870

CLEAVER, Charles, s/o Benjamin
md. Agnes MASSEY, d/o Edward, on 9 Jan 1851

CLEGG, Robert      md. Mary JOHNSTON
    James CLEGG, bn. 3 Feb 1874

CLEGG, William, s/o John
md. Elizabeth MCMULLEN, d/o William, on 17 Apr 1850
    Hamilton CLEGG, bn. 9 Dec 1864
    Elizabeth CLEGG, bn. 12 Sep 1867
    Isabella CLEGG, bn. 16 Dec 1870

CLEPHANE, George      md. Isabella BERNARD
    Jessie Cameron CLEPHANE, bn. 23 Nov 1870
    Daniel Bernard CLEPHANE, bn. 12 Jun 1872

CLELAND, John      md. Sarah SMITH
    Amelia Mary CLELAND, bn. 10 Apr 1868

CLINTON, Thomas      md. Alice CRAWFORD
    John CLINTON, bn. 14 Oct 1868

CLUFF, James      md. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG
    Clemence Alexander CLUFF, bn. 4 Apr 1873

COALTER, James      md. Ellen BREEN
    James COALTER, bn. 24 Nov 1870
    Thomas COALTER, bn. 27 May 1873

COALTER, Patrick      md. Sarah LITTLE
     John COALTER, bn. 1 Jan 1871

COALTER, Samuel, s/o George
md. Mary ELLIOTT, d/o William, on 30 Nov 1860

COALTER, Thomas, s/o James
md. Jane CLUFF, d/o Edward, on 2 May 1861

COALTER, William      md. Catherine MCNEELY
     George COALTER, bn. 1 Jan 1871
    Jane COALTER, bn. 8 Sep 1872

COALTER, William      md. Agnes RAMSEY
    John COALTER, bn. 28 Jan 1874

COFFEY, William, s/o John
md. Eliza MOFFITT, d/o James, on 10 Oct 1860

COGHRAN, Hugh, s/o William
md. Margaret DENNIS, d/o Francis, on 16 Mar 1852

COLLINS, David      md. Anne Jane MCMANUS
    Hugh COLLINS, bn. 10 Dec 1864
    James COLLINS, bn. 11 Nov 1869
    Lucinda COLLINS, bn. 21 Sep 1873

COLLUM, John, s/o John
md. Eliza BAXTER, d/o Johnston, on 17 Nov 1862

COLLUM, Simon      md. Elizabeth BUCHANAN
    Margaret Jane COLLUM, bn. 5 Jul 1872
    Simon COLLUM, bn. 4 Aug 1874

COLVIN, George, s/o John
md. Elizabeth AMUS, d/o Walter, on 22 Jul 1852

COLVIN, William, s/o Thomas
md. Anne CAMPBLE, d/o Richard, on 10 Nov 1855

COMISKEY, John      md. Margaret QUINN
    Catherine COMISKEY, bn. 31 Aug 1869

CONELLY, Thomas, s/o Patt
md. Margaret MC MULLEN, d/o James, on 28 Jan 1862

CONNOLLY, Edward      md. Anne MCCUSKER
    Mary Anne CONNOLLY, bn. 17 Mar 1874

CONNOLLY, Michael      md. Catherine SMITH
    Eliza CONNOLLY, bn. 17 Oct 1869

CONNOLLY, Patrick, s/o Peter
md. Mary MC GINETY, d/o John, on 12 Oct 1855

CONNOLLY, William      md. Maryanne MULHOLLAND
    Susanna CONNOLLY, bn. 10 Sep 1868

CONNOR, William, s/o James
md. Catharine MCGOURTY, d/o Hugh, on 11 Nov 1861

CONNOR, James      md. Bessie BLAIR
    William John CONNOR, bn. 21 Apr 1867

CONNORS, John      md. Anne SLEVIN
    Anne CONNORS, bn. 14 Nov 1864
    Mary Eleanor CONNORS, bn. 4 Apr 1867
    Catherine CONNORS, bn. 9 Oct 1869
    Sarah Jane CONNORS, bn. 8 Sep 1871

CONNOR, Patrick      md. Anne KELLY
    Patrick CONNOR, bn. 9 Sep 1869
    Luke CONNOR, bn. 4 Apr 1873

COOK, George      md. Isabella BALFOUR
    Mary COOK, bn. 12 Jun 1875

COOKE, James, s/o Robert
md. Eliza MCMAHON, d/o John, on 31 Dec 1851

COOKE, John, s/o Denny
md. Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o James, on 17 Feb 1860

COOKE, William, s/o John
md. Jane BAMFORD, d/o John, on 15 Mar 1861

COONEY, William Rutherford      md. Emily Maria CARSON
    William Mackever COONEY, bn. 13 Dec 1864
    Henry COONEY, bn. 18 Apr 1868
    Frederick George COONEY, bn. 3 Sep 1869
     Arthur Carson COONEY, bn. 10 May 1871
    James Ernest COONEY, bn. 23 Apr 1873

COOPER, Robert Heath, s/o William
md. Anne FRITH, d/o John, on 26 Dec 1862

COREY, Charles, s/o Charles
md. Catherine THOMPSON, d/o James BEATTY, on 4 Apr 1851

CORRAN, Edward, s/o Patt
md. Catharine PERSE, d/o George, on 12 May 1862

CORRAN, Henry      md. Anne BOYLE
    Catherine CORRAN, bn. 31 May 1864
    James CORRAN, bn. 22 Mar 1870

CORRAN, James      md. Mary EARLEY
     Henry CORRAN, bn. 14 Mar 1871
    Thomas CORRAN, bn. 8 Apr 1873

CORRIN, James      md. Sarah COONEY
    Pater CORRIN, bn. 26 Aug 1868

CORREN, John, s/o Patt
md. Elizabeth MULDOON, d/o John, on 22 Apr 1861

CORRIGAN, Bernard, s/o Bernard
md. Mary MCCAWLEY, d/o John, on 27 Nov 1860

CORRIGAN, Bernard      md. Anne DOOGAN
    Thomas CORRIGAN, bn. 31 Jan 1874

CORRIGAN, James, s/o Thomas
md. Susan ELLIOTT, d/o David, on 26 Dec 1861

CORRIGAN, James, s/o James
md. Mary HULTHAHAN, d/o Patt, on 24 Aug 1853

CORRIGAN, John      md. Mary KEENAN
    Teresa CORRIGAN, bn. 1 Apr 1868

CORRIGAN, John      md. Margaret MCLAUGHLAN
    Catherine CORRIGAN, bn. 28 Mar 1869

CORRIGAN, Michael      Mary SMITH
     John CORRIGAN, bn. 9 Jun 1872

CORRIGAN, Michael      md. Mary GOING
     Ellen CORRIGAN, bn. 24 Dec 1869

CORRIGAN, Patrick      md. Catherine CROARKIN
     Margaret Jane CORRIGAN, bn. 1 Jan 1871

CORRIGAN, Phillip      md. Mary MCCLELLAND
     Catherine CORRIGAN, bn. 2 Aug 1868

CORRIGAN, Thomas      md. Susan MCCAFFRY
    Patrick CORRIGAN, bn. 20 Apr 1868
    Bernard CORRIGAN, bn. 15 Nov 1870

CORRY, Andrew, s/o Cope
md. Eliza WILLIS, d/o Robert, on 10 Nov 1852

COSTELLOE, Edward      md. Catherine MCGUIRE
     Annie COSTELLOE, bn. 1 Apr 1867

COSTELLO, James      md. Mary MCCUSKER
    Redmond COSTELLO, bn. 22 Nov 1867
    Thomas COSTELLO, bn. 7 Apr 1869
    Daniel COSTELLO, bn. 6 Apr 1871
    Mary COSTELLO, bn. 17 Apr 1873

COSTELLO, Patt, s/o Patt
md. Bridget MAGUIRE, d/o Terrence, on 11 Mar 1854

COULTER, Andrew, s/o John
md. Letitia ERSKINE, d/o James, on 21 Jul 1854

COULTER, John, s/o James
md. Mary Anne BEATTY, d/o John, on 10 May 1861

COULTER, William, s/o James
md. Mary Anne MCMAHON, d/o John, on 29 Aug 1854

COULTER, William, s/o Archibald
md. Mary LOWE, d/o William, on 7 Mar 1853

COULTER, William, s/o Joseph
md. Jane COULTER, d/o William, on 30 Jan 1852

COURTNEY, Thomas      md. Mary DIEKER
     Emma COURTNEY, bn. 19 Jul 1868

COWAN, Hugh      md. Bridget SCULLY
    Ellen COWAN, bn. 5 May 1870
     Joseph COWAN, bn. 20 Apr 1872

COWAN, James, s/o John
md. Mary LAIRD, d/o Alexander, on 18 Apr 1853

COWAN, John      md. Rose TRAYNOR
     Margaret COWAN, bn. 3 Sep 1869

COX, Dennis      md. Margaret MCTEAGUE
     Patrick COX, bn. 8 Apr 1872
     Mary COX, bn. 16 Jan 1874

COX, Francis      md. Mary CORRIGAN
     James COX, bn. 19 Jun 1869
     Patrick COX, bn. 28 Feb 1874

COX, James, s/o Connor
md. Mary MCNAMEE, d/o Daniel, on 24 Nov 1853

COX, James      md. Anne MCMAHON
     John COX, bn. 19 Nov 1868
     Patrick COX, bn. 7 Jul 1871
     Joseph COX, bn. 18 Jul 1874

COX, Patrick      md. Mary MAGUIRE
    Margaret COX, bn. 5 Jan 1869
    Patrick COX, bn. 15 Dec 1867
    Catherine COX, bn. 4 May 1871
     John COX, bn. 7 Apr 1874

COX, Patrick      md. Mary PRIOR
     eresa COX, bn. 13 Apr 1869

COX, Paul, s/o Andrew
md. Rachel THOMPSON, d/o Leonard, on 24 Mar 1855

COX, Philip      md. Ellen GILLIGAN
     Mary Jane COX, bn. 1 Feb 1871

COX, Terence, s/o Terence
md. Elizabeth ACHESON, d/o Thomas, on 21 Oct 1862

COX, Terence      md. Anne CLARKE
     Mary Jane COX, bn. 2 Sep 1868
     John COX, bn. 5 Aug 1871

COX, Thomas      md. Mary CORRIGAN
     Henry COX, bn. 10 Sep 1868
    Francis COX, bn. 15 Nov 1870

CRAIGMILE, William, s/o James
md. Mary HAMILTON, d/o Charles, on 18 Mar 1847

CRANE, James      md. Eliza HAMILTON
     Anne Jane CRANE, bn. 12 Jun 1871

CRANE(CRAIN), Robert, s/o Robert
md. Mary Anne MCMULLEN, d/o Christopher, on 11 Feb 1860
     Dora CRAIN, bn. 15 May 1874

CRANSTON, John, s/o James
md. Anne CRANSTON, d/o Michael, on 12 Mar 1862

CRANSTON, John      md. Anne Jane ROBINSON
     Mary CRANSTON, bn. 4 Jun 1868
     Elizabeth CRANSTON, bn. 28 Jun 1871

CRANSTON, Patrick      md. Anne KELLY
     Patrick CRANSTON, bn. 12 Apr 1869

CRANSTON, Robert, s/o James
md. Anne ODONELL, d/o John, on 6 Nov 1861

CRANSTON, William, s/o Michael
md. Margaret ELLIOTT, d/o Kennedy, on 13 Jun 1862

CRAWFORD, Charles      md. Eliza BEATTY
     Catherine CRAWFORD, bn. 14 Oct 1871

CRAWFORD, Francis, s/o William
md. Elizabeth NETHERCOTE, d/o James, on 14 Sep 1854

CRAWFORD, James, s/o Thomas
md. Rose Anne IRVINE, d/o William, on 30 May 1850

CRAWFORD, James      md. Margaret MAY
     Annie CRAWFORD, bn. 10 Mar 1874

CRAWFORD, James      md. Madgelen BROWNE
     ane CRAWFORD, bn. 18 May 1874

CRAWFORD, John, s/o Andrew
md. Sarah Anne BALL, d/o William, on 1 Sep 1860

CRAWFORD, Robert, s/o John
md. Sidney NOBLE, d/o Thomas, on 15 Jan 1862

CRAWFORD, Robert, s/o John
md. Eleanor LAIRD, d/o Alexander, on 18 Dec 1860

CRAWFORD, William      md. Ellen SHARKIE
     Anne Jane CRAWFORD, bn. 7 Aug 1875

CREEGAN, John, s/o James
md. Eliza BURNSIDE, d/o John, on 8 Jan 1862

CREERY, Andrew      md. Laura Maria DUNNE
     Andrew Leslie John CREERY, bn. 10 Jun 1872

CREIGHTON, Robert      md. Anna WEST
     Robert CREIGHTON, bn. 11 Oct 1867

CRESWELL, William      md. Mary Jane ELLIOTT
     Eliza Jane CRESWELL, bn. 12 Aug 1872

CROOK, Edward Richard      md. Catherine WATERSON
    Emily Catherine CROOK, bn. 25 Mar 1870
     William Robert CROOK, bn. 20 Feb 1874

CROOKE, Samuel, s/o Samuel
md. Sidney IRVINE, d/o William, on 26 Apr 1847

CROOKE, Thomas, s/o James
md. Ellen HASSARD, d/o John, on 19 May 1860

CROUCH, James, s/o John
md. Jane NIXON, d/o William, on 29 Nov 1851

CROWDER, George Frederick      md. Margaret JEMISON
    George Federick CROWDER, bn. 31 May 1869
     Elizabeth Mary CROWDER, bn. 2 Jul 1871

CROWE, Patrick, s/o Patrick
md. Mary MCCORMICK, d/o Philip, on 10 Jan 1861

CROZIER, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Sarah HAMILTON, d/o Thomas ROSBEROW, on 15 Apr 1851

CROZIER, Henry, s/o John
md. Margaret MOORE, d/o Robert, on 12 Mar 1861

CROZIER, James, s/o Thomas
md. Mary NIXON, d/o Thomas, on 10 Apr 1854

CROZIER, James, s/o William
md. Ellen KELLY, d/o Owen, on 19 Dec 1854

CROZIER, John, s/o John
md. Eliza MACAULEY, d/o John, on 7 Jun 1854

CROZIER, John      md. Anne ARMSTRONG
     Eliza CROZIER, bn. 21 Jul 1872
     Mary Anne CROZIER, bn. 8 Apr 1874

CROZIER, William, s/o James
md. Anne STEEL, d/o William, on 8 May 1861

CRUISE, John      md. Catherine GILMORE
     Catherine Eliza CRUISE, bn. 21 Mar 1867

CRUMLEY, Patrick      md. Anne MCNAMEE
     Catherine CRUMLEY, bn. 20 Nov 1867
     Elizabeth CRUMLEY, bn. 1 Feb 1870

CRUMLISH, Patrick      md. Anne MCCOOLE
     Brien CRUMLISH, bn. 30 Apr 1867

CUMMINS, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret PARKER, d/o Thomas FITZMAURICE, on 16 Aug 1853

CUNNINGHAME, John, s/o William
md. Anne CUNNINGHAME, d/o John LEE, on 24 May 1854

CURRY, Andrew, s/o Robert
md. Mary MORRISON, d/o William, on 27 Dec 1853

CURRY, Francis      md. Catherine MATHEWS
     Catherine Anne CURRY, bn. 16 Feb 1871

CUTLER, George      md. Margaret DANE
     John CUTLER, bn. 22 Jul 1875

CUNNINGHAM, James      md. Jane SMITH
     Sarah Anne CUNNINGHAM, bn. 27 Oct 1864

CUNNINGHAM, John      md. Margaret WILSON
     Jane Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, bn. 27 Jun 1869