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MACABE, Charles     md. Anne TREASEY *e
    Emma MACABE, bn. 2 Aug 1868

MACABE, James     md. Jane FOSTER *e
    Anne MACABE, bn. 17 Apr 1869
    James MACABE, bn. 3 Mar 1871

MACLADRIGAN, Edward     md. Mary DUFFY *e
    Elizabeth MACLADRIGAN, bn. 22 Aug 1869

MACLEAN, Robert     md. Anne KEENAN *e
    Catherine MACLEAN, bn. 29 Jan 1868

MACLOGHLIN, John     md. Mary TAYLOR *e
    Hugh MACLAGHLIN, bn. 15 May 1868
    Alexander Dougild MACLAGHLAN, bn. 20 Jun 1870

MACLOGHLIN, Michael     md. Maryanne MARTIN *e
    Mary MACLOGHLIN, bn. 19 Jun 1869
    Catherine MCLOGHLIN, bn. 29 Dec 1870

MACLOGHLIN, Patrick     md. Mary HELFORDY *e
    Michael MACLOGHLIN, bn. 7 Nov 1867

MACUTCHEON, William, s/o Charles
md. Catharine MONTGOMERY, d/o Andrew, on 24 Nov 1847

MACVEETY, Charles     md. Jane STEVENSON *e
    Margaret MACVEETY, bn. 2 Feb 1868

MAGEE, Andrew     md. Rose FARRY *e
    Ellen MAGEE, bn. 27 Aug 1870

MAGEE, Cormick, s/o James
md. Mary HENDERSON, d/o James, on 26 Mar 1852

MAGEE, Edward, s/o Owen
md. Sarah LUCY, d/o Henry CRAWFORD, on 25 Jul 1854

MAGEE, John     md. Anne COX *e
    Mary MAGEE, bn. 8 Jan 1870
    John MAGEE, bn. 13 Jun 1872

MAGEE, John     md. Jane KENNEDY *e
    Robert John MAGEE, bn. 2 Jul 1872

MAGEE, Thomas, s/o James
md. Susana MC CALL, d/o William, on 10 Sep 1855

MAGEE, Thomas     md. Biddy LANNON *e
    William MAGEE, bn. 12 May 1867

MAGILL, Daniel     md. Sarah MCAULEY *e
    Patrick MAGILL, bn. 22 Apr 1868
    Anne MAGILL, bn. 4 Apr 1871

MAGLONE, Bartholmew     md. Jane HURST *e
    Mary Jane MAGLONE, bn. 7 Dec 1870
    John MAGLONE, bn. 27 Jul 1875

MAGLONE, Constantine     md. Margaret NIXON *e
    Constantine MAGLONE, bn. 9 Apr 1869

MAGLONE, William     md. Eliza HERON *e
    Eliza MAGLONE, bn. 19 Aug 1874

MAGOLRICK, John     md. Margaret KERRIGAN *e
    Michael John MAGOLRICK, bn. 24 Jun 1869

MAGOVERN, Charles     md. Elizabeth MAGLONE *e
    Elizabeth MAGOVERN, bn. 22 Jul 1875

MAGOVERAN, John, s/o Terence
md. Rebecca COALTER, d/o William, on 8 Sep 1853

MAGOWAN, Anthony, s/o Charles
md. Eliza JONES, d/o William, on 15 Jul 1850

MAGOWAN, Daniel     md. Jane ELLIOTT *e
    Ellen MAGOWAN, bn. 8 Nov 1867

MAGRATH, Bernard     md. Isabella MCKEON *e
    Patrick MAGRATH, bn. 23 Jan 1870

MAGRATH, Hugh, s/o Edward
md. Catharine BRADY, d/o John, on 3 Jan 1854

MAGRATH, Philip     md. Margaret MARTIN *e
    Catherine MAGRATH, bn. 31 Oct 1868
    Thomas MAGRATH, bn. 26 May 1870

MAGRORY, Felix     md. Bridget MAGOURTY *e
    Patrick MAGRORY, bn. 10 Nov 1871

MAGUIRE, Barney     md. Margaret MAGUIRE *e
    Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 20 Mar 1869

MAGUIRE, Charles     md. Mary CASSIDY *e
    Francis MAGUIRE, bn. 20 Oct 1867
    Sarah Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 27 Jul 1869
    Charles John MAGUIRE, bn. 17 Jan 1871
    James Joseph MAGUIRE, bn. 21 May 1872

MAGUIRE, Charles     md. Catherine DUFFY *e
    Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 22 Apr 1871

MAGUIRE, Charles     md. Anne STEWART *e
    John Francis MAGUIRE, bn. 30 Jan 1874

MAGUIRE, Daniel     md. Margaret SMITH *e
    Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Dec 1873

MAGUIRE, Denis     md. Catherine ONEIL *e
    William John MAGUIRE, bn. 9 Dec 1873

MAGUIRE, Edward     md. Mary EVENS *e
    Edward MAGUIRE, bn. 14 Feb 1874

MAGUIRE, George, s/o John
md. Catherine KELLY, d/o Patrick, on 3 Oct 1854

MAGUIRE, James     md. Mary MAGURN *e
    Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Oct 1870

MAGUIRE, James, s/o John
md. Anne JOHNSTON, d/o Mathew, on 25 Dec 1861

MAGUIRE, James, s/o John
md. Eliza PORTEUS, d/o John, on 15 Dec 1852
    Margaret MAGUIRE, bn. 5 Aug 1869
    John Henry MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Nov 1873

MAGUIRE, John     md. Mary TAGE *e
    Nancy MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Oct 1864

MAGUIRE, John     md. Anne MCBRIDE *e
    Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 6 Jun 1867
    James MAGUIRE, bn. 23 Jul 1870
    Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 23 Jun 1872
    John MAGUIRE, bn. 9 Jun 1874

MAGUIRE, John     md. Anne ODONNEL *e
    James MAGUIRE, bn. 16 Sep 1868

MAGUIRE, John     md. Mary CORRIGAN *e
    Daniel MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Sep 1869
    Margaret MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Sep 1869

MAGUIRE, Owen     md. Bridget MAGEE *e
    Bridget MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Nov 1870

MAGUIRE, Patt, s/o Owen
md. Anne BEATTY, d/o Rowland, on 22 May 1860

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Catherine MCKENNA *e
    Elizabeth MAGUIRE, bn. 30 Oct 1867
    John MAGUIRE, bn. 28 Nov 1870
    Edward MAGUIRE, bn. 11 Jun 1873

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Margaret BANNON *e
    John MAGUIRE, bn. 15 May 1867
    Michael Joseph MAGUIRE, bn. 1 Oct 1869
    Philip MAGUIRE, bn. 8 Mar 1871

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Mary CORRIGAN *e
    Francis MAGUIRE, bn. 24 Dec 1868
    James MAGUIRE, bn. 15 Nov 1871
    Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Mar 1874

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Anne DOORIS *e
    Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Mar 1870

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Mary KILGARRIFF *e
    Rosa Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 27 Nov 1873

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Sarah MCCUE (MCHUGH) *e
    James MAGUIRE, bn. 22 Mar 1874

MAGUIRE, Patrick     md. Anne WEIR *e
    John MAGUIRE, bn. 29 Jan 1874

MAGUIRE, Robert, s/o William
md. Elizabeth ARTHURS, d/o Christopher, on 23 Nov 1854

MAGUIRE, Thomas     md. Catherine BRADY *e
    Elizabeth MAGUIRE, bn. 23 Oct 1867
    Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 30 Nov 1870
    Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Mar 1874

MAGUIRE, Thomas     md. Anne DOGHERTY *e
    Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 29 Apr 1868
    Margaret MAGUIRE, bn. 23 Aug 1872

MAGUIRE, Thomas     md. Anne MAGUIRE *e
    John MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Feb 1869
    Elizabeth MAGUIRE, bn. 9 Apr 1871
    Joseph MAGUIRE, bn. 24 May 1873

MAGUIRE, Thomas     md. Mary KEENAN *e
    Maryanne MAGUIRE, bn. 24 Jan 1869

MAGUIRE, Thomas     md. Sarah BROWNLEE *e
    Charles John MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Dec 1873

MAGUIRE, Thomas, s/o John
md. Mary BLAIR, d/o John, on 18 Nov 1862

MAGUIRE, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Anne BLEAKLEY, d/o William, on 21 Mar 1854

MAGUIRE, William     md. Jane MCCUSKER *e
    Philip MAGUIRE, bn. 26 Nov 1867
    William MAGUIRE, bn. 6 Sep 1869
    Mary Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 26 May 1874

MAGUIRE, William     md. Susan GILGUN *e
    Teresa MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Apr 1867
    Thomas MAGUIRE, bn. 2 Dec 1870

MAHONEY, Patrick     md. Margaret HUNT *e
    Catherine MAHONEY, bn. 4 Sep 1868

MALANAFY, John     md. Anne MURPHY *e
    John Joseph MALANAFY, bn. 27 Nov 1870

MALANAFY, Thomas     md. Anne Jane MAGUIRE *e
    Patrick MALANAFY, bn. 9 Oct 1867
    Thomas MALANAFY, bn. 8 Oct 1870
    Mary Anne MALANAFY, bn. 13 May 1872
    Ellen MALANOPHY, bn. 3 Feb 1874

MALCOMSON, James, s/o Richard
md. Mary Anne JOHNSTON, d/o James, on 11 Jun 1851

MALLON, Philip     md. Ellen CLEARY *e
    Thomas MALLON, bn. 18 Nov 1864
    Philip MALLON, bn. 12 Apr 1870

MANAUL, Edward, s/o John
md. Jane MC CUTCHEN, d/o Joseph, on 9 Sep 1862

MARSHALL, Andrew     md. Margaret MULDOON *e
    Maryanne MARSHALL, bn. 13 May 1870
    Sarah Jane MARSHALL, bn. 31 Jul 1872

MARSHALL, David     md. Sarah Jane FLANAGAN *e
    William John MARSHALL, bn. 13 Aug 1870

MARSHALL, James, s/o Alexander
md. Jane WADSWORTH, d/o John, on 15 Oct 1860

MARSTAND, John     md. Anne (HITCHEN) SUTTEN ? *e
    Emily Annie MARSTAND, bn. 22 Oct 1869

MARTIN, John     md. Catherine MCMULKIN *e
    James MARTIN, bn. 17 Dec 1868
    Patrick MARTIN, bn. 12 Mar 1870
    Michael MARTIN, bn. 15 Apr 1874

MARTIN, Patrick     md. Bridget CREDEN *e
    John MARTIN, bn. 22 Apr 1867
    Edward MARTIN, bn. 17 Feb 1869
    William MARTIN, bn. 5 Aug 1870
    Patrick MARTIN, bn. 23 Jan 1874
    Bridget Agnes MARTIN, bn. 4 Jul 1875

MARTIN, Robert     md. Mary GALLAGHER *e
    Hugh MARTIN, bn. 23 Sep 1870

MARTIN, William     md. Elizabeth KERRIGAN *e
    Joseph MARTIN, bn. 19 Mar 1869

MASON, James Conway     md. Ellen MAGUIRE *e
    Margaret Jane MASON, bn. 18 Dec 1870

MASTERSON, Robert     md. Grace MCELROY *e
    Sarah Jane MASTERSON, bn. 15 Dec 1864
    Ellen MASTERSON, bn. 28 Oct 1867

MATHEWS, James     md. Anne CLEMENTS *e
    Mary Anne MATHEWS, bn. 29 Jan 1870

MAXWELL, Richard     md. Margaret CROWDY *e
    Edwin MAXWELL, bn. 1 Aug 1874

MAYNE, Andrew, s/o John
md. Rebecca HAMILTON, d/o Charles, on 15 Nov 1854

MAYNES, James     md. Mary SHEPHERD *e
    James MAYNES, bn. 22 Apr 1874

MCADAW, John     md. Sarah MARTIN *e
    John MCADAW, bn. 4 Jan 1871

MC ANALLY, David, s/o James
md. Margaret DAVIS, d/o James BLACK, on 25 Jun 1855

MCAULEY, Patrick     md. Anne MCAULEY *e
    Mary MCAULEY, bn. 27 Aug 1875

MCBARRIN, Hugh     md. Catherine CLELAND *e
    Thomas MCBARRIN, bn. 20 Oct 1873

MCBRIDE, John     md. Rosanna SLEVIN *e
    John MCBRIDE, bn. 5 Oct 1869

MCBRIDE, Thomas     md. Elizabeth MCCABE *e
    William MCBRIDE, bn. 19 May 1875

MC BRIEN, Felix, s/o Felix
md. Jane BURLEY, d/o James, on 20 Jun 1855

MCBRIEN, George, s/o Patrick
md. Margaret STEWART, d/o William, on 1 Jul 1861

MCBRINE, Francis     md. Jane BRENNAN *e
    Joseph MCBRINE, bn. 15 Jun 1870

MCCABE, Charles     md. Anne TRESSEY *e
    Margaret MCCABE, bn. 25 Sep 1875

MC CABE, William, s/o William
md. Mary Jane BROWN, d/o James, on 4 Jul 1862

MCCAFFERY, John, s/o John
md. Mary BARRETT, d/o Hugh, on 20 Jun 1861

    Hugh MCCAFFREY, bn. 20 Apr 1874

MCCAFFERY, Patt, s/o Patt
md. Mary BLAIR, d/o William, on 24 May 1860

MCCAHEY, George     md. Margaret WILSON *e
    Robert MCCAHEY, bn. 4 Jun 1870
    William MCCAHEY, bn. 15 Feb 1874

MCCAN, Joseph     md. Bridget MCGRATH *e
    Sarah Jane MCCAN, bn. 21 Jun 1875

MCCANNA, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret MILLER, d/o Andrew, on 10 Nov 1854

MCCANNA, Michael, s/o Hugh
md. Mary STEWART, d/o John, on 14 Oct 1851

MCCAULEY, Daniel     md. Rachel BURNS *e
    John MCCAULEY, bn. 27 Apr 1870

MCCAWLEY, James, s/o Thomas
md. Sarah CLUFF, d/o Richard, on 24 May 1850

MCCLELLAND, Hugh Montgomery     md. Mary Anne MOFFITT *e
    Emma MCCLELLAND, bn. 11 Dec 1873

MC CREERY, James, s/o William
md. Mary HALL, d/o Peter, on 1 Aug 1862

MC CULLAGH, James, s/o James
md. Mina WILKIN, d/o John, on 17 Apr 1862

MCCUSKER, Andrew     md. Alice LOVE *e
    Mary MCCUSKER, bn. 25 May 1872

MCCUSKER, Bernard     md. Sarah CLEARY *e
    Ellen MCCUSKER, bn. 13 Jan 1874

MCCUSKER, Daniel     md. Catherine MURPHY *e
    Patrick MCCUSKER, bn. 24 Feb 1871

MCCUSKER, Daniel     md. Bridget MCCAHY *e
    Thomas MCCUSKER, bn. 21 Nov 1871
    Daniel MCCUSKER, bn. 23 Dec 1873

MCCUSKER, John     md. Rose Anne COX *e
    Maryanne MCCUSKER, bn. 4 Apr 1870
    Elizabeth MCCUSKER, bn. 1 May 1872

MCCUSKER, Phillip     md. Mary TUMONEY *e
    Patrick Charles MCCUSKER, bn. 20 Apr 1870

MCCUSKER, Thomas     md. Bridget DEVLIN *e
    Bridget MCCUSKER, bn. 4 Jun 1872

MCCUTCHEON, Francis, s/o Francis
md. Susana HUNTER, d/o Andrew, on 10 Feb 1860

MCDERMOTT, Andrew     md. Bridget MCCONLEY *e
    Agnes MCDERMOTT, bn. 8 Apr 1872

MC DERMOTT, James, s/o Patt
md. Sarah WINTER, d/o Patt, on 4 Nov 1862

MCDOWELL, John, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret MELDRUM, d/o William, on 2 Nov 1860

MCELROY, Thomas     md. Catherine CARROLL *e
    Bridget MCELROY, bn. 10 Jan 1871
    Anne MCELROY, bn. 27 Jan 1874

MCENTEGGART, Patrick     md. Margaret MAGUIRE *e
    Mary Anne MCENTEGGART, bn. 1 Jun 1874

MCFADDEN, Richard, s/o George
md. Jane MCBRIDE, d/o John, on 10 May 1851

MCFADDEN, William, s/o John
md. Mary Anne JOHNSTON, d/o James, on 13 Dec 1850

MC GARTLING, Hugh, s/o John
md. Sarah OWENS, d/o Neil MC ELROY, on 10 Nov 1862

MCGOVERN, Charles     md. Lizzie MCGLONE *e
    Mary Jane MCGOVERN, bn. 9 Jun 1874

MCGRORY, Edward     md. Alice COLLINS *e
    Anne Jane MCGRORY, bn. 10 Mar 1871

MC GURN, Bernard, s/o William
md. Jane BRIOKLEY, d/o Slack CALLWELL, on 15 May 1862

MCHUGH, James     md. Bridget MORAN *e
    Ellen MCHUGH, bn. 10 Nov 1871

MCHUGH, Michael     md. Jane MCPHILLIPS *e
    William Patrick MCHUGH, bn. 11 Jan 1871

MCHUGH, Michael     md. Elizabeth MCPHILLIPS *e
    Agnes MCHUGH, bn. 21 Sep 1873

MCHUGH, Thomas     md. Mary COX *e
    Mary Ellen MCHUGH, bn. 3 Nov 1873

MCKEE, Thomas     md. Catherine CORRIGAN *e
    Thomas MCKEE, bn. 14 Jun 1875

MCKENNA, Denis     md. Anne HONAN *e
    Edward MCKENNA, bn. 27 May 1870

MCKENNA, Edward     md. Anne CAMPBEL *e
    Edward MCKENNA, bn. 27 Jan 1871

MCKENNA, John     md. Mary KERNIN, *e
    Bridget MCKENNA, bn. 1 Jan 1871
    Susan MCKENNA, bn. 20 Sep 1875

MCKENNA, Peter     md. Jane MCCOLLIN *e
    James MCKENNA, bn. 20 Aug 1875

MCKENNA, Robert     md. Mary PALMER *e
    Mary MCKENNA, bn. 18 Sep 1873

MCKENNY(MCKEANY), John     md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG *e
    William MCKENNY, bn. 11 Feb 1874
    Anne Jane MCKEANY, bn. 13 Aug 1875

MCKEON, James     md. Margaret MCCANN *e
    Margaret MCKEON, bn. 22 May 1872

MCKERNAN, Alexander     md. Jane GOAN *e
    Patrick MCKERNAN, bn. 3 Dec 1873
    Peter MCKERNAN, bn. 1 Aug 1875

MCKERNAN, John     md. Margaret MCCAFFRY *e
    Francis MCKERNAN, bn. 4 Aug 1875

MC KILLY, Terence, s/o Terence
md. Anne CLARKE, d/o John, on 21 Jun 1855

MCKOW, Thomas     md. Catherine CULGAN *e
    James MCKOW, bn. 1 Jun 1872

MCLAUGHLIN, James     md. Margaret COULTER *e
    William James MCLAUGHLIN, bn. 26 Feb 1874

MCLAUGHLIN, John     md. Ellen MAGUIRE *e
    Richard MCLAUGHLIN, bn. 1 Dec 1871

MC LEOD, John, s/o Kenneth
md. Mary HINDS, d/o Thomas, on 1 Aug 1855

MCMAHON, John     md. Catherine MCLUNNY *e
    Anne MCMAHON, bn. 18 Apr 1867

MCMAHON, Patrick     md. Bridget JOHNSTON *e
    James Joseph MCMAHON, 4 Jun 1869

MCMAHONY, Thomas     md. Anne MCAVEENY *e
    Patrick MCMAHONY, bn. 27 May 1871

MCMANUS, Edward     md. Anne LEONARD *e
    Mary Anne MCMANUS, bn. 20 Sep 1864
    Edward MCMANUS, bn. 2 Jan 1868
    Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 3 Dec 1868
    Sarah Ellen MCMANUS, bn. 26 Jul 1870
    Emly MCMANUS, bn. 19 Sep 1871
    Jane MCMANUS, bn. 8 May 1873

MCMANUS, James     md. Mary Jane KELLY (KENNY) *e
    Daniel MCMANUS, bn. 12 Feb 1869
    Margaret Jane MCMANUS, bn. 22 Dec 1870

MCMANUS, John     md. Sarah DONNELLY *e
    Teresa MCMANUS, bn. 5 Apr 1868

MCMANUS, Patrick     md. Jane LEONARD *e
    John MCMANUS, bn. 15 Jan 1869

MCMANUS, Peter     md. Anne MCMANUS *e
    Peter MCMANUS, bn. 30 Apr 1869

MCMANUS, Thomas     md. Bridget DUFFY *e
    Mary Anne MCMANUS, bn. 13 Mar 1870

MCMLEANE, Robert     md. Anne KEENAN *e
    Rose Elenor MCMLEANE, bn. 27 Mar 1870

MCMULKIN, James     md. Elizabeth MCRORY *e
    Catherine MCMULKIN, bn. 9 Dec 1869

MCMULKIN, John     md. Margaret MEONARD *e
    Mary MCMULKIN, bn. 10 Mar 1874

MCMULKIN, John     md. Bridget LEONARD *e
    James Joseph MCMULKIN, bn. 17 Aug 1875

MCMULKIN, Thomas     md. Margaret MARTIN *e
    Joseph MCMULKIN, bn. 6 Jun 1868
    Philip MCMULKIN, bn. 4 Mar 1870

MCMULLEN, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Mary HALL, d/o William, on 9 Aug 1854

MCMULLEN, William, s/o Thomas
md. Eliza SCARLETT, d/o William, on 3 Dec 1860

MCMURRY, Daniel     md. Anne FLANAGAN *e
    Daniel MCMURRY, bn. 21 Jul 1871
    Mary Jane MCMURRY, bn. 5 Jun 1874

MCMURRY, James     md. Mary MAXWELL *e
    James MCMURRY, bn. 24 Nov 1871

MCNALLY, Joseph     md. Dorah SWEENY *e
    Patrick MCNALLY, bn. 16 Feb 1871

MCNAMARA, Martin, s/o Daniel
md. Margaret LEDFORD, d/o Robert, on 31 Aug 1854

MCNULTY, Edward     md. Ellen MCELGUNN *e
    Michael John MCNULTY, bn. 14 Dec 1869
    Francis Joseph MCNULTY, bn. 13 Apr 1874

MC NULTY, Edward, s/o John
md. Mary MAGEE, d/o William, on 11 Nov 1862

MCNULTY, Robert, s/o James
md. Jane JONES, d/o Andrew, on 29 May 1851

MCPHILLIPS, John     md. Margaret SLEVIN *e
    Ellen MCPHILLIPS, bn. 13 Jan 1874

MCSHARRY, Hugh     md. Margaret HIGGINS *e
    Catherine MCSHARRY, bn. 28 Jul 1875

MC QUADE, John, s/o Michael
md. Jane NOBLE, d/o Thomas, on 10 Jan 1855

MC VEY, William, s/o Edward
md. Sarah Jane FIRTH, d/o Franklin, on 6 Jun 1855

MCVITTY, James, s/o Richard
md. Mary BRITT, d/o William, on 9 Oct 1852

MCWULKEN, Patrick     md. Bridget MONAGHAN *e
    Mary Anne MCWULKEN, bn. 18 Dec 1873

MEALY, William, s/o Thomas
md. Rose CLEARY, d/o Edward, on 17 Jan 1850

MEENAN, Patrick     md. Ellen CURRAN *e
    Margaret Anne MEENAN, bn. 22 Mar 1869
    Mary Eleanor MEENAN, bn. 2 Jul 1871
    Mary MEENAN, bn. 7 Apr 1873

MEIGHAN, Denis     md. Anne MAGRATH *e
    Anna Maria MEIGHAN, bn. 2 May 1870

METCALFE, William     md. Ellen MAHONY *e
    Charlotte Esther METCALFE, bn. 29 Mar 1869

MIHAN, Denis     md. Anne MAGRATH *e
    Charles MIHAN, bn. 3 Nov 1867

MIHAN, James     md. Catherine GUNN *e
    Jane MIHAN, bn. 18 Aug 1868
    James MIHAN, bn. 15 Dec 1871

MIHAN, John     md. Ellen BURKE *e
    James MIHAN, bn. 9 Aug 1870
    William MIHAN, bn. 25 Jun 1872

MIHAN, Terence     md. Susan MAGEE *e
    Mary Catherine MIHAN, bn. 29 Aug 1868

MIHAN, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth MCFARLAND, d/o Bernard, on 28 Sep 1853

MILLER, Alexander     md. Sarah MILLER *e
    Thomas MILLER, bn. 18 Oct 1864

MILLER, Andrew, s/o James
md. Mary RUTLEDGE, d/o William, on 21 May 1847

MILLER, George, s/o George
md. Ellen DUFFY, d/o Darby, on 21 Mar 1854

MILLER, James, s/o James
md. Margaret PRENTICE, d/o John, on 21 Jul 1852

MILLER, James     md. Elizabeth ELLIOTT *e
    Edward MILLER, bn. 19 Sep 1872

MILLER, John, s/o James
md. Margaret KEATING, d/o John, on 26 Apr 1855

MILLER(MILLAR), John     md. Jane SPRATT *e
    James MILLAR, bn. 13 Aug 1869
    Mary Jane MILLAR, bn. 18 Jun 1871
    Anne MILLER, bn. 25 Apr 1873

MILLER, John, s/o Andrew
md. Margaret JONES, d/o John, on 26 Jan 1860

MILLER, Robert, s/o William
md. Margaret BRACKIN, d/o John, on 16 Nov 1854

MILLER, William, s/o Robert
md. Jane ROSS, d/o William, on 30 Nov 1860

MILLS, James     md. Margaret JONES *e
    Susan Elizabeth MILLS, bn. 14 Sep 1872

MITCHELL, Alexander     md. Margaret SHERIFF *e
    Jno. Sherrif MITCHELL, bn. 6 Dec 1864

MITCHELL, Andrew     md. Margaret HAMILTON *e
    John MITCHELL, bn. 29 Jan 1874

MITCHELL, Hugh, s/o James
md. Jane STRONG, d/o Abraham, on 17 Jan 1860

MITCHELL, John, s/o John
md. Susan SHAW, d/o William, on 21 Jun 1850

MITCHELL, John     md. Mary Anne GRAHAM *e
    Frederick MITCHELL, bn. 16 Nov 1869

MITCHELL, John     md. Margaret WRIGHT *e
    Francis Joseph MITCHELL, bn. 23 Mar 1874

MITCHELL, John, s/o John
md. Mary MACKEN, d/o John, on 8 Nov 1860

MOANS, James     md. Alice CUNNINGHAM *e
    John MOANS, bn. 26 Dec 1867
    Annie MOANS, bn. 12 Apr 1874

MOFFITT, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Margaret GREER, d/o John, on 13 Nov 1855

MOFFITT, Galbraith, s/o Andrew
md. Jane BANFORD, d/o James, on 4 May 1852

MOLLOY, Andrew     md. Anne FINEGAN *e
    Mary Anne MOLLOY, bn. 4 May 1873

MONAGHAN, James, s/o Edward
md. Margaret ARMSTRONG, d/o William, on 17 Jul 1854

MONAGHAN, James, s/o James
md. Sarah COFFEY, d/o William GADDIS, on 9 Apr 1852

MONAGHAN, John, s/o William
md. Bessy HUNTER, d/o Andrew, on 27 Dec 1850

MONAGHAN, John     md. Anne ONEIL *e
    Sarah Catherine MONAGHAN, bn. 28 Oct 1867

MONAGHAN, Patrick     md. Sarah MCDONAGH *e
    Catherine MONAGHAN, bn. 20 Jun 1869
    William John MONAGHAN, bn. 22 Jan 1871
    Joseph MONAGHAN, bn. 22 Jun 1872

MONAGHAN, Thomas     md. Rebecca MILLS *e
    Patrick MONAGHAN, bn. 5 Jan 1868
    John MONAGHAN, bn. 22 Aug 1869
    Mary MONAGHAN, bn. 13 Jul 1871

MONAGHAN, William     md. Alicia MCLINCHY *e
    Mary Anne MONAGHAN, bn. 1 Feb 1868
    James MONAGHAN, bn. 10 Apr 1870
    Patrick MONAGHAN, bn. 15 Sep 1871
    Ellen MONAGHAN, bn. 22 May 1873

MONDS, Robert     md. Elizabeth SHAW *e
    Jane MONDS, bn. 3 Nov 1873

MONRO, James     md. Martha WILSON *e
    Annie Elizabeth Jane MONRO, bn. 9 Aug 1874

MONTGOMERY, James     md. Mary WALLACE *e
    Isabella MONTGOMERY, bn. 16 Mar 1868
    Anne MONTGOMERY, bn. 27 Jan 1870
    Mary Eleanor MONTGOMERY, bn. 24 Apr 1872

MONTGOMERY, John, s/o John
md. Mary WATERSON, d/o David, on 29 May 1851

MONTGOMERY, John, s/o John
md. Elizabeth CALDWELL, d/o John BRUCE, on 21 Jul 1851

MONTGOMERY, Matthew, s/o William
md. Anne WILSON, d/o Solomon, on 28 May 1860

MONTGOMERY, Robert, s/o William
md. Letitia MAGRATH, d/o James, on 3 May 1850

MONTGOMERY, Robert, s/o John
md. Anne Jane KENWELL, d/o John, on 25 Feb 1862

MONTGOMERY, Thomas, s/o Robert
md. Mary MONTGOMERY, d/o Andrew, on 28 Oct 1847

MONTGOMERY, Thomas     md. Mary MCKUSKER *e
    John MONTGOMERY, bn. 28 Aug 1870
    Patrick MONTGOMERY, bn. 29 Apr 1872
    Mary Anne MONTGOMERY, bn. 15 Feb 1874
    Thomas MONTGOMERY, bn. 20 Aug 1875

MONTGOMERY, Thomas     md. Jane LUCY *e
    Angeline MONTGOMERY, bn. 30 Jul 1874

MOOHAN, Terence     md. Anne MCMANUS *e
    Andrew MOOHAN, bn. 20 Oct 1864
    Bernard MOOHAN, bn. 17 Apr 1867
    Bridget MOHAN, bn. 19 Jun 1869
    James MOHAN, bn. 28 Aug 1871

MOOR, Thomas, s/o Robert
md. Jane REILEY, d/o Edward, on 13 Mar 1861

MOORE, Alexander, s/o William
md. Jane NIXON, d/o John MCFADDEN, on 17 Jan 1851

MOORE, Andrew     md. Agnes SHAW *e
    Emma MOORE, bn. 29 Oct 1873

MOORE, George, s/o James
md. Margaret HUNTER, d/o Matthew, on 31 Jan 1860

MOORE, George, s/o George
md. Isabella JACKSON, d/o Henry, on 20 Nov 1850

MOORE, Hugh     md. Sarah BEACOM *e
    Mary Jane MOORE, bn. 13 Jun 1871

MOORE, James, s/o William
md. Jane PATTERSON, d/o William, on 21 Oct 1853

MOORE, James     md. Catherine MURPHY *e
    John James MOORE, bn. 6 Sep 1875

MOORE, John Robert     md. Margaret Jane HURST *e
    Margaret Jane MOORE, bn. 13 Jun 1871
    Elizabeth MOORE, bn. 13 Jul 1875

MORAN, James, s/o John
md. Sarah CROZIER, d/o Richard, on 18 May 1855

MORAN, Thomas     md. Margaret HICKEY *e
    Eveleen Nora MORAN, bn. 12 Nov 1868
    Arthur Patrick MORAN, bn. 13 Jun 1870

MORRIS, Charles     md. Jane MAGILLIGAN(MAGILL) *e
    Agnes Emily MORRIS, bn. 22 Oct 1867
    Annie Elizabeth MORRIS, bn. 10 May 1869
    Charles MORRIS, bn. 29 May 1871
    Bridget Magdalene MORRIS, bn. 19 Jun 1872
    Mary Josephine MORRIS, bn. 18 Dec 1873

MORRISON, Anthony, s/o William
md. Jane WRIGHT, d/o John, on 2 Dec 1854

MORRISON, Christopher, s/o John
md. Margaret MC BRIEN, d/o Moses, on 3 Jan 1855

MORRISON, William, s/o John
md. Elizabeth JOHNSTON, d/o John, on 4 Jul 1862

MORRISSON, William     md. Lucinda JENNINGS *e
    James MORRISSON, bn. 12 May 1874

MORRISSEY, Timothy     md. Rachel BAILEY *e
    William Henry MORRISSEY, bn. 29 Jan 1871

MORROW, Andrew, s/o Robert
md. Sarah MORROW, d/o James, on 20 Oct 1852

MORROW, John, s/o James
md. Letitia CHAMBERS, d/o James, on 29 Aug 1854

MORROW, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Mary MOORE, d/o James, on 5 Mar 1852

MOSGRAVE, Sam     md. Sarah LITTLE *e
    Sam MOSGRAVE, bn. 20 Apr 1874

MOSGROVE, William, s/o Samuel
md. Anne LOGAN, d/o Robert BREEN, on 10 Apr 1860

MULLAN, James     md. Eliza Jane MCGOWAN *e
    James MULLAN, bn. 17 Jan 1871

MULLAN, James     md. Eliza MAGLONE (may be same as above)
    Richard MULLAN, bn. 10 Apr 1873

MULLEN, Mathew, s/o Edward
md. Sarah GREHAM, d/o Henry, on 20 Apr 1854
    Mary MULLIN, bn. 1 May 1868

MULLEN, Patrick     md. Maryanne QUINN *e
    Bridget MULLEN, bn. 8 Mar 1868

MULLIGAN, Hugh     md. Anne HEWSON *e
    John MULLIGAN, bn. 9 Aug 1869

MULLIGAN, Thomas     md. Elizabeth MCELGUNN *e
    James MULLIGAN, bn. 28 Oct 1871
    Edward MULLIGAN, bn,. 21 Nov 1873

MULHOLLAND, William     md. Margaret LINN *e
    Mary MULHOLLAND, bn. 25 Feb 1874

MURDY, John     md. Prudance Anne MILLER *e
    Margaret MURDY, bn. 30 Oct 1868
    Maryanne MURDY, bn. 19 Jun 1870
    William MURDY, bn. 1 Apr 1874

MURPHY, Edward     md. Mary MARTIN *e
    James MURPHY, bn. 6 May 1867
    Maryanne MURPHY, bn. 3 Jun 1869
    Sarah MURPHY, bn. 22 May 1871
    Elizabeth MURPHY, bn. 3 Apr 1874

MURPHY, Edward     md. Catherine SMYTH *e
    William Vincent MURPHY, bn. 17 Sep 1868
    Patrick Louis MURPHY, bn. 16 Jun 1870
    Magdalene MURPHY, bn. 21 Apr 1872

MURPHY, Hugh     md. Eliza FIDDES *e
    Eliza Ellen MURPHY, bn. 30 May 1873

MURPHY, James, s/o Richard
md. Rebecca WOODS, d/o James, on 27 Nov 1850

MURPHY, James     md. Anne CHAMBERS *e
    Robert MURPHY, bn. 10 Sep 1873

MURPHY, Joseph     md. Margaret DRUNIM *e
    Joseph MURPHY, bn. 18 Aug 1869

MURPHY, Patrick     md. Jane CASSIDY *e
    Anna Maria MURPHY, bn. 20 Mar 1867
    Charles MURPHY, bn. 13 Aug 1868
    Patrick MURPHY, bn. 22 Mar 1870
    Margaret MURPHY, bn. 1 Nov 1871
    Teresa Jane MURPHY, bn. 5 Nov 1873

MURPHY, Patrick     md. Ellen FLANAGAN *e
    Anne MURPHY, bn. 28 Nov 1868

MURPHY, Patrick     md. Catherine BOYLE *e
    John MURPHY, bn. 23 Nov 1869
    Michael MURPHY, bn. 15 Sep 1871
    Mary Anne MURPHY, bn. 19 Apr 1873

MURPHY, Patrick     md. Mary FURY *e
    John MURPHY, bn. 8 Aug 1871

MURPHY, Robert     md. Mary MALANAFY *e
    Mary MURPHY, bn. 14 Dec 1867

MURPHY, Thomas     md. Ellen BERRY *e
    Elizabeth MURPHY, bn. 3 Mar 1869
    Ellen MURPHY, bn. 23 May 1871

MURPHY, William     md. Elizabeth CRAWFORD *e
    Mary MURPHY, bn. 7 Jun 1869
    Hugh MURPHY, bn. 25 Aug 1871
    Ellen MURPHY, bn. 5 Mar 1874

MURRAY, Edward     md. Margaret DOLAN *e
    Annie MURRAY, bn. 14 Oct 1868
    Charles MURRAY, bn. 16 Aug 1870
    Francis MURRAY, bn. 5 Apr 1872

MURRAY, Richard     md. Ellen HAMILTON *e
    Ellen MURRAY, bn. 30 Nov 1870

MURRAY, Thomas     md. Bridget SCOLLAN *e
    James MURRAY, bn. 27 May 1870

MURROW, Ashton Byrone     md. Alice Morton GARVEN *e
    Henrietta MURROW, bn. 13 Oct 1868

NAAN, James     md. Teresa KEENAN *e
    William NAAN, bn. 21 Sep 1868
    Hugh NAAN, bn. 18 Sep 1870

NAWN(NAAN), James, s/o Hugh
md. Anny(Angelina) TOOMATH, d/o James, on 10 Feb 1862
    John NAAN, bn. 30 Sep 1869
    Anne NAAN, bn. 17 Apr 1872

NAWN, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Ellen FENNELL, d/o William ADAIR, on 4 Nov 1851

NEARY, Stephen     md. Eliza Jane BLAIR *e
    Eliza Jane NEARY, bn. 5 Jan 1870

NEELY, Thosmas, s/o George
md. Sarah HOWE, d/o John RUTLEDGE, on 9 Nov 1860

NELSON, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Catharine ARMSTRONG, d/o William, on 17 Nov 1852

NELSON, Charles     md. Margaret Elizabeth CROOKE *e
    Elizabeth Henrietta NELSON, bn. 20 Feb 1871

NETHERCOTT, Alexander, s/o James
md. Mary BURK, d/o James, on 16 Oct 1855

NETHERCOTT, George, s/o James
md. Eliza BANNAN, d/o James, on 1 Jul 1853
    George NETHERCOTE, bn. 5 Aug 1868
    Frederick NETHERCOTT, bn. 23 May 1871
    Alexander NETHERCOTT, bn. 3 Jun 1873

NETHERCOTT, James, s/o Robert
md. Sidney HUSTON, d/o James, on 7 Aug 1860
    Anne NETHERCOTE, bn. 20 Jun 1870

NETHERCOTT, John, s/o John
md. Jane BROOKS, d/o William, on 23 Dec 1854

NETHERCOTT, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Maria MCCAFFRY, d/o James NETHERCOTT, on 13 Nov 1854

NETHERCOTT, William, s/o James
md. Mary MCKIERNAN, d/o Alexander, on 7 Nov 1860

NEWELL, Thomas     md. Mary Jane IRWIN *e
    Mary Jane NEWELL, bn. 17 Sep 1869

NEYLAN, Mark     md. Mary CRANE *e
    Christopher NEYLAN, bn. 19 Dec 1868

NIXON, Allen, s/o Robert
md. Anne PARKER, d/o Robert, on 19 Dec 1861

NIXON, James, s/o James
md. Dolly ACHESON, d/o William, on 6 Dec 1861

NIXON, James     md. Sarah RUTLEDGE *e
    Sarah NIXON, bn. 21 Apr 1868

NIXON, John     md. Eliza Anne ELLIOTT *e
    Anne Jane NIXON, bn. 24 Nov 1873

NIXON, John, s/o Joseph
md. Anne GOOCH, d/o James, on 27 Jan 1862

NIXON, John, s/o John
md. Mary Jane WILSON, d/o Alexander, on 13 Sep 1854

NIXON, William, s/o William
md. Margaret SOMERVILLE, d/o Samuel, on 18 Apr 1850

NIXON, William, s/o Hugh
md. Margaret NIXON, d/o John, on 11 Aug 1851

NIXON, William     md. Ellen NIXON *e
    William NIXON, bn. 12 Sep 1872
    Margaret Jane NIXON, bn. 17 Aug 1874

NOBLE, Christopher     md. Catherine SCOTT *e
    William John NOBLE, bn. 13 Oct 1870

NOBLE, James, s/o Thomas
md. Alice SPRATT, d/o James FARRELL, on 19 Jan 1855

NOBLE, John     md. Jane IRWIN(IRVINE) *e
    John NOBLE, bn. 31 Jul 1868
    William Walter NOBLE, bn. 17 Oct 1870

NOBLE, Robert     md. Mary Anne MCDERMOTT *e
    Bella NOBLE, bn. 6 Aug 1875

NOBLE, William     md. Mary MCGRATH *e
    Sarah NOBLE, bn. 23 Sep 1870

NOLAN, Francis     md. Catherine SMITH *e
    John NOLAN, bn. 11 Sep 1874

NOBLE, James, s/o Thomas
md. Rachel Emily BLEAKLEY, d/o William, on 17 Sep 1862

NOLAN, James     md. Anne DRUMM *e
    James NOLAN, bn. 10 Jan 1868

NOLAN, Patrick James     md. Margaret LEVINGSTON *e
    Robert John NOLAN, bn. 29 Jul 1871

NOLAN, Teddy     md. Mary HADDOCK *e
    Elizabeth NOLAN, bn. 1 Nov 1864

NORSE, Charles     md. Jane COLE *e
    George Edward NORSE, bn. 14 Apr 1873

NUGENT, Patrick, s/o James
md. Rose Anne DOORIS, d/o Terence, on 30 Jan 1855

NUGENT, William     md. Catherine KERR *e
    Margaret Jane NUGENT, bn. 25 Apr 1870
    John Thomas NUGENT, bn. 18 Aug 1872

O DONELL, Hugh, s/o John
md. Mary CRANSTON, d/o James, on 13 May 1862

ODONNELL, John, s/o Hugh
md. Christian BROWN, d/o Joseph, on 29 Dec 1854

OLIVER, William, s/o William
md. Ellen ROPER, d/o James, on 4 Jan 1854

ORMSBY, Patrick     md. ary Jane ELLIOTT *e
    Catherine ORMSBY, bn. 19 Jan 1874

ORMSBY, William     md. Elizabeth (Ellen) LEE *e
    Elizabeth Jane ORMSBY, bn. 2 Jun 1871
    Mary Anne ORMSBY, bn. 1 Jul 1875

ORR, Thomas     md. Ellen MCCAFFREY *e
    Anne ORR, bn. 4 Nov 1864
    Hugh ORR, bn. 7 Aug 1869

ORR, William, s/o William
md. Sarah BROWNE, d/o William, on 13 Dec 1852

OSBORN, William, s/o William
md. Isabella NOBLE, d/o Walter, on 28 May 1862

OVENS, John     md. Faith CAMPBELL *e
    Lucinda OVENS, bn. 1 Jun 1870

OWENS, James     md. Frances OLDCROFT *e
    James OWENS, bn. 8 Aug 1872