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VANCE, John, s/o James
md. Jane EMMERSON, d/o Joseph, on 24 Dec 1847

VANCE, John, s/o William
md. Elizabeth RUTLEDGE, d/o William, on 20 Aug 1847

VANCE, Joseph, s/o William
md. Sarah TAYLOR, d/o Andrew, on 21 Oct 1847

VAUGHAN, James, s/o Christopher
md. Eliza MONTGOMERY, d/o Andrew, on 3 May 1855
     David VAUGHAN, bn. 22 Oct 1869
     Noble Frederick VAUGHAN, bn. 17 May 1874

VAUGHAN, William, s/o Archibald
md. Jane THOMPSON, d/o John, on 15 Apr 1852
     Alexander VAUGHAN, bn. 15 Sep 1864
     Anne VAUGHAN, bn. 27 Apr 1867
     Catherine VAUGHAN, bn. 30 Aug 1870

VEITCH, George      md. Elizabeth CATHCART *e
     George VEITCH, bn. 10 Sep 1869
     Eliza Jane VEITCH, bn. 11 Sep 1871

VEITCH, William, s/o Alexander
md. Mary Jane SIMPSON, d/o William, on 3 Dec 1855

VERNER, John, s/o Thomas
md. Jane CROOKE, d/o Thomas, on 2 May 1862

WADSWORTH, George, s/o John
md. Anna Maria GUTHRIDGE, d/o William, on 3 Feb 1862

WADSWORTH, James, s/o Richard
md. Jane ELLIOTT, d/o James, on 10 May 1860

WADSWORTH, William      md. Margaret ELLIOTT *e
     William WADSWORTH, bn. 18 May 1868

WALKER, James, s/o James
md. Elizabeth CAMPBELL, d/o James, on 7 Nov 1850

WALKER, James      md. Ellen ALEXANDER *e
     William WALKER, bn. 10 Nov 1873

WALKER, William, s/o Thomas
md. Anne ARMSTRONG, d/o Andrew, on 25 Jul 1850

WALLACE, Hugh      md. Margaret JOHNSTONE *e
     Frances WALLACE, bn. 2 Sep 1868
     Archibald WALLACE, bn. 9 May 1874

WALLACE, James      md. Mary Anne ARMSTRONG *e
     Joseph Armstrong WALLACE, bn. 15 Apr 1872
     Anne WALLACE, bn. 26 Dec 1873

WALLACE, John, s/o George
md. Margaret MOFFETT, d/o William, on 5 Apr 1860

WALLACE, Matthew, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Jane WILSON, d/o Alexander, on 22 Feb 1860
     Elizabeth WALLACE, bn. 30 Aug 1871

WALLACE, Matthew, s/o Henry
md. Rose Anne GALLAGLY, d/o Robert, on 27 Dec 1853

WALLACE, Richard, s/o George
md. Catharine MAGEE, d/o William, on 9 Feb 1854

WALLACE, Robert, s/o George
md. Sarah BUCHANNON, d/o Arthur, on 27 Oct 1853

WALLACE, Robert      md. Eliza KILBEE *e
     Eliza WALLACE, bn. 4 Nov 1871

WALS, John, s/o John
md. Mary MC CAN, d/o John, on 14 Nov 1855

WALSH, James      md. Sarah CULLIGAN *e
     James WALSH, bn. 24 Dec 1869

WALSHE, John Benjamin      md. Anne Jane HENDERSON *e
     Hyacinth William John WALSHE, bn. 7 Jul 1875

WALSH, Luke      md. Margaret CROSSAN *e
     Oliver Thomas WALSH, bn. 7 Mar 1871

WALSH, Thomas, s/o John
md. Anne SIMPSON, d/o William, on 24 Sep 1851

WARBOIS, James      md. Ellen CAMPBELL *e
     Ellen WARBOIS, bn. 2 Sep 1868

WATERS, Frank      md. Catherine DEVLIN *e
     Frederick Joseph WATERS, bn. 1 Nov 1869

WATERSON, John, s/o Gabriel
md. Mary MCCOURT, d/o Hugh, on 27 Mar 1860

WATKINS, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret GALLAGHER, d/o Hugh, on 1 Nov 1854

WATSON, Christopher, s/o Charles
md. Elizabeth MCCIGAN, d/o Andrew CLANDINEN, on 2 Nov 1852

WATT, William, s/o Forrest
md. Mary Jane PHARE, d/o John, on 24 Jun 1854

WEAVER, Joseph      md. Jane WATTS *e
     Charles WEAVER, bn. 22 Nov 1868

WEBB, John, s/o William
md. Elizabeth MCBRIEN, d/o John, on 7 Jan 1850

WEBB, John      md. Elizabeth MAGUIRE *e
     John WEBB, bn. 18 Oct 1868

WEDGEWORTH, George, s/o Richard
md. Mary Jane WILSON, d/o Gabriel, on 25 Nov 1852

WEIR, Alexander      md. Anne MCCAFFRY(MCCARTHY) *e
     Maryanne WEIR, bn. 17 Apr 1871
     Margaret WEIR, bn. 4 Apr 1873

WEIR, James, s/o John
md. Mary ELLIOTT, d/o Robert, on 4 Dec 1850

WEIR, John, s/o James
md. Catherine SMITH, d/o William, on 24 Feb 1854

WEARE, Thomas Alfred      md. Anna Maria RICHARDSON *e
     Elizabeth Sarah WEARE, bn. 26 Oct 1871

WELSH, Edmond      md. Ellen COLLINS *e
     Augustus Edmond WELSH, bn. 20 Jul 1874

WELSH, Francis, s/o William
md. Charlotte HEARST, d/o Robert, on 28 Jul 1850

WEST, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Sarah STEWART, d/o James, on 24 Jan 1855

WEST, Henry, s/o Thomas
md. Jane RUTLEDGE, d/o Edward, on 10 May 1854
     William Henry WEST, bn. 18 Oct 1869
     James WEST, bn. 27 Jun 1871

WHITE, John      md. Elizabeth CALLAGHAN *e
     Thomas WHITE, bn. 29 Feb 1868

WHITE, John      md. Eliza WILSON *e
     Susan WHITE, bn. 6 Jan 1870
     Eliza WHITE, bn. 31 May 1872

WHITE, William, s/o Andrew
md. Mary Jane BAIRD, d/o John, on 14 Dec 1847

WHITELEY, Robert, s/o George
md. Elizabeth RUTLEDGE, d/o James, on 16 Nov 1860

WHITLEY, Henry, s/o John
md. Elizabeth THOMPSON, d/o Thomas, on 22 Jan 1852

WHITLEY, Joseph Booth      md. Elizabeth Jane GRIFFIN *e
     Josephine WHITLEY, bn. 19 Sep 1864

WHITLEY, Thomas, s/o John
md. Eliza GIBSON, d/o James, on 27 Jan 1860

WHITTAKER, John      md. Catherine MELLON(MALLON) *e
     David WHITTAKER, bn. 29 Mar 1867
     Patrick WHITTAKER, bn. 16 Mar 1869
     Francis WHITTAKER, bn. 12 Sep 1870
     Michael WHITTAKER, bn. 13 Oct 1871

WHITTAKER, Thomas, s/o James
md. Martha LINDSAY, d/o Charles, on 16 Nov 1853

WHITTAKER, William, s/o George
md. Jane MORRISSON, d/o John, on 10 Dec 1851

WHITTON, John, s/o John
md. Elizabeth BRADY, d/o Peter, on 21 Dec 1860

WIGGINS, James, s/o Thomas
md. Rebecca RUTLEDGE, d/o Edward, on 22 Nov 1861

WIGGINS, James      md. Sarah Jane GOULD *e
     Margaret WIGGINS, bn. 16 Jun 1872
     Robert WIGGANS, bn. 4 Sep 1875

WILGOSS, William, s/o John
md. Mary Jane COX, d/o George, on 9 Aug 1852

WILKINSON, Robert      md. Elizabeth ACHESON *e
     Irvine WILKINSON, bn. 30 May 1874

WILKINSON, William John, s/o Alexander
md. Anne NIXON, d/o Nathaniel, on 6 Oct 1853

WILLIAMS, James, s/o George
md. Alicia MC CAFFERY, d/o John, on 3 Aug 1855

WILLIAMS, John      md. Alicia MCCAFFRY *e
     John WILLIAMS, bn. 18 Aug 1870

WILLIAMS, John      md. Jane DEVLIN *e
     Isaac WILLIAMS, bn. 24 Mar 1873

WILLIAMS, William      md. Mary Holme ROSS *e
     Frederick William Williams, bn. 15 Oct 1868
     Mary Alexandra WILLIAMS, bn. 7 Nov 1870

WILLIAMS, William      md. Ellen SHERWOOD *e
     Mary Anne WILLIAMS, bn. 15 Sep 1872

WILLIAMSON, Christopher, s/o Robert
md. Margaet WHITTAKER, d/o William, on 16 Feb 1860

WILLIAMSON, James, s/o James
md. Anne HUESTON, d/o Christopher, on 23 Oct 1861

WILLIAMSON, James, s/o Robert
md. Anne CLARKE, d/o John PRENTICE, on 9 May 1851

WILLIAMSON, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Mary GRAHAM, d/o Thomas, on 18 Feb 1853

WILLIS, George      md. Charlotte PARKINSON *e
     Florence WILLIS, bn. 12 Aug 1870

WILSON, Alexander      md. Ellen NIXON *e
     John WILSON, bn. 20 Feb 1874

WILSON, Christopher      md. Sarah WILSON *e
     Jane WILSON, bn. 8 Jul 1872
     William Alexander WILSON, bn. 4 Sep 1874

WILSON, Clare      md. Mary Anne BOYD *e
     James WILSON, bn. 17 May 1874

WILSON, Edward, s/o Andrew
md. Jane SCOTT, d/o James, on 3 Jul 1853

WILSON, James      md. Eliza NIXON *e
     Eliza Anne WILSON, bn. 28 Jun 1870
     Eliza Jane WILSON, bn. 5 Sep 1871

WILSON, Job      md. Margaret ANDERSON *e
     Eva Maude WILSON, bn. 30 Dec 1873

WILSON, John, s/o Henry
md. Eliza HURST, d/o John, on 14 Sep 1855

WILSON, John      md. Jane EDWARDS *e
     David WILSON, bn. 23 Aug 1874

WILSON, Robert      md. Mary MASTERSON *e
     Eliza WILSON, bn. 19 Jun 1867
     Mary Jane WILSON, bn. 20 Apr 1869
     Catherine WILSON, bn. 8 Apr 1872

WILSON, Thomas, s/o Archibald
md. Eliza Jane WILSON, d/o Thomas, on 30 May 1850
     Thomas WILSON, bn. 3 Jan 1871
     Margaret WILSON, bn. 14 Feb 1874

WILSON, Thomas, s/o Henry
md. Margaret Jane LEVINGSTONE, d/o Robert, on 23 Apr 1847

WILSON, Thomas      md. Sarah HOLLAND *e
     Thomas Christopher WILSON, bn. 15 Feb 1870
     Sarah Elizabeth WILSON, bn. 8 Jun 1873
     Rachal WILSON, bn. 25 Jun 1875

WILSON, Thomas      md. Jane CARUTHERS *e
     Letitia WILSON, bn. 9 Apr 1874

WILSON, William, s/o John
md. Margaret Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o Christopher, on 13 Mar 1861

WILSON, William      md. Margaret LITTLE *e
     George WILSON, bn. 1 Sep 1867
     Francis Samuel WILSON, bn. 1 Sep 1871

WILSON, William      md. Anne MCMAHON *e
     Elizabeth WILSON, bn. 12 Oct 1868
     John WILSON, bn. 22 Sep 1870

WILSON, William      md. Eliza Jane CROOK *e
     Hannah WILSON, bn. 2 Jun 1874

WOODS, Arthur, s/o James
md. Margaret WILLY, d/o William COLLINS, on 6 Aug 1847

WOODS, James      md. Bridget DOHERTY *e
     Patrick WOODS, bn. 24 Jan 1870

WOODS, John, s/o Robert
md. Catherine CUNNINGHAM, d/o James, on 19 Dec 1855

WOODS, Patrick      md. Mary ODARE *e
     Thomas WOODS, bn. 23 Apr 1869
     Mary Jane WOODS, bn. 25 Mar 1871

WOODS, Patrick      md. Ellen MONDAY *e
     Samuel WOODS, bn. 2 Jul 1875

WOODS, Thomas, s/o James
md. Elizabeth MORROW, d/o Mathew, on 17 Nov 1854

WOODS, Thomas      md. Bridget CAMPBELL *e
     Joseph WOODS, bn. 2 Oct 1867
     Mary WOODS, bn. 3 May 1872

WORTHINGTON, Richard, s/o George
md. Jane BELL, d/o John, on 10 Sep 1860

WRIGHT, Edward      md. Margaret DANE *e
     Susan WRIGHT, bn. 10 Apr 1870

WYNNE, John      md. Martha REID *e
     Martha WYNNE, bn. 1 Feb 1868
     Maria WYNNE, bn. 10 May 1871

YEATES, William      md. Sarah MEALIFF *e
     James dward YEATES, bn. 30 May 1874