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These are a few Marriages from Galloon Parish

ALLEN, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Sarah GOOLD, d/o William, on 2 May 1860
     Ellen ALLEN, bn. 24 Nov 1867
     Sarah ALLEN, bn. 8 Jan 1870
     Charlotte Elizabeth ALLEN, bn. 13 Mar 1872
     Harriett ALLEN, bn. 3 Jan 1875

ALLEN, Edward      md. Margaret MEEHAN *n
     Thomas ALLEN, bn. 6 Jan 1870

ALLEN, James      md. Mary GREGG *n
     James ALLEN, bn. 23 Feb 1867
     Sarah ALLEN, bn. 23 Feb 1867
     Lydia ALLEN, bn. 10 Dec 1870

ALLEN, James      md. Jane MAGUIRE *n
     Mary Jane ALLEN, bn. 8 Apr 1872

ALLEN, John, s/o John
md. Mary BREDIN, d/o John, on 1 May 1862
     Thomas ALLEN, bn. 6 Sep 1868
     William ALLEN, bn. 24 Jul 1873

ALLEN, John      md. Judy MARTIN *n
     Isabella ALLEN, bn. 8 Mar 1869
     Marrianne ALLEN, bn. 3 Aug 1871
     Rose Anne ALLEN, bn. 16 Nov 1873

ALLEN, Robert      md. Anne BROWN *n
     Mary Jane ALLEN, bn. 2 Feb 1872
     Annie Elizabeth ALLEN, bn. 1 Jun 1873

ALLEN, Theophilus      md. Charlotte TAYLOR *n
     Mary Jane ALLEN, bn. 24 May 1867
     Theresa ALLEN, bn. 17 Sep 1868
     Sarah Ane ALLEN, bn. 31 Aug 1870

ALLWILL, Thomas, s/o John
md. Fanny IRWIN, d/o William, on 22 Nov 1850

ANKLE, Richard      md. Margaret LYNCH *n
     Patrick ANKLE, bn. 1 Mar 1871

ANKLES, Richard      md. Margaret MACARNEY *n
     Ellen ANKLES, bn. 14 Jan 1869

ARMSTRONG, Christopher      md. Margaret BROWN *n
     Margaret ARMSTRONG, bn. 2 Jul 1867
     James ARMSTRONG, bn. 13 Dec 1871

ARMSTRONG, Francis      md. Marrianne MCCLURE *n
     Richard ARMSTRONG, bn. 15 May 1871

ARMSTRONG, George, s/o John
md. Susan MALONE, d/o Thomas, on 7 Oct 1856

ARMSTRONG, John      md. Margaret SCARLETT *n
     John ARMSTRONG, bn. 1 Oct 1867
     James ARMSTRONG, bn. 7 May 1871

ARMSTRONG, John      md. Margaret GRAHAM *n
     Thomas ARMSTRONG, bn. 28 Oct 1870
     Samuel ARMSTRONG, bn. 18 Feb 1875

ARMSTRONG, Robert      md. Catherine KEENAN *n
     Joseph ARMSTRONG, bn. 19 Sep 1870

ARMSTRONG, Robert      md. Margaret TAYLOR *n
     William ARMSTRONG, bn. 17 Apr 1870
     Mary ARMSTRONG, bn. 22 Aug 1871
     Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, bn. 3 Mar 1873
     Robert ARMSTRONG, bn. 5 Jan 1875

ARMSTRONG, Robert      md. sarah Jane ATWILL *n
     William John ARMSTRONG, bn. 26 Nov 1871

ARMSTRONG, Thomas      md. Mary Eleanor DAWSON *n
     Catherine ARMSTRONG, bn. 21 Aug 1867
     Thomas ARMSTRONG, bn. 26 Jul 1869
     Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, bn. 28 Nov 1871
     Mary Bell ARMSTRONG, bn. 9 Jun 1873

ARMSTRONG, Wainwright, s/o John
md. Jane ELLIOT, d/o James, on 20 Jun 1851

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Jane MORRISON *n
     Sarah Jane ARMSTRONG, bn. 14 Dec 1867

AVERILLE, Wesley      md. Lucy LYNN *n
     Margaret AVERILLE, bn. 16 Feb 1868

BANON, Alexander      md. Margaret FANNON *n
     John William BANON, bn. 7 Sep 1874

BARTON, Henry      md. Mary BELL *n
     William BARTON, bn. 4 Nov 1867
     Henry BARTON, bn. 2 Jun 1869

BAXTER, David      md. Mary BRADY *n
     Mary BAXTER, bn. 23 Jan 1868
     Ellen BAXTER, bn. 20 Oct 1870

BAYLEY, Joseph      md. Lucinda HOWE *n
     Eliza BAYLEY, bn. 28 Jun 1873
     Fanny BAYLEY, bn. 28 Jun 1873

BEAGAN, Michael      md. Mary SMITH *n
     Michael BEAGAN, bn. 7 Dec 1873

BEARD, William      md. Mary SLOWEY *n
     William BEARD, bn. 17 Jul 1867

BEATTY, David      md. Ellen SHERSON *n
     David BEATTY, bn. 25 Jan 1874

BEATTY, George      md. Ellen MAXWELL *n
     Mary Anne BEATTY, bn. 17 Jan 1872

BEATTY, William, s/o John
md. Christiana BEATTY, d/o Thomas, on 6 Mar 1862

BEATTY, William      md. Isabella J. REID *n
     John George BEATTY, bn. 14 Dec 1868

BEATTY, William      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *n
     Jane Armstrong BEATTY, bn. 11 Sep 1867
     Robert Nixon Armstrong BEATTY, bn. 6 Sep 1868
     Thomas Armstrong BEATTY, bn. 17 Jan 1870
     Elizabeth Mary BEATTY, bn. 4 May 1871

BELL, James      md. Sarah Jane BRYANS *n
     Anna BELL, bn. 29 Jun 1871
     John BELL, bn. 3 Oct 1873

BELL, Joseph      md. Eleanor MOORE *n
     Thomas BELL, bn. 11 Feb 1872

BENSON, John      md. Sarah Jane BANON *n
     William Alexander BENSON, bn. 10 Jun 1872

BIRD, John, s/o James
md. Mary Ann KELLS, d/o John, on 29 Jan 1861

BLAIR, Samuel      md. Mary MARTIN *n
     Joseph BLAIR, bn. 27 Nov 1868

BOLE, David      md. Susan LONGHEED *n
     Joseph Longheed BOLE, bn. 30 Mar 1869

BOOTH, Robert      md. Agnes KETTLE *n
     George BOOTH, bn. 24 Apr 1869

BOWES, James      md. Margaret COYLE *n
     Margaret BOWES, bn. 17 Oct 1867
     Robert James BOWES, bn. 14 Jun 1870
     George BOWES, bn. 22 Aug 1872

BOWES, John      md. Anne FLEMING *n
     Robert BOWES, bn. 23 Jun 1870

BOWES, Robert      md. Margaret MORRISON *n
     Robert James BOWES, bn. 28 Nov 1871

BOYLAN, Henry      md. Marrianne LITTLE *n
     Ellen BOYLAN, bn. 19 Dec 1870

BOYLE, Michael      md. Susan GUNN *n
     James BOYLE, bn. 21 Oct 1871

BOYLE, Mick(Mich)      md. Eliza KEARNS *n
     Margaret Eliza BOYLE, bn. 19 May 1872
     Matilda BOYLE, bn. 28 Jul 1873

BOYLE, Patt      md. Anne SLOEY *n
     Teresa BOYLE, bn. 18 May 1872

BOYLE, Patrick      md. Anne STOREY (likely same as above)
     Patrick BOYLE, bn. 26 Feb 1868

BOYLE, William      md. Margaret WRIGHT *n
     Eliza Jane BOYLE, bn. 23 May 1870

BOYLEN, Henry      md. Mary Anne NICKOL *n
     John BOYLAN, bn. 18 May 1868
     Peter BOYLEN, BN. 3 Sep 1873

BRADY, Phillip      md. Anne MCKENNA *n
     Phillip BRADY, bn. 13 Jan 1869

BRANAGAN, Dennis      md. Bessy CRIGGANS *n
     Margaret BRANAGAN, bn. 26 Feb 1869
     Alicia BRANAGAN, bn. 22 Mar 1871

BREAKEY, Isaiah      md. Rachael MACARTNEY *n
     Isaiah BREAKEY, bn. 7 May 1871

BREDIN, John, s/o John
md. Mary MCCREA, d/o John, on 10 May 1860

BREDIN, John, s/o Samuel
md. Margaret BANNON, d/o George, on 5 Sep 1854

BROOKE(S), William, s/o George
md. Isabella ALLEN, d/o William, on 7 Jun 1853
     Louisa BROOKES, bn. 23 Feb 1867
     Thomas BROOKES, bn. 23 Sep 1868

BROWN, John      md. Ellen RENNICK *n
     William BROWN, bn. 1 Feb 1869
     Sarah BROWN, bn. 12 Feb 1872

BROWN(E), Thomas      md. Mary Elizabeth WELSH *n
     Catherine Margaret BROWNE, bn. 4 Aug 1870
     Robert BROWN, bn. 18 Jun 1872
     Sarah BROWN, bn. 27 Jun 1874

BROWN(E), William      md. Eliza KERR *n
     John William BROWNE, bn. 27 Mar 1869
     Eliza BROWNE, bn. 26 Nov 1870
     George BROWN, bn. 22 Jan 1872

BURKE, David      md. Anne STEWART *n
     David BURKE, bn. 13 Mar 1870

BRYAN, William, s/o William
md. Sarah CLINGAN, d/o James, on 10 Jul 1860

BRYAN, William, s/o James
md. Anne MAXWELL, d/o James, on 24 Nov 1853

BRYANS, Edward, s/o William
md. Lydia COULSON, d/o Joseph, on 15 Oct 1852

BUCHANAN, John, s/o James
md. Jane BROWNE, d/o William, on 4 May 1853

BUSHELL, William, s/o David
md. Jane COULTER, d/o William, on 23 Oct 1851

CAMPBELL, Alexander, s/o William
md. Mary Anne GRAYDON, d/o Joseph, on 16 Jun 1852

CARBERRY, Edward      md. Catherine MCCAFFREY *n
     Mary CARBERRY, bn. 26 Oct 1867

CAREY, Barney      md. Anne HARPER *n
     Mary CAREY, bn. 18 Feb 1874

CAREY, Bernard      md. Anne HAFFEY (may be same as above) *n
     John CAREY, bn. 26 Mar 1868
     Francis Edward CAREY, bn. 28 Feb 1870

CAREY, Patrick      md. Cecilia DOHONEY *n
     Bridget CAREY, bn. 8 Sep 1867
     Cecilia CAREY, bn. 19 Mar 1871
     Rose CAREY, bn. 19 Mar 1871

CAREY, John      md. Mary FITZPATRICK *n
     John CAREY, bn. 26 Jul 1870
     Anne CAREY, bn. 11 Apr 1874

CAREY, Thomas      md. Anne MCCUSKER *n
     Edward CAREY, bn. 6 Aug 1867

CARLETON, Samuel      md. Jane SCOTT *n
     Margaret CARLETON, bn. 7 Jul 1867

CARNEY, Patrick      md. Rose MCELGUN *n
     Mary CARNEY, bn. 15 Dec 1874

CARROL, James      md. Rose MCLOUGHLIN *n
     Bernard CARROL, bn. 27 Dec 1867

CARSON, Samuel      md. Annie LOUGHEED *n
     Adam Clarke CARSON, bn. 14 Jan 1869

CASSIDY, John      md. Rose DOONAN *n
     Marrianne CASSIDY, bn. 18 Aug 1869

CLARKE, Henry, s/o John
md. Margaret JACKSON, d/o Henry, on 22 Oct 1861

CLARKE, John      md. Jane HALLIDAY *n
     Alice CLARKE, bn. 28 Nov 1868

CLARKE, Richard      md. Mary WIGGINS *n
     Mary CLARKE, bn. 8 Jan 1871

CLARKE, William      md. Cecilia CONLIN *n
     William CLARKE, bn. 21 Mar 1867

CLENDENING, John      md. Sarah COOKE *n
     John CLENDENING, bn. 31 May 1869
     Sarah Jane CLENDENING, bn. 21 Apr 1871

CLERIGAN, William, s/o Robert
md. Dorothea ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 27 Aug 1862

     Margaret CLERKIN, bn. 22 Nov 1868
     Bernard CLERKIN, bn. 1 Mar 1871
     Rose Ellen CLERKIN, bn. 16 Mar 1872

CLERKIN, Terry      md. Mary MCDONALD *n
     James CLERKIN, bn. 28 May 1869

COLLINS, John      md. Eliza JOLLE *n
     Patrick COLLINS, bn. 28 Sep 1873

COLLINS, Peter      md. Sarah BARONET(BARLIN?) *n
     Catherine COLLINS, bn. 10 Nov 1868
     James COLLINS, bn. 27 Sep 1871

CONLIN, Edward      md. Margaret MCMAHON *n
     Mary Anne CONLIN, bn. 12 May 1867
     James CONLIN, bn. 18 Jun 1869
     Patrick CONLIN, bn. 19 Jan 1872

CONLIN, Francis      md. Ellen MCCAFFERY *n
     Eliza CONLIN, bn. 1 Apr 1870

CONLIN, Francis      md. Bridget TUMMON *n
     Catherine CONLIN, bn. 19 Sep 1868

CONLIN, James      md. Rose KENNEDY *n
     Margaret CONLIN, bn. 28 Apr 1867
     Rose CONLIN, bn. 9 Jun 1870

CONLIN, John      md. Bridget MCCAFFERY *n
     James CONLIN, bn. 27 Feb 1868
     John CONLIN, bn. 31 May 1870
     Bernard CONLIN, bn. 12 Jul 1872

CONLIN, John      md. Eliza DOGHERTY *n
     Thomas CONLIN, bn. 12 Aug 1868

CONLIN, Patrick      md. Rose MCDONALD *n
     Owen CONLIN, bn. 8 Oct 1868
     Francis CONLIN, bn. 4 Mar 1871

CONNOLLY, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Mary MCCLELLAND, d/o Samuel, on 9 Aug 1850

CONNOLLY, James      md. Ellen SINCLAIR *n
     James CONNOLLY, bn. 2 Jun 1868
     Sarah Jane CONNOLLY, bn. 12 Jul 1870
     Bridget CONNOLLY, bn. 16 May 1872

CONNOLLY, James      md. Catherine BOYLE(N) *n
     Thomas CONNOLLY, bn. 30 Jun 1870
     Ellen CONNOLLY, bn. 18 Jan 1872

CONNOLY, James      md. Mary MULVANY *n
     Andrew CONNOLY, bn. 31 Jul 1872

CONNOLLY, John      md. Mary MONOHAN *n
     Patrick CONNOLLY, bn. 25 Dec 1867
     Rose Anne CONNOLLY, bn. 12 Dec 1869
     Mary CONLY, bn. 23 Apr 1871

CONNOLLY, Owen      md. Nora MCCAFRY *n
     Bridget CONNOLLY, bn. 6 Feb 1872

CONOLLY, Simon      md. Mary MCCAFREY *n
     Mary Jane CONOLLY, bn. 22 Apr 1867

CONSIDINE, Patrick, s/o Martin
md. Isabella EVANS, d/o Samuel, on 7 Jul 1856

CONWAY, Thomas R      md. Catherine Jane HOPSON *n
     Florence Kathleen CONWAY, bn. 15 Nov 1873
     Marcus Hobson CONWAY, bn. 19 Dec 1874

COOK(E), James      md. Ellen BELL *n
     Margaret Elizabeth COOKE, bn. 23 Dec 1868
     Frances COOKE, bn. 28 Jun 1870
     Charles John COOK, bn. 1 May 1872

COSGROVE, Daniel      md. Bridget JOHNSTON *n
     Michael COSGROVE, bn. 27 May 1868

COSGROVE, James      md. Margaret KEARNS *n
     Anne COSGROVE, bn. 18 Jan 1868

COSTELLO, Patrick      md. Anne TATE *n
     Michael Joseph COSTELLOE, bn. 23 May 1868
     Mary Theresa COSTELLO, bn. 11 Aug 1870

COULSON, William      md. Sarah Anne HICKS *n
     William COULSON, bn. 30 Jun 1872
     Jane COULSON, bn. 24 Dec 1874

COULTER, Edward, s/o William
md. Letitia HARPUR, d/o William, on 8 Oct 1850

COULTER, James, s/o Andrew
md. Eliza MCCOY, d/o Joseph, on 29 Apr 1851

COURTNEY, James      md. Sarah GREGG *n
     Elizabeth COURTNEY, bn. 21 Mar 1870

COURTNEY, John      md. Anne WEST *n
     John COURTNEY, bn. 9 Jun 1867
     Sarah COURTNEY, bn. 16 Jul 1870
     Sophia COURTNEY, bn. 18 Dec 1871

COIL, Andy      md. Eliza Jane KERK *n
     Andy COIL, bn. 12 Nov 1873

     Sarah COYLE, bn. 4 Jan 1869
     Edward COYLE, bn. 17 May 1871
     Emily COIL, bn. 27 Oct 1873

COYLE, James      md. Sarah BOYLE *n
     John COYLE, bn. 14 Apr 1871

COYLE, Thomas      md. Mary JONES *n
     Andrew COYLE, bn. 15 Dec 1867
     Eliza Jane COYLE, bn. 19 Jul 1870

CRAWFORD, Hugh, s/o William
md. Ellen KANE, d/o William , on 27 Mar 1860

CROW(E), Andrew      md. Marella BREDON(BREDIN) *n
     Thomas CROWE, bn. 26 Aug 1870
     Robert CROW, bn. 3 Jul 1873

CROZIER, Thomas      md. Mary Anne ALLEN *n
     George CROZIER, bn. 16 Dec 1871
     Joseph CROZIER, bn. 12 Nov 1873

CROZIER, Thomas      md. Eliza Jane FOSTER *n
     John CROZIER, bn. 28 Sep 1870
     James CROZIER, bn. 16 Aug 1872

DALEY, William      md. Jane MCENREW *n
     William Henry DALEY, bn. 16 Aug 1871
     John DALEY, bn. 1 Aug 1873
     Joseph DALEY, bn. 15 Jul 1874

DARLING, Richard      md. Catherine ARMSTRONG *n
     Margaret DARLING, bn. 26 Mar 1867

DAWSON, James      md. Eliza Anne LIDDLE *n
     Anna Bella DAWSON, bn. 24 Dec 1868
     Margaret DAWSON, bn. 24 Apr 1872
     Louisa DAWSON, bn. 10 Nov 1874

DEARY, James      md. Susan JOHNSTON *n
     John DEARY, bn. 4 Nov 1870
     James DEARY, bn. 17 Sep 1872

DIXON, John, s/o William
md. Mary HILL, d/o James, on 13 Jul 1852

DIXON, John      md. Angelina CROSS *n
     Eliza DIXON, bn. 27 Apr 1867

DONAGHY, Patt      md. Mary Anne CAMPBELL *n
     Patrick DONAGHY, bn. 18 Nov 1873

DONAGHY, Peter      md. Catherine REILLY *n
     Phillip DONAGHY, bn. 20 Apr 1871

DONEGAN, Bernard      md. Anne HARTE *n
     Michael DONEGAN, bn. 22 Jan 1868
     Patrick DONEGAN, bn. 1 Mar 1870

DONEGAN, Francis      md. Bessie JOHNSTON *n
     John DONEGAN, bn. 16 Aug 1873

DONEGAN, James      md. Catherine MCCUSKER *n
     Mary DONEGAN, bn. 26 Feb 1869

DONEGAN, James      md. Bridget MASTERSON *n
     James DONEGAN, bn. 11 Oct 1867
     Nicholas William DONEGAN, bn. 21 Mar 1870

DONEGAN, John      md. Catherine(Kate) MASTERSON *n
     Patrick John DONEGAN, bn. 2 Oct 1867
     Mary DONNEGAN, bn. 20 Apr 1869
     Eliza Jane DONEGAN, bn. 13 Sep 1870
     John DONEGAN, bn. 24 May 1872

DONEGAN, John      md. Mary MCMAHON *n
     Francis DONEGAN, bn. 20 Sep 1867
     Phillip DONEGAN, bn. 28 Feb 1870
     Patt DONEGAN, bn. 7 Sep 1872
     Sarah DONEGAN, bn. 22 Jan 1875

DONNELLY, Thomas      md. Mary Jane NOBLE *n
     Thomas James DONNELLY, bn. 1 Sep 1868
     Mary DONNELLY, bn. 1 Jan 1870

DOONAN, Armour      md. Sarah PATERSON *n
     William DOONAN, bn. 29 Oct 1868

DOONAN, John      md. Marrianne MORRISON *n
     William DOONAN, bn. 2 Jun 1868
     Mary Anne DOONAN, bn. 22 Dec 1871

DOONAN, John, s/o Thomas
md. Mary Anne MORRISON, d/o William, on 4 Jul 1855

DOONAN, William      md. Mary Anne ELLIOTT *n
     Catherine Anne DOONAN, bn. 18 Sep 1873

DOWD, Thomas      md. jane MCNULTEY *n
     Thomas Hugh DOWD, bn. 16 Jan 1872

DRUM, Mich      md. Elizabeth MURRAY *n
     Mary Anna DRUM, bn. 30 Aug 1872

DUFF, Samuel      md. Jane LEE *n
     William DUFF, bn. 10 May 1871

DUFFY, John      md. Rosey KILKENNY *n
     James DUFFY, bn. 7 Jun 1874

DUFFY, Patrick      md. Mary PATTERSON *n
     Catherine DUFFY, bn. 10 Oct 1868
     Ellen DUFFY, bn. 19 Jul 1870

EGERTON, John      md. Isabella KENNEDY *n
     William EGERTON, bn. 16 Feb 1868
     Robert EGERTON, bn. 21 Sep 1871
     Isabella EGERTON, bn. 1 Jan 1874

ELLIOTT, Henry      md. Mary CONNORS *n
     Edward James ELLIOTT, bn. 3 Jan 1868

ELLIOTT, James, s/o Joseph
md. Elizabeth WILKINS, d/o James, on 31 Oct 1861

ELLIOTT, James      md. Mary Anne KENNEDY *n
     Robert ELLIOTT, bn. 16 Mar 1867

ELLIOTT, James      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *n
     John ELLIOTT, bn. 2 Feb 1869

ELLIOTT, William      md. Eliza CLARKE *n
     Eliza Jane Georgina ELLIOTT, bn. 20 May 1867

ELLIOTT, William      md. Elizabeth WOODS *n
     Mary Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 16 Jan 1870
     Francis ELLIOTT, bn. 21 May 1871
     Margaret ELLIOTT, bn. 21 Aug 1873

ELLIOTT, William      md. Eliza RUSK(RUCK) *n
     Anne ELLIOTT, bn. 9 May 1872
     Mary ELLIOTT, bn. 7 May 1874

ELLIOTT, William      md. Anne LAMB *n
     Jane ELLIOTT, bn. 10 Jan 1872

ELLIOTT, William      md. Mary Jane WIGGINS *n
     Elizabeth ELLIOTT, bn. 27 Aug 1874

ELLIOTT, William      md. Catherine ALBERT *n
     John Robert ELLIOTT, bn. 6 Jan 1875

FARLEY, David      md. Jane ARMSTRONG *n
     Elizabeth FARLEY, bn. 12 Nov 1868

FARLEY, Hugh      md. Eliza CARLTON *n
     Robert FARLEY, bn. 29 Jul 1872
     Alexander FARLEY, bn. 8 Oct 1873

FARRELL, Roger      md. Marianne LEARY(LARRY) *n
     Catherine FARRELL, bn. 11 Oct 1868
     John Patrick FARRELL, bn. 13 Mar 1874

FARRELL, William      md. Mary NAEL(REHAL) *n
     Annie Mariah FARRELL, bn. 23 Dec 1871
     William FARRELL, bn. 9 Dec 1873

FAWCET, John, s/o Robert
md. Susanna FAWCET, d/o James, on 12 Dec 1860

FAUCETT, John      md. Hanah HANNA *n
     Jane FAUCETT, bn. 8 Jul 1873

FAWCETT, John      md. Hannah WILSON (may be same as above) *n
     Henry FAWCETT, bn. 19 Aug 1874

FAUCET, Robert, s/o Andrew
md. Ellen CRAWFORD, d/o Andrew, on 5 Feb 1853

FAUSSET, John, s/o William
md. Jane MURRAY, d/o William, on 27 Apr 1852

FAUSSETT, Robert, s/o John
md. Elizabeth GARDINER, d/o Edward, on 13 Feb 1851

FEE, James      md. Jane MOORE *n
     Emily FEE, bn. 26 Feb 1868

FITCH, Hugh      md. Bridget KELLY *n
     Bridget FITCH, bn. 25 May 1873

FITZPATRICK, Daniel      md. Bridget MCCABE *n
     Patrick James FITZPATRICK, bn. 28 Jun 1870

FITZPATRICK, Hugh      md. Bridget KELLY *n
     Catherine FITZPATRICK, bn. 1 Sep 1867
     Rose Anne FITZPATRICK, bn. 12 Aug 1870

FITZPATRICK, James      md. Ellen (MC)DONAGHY *n
     Phillip FITZPATRICK, bn. 18 May 1871
     John FITZPATRICK, bn. 29 Jun 1873

FITZPATRICK, John      md. Mary SHEENAN *n
     Biddy FITZPATRICK, bn. 15 Oct 1871

FITZPATRICK, Matthew      md. Margaret (MC)CONNEL *n
     Francis FITZPATRICK, bn. 6 Dec 1867
     John FITZPATRICK, bn. 19 May 1869

FITZPATRICK, Michael      md. Jane OREILLY *n
     John James FITZPATRICK, bn. 8 Feb 1872

FITZPATRICK, Patrick      md. Marianne MCMAHON *n
     John FITZPATRICK, bn. 17 Apr 1869
     Patrick FITZPATRICK, bn. 11 Jul 1873

FITZPATRICK, Patrick      md. Ellen KILCHRIST *n
     Michael FITZPATRICK, bn. 4 Sep 1871

FITZPATRICK, Philip      md. Mary FARRELL *n
     Rose FITZPATRICK, bn. 22 May 1868
     Patrick FITZPATRICK, bn. 21 Apr 1870

FITZPATRICK, Phill      md. Rose CALLAGHEN *n
     Catherine FITZPATRICK, bn. 10 Mar 1872

FITZPATRICK, Phillip      md. Bridget MOORE *n
     Patrick FITZPATRICK, bn. 16 Mar 1869

FLANAGAN, John, s/o James
md. Bessy FAUCET, d/o Andrew, on 29 Aug 1851

FLEMING, James      md. Leticia ATWILL *n
     Alexander FLEMING, bn. 22 Jan 1872

FORSTER, James, s/o John
md. Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o Thomas, on 23 Mar 1854

FORSTER, William, s/o William
md. Susan MC COY, d/o Joseph, on 30 Oct 1855

FOSTER, Hugh, s/o James
md. Jane Anne WILSON, d/o Charles, on 4 Oct 1853

FORSYTHE, Allan      md. Marianne BLACK *n
     Marianne FORSYTHE, bn. 15 May 1870
     Charlotte Olivia FORSYTHE, bn. 15 Aug 1872
     James Hugh FORSYTHE, bn. 28 Dec 1873

FOX, Phillip      md. Ellen SMITH *n
     Margaret FOX, bn. 5 Nov 1868

FREEMAN, George      md. Margaret MCCABE *n
     Mary Anne FREEMAN, bn. 30 Sep 1868

GALAHER, Charles      md. Catherine MCCAN *n
     Eliza GALAHER, bn. 30 Aug 1873

GAVIN, James      md. Catherine MCATEE *n
     James Henry GAVIN, bn. 4 Jul 1870

GIBSON, John      md. Catherine BOYLAN *n
     Mary GIBSON, bn. 23 Sep 1868

GILLEESE, Charles      md. Anne MCALOON *n
     Francis GILLEESE, bn. 1 Mar 1868

GILLIES, John      md. Anne GOODWIN *n
     William GILLIES, bn. 9 Aug 1870

GILLILAND, Joseph      md. Fanny JANE *n
     Maggie Jane GILLILAND, bn. 1 Apr 1872

GOODWIN, James      md. Sarah BLESSEN *n
     Mary Anne GOODWIN, bn. 1 Sep 1872

GOODWIN, John      md. Margaret REILLY *n
     Catherine GOODWIN, bn. 1 May 1872

GOODWIN, Thomas      md. Margaret REILLY *n
     John GOODWIN, bn. 1 May 1870

GOODWIN, Thomas      md. Elizabeth BOYLAN(BOYLEN) *n
     Mary Jane GOODWIN, bn. 25 Mar 1868
     Elizabeth GOODWIN, bn. 11 Oct 1871

GOOLD, James      md. Sarah Jane JONES *n
     Careline GOOLD, bn. 30 Dec 1871

GORDAN, James, s/o John
md. Margaret WEST, d/o Thomas, on 25 Oct 1861

GORDON, William      md. Anne BREDIN(BREYDEEN) *n
     Marianne GORDON, bn. 9 Feb 1869
     Eliza GORDON, bn. 5 Feb 1872

GORMAN, John      md. Margaret MCCROSSEN *n
     Marianne GORMAN, bn. 2 Sep 1871

GRAHAM, Michael      md. Margaret ATWELL *n
     Margaret Jane GRAHAM, bn. 28 Nov 1871

GRAHAM, Richard      md. Margaret ATWILL *n
     Matilda GRAHAM, bn. 28 May 1870

GRAY, John      md. Elizabeth BLACK *n
     Hester GRAY, bn. 2 Aug 1869
     Elizabeth GRAY, bn. 24 Jun 1871

GRAY, Thomas      md. Elizabeth ALLEN *n
     John James GRAY, bn. 29 Nov 1870

GRAYDON, Joseph      md. Bessy ELLIOTT *n
     Joseph GRAYDON, bn. 8 Sep 1867
     Thomas GRAYDON, bn. 3 Apr 1870

GREGG, Edward, s/o Gerard
md. Jane ROBINSON, d/o Thomas, on 5 Sep 1851
     Edward GREGG, bn. 13 Jul 1867

GREGORY, George      md. Martha WRIGHT *n
     George GREGORY, bn. 11 Jun 1869

GUNN, John      md. Catherine MURRAY *n
     Patrick GUNN, bn. 7 Jan 1868
     Bernard GUNN, bn. 1 Mar 1870
     Catherine GUNN, bn. 1 Oct 1871

GUNN, John      md. Margaret GORMAN *n
     Margaret GUNN, bn. 3 Apr 1868

HACKET, Patrick      md. Ellen THOMPSON *n
     Catherine HACKET, bn. 18 Sep 1871

HAFFEY, Thomas      md. Mary SHERRY *n
     Patrick HAFFEY, bn. 2 May 1871

HAGUE, John, s/o Richard
md. Jane LYNN, d/o William, on 10 May 1855

HALL, Alexander, s/o Robert
md. Anne Jane RICKEY, d/o James, on 28 Nov 1854

HALLIDAY, James      md. Catherine WARD *n
     Richard HALLIDAY, bn. 15 Mar 1872

HAMILTON, Charles, s/o
md. Jane CLINGAN, d/o Alexander, on 6 Dec 1854

HAND, Patrick      md. Jane MOYNAGH *n
     Jane HAND, bn. 7 Apr 1870

HANDLEY, Hugh      md. Margaret FARRELL *n
     John Thomas HANDLEY, bn. 6 Jan 1870
     Margaret Anne HANDLEY, bn. 11 May 1871
     Hugh Francis HANLEY, bn. 9 Apr 1874

HANLEY, John      md. Margaret MCCADAM *n
     Michael HANLEY, bn. 6 May 1868

HANNA, George, s/o George
md. Margaret MAGUIRE, d/o Hugh, on 15 Mar 1850

HANNA, James, s/o William
md. Rachel JOHNSTON, d/o Thomas, on 6 Jun 1855

HARPER, George      md. Elizabeth WILLIS *n
     Emily HARPER, bn. 20 Apr 1867

HARPUR, William, s/o John
md. Margaret KETTYLE, d/o John, on 5 Jun 1862

HARRINGTON, John      md. Bridget CASSIDY *n
     John Henry HARRINGTON, bn. 5 Apr 1870

HEALEY, George      md. Maria HALLIDAY *n
     Eliza HEALEY, bn. 4 Jul 1873

HEFFERLIN, Daniel      md. Mary MCGERNON *n
     Rose HEFFERLIN, bn. 17 Feb 1868
     James HEFFERLIN, bn. 29 Dec 1869
     Dan HEFFERLIN, bn. 20 Dec 1871

HENDERSON, Edward, s/o Robert
md. Margaret Jane KETTYLE, d/o William, on 31 Mar 1853

HENDERSON, George, s/o John
md. Alice FLEMMING, d/o Henry, on 29 Oct 1862

HICKS, Edward, s/o John
md. Margaret THOMPSON, d/o James, on 30 May 1860

HICKS, John, s/o William
md. Elizabeth RUSSELL, d/o Edward, on 26 Jul 1850
     Maud Caroline HICKS, bn. 20 Apr 1873

HICKS, Jonathan, s/o John
md. Deborah CAMPBLE, d/o Ephraim, on 18 Nov 1862
     Catherine Jane HICKS, bn. 30 May 1867
     Henry HICKS, bn. 23 Dec 1869
     Jonathen HICKS, bn. 15 Feb 1874

HICKS, Robert      md. Jane Anne POLLOCK *n
     John William HICKS, bn. 14 Feb 1872
     Thomas James HICKS, bn. 20 Jun 1873

HIGGINS, John      md. Rose KERBRA *n
     Catherine HIGGINS, bn. 3 Dec 1871

HIGGINS, Patrick      md. Bridget SHERRY *n
     Patrick HIGGINS, bn. 15 Apr 1870
     Mary Eleanor HIGGINS, bn. 10 May 1872
     Rose Anne HIGGINS, bn. 23 Jun 1874

HOWDEN, John, s/o Thomas
md. Jame ELLIOTT, d/o William, on 11 May 1854

HOWE, Joseph      md. Eliza JOHNSTON *n
     Margaret Jane HOWE, bn. 26 Oct 1868
     Francis HOWE, bn. 5 Jul 1871

HOWE, Thomas      md. Anne MORRISON *n
     Thomas John HOWE, bn. 3 Jul 1867
     Gerard HOWE, bn. 12 Jan 1869
     Emily HOWE, bn. 20 Oct 1871
     Rachael HOWE, bn. 10 Jul 1874

HUTCHINSON, Samuel      md. Elizabeth(Bessy) BROWNE *n
     William HUTCHINSON, bn. 26 Mar 1868
     Samuel HUTCHINSON, bn. 19 Feb 1870
     Sarah Anne HUTCHINSON, bn. 9 Jul 1872

HUTCHINSON, Thomas      md. Sarah MORRISON *n
     Margaret HUTCHINSON, bn. 3 Jan 1869
     Thomas HUTCHINSON, bn. 2 Sep 1873

HUTCHINSON, William, s/o Samuel
md. Jane CLARKE, d/o Charles, on 18 Mar 1862

HUGHES, John      md. Mary MCELGUN *n
     Anne HUGHES, bn. 7 Nov 1874

HUGHES, Joseph, s/o William
md. Bessey Anne MORTON, d/o George, on 15 Nov 1860

IRVINE, James      md. Margaret HODGINS *n
     John Henry IRVINE, bn. 19 Aug 1869

IRWIN, James, s/o John
md. Margaret FLEMMING, d/o Thomas, on 29 Aug 1862

IRWIN, James, s/o Thomas
md. Rebecca LITTLE, d/o George, on 18 Dec 1855

IRWIN, James      md. Sarah Anne NICHOL *n
     James IRWIN, bn. 17 Aug 1869
     Thomas George IRWIN, bn. 15 Dec 1871
     William Henry IRWIN, bn. 2 Feb 1874

IRWIN, William      md. Elicia ARMSTRONG *n
     John IRWIN, bn. 8 Oct 1873

JERMYN, John, s/o Isaac
md. Anne ARMSTRONG, d/o John, on 12 Oct 1855

JOHNSTON, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Ellen LIDDLE, d/o Robert, on 17 Jul 1862

JOHNSTON, John      md. Elizabeth COURTNEY *n
     Margaret JOHNSTON, bn. 20 Mar 1872

JOHNSTON, Robert      md. Martha MCMASTER *n
     Robert JOHNSTON, bn. 10 Sep 1867
     John William JOHNSTON, bn. 20 May 1869
     Samuel JOHNSTON, bn. 10 Nov 1871

JOHNSTON, Sam      md. Matilda THOMPSON *n
     Mary Anne JOHNSTON, bn. 27 Mar 1875

JOHNSTON, Thomas, s/o George
md. Mary SHERRY, d/o George, on 28 Nov 1862

JOHNSTON, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret SMYTH, d/o David DUNNE, on 8 Mar 1861

JOHNSTON, William      md. Margaret MCCABE *n
     Elizabeth JOHNSTON, bn. 1 Aug 1867
     Bridget JOHNSTON, bn. 4 Feb 1869
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 1 Feb 1872

JONES, John      md. Eliza Jane HOWE *n
     Eliza Anne JONES, bn. 22 Jan 1868
     John Robert JONES, bn. 24 Feb 1870
     Mary JONES, bn. 29 Oct 1871
     Margaret JONES, bn. 29 Nov 1873

JONES, John      md. Catherine DONAGHY *n
     Biddy JONES, bn. 1 May 1869

JONES, Robert      md. Eliza ARMSTRONG *n
     John Robert JONES, bn. 17 Feb 1868
     Matilda Elizabeth JONES, bn. 2 Aug 1870

JONES, Thomas      md. Martha MCELGUN *n
     Arthur JONES, bn. 2 Jun 1867
     John JONES, bn. 26 Feb 1870

KANE, William, s/o William
md. Eliza LATIMER, d/o James, on 21 May 1862

KATEN(KEATING), John      md. Mary Anne PATTERSON *n
     Marianne KEATING, bn. 1 Jul 1872
     Forster KATEN, bn. 17 Feb 1874

KEAREY, Bernard      md. Anne HAFFEY *n
     Michael KEAREY, bn. 3 Oct 1871

KEELAN, Owen      md. Mary MCATEE *n
     Terence KEELAN, bn. 19 Jul 1869

KEENAN, Bernard      md. Rose MAGUIRE *n
     Daniel KEENAN, bn. 25 Aug 1869
     Margaret KEENAN, bn. 6 Aug 1870

KELLS, James      md. Eliza ALLEN *n
     Jane KELLS, bn. 16 Sep 1867
     Theophilus KELLS, bn. 1 Mar 1872
     Elizabeth KELLS, bn. 1 Jul 1874

KELLY, John      md. Anne WILKIN *n
     Thomas KELLY, bn. 29 Jul 1868
     Owen KELLY, bn. 28 Jun 1870
     Robert KELLY, bn. 1 Feb 1874
     Arthur KELLY, bn. 4 Dec 1874

KELLY, John      md. Margaret SMITH *n
     Mary KELLY, bn. 8 Jul 1874

KEOGH, Phill      md. Deborah HUMPHRY *n
     John KEOGH, bn. 12 Jun 1871

KER, Robert      md. Jane MOWBRAY *n
     Anna Mary KER, bn. 8 Mar 1871

KERRY, John      md. Mary FITZPATRICK *n
     Patrick KERRY, bn. 21 Jul 1871

KETTLE, George, s/o George
md. Sarah BUSSELL, d/o William, on 20 Apr 1853

KETTLE, Jonathan, s/o Francis
md. Eliza KANE, d/o William, on 23 Feb 1854

KETTLE, William      md. Margaret FORSTER(FOSTER) *n
     Mary Jane KETTLE, bn. 1 Apr 1868
     Martha KETTLE, bn. 2 Feb 1871

KETTYLE, William, s/o John
md. Letitia BRYANS, d/o John, on 5 Dec 1862

KILLEN(KILLON), James      md. Margaret ELLIOTT *n
     Anne KILLIN, bn. 6 Jul 1868
     John KILLION, bn. 2 Sep 1871

KIRKWOOD, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth MCMAHON, d/o Thomas, on 22 Dec 1851

LANG, William, s/o Simon
md. Mary Jane WEST, d/o Thomas, on 20 Mar 1860
     Robert LANG, bn. 17 Sep 1869
     Margaret Anne LANG, bn. 30 Jul 1873

LAVELL, Hugh      md. Anne RODDEN *n
     Peter LAVELL, bn. 1 Apr 1869
     Hugh LAVELLE, bn. 9 Dec 1871

LAVELL, Patrick      md. Isabella MAGILLY(MCGILLIE) *n
     Hugh LAVELL, bn. 8 Apr 1870
     Peter LAVELL, bn. 5 Dec 1867
     Hugh LAWELL, bn. 15 Aug 1872

LENARD, Edward      md. Bessy REDDY *n
     Anne LENARD, bn. 22 Feb 1872

LEVINGSTON, James      md. Esther COTTINGHAM *n
     Eliza LEVINGSTON, bn. 22 Sep 1872
     Catherine LEVINGSTON, bn. 25 Jul 1874

LIDDLE, Joseph      md. Mary REYNOLDS *n
     Edward Thomas LIDDLE, bn. 20 Jan 1868
     Joseph Thompson LIDDLE, bn. 25 Mar 1874

LIDDLE, Joseph      md. Isabella Jane LIDDLE *n
     Edward William LIDDLE, bn. 21 Dec 1867
     Elizabeth Anne LIDDLE, bn. 1 Feb 1870

LIDDLE, Robert, s/o Noble
md. Mary Anne COULSON, d/o Joseph, on 23 Mar 1852

LITTLE, Andrew      md. Jane WEST *n
     Mary LITTLE, bn. 28 Jul 1868
     George LITTLE, bn. 22 Dec 1874

LITTLE, James, s/o James
md. Dorcas RUDDEN, d/o William, on 27 Dec 1854

LITTLE, James      md. Margaret WHITESIDE *n
     Charlotte Catherine LITTLE, bn. 19 Feb 1868
     Henry LITTLE, bn. 10 Jun 1870
     Bridget LITTLE, bn. 8 Jun 1871
     Rose LITTLE, bn. 8 Jun 1871

LITTLE, Martin      md. Rebecca CRAWFORD *n
     Susan LITTLE, bn. 24 May 1870
     William LITTLE, bn. 24 May 1870
     Mary Louisa LITTLE, bn. 13 Jun 1872

LUNNY, James      md. Martha ARMSTRONG *n
     Robert LUNNY, bn. 25 Mar 1867
     Alexander LUNNY, bn. 6 May 1869
     Thomas LUNNY, bn. 17 Jun 1872

MACKEY(MACKAY), John      md. Jane COULTER *n
     Samuel MACKEY, bn. 31 Oct 1867
     Sophia MACKAY, bn. 26 Jul 1873

MACRAGH, John      md. Mary NACH *n
     Mary Jane MACRAGH, bn. 7 Mar 1874

MADILL, James      md. Mary ARMSTRONG *n
     Elizabeth MADILL, bn. 29 May 1868
     Mary Eleanor MADILL, bn. 18 Apr 1870
     William MADILL, bn. 7 Jul 1873

MAGENNIS, Patrick      md. Mary CONLIN *n
     Catherine MAGINNIS, bn. 9 Feb 1868
     Ellen MAGINNIS, bn. 2 Aug 1870

MAGILLY(MCGILLY), John      md. Mary MARKEY(MARK) *n
     John MAGILLY, bn. 7 Jul 1870
     Patrick MCGILLY, bn. 17 Jul 1874

MAGLAID, Peter      md. Catherine MALARKEY *n
     Peter MAGLAID, bn. 6 Feb 1872

MAGUIRE, Bernard      md. Anne MCMAHON *n
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 9 Apr 1867
     Bernard MAGUIRE, bn. 8 Nov 1870
     Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 29 May 1872
     Biddy MAGUIRE, bn. 15 Jul 1874

MAGUIRE, Elliott      md. Jane KETTLE *n
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 22 Mar 1869
     Jane Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 6 Nov 1871

MAGUIRE, Hugh      md. Anne Jane ALLEN *n
     Thomas MAGUIRE, bn. 11 Sep 1869
     Robert William MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Jun 1872

MAGUIRE, James      md. Mary COLLINS *n
     Rosina MAGUIRE, bn. 16 Apr 1868
     James Hugh MAGUIRE, bn. 1 Nov 1870
     Charles MAGUIRE, bn. 30 Sep 1873

MAGUIRE, James      md. Mary GUNN *n
     Jane MAGUIRE, bn. 20 Jul 1872

MAGUIRE, John      md. Margaret SWEENEY *n
     Marianne MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Dec 1867
     Margaret MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Aug 1872

MAGUIRE, John      md. Mary TUMMON *n
     Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 3 Feb 1869

MAGUIRE, John      md. Mary TENNISON (may be same as above)
     Elizabeth MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Mar 1871

MAGUIRE, Martin      md. Mary MAGUIRE *n
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Sep 1870
     Ellen MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Oct 1871
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 3 Oct 1873

MAGUIRE, Patrick      md. Susan HART *n
     Michael MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Mar 1867

MAGUIRE, Patrick      md. Hannah MAGUIRE *n
     Sarah MAGUIRE, bn. 19 Jan 1868
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 26 Apr 1872

MAGUIRE, Robert      md. Sarah ACHESON *n
     William Acheson MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Jun 1869
     Alicia Harriett MAGUIRE, bn. 1 Mar 1871

MAGUIRE, Thomas      md. Mary Anne MCDONALD *n
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 20 Mar 1872
     Andrew MAGUIRE, bn. 31 May 1874

MAGUIRE, William, s/o Robert
md. Alice MORTON, d/o Alexander, on 17 Dec 1852

MAISE, Matthew, s/o James
md. Margaret ROBINSON, d/o John, on 27 Oct 1860

MALARKEY, Barney      md. Mary MCALOON *n
     Margaret MALARKEY, bn. 15 May 1874

MALONE, John      md. Catherine MCCLELLEND *n
     Thomas MALONE, bn. 23 Jan 1874

MALONE, Patrick      md. Susan MURPHY *n
     John MALONE, bn. 13 May 1870
     Edward MALONE, bn. 6 Feb 1872

MARKEY, James      md. Anne KEILA *n
     James MARKEY, bn. 16 Nov 1870

MARTIN, James      md. Mary MCMAHON *n
     John MARTIN, bn. 13 Sep 1869

MARTIN, James      md. Judith REILLY *n
     James MARTIN, bn. 15 Oct 1871

MARTIN, John      md. Sarah MCDONALD *n
     Anne MARTIN, bn. 13 Apr 1870
     Catherine MARTIN, bn. 3 Nov 1874

MCANERNEY, Matthew      md. Mary MAGILLY *n
     Alice MCANEREY, bn. 21 Nov 1870
     Matthew MCANERNY, bn. 15 May 1874

MCAVINIE, Thomas      md. Anne TUMMON *n
     Mary MCAVINIE, bn. 5 Nov 1867
     Susan MCVINNE, bn. 1 Oct 1871

MCBRIEN, James      md. Rose BAILLY *n
     Catherine MCBRIEN, bn. 17 Mar 1868

MCBRIEN, Michael      md. Mary Anne MCCAFFREY *n
     James MCBRIEN, bn. 29 Aug 1874
     Michael MCBRIEN, bn. 29 Aug 1874

MCCABE, Patrick      md. Mary FITZPATRICK *n
     James MCCABE, bn. 12 Oct 1870

MCCABE, Peter      md. Mary CONNOLLY *n
     Mary Anne MCCABE, bn. 22 Jun 1874

MCCADAM, Edward      md. Margaret MCCAFFREY *n
     Rose MCCADAM, bn. 27 Aug 1867

MCCADAM, James      md. Catherine MONAGHAN *n
     Michael MCCADAM, bn. 7 Jan 1868
     John MCCADAM, bn. 18 Aug 1871

MCCAFFREY, Bernard      md. Ellen BEATTY *n
     Mary MCCAFFREY, bn. 16 Apr 1870

MCCAFFREY, James      md. Mary GUNN *n
     James MCCAFFREY, bn. 15 Jan 1868

MCCAFFREY, John      md. Marianne FITZPATRICK *n
     John MCCAFFREY, bn. 7 Nov 1870
     Hugh MCCAFFREY, bn. 14 Jul 1874

MCCAFFREY, Patrick      md. Mary Jane BELL *n
     Eliza Jane MCCAFFREY, bn. 31 Oct 1867

MCCAFFREY, Patrick      md. Mary Jane BAVIS *n
     Sarah MCCAFFREY, bn. 29 Jul 1872

MCCALLOUGH, Robert      md. Anne MCMAHON *n
     Margaret MCCALLOUGH, bn. 2 May 1871

MCCARNEY, Thomas      md. Eliza CLARKE *n
     Rose Anne MCCARNEY, bn. 23 May 1872

MCCLEAN, John, s/o John
md. Margaret KELLY, d/o Jarvis, on 11 Dec 1851

MCCLEAN, John, s/o John
md. Anne ELLIOTT, d/o John, on 14 Feb 1860

MCCLEAN, Patrick      md. Bridget MCINTEGART(MCENTYRE) *n
     John MCCLEAN, bn. 5 Dec 1870
     Alice MCCLEAN, bn. 5 Jan 1875

MC CLUTCHEON, Alexander, s/o Alexander
md. Hannah ROBINSON, d/o Joseph, on 11 Jul 1862

MCCORMICK, Bernard      md. Margaret CAREY *n
     Michael MCCORMICK, bn. 1 Dec 1870

MCCRACKEN, James      md. Mary STOREY *n
     George MCCRACKEN, bn. 1 Jan 1868

MCDONAGH, Francis      md. Susan MCCAFFREY *n
     Hugh MCDONAGH, bn. 28 Dec 1871
     Mary Anne MCDONAGH, bn. 12 Mar 1875

MCDONALD, Hugh      md. Bessie MAGUIRE *n
     Cecilia MCDONALD, bn. 19 Jun 1871

MCDONAGH, Thomas      md. Anne MCCONNEL *n
     Teressa Jane MCDONAGH, bn. 21 Feb 1875

MCDONALD, Thomas      md. Harriet Maria BENNIS *n
     Mary Jane MCDONALD, bn. 22 Jul 1871

MCILROY, George      md. Anne BELL *n
     Sarah MCILROY, bn. 5 Aug 1872

MCELROY, John      md. Elizabeth WIGGINS *n
     John Andrew MCELROY, bn. 4 Aug 1874

MCELROY, Patrick      md. Elizabeth MCTEGGART *n
     Elizabeth MCELROY, bn. 11 Nov 1870

MCELROY, Peter      md. Marianne CONNOLLY *n
     Bernard MCELROY, bn. 14 Sep 1867
     Margaret MCELROY, bn. 25 Jan 1872

MCEVOY, Thomas, s/o Murtagh
md. Margaret COOKE, d/o John, on 21 Feb 1860

MCGOVERN, Thomas      md. Mary WINEY *n
     Philip MCGOVERN, bn. 1 Apr 1872

MCKEEVER, James      md. Lucy MCCAFFREY *n
     Catherine MCKEEVER, bn. 4 Sep 1871

MCKEEVE, John      md. Mary GUNN *n
     Catherine MCKEEVE, bn. 4 Nov 1871

MCKENNA, Edward      md. Margaret HAMEL *n
     William MCKENNA, bn. 8 Feb 1868

MCMAHON, Henry      md. Mary SMITH *n
     James MCMAHON, bn. 1 Oct 1873

MCMAHON, Hugh      md. Anne BREEN *n
     Hugh MCMAHON, bn. 8 Jun 1872

MCMAHON, Owen      md. Ellen MCMAHON *n
     Michael MCMAHON, bn. 15 Feb 1868

MCMAHON, Owen      md. Anne MCMAHON *n
     Owen MCMAHON, bn. 4 Dec 1870

MCMAHON, Patrick      md. Susan MAGUIRE *n
     Susanna MCMAHON, bn. 5 Jan 1869

MCMANUS, John      md. Margaret MCCABE *n
     Susan MCMANUS, bn. 16 Sep 1867

MCVITTY, James      md. Jane Anne PRESLEY *n
     Simon MCVITTY, bn. 30 Nov 1867

MEEK, William      md. Margaret STEPHENSON *n
     Mary Elizabeth MEEK, bn. 3 May 1869
     Thomas MEEK, bn. 26 Feb 1872

MILLS, Charles      md. Anne FOSTER *n
     Matilda MILLS, bn. 8 Feb 1868
     William Charles MILLS, bn. 1 May 1870
     Harriet MILLS, bn. 2 Feb 1875

MOARNAN, John      md. Hannah MAGUIRE *n
     Ellen MOARNAN, bn. 13 Sep 1868
     John MOARNAN, bn. 4 Sep 1870

MOFFAT, John, s/o John
md. Mary Anne SCARLET, d/o John, on 13 Nov 1860

MONTGOMERY, Gabriel, s/o Johnston
md. Mary Anne TARLTON, d/o Isaac, on 15 Mar 1860

MOORE, James      md. Margaret COULSON *n
     James MOORE, bn. 7 Mar 1867
     Samuel MOORE, bn. 29 May 1869
     George MOORE, bn. 12 Dec 1871

MOORE, John      md. Elizabeth WRAY(REA) *n
     Robert MOORE, bn. 15 Dec 1869
     Elizabeth MOORE, bn. 21 Aug 1873

MOORE, John, s/o John
md. Delia HICKS, d/o Francis, on 30 Oct 1860

MOORE, William      md. Lucinda DELAMERE *n
     William Alexander MOORE, bn. 15 Apr 1867
     Letitia MOORE, bn. 17 Jul 1868
     Maggie MOORE, bn. 12 May 1871

MORRISON, John      md. Clemina FORSTER *n
     John Richard MORRISON, bn. 6 Apr 1868

MORROW, William      md. Anne DOONAN *n
     Jane MORROW, bn. 20 Aug 1872

MORTON, Edward      md. Anne CRAWFORD *n
     Edward Huwitt MORTON, bn. 9 Sep 1867
     Susan Elizabeth MORTON, bn. 7 Jun 1870

MORTON, William, s/o William
md. Elizabeth LOGAN, d/o John, on 27 Feb 1855

MOWAN, Hugh      md. Margaret MAGUIRE *n
     John Edward MOWAN, bn. 10 Jan 1875

MOWEN, Michael      md. Bridget MCELROY *n
     Mary MOWEN, bn. 22 Oct 1868
     Bernard MOWEN, bn. 21 Aug 1870
     Catherine MOWEN, bn. 17 Mar 1872
     Mich MOWEN, bn. 14 Jan 1874

MULLADOOL, Ned      md. Mary Anne MCCADAM *n
     Patrick MULLADOOL, bn. 28 Feb 1875

MULLEN, James      md. Susan WINTERS *n
     Thomas MULLEN, bn. 10 Jul 1867
     Susanna MULLEN, bn. 28 Mar 1869

MULLIGAN, Hugh, s/o James
md. Anne DIXON, d/o William, on 15 Sep 1853

MULIGAN, John      md. Marianne MOWEN *n
     Ellen MULIGAN, bn. 25 Mar 1869

MURPHY, Bernard      md. Susanna NEIL *n
     Mary Anne MURPHY, bn. 29 Mar 1867
     Thomas MURPHY, bn. 26 Dec 1869
     Catherine MURPHY, bn. 18 Aug 1874

MURPHY, Bernard      md. Susanna SWIFT(may be same as above?)
     Bernard MURPHY, bn. 8 Feb 1872

MURPHY, James      md. Margaret CALLAGHAN *n
     Eliza Anne MURPHY, bn. 21 Nov 1867
     Margaret MURPHY, bn. 8 Nov 1869

MURPHY, James      md. Ellen MOYNAUGH *n
     Arthur MURPHY, bn. 18 ul 1871

MURPHEY, Patt      md. Catherine FORSTER *n
     Ellen MURPHEY, bn. 18 Jul 1872

MURRAY, Francis      md. Bessy ARMSTRONG *n
     Eliza MURRAY, bn. 26 Oct 1867

MURRAY, Francis      md. Ellen MCCABE *n
     Rosey MURRAY, bn. 24 Jan 1874

MURRAY, George, s/o William
md. Mary MAGUIRE, d/o Samuel, on 21 Dec 1853

MURRAY, James      md. Mary ARMSTRONG *n
     Catherine MURRAY, bn. 13 Jan 1868

MURRAY, James      md. Maria CROOKS *n
     John MURRAY, bn. 29 Jun 1869

MURRAY, John, s/o Edward
md. Elizabeth ANNON, d/o James, on 24 Jan 1862

MURRAY, John      md. Anne MCDONOUGH *n
     James MURRAY, bn. 26 Mar 1869

MURRAY, Matthew, s/o Edward
md. Mary MORTON, d/o William, on 5 Jun 1855

MURRAY, Thomas, s/o Alexander
md. Jane REILLY, d/o Edward, on 22 Jun 1852

MURRAY, Thomas      md. Anne CAWDEN *n
     Peter MURRAY, bn. 16 Oct 1871
     Marianne MURRAY, bn. 24 Apr 1873

MURTA, John      md. Catherine HAMIL *n
     Patrick MURTA, bn. 2 Feb 1868

MURTAGH, James      md. Ellen TIRNEY *n
     Robert MURTAGH, bn. 3 Nov 1871

NEESON, Hugh      md. Fanny DOWDD(DOWSE) *n
     Sarah NEESON, bn. 6 Feb 1868
     John NEESON, bn. 7 Nov 1870

NEESON, Patrick Herbert      md. Mary CULLINS(COLLINS) *n
     Marianne NEESON, bn. 6 Jun 1867
     John Paul NEESON, bn. 25 Jun 1872
     Patrick NEESON, bn. 23 Dec 1874

NESBIT, William      md. Mary WRIGHT *n
     David NESBIT, bn. 19 May 1868

NETHERCOTT, John      md. Elizabeth CRAWFORD *n
     Georgina NETHERCOTT, bn. 27 Jan 1869

NICHOL, James      md. Rose CURLEY *n
     Patrick NICHOL, bn. 28 Jul 1867
     Richard NICHOL, bn. 5 Jul 1869
     William NICHOL, bn. 3 May 1871

NICHOL, Robert      md. Margaret MONTGOMERY *n
     Marianne NICHOL, bn. 6 Sep 1867
     Robert John NICHOL, bn. 5 Apr 1869

NIXON, James, s/o George
md. Sarah BUSSELL, d/o Crumlin, on 16 Dec 1853

NIXON, John      md. Jane FOSTER *n
     John NIXON, bn. 23 Mar 1868
     William Henry NIXON, bn. 18 Jun 1870
     Thomas NIXON, bn. 8 Apr 1872
     Violet NIXON, bn. 16 Feb 1874

NIXON, Robert      md. Elizabeth BEATTY *n
     Robert NIXON, bn. 2 Sep 1868
     James NIXON, bn. 22 Oct 1870

NOBLE, George, s/o Arthur
md. Margaret Jane CRAWFORD, d/o Charles, on 6 Dec 1855

NOBLE, John, s/o Mark
md. Jane Anne SCARLETT, d/o John, on 3 Apr 1855

OSBORNE, Robert      md. Mary Anne COULSON *n
     Margaret Adeline OSBORNE, bn. 15 Jan 1875

PARKINSON, Jackson, s/o James
md. Catherine MORTON, d/o Alexander, on 25 May 1860

PARKINSON, James      md. Jane HICKS *n
     Letticia PARKINSON, bn. 14 Jan 1875

PATTERSON, Hugh      md. Margaret MCELGUN *n
     Anne PATTERSON, bn. 20 Aug 1870

PATTERSON, John      md. Lettica HYNSON *n
     Thomas Richard PATTERSON, bn. 17 Jul 1872

PLUNKET, Patrick      md. Anne CLARKE *n
     Catherine PLUNKET, bn. 3 Apr 1870
     James PLUNKET, bn. 17 Aug 1872

PRATT, William      md. Anne GUNN *n
     Margaret Eliza PRATT, bn. 22 Sep 1873

PRESLEY, John      md. Jane LITTLE *n
     Jane PRESLEY, bn. 15 Sep 1873
     Margaret Anne PRESLEY, bn. 16 Nov 1874

PRESLEY, William      md. Alice ALLEN *n
     Thomas PRESLEY, bn. 4 Aug 1867
     Margaret Amelia PRESLEY, bn. 18 Feb 1870

PRUNTY, Bernard      md. Rose CRUDDEN *n
     John PRUNTY, bn. 16 Dec 1874

QUIGLEY, Patrick      md. Mary CRUDDEN *n
     Margaret QUIGLEY, bn. 17 Mar 1868

REID, John      md. Susan PRINGLE *n
     Robert REID, bn. 5 Jun 1871

REILLY, Andrew, s/o Charles
md. Elizabeth MOORE, d/o William, on 27 May 1851

REILLY, Henry      md. Anne MCDONNOUGH *n
     Catherine REILLY, bn. 1 Nov 1867

REILLY, Henry      md. Anne DOHONY(DONAHOE) *n
     Bridget REILLY, bn. 27 Jan 1870
     Jane REILLY, bn. 25 Jan 1872
     Catherine REILLY, bn. 10 Jan 1874

REILLY, John, s/o Edward
md. Anne MORRISSON, d/o Hamlet, on 22 Oct 1852

REILLY, John, s/o Charles
md. Arabella COYLE, d/o Philip, on 31 Oct 1854

REILLY, John      md. Ellen CORSGRIVE *n
     Elly REILLY, bn. 17 Jul 1872

REILLY, Michael      md. Mary DUNNE *n
     Marrianne REILLY, bn. 10 Aug 1869
     Selina RILEY, bn. 23 Nov 1871

REILLY, Thomas      md. Ellen MCATEE(MCENTEE) *n
     Peter REILLY, bn. 12 Jun 1869
     Margaret REILLY, bn. 19 Nov 1871

REILLY, Thomas      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *n
     Edward REILLY, bn. 2 Mar 1870
     Rose REILLY, bn. 4 Apr 1872

REYNOLDS, Patrick      md. Margaret RODDEN *n
     James REYNOLDS, bn. 4 Dec 1868

RICHARDS, William      md. Marianne HILL *n
     James RICHARDS, bn. 14 May 1871

RICHEY, Robert      md. Elizabeth BAILEY *n
     James RICHEY, bn. 28 Jun 1867
     Margaret RICKEY, bn. 14 Jun 1869
     Robert William RICKEY, bn. 6 Jun 1871
     John RICKEY, bn. 22 Aug 1873

ROBINSON, John      md. Mary ARMSTRONG *n
     Mary ROBINSON, bn. 19 Oct 1867

ROBINSON, Robert      md. Anne WIGGANS *n
     Frances ROBINSON, bn. 22 Feb 1869
     George William ROBINSON, bn. 20 Oct 1870

ROBINSON, William, s/o James
md. Elizabeth ROBINSON, d/o James, on 9 Apr 1860

RODDEN, John      md. Margaret MOORE *n
     Wilhelmina RODDEN, bn. 27 Mar 1867

RODDEN, John      md. Catherine MCANULTY *n
     Marianne RODDEN, bn. 27 Apr 1868

RODDEN, Patrick      md. Anne ELLIOTT *n
     Eliza RODDEN, bn. 15 Feb 1868

RODDY, William      md. Marianne CONNOR *n
     Marianne RODDY, bn. 13 Apr 1869

RODDY, William      md. Marianne PATTERSON *n
     Sarah RODDY, bn. 10 Mar 1871

ROGERS, John      md. Susanna STEWART *n
     Samuel ROGERS, bn. 25 Aug 1870

ROGERS, Patt      md. Ellen MCCABE *n
     Ellen ROGERS, bn. 5 Dec 1873

RORK(E), Hugh      md. Bridget CONNORS *n
     Patrick Hugh RORKE, bn. 9 May 1867
     Bernard RORK, bn. 12 Apr 1869
     Bridget RORKE, bn. 4 May 1871

SCARLETT, James      md. Jane MCDADE *n
     Eliza Anne SCARLETT, bn. 10 Apr 1868
     William SCARLETT, bn. 17 Jun 1869

SCARLETT, John, s/o William
md. Catherine NIXON, d/o James, on 3 Oct 1851

SCARLETT, Robert      md. Bessy FORSTER *n
     Bessy Anne SCARLETT, bn. 24 Jun 1871
     Fanny Isabella SCARLETT, bn. 23 Oct 1873

SCOLLEN, John      md. Anne CONEGAN(CORRIGAN) *n
     Bridget SCOLLEN, bn. 20 Apr 1867
     Hugh SCOLLEN, bn. 25 Jun 1870

SCOLLEN, Thomas      md. Anne GAHERTY *n
     Francis SCOLLEN, bn. 2 Jun 1867
     Marianne SCOLLEN, bn. 9 Jun 1871

SCOTT, Benjamin, s/o James
md. Jane DIXON, d/o Thomas, on 7 Feb 1861

SCOTT, Richard      md. Catherine GREER *n
     Kathleen SCOTT, bn. 12 Oct 1867

SEWELL, Henry      md. Matilda COIL(COYLE) *n
     Matilda SEWELL, bn. 5 May 1867
     Jane SEWELL, bn. 19 Mar 1870
     Elizabeth SEWELL, bn. 8 Sep 1871

SEWELL, John, s/o William
md. Elizabeth LEITCH, d/o John, on 11 Jun 1853

SHANNON, Henry      md. Ellen BOWES *n
     Jane SHANNON, bn. 20 Sep 1867
     Ellen SHANNON, bn. 4 Sep 1870

SHERIDAN, John      md. Mary KEENAN *n
     Mary Anne SHERIDAN, bn. 24 Apr 1867
     Francis SHERIDAN, bn. 7 May 1869

SHERRY, James, s/o George
md. Mary Anne FLEMMING, d/o James, on 6 Aug 1852

SHERRY, Samuel, s/o James
md. Anne KETTLE, d/o John, on 28 Nov 1854

SHIELDS, James      md. Mary HANNA *n
     Archibald SHIELDS, bn. 21 Apr 1869

SIDDLE, Joseph      md. Isabella Jane SIDDLE *n
     Noble Marquis SIDDLE, bn. 9 Feb 1872

SIMPSON, Thomas      md. Mary Jane MOORE *n
     James SIMPSON, bn. 25 Oct 1867
     Eliza SIMPSON, bn. 29 Dec 1869

SMITH, William      md. Catherine MCGILLY *n
     Francis SMITH, bn. 5 Oct 1868

SMITH, William      md. Jane GRAY *n
     Margaret SMITH, bn. 16 Nov 1868
     Henry SMITH, bn. 5 Nov 1873

STEWARD, James      md. Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG *n
     Sarah Jane STEWARD, bn. 4 Feb 1872

STOKES, Henry      md. Jane HUTCHINSON *n
     Sophia STOKES, bn. 22 Dec 1873
     John STOKES, bn. 13 Jan 1875

SWEENY, Edward      md. Jane SKEFFINGTON *n
     Emily Sophia SWEENY, bn. 3 Jun 1867

SWIFT, John      md. Catherine MAGUIRE *n
     Thomas SWIFT, bn. 12 Apr 1868
     Edward SWIFT, bn. 15 Jan 1870
     Catherine SWIFT, bn. 20 Oct 1871

TACEY, William      md. Isabella HURST *n
     Thomas TACEY, bn. 15 Feb 1868

TAYLOR, Lewis      md. Elizabeth DOONAN *n
     Jessop TAYLOR, bn. 6 Oct 1868

THOMPSON, Arthur      md. Eliza JACKSON *n
     Marianne THOMPSON, bn. 23 Apr 1871

THOMPSON, James      md. Mary KEENAN *n
     James THOMPSON, bn. 9 Aug 1873

THOMPSON, William      md. Elizabeth SHEPPARD *n
     Janet THOMPSON, bn. 15 Aug 1872
     John Sheppard THOMPSON, bn. 26 Dec 1874

TIERNEY(TEARNEY), Patrick      md. Anne MARTIN *n
     Ellen TEARNEY, bn. 4 Dec 1867
     Patrick Cornelius TIERNEY, bn. 8 Dec 1871
     Catherine TIERNEY, bn. 10 Jan 1874

TIERNEY, James      md. Jane BOYLAN *n
     Ellen TIERNEY, bn. 8 Apr 1869
     James TIERNEY, bn. 4 Apr 1870
     Elizabeth TIERNEY, bn. 20 May 1872
     Ellen TIERNEY, bn. 15 Jul 1874

TOBIN, William, s/o John
md. Jane WIGGANS, d/o John, on 1 Nov 1854

TROTTOR, Jeremiah      md. Sarah BELL *n
     Mary Jane TROTTOR, bn. 11 Jan 1868

TUBMAN, William      md. Jane COULTER *n
     William Henry TUBMAN, bn. 21 Apr 1874

TULLY, James      md. Anne MOWEN *n
     Mary TULLY, bn. 23 Feb 1868
     James TULLY, bn. 13 Mar 1870
     Peter TULLY, bn. 31 Jan 1872
     John TULLY, bn. 15 Mar 1874

TUMMON, William      md. Bridget(Biddy) MCCARN *n
     Patrick TUMMON, bn. 16 Aug 1870
     James TUMMON, bn. 14 Aug 1872
     Rose Anne TUMMON, bn. 25 Jun 1874

TYNON, William J      md. Matilda CRAIG *n
     Wilhelmina TYNIN, bn. 19 Aug 1872
     Emily TYNON, bn. 24 Mar 1875

VICTORY, Patrick      md. Catherine MCCABE *n
     Mary Ellen VICTERY, bn. 19 Nov 1871
     Catherine VICTORY, bn. 25 Jun 1873

WALLACE, William, s/o John
md. Anne ELLIOTT, d/o John, on 14 Feb 1860

WALLACE, William      md. Sarah DAWSON *n
     Mary WALLACE, bn. 18 Mar 1868
     Sarah WALLACE, bn. 9 Aug 1871

WARD, Robert      md. Anne ARMSTRONG *n
     Mary Jane WARD, bn. 26 Mar 1867
     Robert WARD, bn. 11 Mar 1872
     Richard WARD, bn. 31 Dec 1874

WARINGTON, Henry      md. Jane NETHERCOTE *n
     William Henry WARINGTON, bn. 25 Jul 1869

WAUGH, George, s/o Noble
md. Isabella KERR, d/o Robert, on 14 Sep 1852

WELSH, Henry      md. Jane Anne WILSON *n
     Jane Anne WELSH, bn. 1 Jun 1873

WELSH, John      md. Jane GIDDINS *n
     William Henry WELSH, bn. 26 Sep 1868
     Hugh WELSH, bn. 28 Mar 1872

WEST, David, s/o William
md. Maria WEST, d/o James, on 2 May 1855

WHITEMAN, James      md. Phebe WEIR *n
     William WHITEMAN, bn. 7 Sep 1871

WIGGANS, Simon      md. Elizabeth REILLY *n
     Edward WIGGANS, bn. 4 Nov 1867

WILLIAMS, Joseph      md. Sarah JONES *n
     Joseph WILLIAMS, bn. 6 Apr 1868
     Thomas WILLIAMS, bn. 16 Aug 1870
     Fanny WILLIAMS, bn. 19 Aug 1871

WILSON, John(Jack)      md. Mary Jane CAMPBELL *n
     Margaret WILSON, bn. 3 Apr 1868
     James WILSON, bn. 13 Jul 1869
     Patrick WILSON, bn. 25 Mar 1872

WILSON, John      md. Jane HOGGE *n
     Charles WILSON, bn. 14 Oct 1870

WILSON, Patrick      md. Isabella BELL *n
     Mary WILSON, bn. 28 May 1868
     Edward WILSON, bn. 3 Jul 1869

WILSON, Thomas      md. Mary MACARNEY *n
     Anne WILSON, bn. 9 Jun 1868

WILSON, Thomas      md. Bessy MAYNE *n
     Edward James WILSON, bn. 9 Sep 1868
     John Arthur WILSON, bn. 22 May 1871

*n = Births were recorded at Newtown Butler, the marriage may not have taken place here.